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  1. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    It's end of October and it was 70 degrees here yesterday. Winters can be tough, but spring and fall are still great here. If I can still ride my motorcycle, it's warm enough.
  2. BBN

    Live Album - Guitar/Bass Reamped with Axe-Fx III

    Man, just a great band. I like it all. Singer is especially tight live (I wish my tracks from a gig sounded half that good). Great stuff Leon, really pro!
  3. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    I know the area (and play that scene). Hit me up if you need any recommendations. If you haven't already landed an exact location, a little South of Manch is great (Derry, Londonderry, Windham).
  4. BBN

    Metallica - "Orion" cover

    Tone and playing are spot on, great job. You mention you tracked it with the Axe 2...but in the vid, it looks like your Axe III is 'lighting up' and you're playing through that? And if you're not playing through the Axe III, then why is it posted in the Axe III recordings section? Just...
  5. BBN

    New Deftones album Ohms is out now!

    Funny, I went into a small skateboard shop to buy a pair of Vans and they had the 7 Words demo tape for free on the counter. Took one and threw it in my truck's cassette player - I was hooked immediately.
  6. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    I live in Northern MA and worked in NH for years, have a million friends in NH, and gig a lot there. PM if you want to talk some shop. I'll tell you all the good and the bad.
  7. BBN

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    What an excellent point....and really all that needs to be said. I'm on my way to buy some wood at home depot, if anyone wants one of my $15 Les Pauls, let me know. Turnaround time is 24 hours, and you can't complain at all about the quality since the price is outstanding.
  8. BBN

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    This sums it up.
  9. BBN

    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    Looking at the nice guitar collection in the background too - a couple of EVH and a Lynch. Very cool! And the track rocks, as always!
  10. BBN

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Diet is wrong? If you already know it all, then why are you asking for advice? 85% is diet. If you don't believe or understand that, then you will not succeed. I'm a gym rat and have not missed more than 1 week per year, for the past 25 years. And even though working out is one of the staples...
  11. BBN

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    Put 2 CLRs/RCFs/XiTones at chest height (tripod), and you can easily complete with a 4x12. From that point forward, it's in the hands of the pilot.
  12. BBN

    connecting a Marshall 9200 Dual MonoBlock tube power amp and a Fractal axe f/x2 xl+

    I have this power amp. Very simple. Create a preset, select an amp. Turn off power amp modelling. Don't use a Cab block. Output of Axe into the Input of one channel of the marshall power amp....power amp to cab. Done.
  13. BBN

    So love & hate on HeadRush 108's - where do I go from here?!

    Another vote for RCF NX12 SMA (based on your location). I have CLR, XiTone and the RCF. They're all amazing in their own way....but still, all amazing. Any of those three are sure not to disappoint. Buy once, cry once. (just like the Axe FX)
  14. BBN

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    I'm showing this to my wife so she doesn't complain about my 40+ It's a hobby....and an awesome one. Collect away!
  15. BBN

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    I had that Aeron chair at my office....and I miss it terribly right now (been WFH since March). Slight derail question - I have a nice leather office chair (and the arms fold up when I'm playing guitar). I want to keep the chair, but want to make it more comfortable. Can anyone recommend a seat...
  16. BBN

    Securing your wireless pack to your strap

    Neotech work great with the GLXD
  17. BBN

    This has to be a joke right?

    Grab it while you can! The plastic mold techniques from the 1700's are just epic....top of the craft back then!
  18. BBN

    IS FB Creepy?

    You mean how I can be on my laptop, go on a motorcycle part website, look at one specific part. Close the browser. Unlock my phone, open Facebook and the first add is the exact motorcycle part I was just looking at...??? You mean that kind of creepy???
  19. BBN

    Am I Crazy? (Implicit Reverb)

    always good to find the root cause of the problem!
  20. BBN

    Sticky Guitar Neck fix...

    Chemical reaction of your sweat to the nitro. This is why I'm careful what cleaning/protectant chemicals I put on nitro as I don't know what reaction it would have.
  21. BBN

    Sticky Guitar Neck fix...

