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  1. deathbyguitar

    After 10 years, updated TV

    The thing I don't understand about modern TVs despite almost all TVs on the market being smart TVs, streaming boxes and devices like Roku ect are being pushed like crazy. Who's the target market for these? People with 1080p or 4k TV usually have all sorts of smart TV features on their current...
  2. deathbyguitar

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, indeed. I'm thankful to everyone on the forum for posting such interesting topics for me to geek out over. I'm extra thankful for Cliff's long technical rants that I barely understand but could read for hours and never get bored. I almost prefer these rants to firmware...
  3. deathbyguitar

    What's the idea behind the FAS Bass model?

    Like the title says...I know it's an original creation but I'm not really sure what to make of it. Anyone using it for a bass rig? To my ears is kinda sounds like the Tube Pre model. I'm curious what the thought process was when makin that model but I'm sure the specifics are something that...
  4. deathbyguitar

    Do you use your III as a mixing tool?

    Have you tried the FAS-FX Reverb plugin? I use it on every mix.
  5. deathbyguitar

    Favorite Factory IRs

    My favorite are the York Audio Rectifier cabs. I use those with my XiTone at band practice and they cut through really well.
  6. deathbyguitar

    Anyone sell all their tube amps?

    I've never owned a tube amp. I plan on getting a multi watt Rectifier one day just because but I certainly don't need it.
  7. deathbyguitar

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    I dunno. I just think everyone should grant literally everyone a level of respect by default. It just makes things go smoother. People shouldn't be rude by default but I also don't think people should automatically interpret something someone says in the worst way possible. I dunno. It's the...
  8. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Yup. Exactly what I use. The blue logo physically hurts to look at in the dark.
  9. deathbyguitar

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    God, what a pathetic sack of shit.
  10. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    +1 Hit me with that electrical engineering jargon that I don't understand but love reading anyway.
  11. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    No. I had to put a LightDims strip over it because it physically hurt my eyes when playing in the dark.
  12. deathbyguitar

    What is your favorite factory preset?

    "The Planets" I remember the original iteration of it on my Ultra from way back when. I ended up developing vague ideas for a concept album based on a riff I created with it. Granted, that album is still a ways off but I love that preset so much. I think it actually sounded best on the...
  13. deathbyguitar

    Interesting Comparison Tests

    Well there's an idea.
  14. deathbyguitar

    PSA -- Garage Band Cannot Be Used For Re-Amping FM3

    Not actually free (60 bucks with a generous trial period) but yes, it's amazing and it's all I use
  15. deathbyguitar

    Is there something wrong with me if I like to turn up speaker impedance?

    If it sounds good, it is good. Carry on.
  16. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    The background actually looks black as opposed to purple. It keeps getting better and better.
  17. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    This is wonderful.
  18. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Request to see the logo in geen?
  19. deathbyguitar

    Running an Entire Band Off One Axe-Fx III

    Absolutely. The plan would be 1 amp for bass, 1 amp for bass and use the Axe as an audio interface while Superior drummer is being triggered on my laptop via electronic drums. Maybe I'll add a second guitar. I just wanna see what's the craziest setup I can have with one unit.
  20. deathbyguitar

    Running an Entire Band Off One Axe-Fx III

    I've been meaning to revamp my YouTube channel and this gives me the perfect idea for a video!
  21. deathbyguitar

    Running an Entire Band Off One Axe-Fx III

    You could also use the unit to process low latency audio for something like Superior Drummer when using an electronic kit live in addition to the possibilities listed above. This is something I intend to try one day: Two guitarists, a bassist and drums all running through the Axe-FX at the same...
  22. deathbyguitar

    Axe FX III mkII - will my mk1 get left behind with firmware updates? Answer - clearly not. Thread edited due to excessive negativity from one person.

    They're not going to neglect it. All of the previous Axe-FX's (standard, ultra, mk 1+2, xl, xl+) received updates at the same time until they were discontinued. You have nothing to worry about. I bought mine like 4 months ago but shit happens.
  23. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Half the selling point over my Mark I is changing the logo color. Is that crazy? The bright blue light is physically painful to look at and I've been dying to have a green logo.
  24. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    What are the chances of porting over that gorgeous startup screen to Mark I? Can you make it available as a desktop background? I can't stop looking at it.
  25. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Oh god that would be so cool. Maybe have them follow FC switch colors?
  26. deathbyguitar

    Axe FX III mkII - will my mk1 get left behind with firmware updates? Answer - clearly not. Thread edited due to excessive negativity from one person.

    It will probably continue to get updates as long as the Mark II does. The previous 2 Axe generations worked the same way for all models.
  27. deathbyguitar

    Axe FX III mkII - will my mk1 get left behind with firmware updates? Answer - clearly not. Thread edited due to excessive negativity from one person.

