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  1. nhgtrman

    Cover of Andy Timmons' version of Across the Universe - Preset included

    I heard Andy Timmons' absolutely gorgeous cover of The Beatles song "Across the Universe" recently and I just had to cover it myself! I made a preset using @2112 compressor trick from one of his recent videos and had some fun with this. There are 2 electric tracks here using the Axe-Fx III, one...
  2. nhgtrman

    Help with clicks/pops/digital noise/cutouts when Using a Yeti Pro in Logic Pro X for voice overs

    Hi guys, My issue is when attempting to use the Yeti Pro via USB to either record voice-overs or acoustic guitars, I get audible digital clicks, pops, cut-outs, etc. When doing voice overs, there will be parts of words that get cut out or there’s a little click/pop (not a plosion, I do have a...
  3. nhgtrman

    I started doing a cover of "5150" from VH

    Yesterday I was listening to the VH catalog at work and decided I was going to start looking at the riff to 5150 as it was always such a cool riff to me! So I just did a quick recording using a fantastic patch I tweaked from Mark Pritchard which you can find here...
  4. nhgtrman

    Kee Marcello/Europe 80s preset

    Hey everyone, I recorded this cover of Superstitious by Europe last night for fun! It's a patch I use all the time but I just cranked the mids and turned down the treble for this. I'm using two Ownhammer Friedman 412 V30 IR's (see screenshot below), one is the 57, the other the 121. All the...
  5. nhgtrman

    Mateus Asato - Let It Be cover

    I heard this song from Mateus Asato this afternoon and I had to figure it out. Full disclosure, fingerstyle playing is super hard for me (I have long fingers and really short thumbs, that's also why I hold my pick backwards). There are a few mistakes in here, but I just left them as I was pretty...
  6. nhgtrman

    Heart - "Alone" - Guitar Solo cover

    I heard Alone by Heart this afternoon and forgot just how perfect the guitar solo is here from Howard Leese. So when I got home I recorded the whole song (there's really only guitars during the choruses and solo). All the guitars here are me using my Suhr Modern and Axe-FX III. Lead tone is the...
  7. nhgtrman

    Queensrÿche - Operation Mindcrime Guitar Solo cover

    So last week a friend of mine asked me to learn the solo to the Queensrÿche classic song "Operation Mindcrime." I had never learned this one and when I started listening I figured I'd keep some of the licks and then throw a few of my own into it for fun. I used the preset in this thread...
  8. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - "Take The Time" solo cover

    I've been on a Petrucci kick lately, and after my last cover, a friend asked me to do the solo from Take The Time, so here it is! This uses the same patch as the previous two Dream Theater covers I did (Octavarium and The Best of Times), so if you'd like the patch you can search my profile...
  9. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - Octavarium solo cover

    I don’t know about you, but I love a good melody. Shredding is fun, but for me I can’t listen to a relentless barrage of non-stop shred for more than a song or 2. That’s why I’ve always loved John Petrucci as he’s always mixed the insane shred with beautiful, soaring melodies. One of my favorite...
  10. nhgtrman

    Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction solo cover

    To me, Marty Friedman wrote some of the most amazing and interesting solos ever. His phrasing, vibrato, note choice and his weird picking technique made him so incredibly unique, and Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth has one of my favorite solos from Marty. So after watching Rick Beato's What...
  11. nhgtrman

    Jimmy Herring solo "Crazy Fingers" cover

    Hey everyone! A couple years ago I recorded the amazing Jimmy Herring solo from the Jazz is Dead song “Crazy Fingers.” Over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of my students start transcribing it by ear so I figured I’d re-record my cover again. This song is from the album Blue Light Rain...
  12. nhgtrman

    Hotel California solos

    I’m back! It’s been quite awhile since my last guitar posting as I just moved and was getting settled. But I’m back and getting some playing in again finally! I figured I’d record the solos to Hotel California from The Eagles, as they’re just so epic and I’ve played this a bunch of times so I...
  13. nhgtrman

