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  1. Habuman

    Thankful for FAS & the forum

    Absolutely 100% concur. And don't forget about the phenomenal customer service.
  2. Habuman

    FM3 is off but Input and Status LEDs are on

    Never seen this or had it happen before. The FM3 is not powered on. The USB cable is plugged in. Why are the input and status LEDs still lit?
  3. Habuman

    Izotope plugins worth it?

    Not sure what the full versions offer but this $49 offer is loaded.
  4. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Yes sir. It would fit with a little to spare.
  5. Habuman

    Izotope plugins worth it?

    Wow, $49 sale for a product that shows was $1211.
  6. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    OK, it is not with a micrometer but from bottom to top (inside), I measure roughly 22 inches.
  7. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    With that reasoning a pedalboard case is not needed either. Just throw everything in a single compartment bag. If I'm touring, not sure everything (cables, strings, mics, etc) is going to fit in a pedalboard case. This bag has extra room. One bag or a couple more... Hell, even at the local...
  8. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    On the large inside compartment there is a zipper at the bottom to expand. You will need to remove the bottom cable dividers. But I think a FM3 and FC6 can fit.
  9. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Bought this from Sweetwater. Perfect for the FM3 and a ME expression pedal. There are many compartments for cables, strings, iPad, and more. Very sturdy. More than enough protection for the FM3...
  10. Habuman

    Anyone have a Lukather preset like this?

    There are six (6) on the Forum AxeChange. Might be a good place to start. You might find the tone you are looking fro. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=lukather&fields=all&products=7&setups=0
  11. Habuman

    No AX8 Sound Output

    What were you running the sound through?
  12. Habuman

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    I like to spin the backing track knob and whatever it lands on is what I have to jam over.
  13. Habuman

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    The only Boss product I still have after years of gear swapping is the Boss eBand JS-10.
  14. Habuman

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] FM3 Master Thread - Firmware 1.06

    Does your Clean To Mean packs transfer over properly via FracTool or are you planning to port these eventually? My give the FracTool a work out this weekend...
  15. Habuman

    New FM3 user - question about studio monitors

    Seen a few posts that seem to suggest that the "Rockit" speakers are not a very good reference sound source. As mentioned above, there are better options. Even a pair of Headrush 8" might be a better option. But of course that is all subjective.
  16. Habuman

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    Msg sent.
  17. Habuman

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

  18. Habuman

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    For Sale: ToonTrack EZDrummer2, EZMix2, EZ Keys software, plus separate midi packs. You can buy the entire below library for $275 (which is a tremendous saving from buying new) or buy separately for the below prices. Or a negotiable offer. Pay via PayPal. All sales transfers will be per the...
  19. Habuman

    Top 5 "Easy to get great tone" metal amps

    VOX with a TS in front. HA!!! I think the some of the Friedman or USA IIC++ amps can get there with a boost. When I want METAL tones I use my Edwards LP loaded with Afwayu humbuckers from Motor City Pickups. But I also trying to find what gels in the mix.
  20. Habuman

    Uncontrollable Noise using DI out of FX Loop

    Have you tried recording the through the DI without using the AX8? Maybe something from the 2i2?
  21. Habuman

    ARES for AX8

    Being in the Legacy section is a worthy clue.
  22. Habuman

    FM3 MkII on the Horizon?

    Already on the shelf. It is called the AXE FX III and FC12.
  23. Habuman

    Wanna set up to FOH, but have dumb questions...

    The HR 8 FRFR will get you there. What you hear from the HR will translate well to FOH. I used two of them before and had great tones. Loud enough to hear yourself over the rest of the band as well. Strictly using a Friedman ASM 12 now.
  24. Habuman

    Original + Detuned tone with Virtual Capo?

    Yeah, trying to figure it out. Have dry signal: In 1 > Virtual Capo -1> Out 1. Hearing two notes throughout. The original plus the -1. Not sure what to look for or adjust.
  25. Habuman

    DAW recommendation

    I use Presonus and/or Logic. No issues.
  26. Habuman

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    Awesome. Thanks.
  27. Habuman

    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Yeah adjust to HD and I can see it. :)
  28. Habuman

    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Is that all AXE-FX III tones?
  29. Habuman

    SOLD FC-6 (Price Drop) --- SOLD

  30. Habuman

    SOLD FC-6 (Price Drop) --- SOLD

    Payday Sale.
  31. Habuman

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    There are some in there you could consider as Easter eggs. One of the Marshall amps has a few scenes labeled as Angus, Malcolm, ZZ Top, etc.
  32. Habuman

