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  1. Vecordia

    Effect bypass independent from scene change

    Hi guys. I've spent a good deal of time going through manuals, Wiki and old forum posts, but could not find the answer to what I am looking for. I thought I would open a new thread. I have my Axe setup in a way that all my band sounds live in a single preset. I use scenes to change between...
  2. Vecordia

    Buzz noise when connecting axe III to powerstage amp

    Ok. I recently got a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 to run my Axe Fx III through a 1x12 mesa cab for home practice. Thing is that I am getting an annoying buzz noise, similar to that when the guitar cable is disconnected from the guitar end. I go from the output 2L (XLR to TRS cable) into the...
  3. Vecordia

    Getting acoustic reinforcement at home with a cab

    It’s been over three years since I happily joined the Fractal world with my first Axe Fx II XL. Today, i am even happier with the Axe Fx III/FC6 Combo. However, since I play home exclusively, and most of the time though headphones (since I cannot play at loud volumes, headphones help me get the...
  4. Vecordia

    Question about the Mark series graphic EQ modeling

    Does anyone know if the sliders from the 5 control graphic eq of the Mesa Mark model (CII+ and CII++) have an identical range as in the real amp. In other words, for example, I put a slider on the Axe fx model at , say, +10 or -10, does that same slider on the real amp at max or min position...
  5. Vecordia

    Is this normal?

    I have noticed that since my previous firmware update or so (3.01) my startup screen first shows some text loading before it goes to the AXE FX III logo. I wanted to wait and see if with a new update it would go away, but I just uploaded the version 3.02, and it is still there. Is this normal?
  6. Vecordia

    Implemented Add Gain Reduction Meter Bar to Gate/Expander Block

    I was wondering if it would it be possible to add the gain reduction meter bar to the Gate/Expander block? In the gate from the IN block, there is a meter already, so I assume it should no be difficult to do the same there. I find this meter very helpful while adjusting gate settings, especially...
  7. Vecordia

    Wish Preset level VU meters visible from Axe-Edit main screen

    I use the VU meters of the AXE to adjust the overall level of every preset all the time. Having added them in the AXE III’s layout view is very useful now, but since the screen is reset to the home page with every preset switch, I end up having to manually go every time to the layout screen. I...
  8. Vecordia

    Metallica and Axe-Fx III

    After a break of two months, Metallica starts today the new leg of the european tour. I’d say they’ll be using the Axe III. Look forward to seeing videos of these shows, specially of the tuning room sessions, as in those you can often hear really well the guitars, sometimes even in isolation...
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