    Big Wreck - "Ghosts" - solo cover

    I LOVE Big Wreck, and if you don’t know who they are, go download everything from them now! Singer/guitarist Ian Thornley is one of my favorite musicians, he’s got the perfect combo of incredible musicianship, astounding singing and songwriting! Basically Big Wreck is the best band that so many...
  14. nhgtrman

    "Beat It" - Solo Cover

    So my girlfriend has been asking me for a long time to cover Eddie Van Halen’s solo to Beat It from Michael Jackson. I know it’s probably weird, but until now, I’ve never learned this! It’s not perfect, but it’s a fun one! Also I’m not going to lie, I am not good at tapping, or anything whammy...
  15. nhgtrman

    "Hangar 18" first couple solos

    So a couple years ago now I recorded a cover of Hangar 18 from Megadeth and did all the guitars using a backing track I found on youtube. I never got around(at the time) to filming anything, and one of my students just asked me to, so I made a quick playthrough of the first section of solos for...
  16. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - The Best of Times - Solo with Preset

    It’s quarantine day number…I can’t remember. I was challenged on Instagram to learn this amazing John Petrucci solo from the Dream Theater song “The Best of Times” off the Black Clouds and Silver Linings album. It took a few days to get down, it’s not perfect but I’m actually quite happy with...
  17. nhgtrman

    What If Shawn Lane played on Don't Stop Believin?

    Tonight I went from trying to copy the amazing tone of Neal Schon, to then wondering what would it sound like if one of the greatest guitar players to ever live, Shawn Lane, played a quick little solo at the end of Don’t Stop Believin! I was envisioning his ending solo to Gray Pianos Flying, and...
  18. nhgtrman

    Skype Guitar Lessons - Las Vegas sessions

    Hey guys, Matt Bowman here. I'm a graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music and have taught over 5000 private and group lessons. I've performed over 3000 shows including America's Got Talent, Super Bowl pre-game, NFL and NBA halftime shows, the Latin Grammy's and thousands of performances on...
  19. nhgtrman

    Pink Floyd - Time - Solo Cover

    Well…it’s a crazy time we are all experiencing right now, and we are being absolutely devastated here in Vegas as this town runs on tourism and entertainment. All shows/entertainment/conventions etc are closed and on hold here for the foreseeable future and almost everyone I know is now out of...
  20. nhgtrman

    Aaron Marshall (Intervals) Rig Rundown - Axe-Fx III content

    He goes into great detail on his midi programming, dialing in tones, etc... Pretty awesome! Fractal Audio discussion starts around the 20 minute mark, video below will start when he starts talking about his Axe-Fx III.
  21. nhgtrman

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - "O' Come All Ye Faithful / O' Holy Night" - Guitar Cover

    Hey everyone, so a couple years ago I did a cover of this using my AX8 and I just recorded over the actual recording. Well I came across a backing track the other day and decided to re-record this cover again for the holidays using my Axe-Fx III. The preset was the same one I used on my...
  22. nhgtrman

    New Ola Englund Axe-Fx III video. Axe-Fx III - BEST OF THE BEST?

    Check out the new video from Ola Englund on the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III! AXE FX III - BEST OF THE BEST? "Trying out the Fractal Audio Axe Fx III and sharing the presets I made for it. And yes, the Axe Fx 3 is THA ****..." Download his presets in this video here...
  23. nhgtrman

    Steve Vai - Christmas Time Is Here - guitar cover

    Every year around the Christmas season, I like to do a recording of one of my favorite songs(I love Christmas music). This year I decided to go way back to one of my favorite guitar covers, Christmas Time Is Here by Steve Vai! This one came out back when I was a teenager in the late 90s while I...
  24. nhgtrman

    Whitesnake - “Here I Go Again” solo cover

    One of my fantastic students wanted to learn this great solo from the 80s classic “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake, featuring a guitar solo from the great Adrian Vandenberg. It’s short but oh so good! That ending run is super tricky, and it’s not perfect, but here’s a quick recording I just made...
  25. nhgtrman

