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  1. chucma

    This really (SUCKS)!!!!

    Totally with you and congrats on your new FM3! Take my advice, ALWAYS record a dry signal of your guitar so you can just reamp if you need to! I just bought a new cab pack after spending many hours on some tracks and now with regret/glee am going to reamp with my new cab IRs!
  2. chucma

    Shout out to RJM

    Love my GT22! With mine I started off simple and have now polished my on stage workflow to the perfect degree with it. I connect mine using that 6 pin XLR which takes care of MIDI (both ways) and power, so I just have a single cable running out from my AxeFX3 to my GT22. RJM have a software...
  3. chucma

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns Cliff! Hope you get spoilt rotten today!!
  4. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    The Spawn Q-Rod OD1-1 is just sounding so lush with my Tele! It's my dream Plexi with a completely different logo! :):) To be fair, I never really used it much before this FW, so I don't know if it is a result of the FW or I just missed it all this time.
  5. chucma

    Chasing Periphery’s Tone...

    Woah that sounds great!! So the bass was literally just MIDI into EZBass into an IR?
  6. chucma

    Fractal Audio Blocks Guide Updated - v1.1 - Nov 24, 2020

    Luvly jubbly! I've already learnt something new about the Drive block! Thanks Matt!!
  7. chucma

    Recording using line out's

    That oddly does sound great yet goes against all my instincts and recording foundations! :grinning: To prevent derailing this thread, I would love it if you had the time to post another thread where you go into detail of how you mic'd your monitors up and what gear you used please (i.e. mic and...
  8. chucma

    My wife passed away today

    This is very sad news, you must be heart broken. Will be thinking of you and your family over the next few days and praying for you all.
  9. chucma

    I made a thing

    Very handy and smart idea! Thanks for sharing, will be bookmarking it!!
  10. chucma

    My realtime sound sounds more fluid and thicker than the recording

    Good point, the input levels on the Zoom are definitely worth checking too. Presumably the Zoom is connected to the mix console and not your AxeFx for live gigs? If so, then check what is happening with the Sends on the mix console to your Zoom. E.g. maybe the sound guy is adding reverb for the...
  11. chucma

    My realtime sound sounds more fluid and thicker than the recording

    In most cases this is because of volume. At gig level you play at a much higher volume which will give you a much more satisfying tonal blast in the face for various reasons. However, I've never had a problem with my recorded live sounds, so maybe check if the sound guy has done anything on the...
  12. chucma

    My 1st song- December... need help with mix

    I like it a lot! Good work, especially considering it is your first mix!! My only feedback is I felt the instruments could do with a tiny bit more separation from the drums, EQ shelving or panning or maybe some compression - BUT that is my personal pref and I don't think I could have done as...
  13. chucma

    Some Live IIC+ Snippets and 2gtrs through one Axe!

    Awesome playing!! Like a ginger haired Marty Friedman! :)
  14. chucma

    Import a 44.1 kHz GarageBand track into 48 kHz Logic Pro X?

    I've worked with old recordings too and the Smart Tempo has been so useful for those (what the heck were they smoking in the 70s anyway!?!?) :D
  15. chucma

    The Sky is Crying (NOT SRV) Live Jam

    Love this band!!
  16. chucma

    Import a 44.1 kHz GarageBand track into 48 kHz Logic Pro X?

    Glad you sorted it out! I've had something similar happen to me before. In your Project Settings -> Smart Tempo, what Project Tempo Mode have you got set? I 'think' that 'Keep' is the default (not sure) which is weird cos it shouldn't have done anything when you imported, but maybe yours is...
  17. chucma

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    Well Davinci Resolve is free, so might be worth trying that @iaresee? I personally prefer the simplicity of FCPX, however, the cost for just one video isn't worth in my opinion.
  18. chucma

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    Does Resolve have a function to align audio and video as well? That would be cool, I've been using it for colour grading in conjunction with FCPX, really useful for creating LUTs.
  19. chucma

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    Just been thinking about this a bit more Ian, I actually don’t know if the FCPX will work if you are miming the guitar and vocal parts. It works perfectly in the scenario where you are recording your guitar in Logic (eg thru the AxeFX or mic’d amp) and you are filming yourself play at the same...
  20. chucma

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    This is pretty much one of the biggest reasons I bought Final Cut Pro after having the same challenge with iMovie. And FCPX has a very easy workflow so you can do great edits so easily, makes your basic videos really stand out with minimal effort.
  21. chucma

    Scary Pockets - "Karma Police"

    Amazingly beautiful! That spring reverb is my dream reverb sound that I have yet to achieve, probably needs the perfect mix of everything to make it sound as perfect as that! Thanks for sharing this!
  22. chucma


    Noooooo! This is terrible news! RIP EVH!!
  23. chucma

    Pure taste

    This is the epitome of a sweet guitar tone! Stunning!!
  24. chucma

    Sad news

    This is very sad news! Lots of thoughts and prayers for you and all families who were close to him.
  25. chucma

    OH YEAH?