    Doubtful. This seems reminiscent of the Standard/Ultra days where the Ultra had a few extra features but they both ran the same amp modeling algorithms right up until the end.
  28. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Please post a video with the front logo LED set to green. Pleeeaaase? :innocent:
  29. deathbyguitar

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Well damn. I didn't think we'd ever see a Mark II but this is a pleasant surprise. One of my biggest gripes about the Mark I is that the logo isn't green. I'm not kidding. I've been fantasizing about a version where you can change the color of the logo and here it is.
  30. deathbyguitar

    So I would love to hear from anybody using the Axe FX 3 OTHER than as a guitar processor?

    I've used my Axe-FX III to capture output from Reaper in OBS. For whatever reason my Focusrite Clarett doesn't have loopback so the Axe saves me from some annoying routing workarounds. I really hope that the Axe-FX III's capabilities expand beyond strictly guitar/bass uses. How many more amp...
  31. deathbyguitar

    Buying used Fractal FX3

    Fuck yeah!
  32. deathbyguitar

    John Petrucci - "Terminal Velocity"

    Wait, Example 31 was turned into a full song? That was my favorite. I listened to Gemini earlier and remembered that from the Rock Discipline intro.
  33. deathbyguitar

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    I've never used The Drop but the virtual capo sounds ridiculous. I play in Drop B and will sometimes use it to go lower or higher on a whim. I'd say keep the pedal for now and sell your other stuff. Once you get the III you can determine whether the pedal still has something that the VC doesn't.
  34. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Oh I know. Wasn't trying to disparage the brand or anything.
  35. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.03

    Requests from high profile users get special attention and consideration. The Thordenal and Brit Pre amps come to mind.
  36. deathbyguitar

    Amplitube Ampeg SVX for free (limited time)

    https://audioplugin.deals/amplitube-svx-by-ik-multimedia-free-download/ref/11/?campaign=AmpliTubeSVX I got this the other day and it's the real deal. The model of the Ampeg BA-500 sounds and feels so good that I'm gonna use it instead of my Axe-FX III for bass on my album. Hope this is helpful...
  37. deathbyguitar

    Decent laptop

    I'd find an old Thinkpad T series on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. It's what I use for that same purpose. They're pretty cheap used, have the best keyboards in the business and are super rugged. I'd personally rather get an older, decently specced laptop instead of some cheap entry level...
  38. deathbyguitar

    Jim the Pigeon

    I have a habit of naming whatever animals get into my house. First there was a mouse in the kitchen I named Mr. Muffins. The next one was Mr. Pancake. Subsequent mice I also named Mr. Pancake because I can't be sure that he didn't get an Uber back to my place after I let him out around the block...
  39. deathbyguitar

    Jim the Pigeon

    I once had a possum in my house for like 4 days. My roommate at the time found the little dude on the stove (I left some food out) and took a video of him just sitting there like it ain't no thang. My roommate was from China and had never seen an animal like this so he called me up and asked...
  40. deathbyguitar

    Celestion F12-X200

    I really love my custom XiTone FWIW. It uses a coax speaker and has custom DSP to flatten out the speaker response. It's pretty much a giant studio monitor but I had him make it 14 inches deep for extra ooomph.
  41. deathbyguitar

    Wish Metronome Quick-Mute (and mute with tuner)

    +1. This was footswitchable on the II
  42. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    Interesting. Never mind then. I guess the wiki needs to be corrected. Thanks the info.
  43. deathbyguitar

    Wish Metronome bypass

    +1 This was footswitchable on the Axe-FX II.
  44. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    Since we already have the TS9DX, could we get the regular TS9 mode from it? I miss the TS9 model from the Axe-FX I and II.
  45. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    You know, I just remembered that switch existed after my last post. I'll try that!
  46. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.01

    The new Headroom meter is so helpful! I use Recto 2 Red Modern almost exclusively the meter really shows you why the Rectos aren't meant to go above 2-ish for MV. Anyone using Recto Modern modes have any suggestions for getting tones to cut live? At band practice I've got the mids cranked to...
  47. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00

    My guess is that Misha explicitly told them to use the name since he already has a business relationship with Fractal and it just serves to advertise the real deal Precision Drives anyway.
  48. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00

    There's a chance that Misha actually sanctioned the decision in a move to sell more pedals. It worked for Alan Phillips at Carol-Ann
  49. deathbyguitar

    I am fast!

    Fuck that shit
  50. deathbyguitar

    Covid empties guitar stocks?