    Kickstart My Heart - Mötley Crüe - Guitar Cover - Audio only

    So after downloading Leon Todd's @2112 fantastic Molecular Tone Match(see the link below), I decided to record a cover of Kickstart My Heart as it was just too fun to play on using the latest firmware 10.02. All the guitars here are me (I got the backing track from youtube), and I actually...
  26. nhgtrman

    Incredible Dream Theater cover by 15 y/o phenomenon Owen Davey

    In case you didn't see the posts on our Fractal Audio Instagram or FB, check out this absolutely ridiculous cover of the Dream Theater song This Dying Soul by 15 year old Owen Davey using his Axe-Fx III. It would be one thing for someone his age to play this song on any instrument, but Owen...
  27. nhgtrman

    An attempt at Shawn Lane's tone

    I've always wanted to be able to play like Shawn Lane, but I know that'll never happen, so I'd at least like to try and get in the ballpark of his tone. There's not much info out there on what he used for amp settings, I know he used Gjika amp, a Holmes Bluesmaster and I believe a tube driver...
  28. nhgtrman

    Joe Satriani- “Summer Song” complete cover

    So I finally finished recording the song, just in time for the first day of summer this Friday. You can see the previous post I made for the solo as there are screen shots of the preset, I used Ownhammer cabs so you'll need to play around with some factory cabs. I had 2 different delays, one for...
  29. nhgtrman

    Joe Satriani "Summer Song" solo cover

    If you’re old enough like me, you might remember back in the early 90s that a commercial for the Sony Walkman used to have the Joe Satriani song “Summer Song” as the background music. I got a guitar for my 13th birthday(that’ll be 27 years ago in a few days), and Joe was a huge inspiration to me...
  30. nhgtrman

    Inspired by Andy Timmons tone

    I actually recorded this last weekend, but forgot to post here. I was listening to him at the gym and when I came home I created a patch in my Axe-Fx III to simulate his clean(ish) tone, and I wrote this little progression. Not perfect, and obviously not done, but I just wanted to capture the...
  31. nhgtrman

    Preset inspired by Andy Wood from Axe-Fest

    This is Not his actual preset, but just something I came up with today based on his amazing set at Axe-Fest last weekend. Amp is the 100w Plexi Jump with 2 legacy cabs(preset will be attached below). Scene 1 is just Amp/cab/sauce, and as Andy was doing, I added a comp with a 10db boost on scene...
  32. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - Home solo and full cover

    Ok so it's taken awhile haha, but I finally finished recording the whole song Home from Dream Theater using the JP2C yellow. I've made a quick playthrough video of the solo and I'll post the soundcloud and youtube links for the entire recording(didn't make a playthrough) as well. You can find...
  33. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - Home - partial cover using JP2C

    So this morning I happened to find the backing track to the whole Dream Theater Scenes From A Memory album and I started recording "Home" using 2 patches with the new JP2C (one from @unscarred using his JP2C Yellow patch, and the other was my tone match I made and posted from About To Crash...
  34. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan Regret #9 Solo Cover

    Continuing on with my Guthrie attempts, @patrickrussell and @creativespiral asked in my other thread to do a cover of Guthrie's incredible solo on the Steven Wilson song Regret #9, so here's my "attempt". This one took awhile to both learn(I know it's by no means perfect), and record. I did...
  35. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater About to Crash Tonematch using new JP2C+

    This is just a super quick tonematch of the rhythm sound from the beginning of About to Crash Reprise from Dream Theater using the new JP2C+ red amp model. Adjust gain to taste, patch below. This is firmware 5.05
  36. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan - Ancestral Solo with tone match preset

    Guthrie Govan has been my favorite guitar player for over a decade since I first heard him back in the mid 2000's. I used to buy the DVD's of his shows at Tone Merchants and then everything he ever recorded for what is now Jam Track Central, in hopes of someday being able to play any of his...
  37. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - "Fatal Tragedy" solo with preset

    What's your favorite Dream Theater guitar solo? In honor of the 20th anniversary of Scenes From A Memory being played in full on the Distance Over Time Tour, here's my favorite solo off that album, Fatal Tragedy! I got a decent tonematch of Petrucci's actual solo(wasn't perfect as the stem had...
  38. nhgtrman