    That sounds amazing!! :D
  26. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Aah no, that really is a shame! Did you send it for repairs via Andertons or directly to Atomic? I've spent the day playing my Tele through clean amps (new Archean Clean and AC20s) with the CLRs and they are just sounding amazing. I hope you get yours back soon!
  27. chucma

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Stunning guitars! I agree the nut looks out of place, but it seems to do the job very well. It's the one guitar out of my small collection that gets the most comments from my friends! Can't want to try your preset, as soon as I have a gap!
  28. chucma

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Man you really have that guitar and amp working well together! So glad I recently got a Holcombe SE, especially now that you made that vid! Great playing and awesome video, thanks as always @Burgs !
  29. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Sharing the same honesty theme, part of my thinking was along the same lines. One of the things I'm worried about is if they fail then how hard it might be to get them repaired. However, from my research, the unreliability seems to have been resolved with the Neo Mark II model, because a lot...
  30. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Thanks for the good advice! It sucks that you are going through that, I know I was very lucky when I bought my CLRs from Andertons a couple of years ago, the money was available at the right time and they happened to have stock - so I had no idea that they would soon become so hard to get a hold...
  31. chucma

    Cherry or hickory?

    Hickory! BUT - I haven't tried cherry yet.....!
  32. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Awesome, thanks guys! More than enough info here to help me decide! I'll probably keep the CLRs, sell my Rokits and get some A5s or maybe even A7s at a later stage. At the end of the day, I could use the floor space but then I can hang new guitars on the wall! :D My fear out of all of this is...
  33. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    On this, I have searched extensively, but not a lot of people have gone the CLR -> Adam route. Both are clear winners in their own categories.
  34. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Cool! Have you played the Adam monitors much?
  35. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    Agreed, and good point to make, the AX7 is a nearfield monitor, it will have a different listening experience to the CLR. The benefit of the Adams though is they take up less space, and still sound good. I'm more testing the water to get people's opinions, if anyone has both for example. I do...
  36. chucma

    Atomic CLR - replace with Adam A7X/8X? (probably not)

    I’ve got 2 beautiful Atomic CLR MkII Neo that I play through at home. Love them! BUT, thing is I don’t play out at gigs much anymore, and lately I’ve pretty much always ended up going FOH with IEMs because of either limited space on stage or a sound guy who wants full control of the sound on the...
  37. chucma

    3 Italian guys with FAS units: simply pleasure....

    Insane!! Such great playing guys!!
  38. chucma

    Proud Parent Moment!

    Wow @Admin M@ , you must be a SUPER proud dad! It's moment's like these that make changing all those nappies totally worth it!! Well done Echo and friend!!
  39. chucma

    Indispensable accessories

    For the price, the package is impressive especially that it includes an audio interface! I was also looking at the SPL 2Control which is nearly 3 times the price (in the UK) so the Behringer is a welcome addition to my home studio! Phew, money saved to put towards a MkII!
  40. chucma

    Indispensable accessories

    Thanks, was just asking out of curiosity as there were some odd reviews on the USB side and I wasn't sure if it worked fine without USB. Ultimately I need to use it for the exact same application as you. Will be very glad when it arrives! Thanks for the great thread!
  41. chucma

    Indispensable accessories

    Just pulled the trigger on one of these! Thanks @yek, I've been looking for something just like this for ages, and I had no idea this existed. :D Do you use the USB interface at all? Or is it just as a monitor selector?
  42. chucma

    NGD - McCarty 594 Artist

    Oh man! I hate you! (I don't really, just love your guitar!!) Hope you get many good miles out of it! :)
  43. chucma

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Wowsers! I do like the idea of more preset memory......!! Super excited to get my hands on this one!
  44. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    You got me at Gary Moore! Now I'm going to have to try that out, just hope my Gibson LP can come remotely close to your Tokai! I think if you let that sustain ring out then the video would have been an hour long! It was beautiful!
  45. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    That sustain!!!! :D
  46. chucma

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.11

    I've already spent the last part of my day recording and used the preset leveller constantly! Such a great feature!
  47. chucma

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.11

    Thank you Michael! This is such a useful feature to have! Especially useful that it is in a separate window, so you can park it in a nice comfy corner of your screen whilst levelling presets.
  48. chucma

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    So awesome, thank you for the info!! I will now compile a list of gear and go speak to my wife (this might be the last day anyone has ever heard from me)! :D
  49. chucma

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    I'm in love with that acoustic sound you got. It looks like you mic'd it up, was there a DI feed as well? What acoustic is that please? (Apologies for all the questions) I need to start preparing how to break the news to my wife about my pending acoustic purchase!
  50. chucma

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    I am so sorry about Yogi! That was heartbreaking to see your message at the end! :(
  51. chucma

    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

    This is so beautifully played and arranged that it is ridiculously good! Thank you @camilovelandiamusic for such a great rendition! I love it!!
  52. chucma

    MIDI issues...