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    After owning the AB AX8 presets and now playing through the AB FM3 presets, I'm not sure the use of the term presets is accurate. For some, the term preset conjures up a specific tone for a particular song or artist. The LIVE GOLD is more about having the amps/cabs matched up and dialed in at...
  33. Habuman

    Vendor Fremen FM3 packs

    Working and sounding great. No issues.
  34. Habuman

    No sound on some amp models

    Still, not a lot of information to solve the issue. Are you using stock presets? Since you are using trad cabs, have you removed the cab block? Yes, maybe a reset of all parameters and a reload of the AX8 banks might help.
  35. Habuman

    Recommendations needed to run my AX8 through my Mesa 2x12

    I have the humbuster cables but have used regular cables (1/4 and XLR) at times without issues.
  36. Habuman

    No sound on some amp models

    Are these stock presets or some you downloaded?
  37. Habuman

    What is your favorite beer?

    Orion or Sapporo.
  38. Habuman

    SOLD FC-6 (Price Drop) --- SOLD

  39. Habuman

    Recommendations needed to run my AX8 through my Mesa 2x12

    See page 17 of manual for a starting point. This should help you understand the signal chain better.
  40. Habuman

    SOLD FC-6 (Price Drop) --- SOLD

    SOLD $425.00 PayPal Purchased May 2020. Never gigged or used outside of home. Free shipping in US. I will be shipping from military FPO AP in Okinawa via US Postal Service. For all other countries send mailing info via PM and I will provide an estimated shipping cost. Will ship via...
  41. Habuman

    Best way of connecting?

    OK, this is probably an easy fix but I'm not seeing it right now. Below is how I have it configured but getting no reamp sound. Using Focusrite 8i6 (thinking it is here in the config, not sure). Using SPDIF and USB. Logic Pro X For DI 1. Audio 1 - IN 3-4 / OUT 3-4 getting no sound. If I set...
  42. Habuman

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Is this what you are looking for? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EBSPCFDLS28--ebs-pcf-dls28-flat-patch-cable-28cm-angle-angle
  43. Habuman

    Adding external switch/pedal to change scenes?

    Might be but "how do i assign it to a scene?" is in the OP. Just trying to figure what else is needed in the scene that a scene controller cannot do.
  44. Habuman

    Still learning, question on settings.

    Difficult to know without seeing your preset, setting, etc.
  45. Habuman


    After looking at pics I don't think those are FRFRs. Just regular speaker cabs. You can still use. Just don't put a cab block/IR in your AX8 chain.
  46. Habuman


    The Line 6 cabs are FRFR speakers, correct? When using FRFRs leave the cab IRs on.
  47. Habuman

    Using an AX8 on a Yamaha THR10?

    OK but still not understanding why you are using the THR10? You don't have any studio monitors hooked up to a interface, etc.? How do you intend to use the AX8 into the THR10?
  48. Habuman

    Using an AX8 on a Yamaha THR10?

    What is the purpose for running the AX8 into the Yamaha? Power? The AX8 has all the amps and cabs you need.
  49. Habuman

    Re installing factory presets

    Need to find the folder you saved/backed up your system to. Use AX8 Edit Manage Presets to load or audition the preset.
  50. Habuman

    Free preset of the week - MF Wrecker Rocket

    Hell Yeah!!! Thanks.
  51. Habuman


    How do you plan to use the AX8? If you are using the AX8 for the amp sims, you don't want to run it straight into the amp. Defeats the purpose. Use the amp loop for the power section only.
  52. Habuman

    Help me with my AX8

    Go to 8:15 in video
  53. Habuman

    IR's via my AX8

    The IRs that @austinbuddy uses, with rare exceptions, are the stock Fractal IRs.
  54. Habuman

    Does anybody have the Takashi Masuzaki AX8 preset?

    Maybe if you send a message through the website he might answer: http://dimension-tokyo.jp You never know...
  55. Habuman

    IR's via my AX8

    Also, ensure that you have Output 2 set to Echo Output 1.
  56. Habuman

    IR's via my AX8

    Just take the mic cable and plug it into the AX8 for FOH. The sound tech should be much happier with the tone and being able to better control it. Depending on your output setup (reverse if necessary) - Output 1 to FOH (set volume to FOH preference). Leave the ASC for your stage sound. Output...
  57. Habuman

    Please help! AX8 seems to have serious issues

    He is @2112 on this forum.
  58. Habuman

    Plexi, Friedman, Slo 100 Quick Jam

    Just jamming around on the FM3. Using an Organ Sim provided by @hippietim and stock patches. Rhythms are 009 - Plexi 100W, 1959SLP and 023 - Friedman HBE 2018. Solo - 021 Solo 100 Lead. Drums are Logic Pro X. https://www.reverbnation.com/royhelvenstinejr/song/31977375-stranger-purple
  59. Habuman

    Adding external switch/pedal to change scenes?