    Racer X - Scit Scat Wah intro cover

    So I was having fun this afternoon with the new Skull Crusher and I made a quick cover of the intro to the amazing Racer X song Scit Scat Wah. I'll attach my preset below, guitars used were my Suhr Modern and Charvel Pro Mod DK24 direct to Logic Pro X. I'm using the latest Firmware 5.00 Beta #2...
  39. nhgtrman

    Queensryche - "Another Rainy Night" - Guitar cover

    So back in 2016, I recorded a cover of Queensryche's classic song "Another Rainy Night" using my Axe-Fx II at the time. I have a backing track featuring the original vocals, drums and bass, so I decided to update the cover using my Axe-Fx III and I made a quick play through video. All the...
  40. nhgtrman

    Big Wreck "A Million Days" solo cover

    I first saw Big Wreck open for Dream Theater back in Atlanta in 1997 when I was a student at the Atlanta Institute of Music (and ironically the next time I would see them would be 20 years later on the 20th anniversary tour for In Loving Memory Of). I had no clue who they were but Ian was a...
  41. nhgtrman

    John Mayer - "I Guess I Just Feel Like" solo cover

    And now for something completely different. Today I heard this new song “I Guess I Just Feel Like” by John Mayer, it has a beautiful, melodic solo, definitely not like what I’ve been posting lately haha, but super tasty! I figured I’d learn it and do a quick cover. Used my Axe-Fx III and my Suhr...
  42. nhgtrman

    My attempt at a little Bohemian Rhapsody with my Axe-Fx III

    I’m a little ashamed to admit that after almost 27 years of playing, I’d never learned the solo to Bohemian Rhapsody till a couple days ago. I finally watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody earlier this week(loved it!), and it got me on a Queen kick. I tweaked an existing patch on my Axe-Fx...
  43. nhgtrman

    It's Showtime! David Lee Roth/Jason Becker demo cover

    I was challenged by my old bandmate to play David Lee Roth’s song “It’s Showtime!” featuring the incredible Jason Becker. I didn’t think it was going to be possible, his playing is just so ridiculously good, but I made an attempt anyway. There were no backing tracks so I had to record over the...
  44. nhgtrman

    10 years ago today I bought my first Axe-Fx!

    February 12, 2009 I made the leap and purchased my first Axe-Fx after seeing Dweezil Zappa talk about how he was able to use this magical box to recreate all the different tones he needed for the (at the time) Zappa Plays Zappa shows. I sold off all of my old equipment(Hughes and Kettner...
  45. nhgtrman

    What are your favorite guitar tones ever?

    What are your absolute favorite guitar tones ever and have you tried to recreate them in your Axe-Fx III? I've done a bunch of tone matches of some songs, but other's I haven't found isolated guitar tracks of and haven't attempted recreate. Here's some of my favorites: Rhythm- Dream Theater...
  46. nhgtrman

    "Train of Consequences" by Megadeth solo cover

    @shatteredsquare had asked me on another thread if I would take a request and cover this solo, so I learned it tonight(sort of) and did a quick recording. I used my Axe-Fx III and this incredible orange Charvel Pro-Mod DK24(I put a Duncan distortion in the neck) direct to Logic with no post...
  47. nhgtrman

    Fractal Audio Social Media Advocate

    Hi everyone! As an artist, I've had a great relationship with Fractal for a decade now. I bought my first Axe-Fx in 2009 after seeing Dweezil Zappa play. Little did I know at the time, but I lived right by Fractal HQ and I got to pick up my unit in person. I met and talked with Cliff and have...
  48. nhgtrman

    Preset help- Dave Uhrich Hosanna

    So just a quick backstory, when I was 13 I got my first guitar because I flat out wanted to be Slash. About 6 months into playing I got my first electric from my teacher at the time Epihone Les Paul and it was cool and all, but then one day I saw this guy Dave Uhrich do a guitar clinic at...
  49. nhgtrman