    What FW is your GT16 on? And when did you install that?
  53. chucma

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for the Axe-Fx III running firmware 12.14 is now available!

    I love the fact that Guthrie himself is buying your TonePack! That alone is a massive feather in your cap and testament to how good this pack is!
  54. chucma

    Wish Add Preference/Option to default the 'Block Info' on/off when starting Axe Edit

    When opening Axe Edit, I always enable this feature because channels are such an integral component to Preset/Scene design. It would just make workflow that little bit easier if we could control whether we want this to default on or off on startup. It just feels strange (for me) to always...
  55. chucma

    Amp Type

    This sounds very much like your presets might be using Global Blocks for the Amp block. If you change a Global Block in one preset, that change will be reflected across all presets that use the same Global Block. To check this, open preset 401 (for example) and in Axe Edit click on the Amp...
  56. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.02

    Might be something on your MIDI setup, because my GT22 is working fine with 13.02 and I've been using my 3 expression pedals all day. Maybe double check your mapping etc is correct.
  57. chucma

    Jim the Pigeon

    Just be glad that the (now extinct) Passenger Pigeon has not nested in your garage. The largest recorded nesting in history was 850 sq miles in 1871 (estimate 136 million pigeons). Very messy place I would imagine! :grinning: http://passengerpigeon.org/states/Wisconsin.html
  58. chucma

    Would a Friedman BE-100 amp/full stack make a decent bedroom amp?

    I don't know what your local guitar shop is like, but mine has a couple of amp rooms (that are roughly the same size as my playing room) and they are great places to try something at bedroom volume. If they have the same amps/cabs, then that might be worth trying for yourself as this particular...
  59. chucma

    Vendor AustinBuddy's new 1000+ LIVEGOLD TonePack for the Axe-Fx III running firmware 12.14 is now available!

    Just bought these today! Super excited to give them a try, thank you Austin!!
  60. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    Awesome, thanks Yek! Really chuffed to see my most used/fav pedal (Micro Boost) is only using 2.6! Although my second fav is the Tone Of Kings which knocks it out of the park at 9.2! :)
  61. chucma

    Cab-Lab Updates: Version 3.5

    Thanks Matt! Got it, thanks! The shop says it is 3.0 but when you download it I can see it's 3.5.
  62. chucma

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    Thanks @6L6C ! Biskitboy might have found the cause which might be the global mapping. I’ve made a change and am going to be testing it over the next few days. Thanks for helping out!
  63. chucma

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    You might be onto something here, I actually did have Output 1 and 2 mapped to CC3 so that I could use a global volume boost on my GT22. No idea if this is the culprit as I cannot see it being used anywhere else, but I have removed that mapping so will do some extensive wah playing for the next...
  64. chucma

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    Just read this again, I don't think I have anything mapped there but will check, thanks!
  65. chucma

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    Good point, but no it doesn't correct if you change presets. The only thing that brings it back is restarting the Axe3. I have a suspicion that even if you tried the preset then you won't get the same issue, but thought I would try here anyway.
  66. chucma

    [Might be solved] Strange problem - Wah block seems to kill Output randomly

    I've been getting this odd behaviour for a long time now, but it has been random and very difficult for me to recreate/explain. The short summary is I'll be using the Wah block on any preset and after a couple of minutes of wah noodling suddenly my AxeFX output drops almost completely (you can...
  67. chucma

    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    2 x CLR user here and use mine at a low volume to avoid complaints, but they still translate to a loud PD excellently (EDIT: when dialling in patches for louder PA systems I do have the CLR's a little louder than my normal bedroom playing level to avoid the dreaded FM curve, but not as loud as...
  68. chucma

    Control Switch remote control via MIDI?

    This would be a huge benefit for me! I love the flexibility the Control Switches gives you across multiple presets (I manage about 50 of my own for live use) but because I use a GT22 I am unable to use them properly.
  69. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.12

    Nice!! Thank you Cliff!! This is going to be brilliantly useful: Thank you!
  70. chucma

    Axe-Edit III 1.06.00

    Sounds very intriguing! Thanks Michael!!
  71. chucma

    Yek's presets for covers

    Seriously, that Synth Block is SOOO much fun!!! :D I might have to stick one in all of my presets! Thank you for your top presets Yek! Brought my Strat back to life again!
  72. chucma

    Cleaning the axe fx

    I use a 5cm wide paint brush that I bought from my local hardware store. Just got one with nice soft bristles and it works a treat for getting rid of dust in awkward little places.
  73. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    I have just double checked, there is only 1 Modern Eddie across all 3 banks, I suspect you might have accidentally imported one bank twice, or maybe you already had the original Modern Eddie preset saved in one of those slots before you imported the latest presets.
  74. chucma

    Alex Weir

    Booo, not available in the UK!! I'll have to carry on uneducated for now.
  75. chucma

    Axe-Edit III 1.05.13

    I don't know when this was introduced, but I love the progress bar when you are writing large banks in Preset Manager! Maybe it has been there for a while, but I have noticed it and much prefer it to my usual staring at the presets as they go from red to green!
  76. chucma

    A good affordable, modern guitar for some fun!