    Yes, I love these.
  22. BBN

    Sticky Guitar Neck fix...

    I use ceramic sprays on my motorcycles. Never thought to use it on my guitars. Only thing I'm curious of - a lot of the ceramic detailing products act as a water barrier / sealant....so could that affect the paint in any way? If anyone remembers a product called 'Guitar Defender' - it was a...
  23. BBN

    OT: Trogly trades up for an Axe Fx III

    Really helpful that he measured the width of the unit and didn't use the Tuner.
  24. BBN

    PA speakers for rehearsal space

    I have Yammy DSR (predecessor to the DZR). They are outstanding. I have heard great things about DZR as well. I'd be all over those if I was shopping for new speakers.
  25. BBN

    My first try to record

    Ah, ok. Recording sounds great!
  26. BBN

    My first try to record

    Is that a TV theme song??
  27. BBN

    Inexpensive guitars

    Agreed, when you find that special guitar you've always wanted - then I'll also splurge and spend the coin. My most recent was a 70's Les Paul Gold Top....very light, plays amazing, and just the right amount of (natural) aging. That was expensive, and worth every penny, as I've always wanted one.
  28. BBN

    A homebrew FM3 + PS170 combo amp

    Very cool!! I built a cabinet like this at one point (still in my basement). It's a 1x12 sealed cab with a 4 space rack above it. Had it telexed to look pro. It sounded outstanding. Just stopped using it when I went to Fractal/FRFR.
  29. BBN

    Inexpensive guitars

    Agreed, which makes it hard to look at a new $3500 Les Paul Custom that plays 'ok', and want to spend that money. The multi thousand dollar guitar market (unless it's a vintage piece) just doesn't interest me any longer. You can get amazing guitars for $1k. I will never 'need' anything better.
  30. BBN

    Guitar Fall - Emotional?

    Nice! After finding a good luthier, I never worry about fixing issues in playability (like a nut). A good tech is invaluable. I'll share one of my horror stories. My original band - and in this band, I was just the singer. My guitar player was a monster player, amazing talent. We are playing...
  31. BBN

    Recommend a used 5 string bass

    I bought an Ibanez Soundgear 5 string - Silverburst. Beautiful Bass! I tried playing it once, and immediately went back to my 4 string because my brain can't manage the 5 string. I keep meaning to put it up for sale. If you're interested, PM me.
  32. BBN

    Ozzy Osbourne - Miracle Man (kinda) / EDIT: Now with the correct Video (direct audio)

    Really well done!! What amp did you use? Tone sounds spot on.
  33. BBN

    SIM-1 Guitar Tone Imprinting works great

    Something like this would be great for acoustic sim....but listening to the clips on YouTube, the acoustic sims have a weird phasey sound. Not good enough acoustic sim to make me want to spend $700.
  34. BBN

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    Absolutely. Do you want to send me a PM with your email? Happy to send it over. I have one version to go into a guitar cab, and one set up for FRFR (I think I used a MBritt cab).
  35. BBN

    Anyone else bummed?

    Yes, I'm getting bummed. I've been gigging consistently for 25+ years. At first, a bit of a break seemed nice....spend more time with the wife and kids. But I REALLY need to get out and turn my guitar up and play some loud music again soon. Have not heard of any gigs that will NOT be cancelled...
  36. BBN

    Would you get the ADA MP-1 Classic for $100?

    I absolutely love nostalgic adventures. But they always end up disappointing (at least in my cases). I had a Boss Guitar Driver 1 rack space pre-amp back in the 80s. Back then, in my mind, it was crushing. Found one on Craigslist - brought it home..and it's god awful. LOL. But I will still...
  37. BBN

    So... I got a Kemper and an Eventide H8000 & Austin Buddy...

    I'm going with Kemper. To add to this (no win) conversation. I own both, I love both. Kemper is amazing for profiling an amp in your basement. Simple and quick. My Marshall rig will never get turned on again because the Kemper sounds identical. Axe III has so much variety and flexibility...
  38. BBN

    Rock Star Hair

    There is no good 'in between' style. It looks like crap until you 'get there'. As a former 'hair farmer', I can tell you that I love having short hair.
  39. BBN

    Would you get the ADA MP-1 Classic for $100?