    TSO O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night play through

    Had some fun making a little play through video of my recording of Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s incredible version of O Come All Ye Faithful/O Holy Night. I recorded my guitar on top of the original recording using my Fractal Audio AX8 and my Suhr Modern. Merry Christmas!!
  50. nhgtrman

    Megadeth “Holy Wars” (up to the break)

    So if you saw my previous post where I recorded Hangar 18, this uses the same 2 patches. I'm only using scene 2 for the rhythm guitars, and scene 2 for the one lead part. I only recorded up to Marty's two solos. For the nylon string break in the middle, since I don't own a nylon string, I put...
  51. nhgtrman

    Megadeth “Hangar 18”

    When I was a kid(before I even played guitar), my older brother played this album for me and I was hooked. I wanted so bad to play guitar, and I couldn't believe how good Marty Friedman was, even when I started playing I never thought I'd be able to play this song. Next month marks my 26th year...
  52. nhgtrman

    Hanger 18 Marty Friedman tonematch (attempt)

    I found an isolated track of Marty Friedman from Hanger 18 and I attempted to tone match it using the HBE amp sim. Guitar is a Suhr Modern and the playing is sloppy, but it's getting close to the tone I think. I certainly have nothing on his feel and chops, he was just a monster back then! This...
  53. nhgtrman

    Issue when using Axe-Edit III at same time as Logic

    I can't get Axe Edit III to work when I have Logic Pro X open, just gives me a communication time out error. Anyone else having this issue?
  54. nhgtrman

    Brown Sound preset

    I saw @2112 Leon's post on the AX8 section about a quick and easy brown sound preset so I just made a preset in 5 min for the Axe Fx III. I used Leon's settings from his demo on the AX8, but with less bass and used some factory cabs in the Axe FX III and a plate reverb. Using my Suhr Modern...
  55. nhgtrman

    Architecture of Aggression solo (attempt)

    I heard this song(Architecture of Agression by Megadeth) on my way home today and I forgot just how insanely good Marty Friedman is. I attempted a very quick tone match of his solo from Symphony of Destruction and just used that for this tune.
  56. nhgtrman

    Mark IV lead I transferred over from my AX8

    This is park of Kiko Loureiro's solo on the Megadeth song Post American World. Wasn't trying in any capacity to copy the sound, I had just did a quick recording into Logic Pro X so that I could try re-amping it and test out patches. I had a Mark IV lead sound on my AX8 and I recreated it here, I...
  57. nhgtrman

    Mateus Asato cover of "Don't Dream it's Over" with patch

    I've loved this song since I was a kid, it reminds me of summer days back in NH. I wanted to learn a bit of Mateus' beautiful arrangement and come up with a nice clean patch so here's my attempt. I'm definitely not a fingerstyle player haha, he is insanely good. Using my Suhr Modern and AX8...
  58. nhgtrman

    Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24

    One of my students wanted to learn Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 from the amazing Trans Siberian Orchestra so I recorded another TSO cover for fun. Same rig and guitar as my one from like 10 days ago, Suhr Modern into my Fractal Audio AX8. Again didn’t have a good backing track so just used the...
  59. nhgtrman

    Joel Hoekstra TSO - O Come all ye Faithfull

    I ended up recording the whole song from Trans Siberian Orchestra, the idea was to get close to Joel Hoekstra's live tone. There were no good backing tracks, so I just recorded on top of the album version, but my guitar(s) are clearly louder. Suhr Modern into my AX8 using a BE for the amp and...
  60. nhgtrman

    Issues accessing Axe-Change from AX8 Edit

    I have the latest firmware on my AX8 and latest version of AX8-Edit. When I go to tools and click on Axe-Change, nothing loads on it. I'll post a screen shot below. Is anyone else having this issue?
  61. nhgtrman

    Jimmy Herring solo from the Jazz is Dead song Crazy Fingers

    This is just cell phone audio and video but you get the idea. Made a simple 2 scene patch for this on my AX8. A couple mistakes here and there and I'm not sure on the fingerings as I just figured it out by ear. If anyone is interested I can upload the patch. Jimmy is a monster and I'm not trying...
  62. nhgtrman