    I'm honestly surprised that the market is able to support as many guitars being produced as they are. The conservationist in me kinda wishes they would just stop making guitars for a year or two and save some trees and reduce carbon emissions. There are soooo many perfectly good guitars sitting...
  51. deathbyguitar

    Celestion F12-X200

    I doubt its loss. You just need something with LOTS of clean headroom. 50 solid state watts isn't gonna cut it. Maybe check out the Duncan Power Stage or a Matrix. A tube power amp would probably also work well.
  52. deathbyguitar

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    Just try a ceramic JB and tell me you don't love the shit out of it.
  53. deathbyguitar

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    I tried a Distortion way back when and thought it was a bit too extreme. Too gainy, IMO...and that's coming from someone who primarily plays heavy rock and metal in drop tunings. I've been researching this kind of thing lately and even emailed Duncan this morning about it. I think the...
  54. deathbyguitar

    Do you need different sets of presets for studio and live work?

    I've been pondering this myself lately. I've been a mostly "bedroom" player for 18 years of guitar playing and just recently started rehearsing with a band. My favorite amp is Recto 2 Red Modern which doesn't seem to work well with a live band unless you crank the mids and master volume. I know...
  55. deathbyguitar

    Recommend a used 5 string bass

    I have that same exact bass but in a 4 string. Dunno why parts of the listing say it's German because it's a RockBass that's made in China. I love it. Those knobs they put on it look ugly though.
  56. deathbyguitar

    Who are your biggest musical influences?

    Deftones, Chevelle, (first few albums anyway), Dream Theater (up until Portnoy left), Tool, Deftones again.
  57. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Waitlist

    I use that reverb in every project I do. The workflow is great. Doesn't seem to be a big seller since no one on the internet really talks about it other than me :p . I doubt it'll ever get updated with new features but here's to hoping. It was probably their way of dipping their toes into the PC...
  58. deathbyguitar

    Cab-Lab Updates: Version 3.5

    I'm using the Windows version and I'm also seeing it.
  59. deathbyguitar

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Just got the last part for this today. My first pedalboard ever, ladies and gentleman... Rockboard Tres 3.1 pedalboard, Fractal EV-2, Boss FS-5U and 5L. The pedalboard is a perfect fit for the FC6, almost like it was designed for it. The picture makes the FC-6 look slightly longer than the...
  60. deathbyguitar

    Swapping out a Dimarzio Super Distortion for a Duncan JB

    For the last 10-12 years or so I've been putting ceramic magnets in the JB's in all of my guitars. Really tightens up the bass and has clearer mids for drop C which I always play in. From what I understand, the JB and Duncan Distortion are either identical or near-identical with the exception of...
  61. deathbyguitar

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I'm assuming you've already tried telling Default Apps to associate JPEG format with a given program?
  62. deathbyguitar

    Would you get the ADA MP-1 Classic for $100?

    Deftones in a rack unit. Probably the only Marshall product I'd consider buying.
  63. deathbyguitar

    Square pegs and round holes.

    If you're uber pleased with the FM3's tonality, why would it be any different for the III this time? I'm assuming you found some IRs like to use with the FM3?
  64. deathbyguitar

    Linseed Oil

    I've been using Fret Doctor brand bore oil on my guitars for like 15 years. The bottle still hasn't run out. Never noticed any buildup or anything.
  65. deathbyguitar

    What's your hobby?

    Learning more about recording engineering. Consuming endless amounts of politics. The occasional video game.
  66. deathbyguitar

    Recommendations for an FRFR monitor for Band Practice and backline for small gigs.

    You might wanna take a look at XiTone. Here's a thread about my custom cab: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/my-new-xitone-cab-that-ive-dubbed-the-hammer.163486/ I suspect you'd want the 12" open/closed back cab. I had mine made without the open back convertible option because all I...
  67. deathbyguitar

    Covering Meshuggah's New Millennium Cyanide Christ with my AX3!

    Fuck yeah man. Probably my favorite Meshuggah song. Great tone.
  68. deathbyguitar

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    I'm picturing a rechargable power brick that connects via FAS Link to an FC controller and communicates with a dongle connected to the Axe. How badass would that be?
  69. deathbyguitar

    FRFR aren’t they all the same?

    I haven't tried the CLR but I love my XiTone. Mick does fully custom designs and will make pretty much anything you throw at him. Mine is a fully sealed, 14 inch-deep 1x12 cab and it sounds huge. It's also super durable thanks to the protective coating he puts on all his cabs. I made a thread...
  70. deathbyguitar

    What is your player level?

    I've been playing for 18 years and plateaued maybe 15 years ago. It's whatever.
  71. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    You were smart to skip that one. Most of us now have inoperable brain tumors.
  72. deathbyguitar

    I've been starving my Axe!

    I'm calling Child Protective Services on your ass.
  73. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    I Was wondering the same thing.
  74. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    I'm thinking we need another Tech Notes on this kind of stuff but maybe also have it stickied and changed over time. Could be called something like "Cliff's tweaking recommendations" and would have info on a few tweaks the average Joe could benefit from. Every so often, Cliff will make a general...
  75. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Is the improvement in speaker compression something I should be able to hear with default-ish amp values? I see there's a speaker compression value that adjusts things manually but I wasn't sure if that was entirely the same since most people aren't tweaking beyond the basic tone controls these...
  76. deathbyguitar

    Why do some modelers have a 12AX7 tube and why doesn't the Axe?