    What is your current layout? You need more than 8 scenes? Additional scenes cannot be added since only have slots for 8. See page 21 of manual. It reads about doing this from front panel but it can also be done from AX8 edit. Just assign the correct External pedal controller #. Maybe Midi?
  60. Habuman

    Help me with my AX8

    Also downloading some presets from the Axe-Change will give you something to review for ideas and information. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=&fields=all&products=7&setups=0
  61. Habuman

    Help me with my AX8

    Scenes are what you want to do in order to have effects on/off at the click of a switch. One switch can be set up to turn on multiple effects. Check these out:
  62. Habuman

    Help me with my AX8

    You need to be more specific about what you mean by set-up. Check the sticky threads for great tutorials. The manual outlines various setup methods. What exactly do you want to do?
  63. Habuman

    Austin Buddys Live Gold - Pack - Opinions, please ;-)

    I was going to do a video at next week's practice but we just went into COVID lockdown again. Once all clear I will be sure to get it done.
  64. Habuman

    Austin Buddys Live Gold - Pack - Opinions, please ;-)

    Did this the other night at practice. Used a JCM 800 loop for the power amp and the 4x12 cabinet at the studio. Used one of the Friedman HBE presets. It sounded great. Big, full, and loud. No issues. Although instead of turning off cab block I just connected the output 2 line after amp block...
  65. Habuman

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Very informative. Definitely gained some new knowledge; especially using the output scenes to level. From the copy-paste of blocks, I just save the amp/cab blocks that I like to the library for quick pullup later. Really enjoying the Gold pack.
  66. Habuman

    Any amp similar to Tophat Club Deluxe in AX8?

    There is a speaker model--can't remember the number--that is based on the speaker in the Club Deluxe. Pair it up with the Komet (as recommended ^) or try a Morgan or Vox model or maybe an early Marshall model.
  67. Habuman

    Vendor [AustinBuddy] Dream Rigs 1000+Tonepack for AX8 Available NOW!

    AB presets are setup and ready to-go upon loading. Already tweaked at gig/loud levels. Some tasty tones are inside the Dream Rig pack. I purchased without hearing any sound clips. No regrets. Used at many gigs. The only tweak I did was to arrange the switch layout to my preference.
  68. Habuman

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Thanks. Did not check the limits or the manual thinking that the OMG9 layout already had it set to max. GTG.
  69. Habuman

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Trying to find a good pedalboard for it all:
  70. Habuman

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    OMG9 is loaded and working fine. However, when I try to bank up from 311 it jumps back to 000 instead of increasing to the next set of presets starting at 312. Any idea why this is happening?
  71. Habuman

    Doubt with wah expression pedal

    That is what I do. Just make another preset with a name like = Wah or No Wah or Exp. No need to continue editing presets or performing deep-dives.
  72. Habuman

    Doubt with wah expression pedal

    You want to bypass the Wah block and remove the expression pedal but leave the Wah block in the chain, correct? By setting to Off the block will not engage.
  73. Habuman

    An interesting buzz/fizz scenario

    Does the buzzing stop when you have your hands on the guitar? Did you try a different cable from the guitar to AX8?
  74. Habuman

    Noob question on what kind of power amp / monitors are a good choice for the AX8 ...

    Try it all. There might be a combination that you like that sounds better than the rest. My computer monitors are Presonus Eris 8. For live use = Headrush 212 and Friedman ASC. There is so much to choose from (Atomic, HeadRush, Adams, Yamaha, etc.)...
  75. Habuman

    Doubt with wah expression pedal

    And the Auto-Engage is set to Off?
  76. Habuman

    Noob Question About Factory Presets

  77. Habuman

    TFW you forget how much pick choice affects tone

    Was a long time user of the small Tortex Pitch Black 1.0 but switched to the Tortex Flex 1.14. Just feel better.
  78. Habuman

    Logic Pro X - Scarlett 8i6 - No Sound (Solved)

    Had to set the input to FM3 even though it is connected via SPDIF. Have my FM3 hooked up to the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 via SPDIF. Sounds is coming through monitors and signal into Presonus Studio 2. I cannot get any signal into Logic Pro X. All setting have been checked on interface to ensure...
  79. Habuman