    Shawn Lane Get You Back

    I heard someone on instagram get really close to Shawn's tone on this song, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I modified a preset I had found a while back(Holdsy) and started turning knobs till I found something close. I haven't heard a Shawn Lane tone on the Axe that sounded close before, so...
  63. nhgtrman

    Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas fingerstyle

    So years ago I had a book by Mark Hanson of fingerstyle arrangements of Christmas songs, this one was always my favorite. I wanted to combine Moke's acoustic preset with a nice clean (think John Petrucci Pull me Under) and so that's what I did for this preset. I can share a snapshot but to get...
  64. nhgtrman

    Several new recordings, Toto, Avenged Sevenfold and Van Halen

    Soundcloud won't let me upload these so I found a new site for that! Van Halen patches I got from Danny here on the forum, I tweaked some Steve Lukather patch I found (not sure if it was here or Axechange) and the Avenged patches are my own with tone matches. Toto and Avenged Sevenfold were...
  65. nhgtrman

    New instrumental rock recording, all guitars using Axe FXII

    A few months back my friend Anthony Hines reached out to me and asked if I would record some guitars on top of a backing track from his album. I'd never heard his version of the song so it was interesting to hear what I came up with vs what his song turned out to be. He's a fantastic musician...
  66. nhgtrman

    An attempt at learning Scit Scat Wah from Racer X

    Just getting some of the first part down, those guys were so good! Anyway, it's not perfect but I'll include the patch if anyone's interested. It uses 2 OH cabs, i'll include a screenshot so you can see which ones.
  67. nhgtrman

    What DAW do you use/and why?

    I have Logic 9 and it's super glitchy on my iMac. To be fair, my iMac is close to 6 years old, it's got 500 gb hard drive and 12 gb of ram and everytime I record with Logic it freezes up at some point and unless I remembered to click save at some point I get fucked. I use garageband sometimes...
  68. nhgtrman

    Exported Garageband recording volume

    Random question. To record all the covers I've been doing, i'm just using garageband and dumping the backing track from youtube(converted to mp3) on a track and recording my guitars on top of that. On my computer the track is super loud but when I export it to disk and upload to soundcloud, the...
  69. nhgtrman

    Sad But True full song using modified ML Sounds metallica preset

    So I was playing around with the Metallica preset I modified to record Wherever I may Roam last week and wanted to see if I could copy the crushing tones on Sad But True. I used the pitch block to tune my guitar down a whole step(i was in standard tuning) and quad tracked all the rhythm guitars...
  70. nhgtrman

    Metallica Wherever I May Roam full song

    So everyone else is doing Enter Sandman, I figured I'd take a trip back to the 90s and try my hand at Wherever I May Roam. It's been probably over 20 years since I played this, and I put it together in like 1.5 hours last night. So as usual, it's not perfect, but it was just a rough demo of the...
  71. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater Voices cover, Axe FXII

    So i've spent the better part of the last month not picking up my guitar after catching some particularly nasty bronchitis while on vacation and then having no desire to do anything. Last night I decided to pick up the guitar again and record some DT for fun. The patches are all ones I've used...
  72. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater Octavarium Razors Edge solo using Cliff's MkIIC+ tips

    Using Cliff's suggestions for tweaking the MkIIC+, I figured i'd give this one a quick shot. The end of Octavarium(Razor's Edge) by Dream Theater using a backing track found on youtube. Using an OH and ML Sound Labs ir for this one, i'll include a screen shot. Latest 2.04 firmware, and using my...
  73. nhgtrman

    Just started learning Racer X Scit Scat Wah, here's the beginning

    Plenty of mistakes I know, just started learning this so wanted to give it a shot. Using the latest 2.04 firmware and the cabs are Ownhammer v30 Marshall, i'll include a screenshot of the actual cabs.
  74. nhgtrman

    Is it possible...