    I honestly wish that logo glowed green as a tribute to Fractal's green screen heritage. Green is also my favorite color. I also wish it weren't all-caps.
  77. deathbyguitar

    Worth getting AXE iii in 2020?

    We're only 2 years into the Axe-FX III. The II got updates for 8 years. The ultra got got updates for like 4 or 5. There very well might be other Fractal products in the pipeline but the III is going to be king of the hill for a VERY long time. I don't see a market for a more powerful device...
  78. deathbyguitar

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I work in tech support for a living and had the damndest time trying to get Office registered on my mom's computer over Team Viewer. Still no dice. They make everything overly convoluted while trying to funnel you into using as many cloud services as possible. We live in hell.
  79. deathbyguitar

    FRFR aren’t they all the same?

    I would have gotten one of those if XiTone weren't a local company although I have no regrets. All the videos of the Tech 21 make it look like a great investment. 14 inches deep for extra beefinesss. It's actually only 120 watts by itself. You need to get an extension cabinet to get the full 200...
  80. deathbyguitar

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    This is just beyond parody. Everyonein the United States who's reading this, please make sure you're registered to vote and plan on doing so this fall. I guarantee you the wackos in this thread are planning on doing so hell or high water.
  81. deathbyguitar

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    Scientific consensus. When a majority of doctors, scientists and infectious disease experts declare that we're unfucked - then we can relax. In the meantime we shouldn't listen to to the outliers in their field when so much is at stake.
  82. deathbyguitar

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    I don't blame you for feeling that way but I'm optimistic for the future because things are so screwed up. I see it as an opportunity to learn because after all, America only ever learns things the hard way. "You don't know what you got 'til it's gone". We'll see if this hope of mine pans out.
  83. deathbyguitar

    The conspiracy paranoids have won again

    The only valuable information in there was seeing how far gone a significant chunk of the US population is. But with all the unethical/downright-evil things happening in government in broad daylight, who needs conspiracy theories?
  84. deathbyguitar

    My new Xitone cab that I've dubbed "The Hammer"

    Just got the finished cab yesterday. It's a slight deviation from the Michael Britt design in that it's a fully sealed and also 2 inches deeper. I wanted something similar dimensions to the Mesa Recto 1x12 (which I loved way back when) and the Tech 21 Deuce Deluxe (which I was debating getting...
  85. deathbyguitar

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    My completed rig as of yesterday which includes a custom Xitone design I've dubbed "The Hammer".
  86. deathbyguitar

    New Fractal Merch

    I'm on my third or 4th Fractal shirt. I'm kinda known for wearing them at this point. Sure they're super comfortable but I also like wearing them to stir up conversations with other nerdy guitar playing dudes. Hell, I'm wearing one right now! :cool: Screw repping sports teams. Fractal 'til I die.
  87. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    WTF is it with people and kale?
  88. deathbyguitar

    Time for a new audio interface?

    The software suite they include is pretty handy too. Did you mean Focusrite Saffire Pro 14? Because the Clarrett pres are definitely an upgrade from that.
  89. deathbyguitar

    Time for a new audio interface?

    I really like my Focusrite Clarrett 4 Pre. The option for SPID/IF is really handy since I can use that to get digital audio from the Fractal without having to switch to a separate interface. Four mic pre's is overkill for me since I never use more than 2 inputs at a time but the 2Pre didn't have...
  90. deathbyguitar

    John Petrucci - "Terminal Velocity"

    Yeah I saw that
  91. deathbyguitar

    Axe-FX III Question

    I love this idea. With basically infinite power in the III and amp modeling's rapidly diminishing returns, why not using it for crazy crap like this? What else can we possibly need or use for strictly guitar purposes? (excluding 500+ Plexi/SLO clones that people are requesting)
  92. deathbyguitar

    Axe-FX III Question

    Agreed. Having an option to make it global would be pretty badass. Also If there were an option to change the color it displayed or some crazy crap. Really put that dedicated GPU to work! I'd love for there to an option to have scrolling text across the screen. Maybe something like "WHY ARE YOU...
  93. deathbyguitar

    John Petrucci - "Terminal Velocity"

    Portnoy? That's both crazy and not surprising since everyone in DT has reconciled with Portnoy other than Labrie. I feel bad for Labrie though...I have a feeling if the band wouldn't have done 3 hour "An Evening With" world tours for years maybe his voice wouldn't be wrecked to hell like it is...
  94. deathbyguitar

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.11

    My Chinese roommate has been living with me for 4 years and never once mentioned this. Weird.
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