    Focusrite 8I6

    This is how I have mine set with the FM3 using SPDIF. Should be the same for the AX8. Hopefully, this fixes the issue. Input = Line - Line OutPut = Monitor Outputs 1-2 / Custom mix / SPDIF 1 and 2 (individual selected not 1-2) / Analogue 1-2 Sample Rate 48 / Clock Source Internal
  80. Habuman

    Audio Interface for FM3

    Disregard. Volume level on FM3 is out 2 instead of 1...Just figured it out. Got mine up and running (just recently received the FM3). However, there is a significant volume drop from from previous interface. Connecting via SPDIF. Is there something else that needs to be adjusted or set to?
  81. Habuman

    Please help! AX8 seems to have serious issues

    Listening through the speakers on my MacBook. Sounds good to me. If that was pumping through a PA I think it would sound great IMO. Going through studio monitors versus FRFRs or a PA will greatly change your perceived tone. But again I hear good tone thru my MacBook speakers.
  82. Habuman

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    Going to keep both. As of late, starting to buy-and-keep instead of buy-sell-buy.
  83. Habuman

    Rush pre sets

    Here are 4 from the Axe-Change for the AX8: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=rush&fields=all&products=7&setups=0
  84. Habuman

    Tip for using the AX8 for effects only

    Are you creating new presets or using previously created presets and shunting the amp/cab?
  85. Habuman

    Clean Sound with Piezo-Like Sound - Help

    Not an expert on the AX8 but don't think there is a blend control like that. Maybe a controller on the Input Drive or Trim or Compressor? However, a good starting point that I always recommend is use the stock preset "EJ Clean" but add a Multi-Delay (Quad-Tape good reference), put it in...
  86. Habuman

    Annoying buzz/hum when using Friedman HBE Model

    Not getting any buzz. Out 1 is all the way up and I have my interface volume up to 3 o'clock. Volume guitar on 10, hand on/hands off guitar, no noise or buzz. However, when I disengage the reverb the overall tone does clean up better. Maybe the mix level is too high...not sure. Your cab block...
  87. Habuman

    Annoying buzz/hum when using Friedman HBE Model

    Post your preset. Will try to replicate or not...
  88. Habuman

    I think my Les Paul is a dud

    I had a few Tokai LPs. Great playing and always consistent. However, I only buy Edwards LPs now. Never disappointed with the consistency and quality. Also, the price-point compared to Gibson cannot be beaten IMO.
  89. Habuman

    Looking into Motor City Pickups

    Through his website. It is "a tad bit old" but don't worry. Wade will ensure you get the pickup that meets your specific requirements. There are other pickups in the inventory that he might recommend; some are not on the page. Also, PM sent.
  90. Habuman

    Looking into Motor City Pickups

    For a passive pickup, the Afwayu is a great pickup. Had one in the bridge of a Luxxtone Strat awhile back. Thick and percussive and holds up under high gain...it will meet all of your requirements. The wait-time is lengthy but worth it IMO. All of my guitars have Motor City Pickups. I have in...
  91. Habuman

    AX8 hum issue

    Going to need another guitar to check. Any cable that is not connected from one point to another point is going to hum/buzz. You just can't have the cable plugged into the AX8 an expect no noise.
  92. Habuman

    AX8 hum issue

    It happens with all guitars or do you just have the one? Did you check the jack to ensure no wires were pulled off or loose from solder?
  93. Habuman

    Hetfield clean tone suggestiosn

    Take a look at the stock EJ Clean patch. You might get some good ideas from it.
  94. Habuman

    Expression pedal

    Are the parameters in the modifier set for on/off, heel up/down, etc. Also is a modifier attached to the shimmer block? How do you have it setup?
  95. Habuman

    NEW to AX8!

    Welcome to the AX8 world. This "legacy" gear has many possibilities for achieving that tone-in-your-head. You can find lots of great presets here: https://axechange.fractalaudio.com or in the AX8 preset sub-forum.
  96. Habuman

    65 Bassguy Normal

    Trying to get a preset (one amp) where the sound covers a mix of Blackberry Smoke (Best Seat In The House), Whiskey Myers (Die Rockin), Lynyrd Skynyrd (Needle and The Spoon), Black Crowes (Jealous Again), etc. Picked the 65 Bassguy Normal. It sounds like it fits the mix. Sounds really good...
  97. Habuman

    LM Life Pad

    Not sure what could be the problem. Maybe backup your files and reinstall AX8 Edit.
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