    Can I use the AX8 in preset mode, where buttons 1-4 are my preset switches and buttons 5-8 are instant access switches to turn effects on and off?
  75. nhgtrman

    Queensryche “Another Rainy Day” full cover, Axe-Fx II

    Decided to try my hand at something other than Dream Theater. I had never played this before recording it last night so it was fun to learn. Played my Suhr Modern into my Axe FX with the latest Quantum 2.01 Firmware. Used one rhythm patch I made (has X/Y for 2 amps) for all the rhythm and...
  76. nhgtrman

    Last DT song I promise, Under A Glass Moon full song with tone matches

    My little cousin asked me to do this one, so I figured what the hell, i'll give it a shot. There's some rhythmic timing issues in the solo but whatever haha, i'm no Petrucci. Used the same rhythm patches as I did on the Metropolis cover, and the lead sound is the same one as I used on Fatal...
  77. nhgtrman

    And another one for fun, Dream Theater Erotomania full song

    Never learned this full song, a friend of mine asked me to do it today and it's my day off so why not. It's been like 8 years since I've played any of it, so it's rusty haha. Made a tone match and used 3 presets for this song, the rhythm and lead are almost identical except for delay and a...
  78. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater Overture 1928 full cover

    So in going along with my theme of other DT songs I've recorded recently, I did this one tonight using one patch on my Axe FX II(Quantum 2.01beta2). Patch is the same one I used on my cover of Fatal Tragedy. I added a second scene to the patch though and the lead sound is the same but just with...
  79. nhgtrman

    Bug with AX8 edit and AX8?

    I was at a fly gig in Anchorage, AK last night. Set list changed since the last time I used my AX8 so I was moving presets around using ax8 edit. Since I updated the firmware I was just matching the volumes on all the patches and I noticed that my screen was blinking on and off on the AX8 and...
  80. nhgtrman

    Clean sound based on Keith Urban settings

    Just wanted a fun clean sound to play around with and came up with this. Thanks to Yek for the post on the amp, I just used the settings from the video Running the latest 2.01 beta firmware, Axe Fx II, here's the patch if you want to play around with it. Using a Suhr Modern on the neck pickup...
  81. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater - Fatal Tragedy full cover

    Just for "fun" last night I decided to record all the guitar parts using a backing track from youtube. This song is tough, my playings not perfect, but it was a good workout trying to get this one done. I used 2 patches on my Axe FX II(using latest quantum 2.0), one from vitor mancini and one...
  82. nhgtrman

    Metropolis Pt 1 complete song

    I did a tone match the other day and started recording the song, I got so into it I decided to learn the whole thing and give it a whirl. Here's my result, it's not perfect and there are plenty of mistakes, but not bad for a day haha. I'll include the patches I used as well. Running Axe Fx II...
  83. nhgtrman

    Metropolis Pt 1 Tone match

    I just recorded a quick bit of the intro up to the verse, this is a tone match I made earlier today. I know the playing isn't amazing and I have no tremolo set up on the guitar I recorded it on, just a quick demo. Preset is attached. For the intro, i used the same preset, just set the delay to...
  84. nhgtrman

    Tone match of Dream Theater Metropolis Part 1

    Just messing around with this riff today, sorry couldn't get soundcloud file uploaded to share an audio sample, but you can mess with it if you want. Adjust gain to taste(i love me lots of gain as you'll hear haha). Enjoy!
  85. nhgtrman

    A couple of random questions

    The answers may lie in the manual but I just haven't had time to search through everything. 1. If i'm in sticky preset mode, can i still use the tuner without it banking down? 2. This one is critical for me, can I change the display on the AX8 to the name of the Preset i'm on in larger font...
  86. nhgtrman

    Pitch block need help

    I have to have a preset to tune me down 1/2 step. When I copy the pitch block over from my Axe Fx II you still here the original note and the half step down note. Using fixed harmony, voice 1 shift -1 and mix at 100%. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  87. nhgtrman