    That same rule applies here and is in full force! I have managed to convince her that I am going to sell a guitar but I will get around to it once I get the new one (maybe in 80 years from now....)! I saw that Vola Ares on Reverb, really beautiful but £2.5k price tag and it sold!
  77. chucma

    A good affordable, modern guitar for some fun!

    Just curious, which Solar was your first? And what was different about the second one you got?
  78. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    There is a link in Cliff's first post of this thread kind sir! :)
  79. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    This FW sounds and feels just great! I love it! And the new presets are also sounding great too! Thanks all who are involved in that!!
  80. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.09

    Thank you Cliff! I'm super excited to try this FW out!!
  81. chucma

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    The Input Block is bypassed for some reason, just enable it and it will be fine.
  82. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08

    Wow that’s a long list of goodies!! Thank you FAS!!
  83. chucma

    A good affordable, modern guitar for some fun!

    Wow, all such good suggestions here! Thanks guys! Although I thought this would make it easier for me to decide on something but I'm finding myself wanting each one now! Damn that is a cheap guitar, but the reviews are really positive for it (they compare it to an £800 guitar)! I was never...
  84. chucma

    A good affordable, modern guitar for some fun!

    So I have mostly vintage guitars because they lend themselves perfectly to the type of sound I record/play live with. But I miss a good metal chunker that I can drop to C and do some of the Leon Todd/Inflames type of fun when I am in the mood for it. For this, my Gibson LP (59 reissue) just...
  85. chucma

    Taking a break

    Hope you get some well deserved rest Chris!! You will be missed but your own life must be top priority!
  86. chucma

    Happy Birthday Leon (2112)!

    Happy Birthday Leon!! Hope you get super spoilt rotten today!!
  87. chucma

    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    I had a similar result as you until I bypassed the drive (which I think was a fuzz?) and it really sounded a lot closer. Also remember the tone you hear in the video is coming through a Friedman FRFR cab, not direct, so this does change the result as you are hearing more an ‘in the room’ sound.
  88. chucma

    with the compliments of Andy Timmons!

    Damn and you came in second!? That guy in first place must have friends in high places.....! Amazing solo Edo!!
  89. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    I'm definitely not hearing the synthetic part of that, I do agree with DLC86 that it could be down to the hi cut that appears to be more prominent in the Logic version, so definitely give that a try as well.
  90. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    Which Spring Reverb are you using for this clip on the Axe? I get good results out of the default settings with the Deluxe Spring Reverb.
  91. chucma

    The 10 Best High-Gain Factory Presets

    Awesome! The JVMs were already sounding great! I'll be updating to the Beta tomorrow so am looking forward to hearing them with the fix! Thanks Cliff!
  92. chucma

    Apple unveils biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X

    I’m curious to see how the new drummer stacks up to Superior Drummer 3. I use SD3 and to be honest I’ll be bummed if Logic steps all over that cos it cost a pretty penny! :)
  93. chucma

    Apple unveils biggest update to Logic since the launch of Logic Pro X

    Nice! I’ve just moved over to Logic from Cubase and I love it! The remote (before the latest update) was very handy, although a little buggy but still did what I wanted it to do. I just love the workflow with Logic, I’m afraid my Cubase 10.5 Pro is not going to see any more upgrades now (and...
  94. chucma

    Grooveshifter! Axe-Fx III Pitch Block fw 12.08

    That sounds incredible! I’d buy that album!
  95. chucma

    Mark Knopfler "Sultans of Swing" tone (2nd solo) + Preset For download!

    Sounds so good, and what awesome playing! I was thinking of getting one of these when I first saw you playing it, but that price tag will get me killed in a violent domestic incident!!
  96. chucma

    Does any body else start their morning on the Fractal Forum?

    Only on days ending with a 'y'......!
  97. chucma

    Axe-FX III High Gain Showcase!

    Really loved your video! The accent and facial expressions take it to the next level, but my favourite is your tones and that riff!! Cool editing too btw, that makes it so easy to see what you have done with your tones. Am I right that you double tracked the guitars?
  98. chucma

    My Trusty Assistant Passed On Today

    I am so sorry!! He sounds like a good friend to you!
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