    Power issues when traveling outside of the US

    I'll be playing in Singapore for 10 days next month, do I need to buy an adaptor for my Axe Fx II to use with their 230V power? Also I'm using a Ground Control Pro powered via phantom power from the Axe Fx through a 7pin midi cable, so I want to make sure I don't ruin anything. Any advice is...
  88. nhgtrman

    Weird issue

    So I just got my Mission Engineering SP-1 pedal and updated my firmware today to 10.02. I have a Ground Control Pro and I'm in setup mode hooking up the SP-1 to external controllers 1 and 2. I begin to realize that I have to actually program the pedal on every single preset on my GCP in addition...
  89. nhgtrman

    Anyone have a good 1/2 step pitch detune patch

    I'm struggling with setting up a decent 1/2 tune down patch and not getting a slight delay in the playback. I have a killer one set up on my Ultra which is on stage right now in Vegas and the Axe II is in my bedroom so I can't compare the settings. There are 2 points during my show where I have...
  90. nhgtrman

    Dream Theater About to Crash Reprise Tonematch

    Here's my second attempt at tone matching, hope it works for you guys. It's not perfect as I'm completely new to tone matching and finally figured out how to use it last night for the first time. Using an Ibanez 25th Anniversary RG Mesa Mark IIc+ Axe FX II tone match by nhgtrman on...
  91. nhgtrman

    Anyone have any Extreme tone matches?

    Nuno's tone is just massive and amazing, anyone tried a tone match on any of his stuff yet?
  92. nhgtrman

    Looking for a good Motley Crue tone

    Mick Mars, love him or hate him, has some massive tone. Anyone have any decent Motley presets they wouldn't mind sharing?
  93. nhgtrman

    Reminder Guthrie Govan show with Jon Finn this Friday night 1/28 at Berklee in Boston

    Reminder the show is this Friday night at the Berklee Performance Center in Boston with Jon Finn at 730! Purchase tix here if you haven't yet http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/01...FACEBOOK_EVENT Also for you Berklee students, there is a masterclass at the BPC at 1pm that's free! Hope to see...
  94. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan Guitar Contest for the Jan 28 Berklee gig

    You will have an opportunity to jam onstage live with guitar virtuoso Guthrie Govan and famed Berklee professor Jon Finn in front of a jam packed Berklee Performance Center. This will be a rare opportunity to have your playing recognized throughout the New England guitar community. Winner will...
  95. nhgtrman

    Guthrie Govan in Boston Jan 28, 2011

    Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Guthrie Govan who many regard as the greatest guitarist on the planet. He'll be headlining a guitar extravaganza at Berklee with the Jon Finn Group and other special guests. This is a show not to be missed! Tix are now available on ticketmaster | $16...
  96. nhgtrman

    John Petrucci B Rig 2010(with Axe Fx)

    Here's the link to John's guitar tech discussing his B Rig and the connections over at the Petrucciforum http://www.petrucciforum.com/forums/sho ... hp?t=68428
  97. nhgtrman

    Patch request, new Slash album

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWQQYgacS98 not worried about the main rhythm tone, but i'm interested in the cool effect that comes in at 0:13 seconds. Thoughts? PS this album is awesome!
  98. nhgtrman

    Opeth and the Axe Fx

    Saw this at the Petrucci forum, figured i'd post it here. Haven't seen this on here yet so if it's been discussed already, sorry :) "Answer: Yes. Straight from the Horse's Mouth. This might have been posted before, but I went to the Meet and greet for the Los Angeles Anniv. Opeth show last...
  99. nhgtrman

    Thinking about a Port city 1x12, question about speakers

    I play in a cover band, do some original stuff on the side(no money to be made there though). I've been using an Axe-fx for over a year now, going direct to pa and it sounds great but I miss that amp behind me. I want to know any recommendations on the different speakers for a 1x12 or 1x12 OS...
  100. nhgtrman

    Volume issue with my singers Ultra

    I use the Standard myself and have had no issues, but at least 3 times now my singer's volume has changed on his 5 main presets i set up for him. This past saturday we did a soundcheck before our gig and it was fine, as soon as the 1st set started the volume of each preset changed on him. This...
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