    Yes. Good price. I will mess with one every once in a while. It's 'ok'. The memory is always better than the real thing. I still have (and use) a JMP-1. Through a Marshall 100/100, it is absolutely crushing! MP-1 can't touch it IMO.
  40. BBN

    If a guy's standing there, facing you...

    Got the same one.
  41. BBN

    New Fractal Merch

    Hoodies for sure. Mine is starting to get ragged and may need a new one. T-shirts, Guitar Picks, Coffee Mugs, Coozies.
  42. BBN

    Your house is on fire!.....

    Trans White Les Paul Custom. My first LP and first 'good' guitar. Will never part with it.
  43. BBN

    GOOD NEWS! NGD First Les Paul (ish)

    ooh, that looks really nice! would you mind giving a ballpark on what you paid? Those Greco's have a great reputation.
  44. BBN

    Blew my Headrush 108

    Run a sine wav and see if it's blown. If it is, just pull the speaker and google a replacement. My guess is that it's a $40 speaker at best, so you can likely order/replace and get it back to normal.
  45. BBN

    Axe vs. Kemper (JCM 800)

  46. BBN

    New album from Hum

    Very cool! I still listen to - you'd prefer an astronaut. Love the mood of their music.
  47. BBN

    Let’s see those guitars

    Great choice!!! Cliff, you can actually use the same play that I use with my wife. I walk in with a new guitar - pull it out and throw it on the multi-stand in my office. Wife - what's that? Me - oh, it's a guitar (Jim) Harper let me borrow. Wife - ok, what are we having for dinner. ....2...
  48. BBN

    Cliff's Reviews: Time Trap

    I'm always wondering why they haven't done a remake. They've done every other 80's movie, this one would surely be something they could butcher.
  49. BBN

    Did I get a returned Axe-Fx III?

    Look 2 posts above your post, that I'm quoting above. As for the OP - I think it's a valid question and I think it's perfectly fine to post it here. Yes, contacting support is also something I would have done. But I (like most people) are impatient and curious, and would think - hey, maybe...
  50. BBN

    Steve Vai "Candle Power"

    "way out of my comfort zone"....zip it
  51. BBN

    Anyone else gigging again?

    Outdoor acoustic gigs starting to happen here in MA. I'm not overly interested in doing any at the moment...would rather gig with my band. Hoping the next month reveals if 'opening back up' is safe (no spike in new cases), and the indoor band scene starts happening again. Until then....not much...
  52. BBN

    Would you buy a Ibanez Jemini for $150, or can it be covered with the Axe-FX III

    I inherited one of these. I was not impressed at all. Couldn't sell it fast enough.
  53. BBN

    XiTone GRFR Active Cab Questions for other XiTone cab owners

    I also have passive XiTones and have been fortunate enough to try many of Mick's cabs (passive and active). 1) Most I've seen are not badged...never really noticed or thought about it until your mention. XiTone cabs are recognizable and known well enough in the guitar community that it doesn't...
  54. BBN

    Free preset of the week - MF Britt 800 (Based on Marshall JCM800)

    Thanks for sharing Marco. Sounds amazing as usual.
  55. BBN

    Pantera "Cowboys From Hell" hurdy gurdy cover

    I'm still trying to comprehend how all that sound was created! The solo...jeez! One of my favorite songs ever. And that was just an insanely cool version!
  56. BBN

    Edwyn Collins - "A Girl Like You" (80s Style)

    Total 80s and very entertaining. Enjoyed it!
  57. BBN

    Zoom on a Windows machine and routing audio?

    Simplest solution would be an external mixer. All audio goes into external mixer....out of the mixer into his saffire. I don't know if doing it all 'in the box' is an option. Zoom is very simple - pick one input and one output. I don't know if it would recognize an internal software (mixer) as...
  58. BBN

    Hey Moke. I'm probably just going do the TM again with an cab block in the chain going into the...

    Hey Moke. I'm probably just going do the TM again with an cab block in the chain going into the TM block. Then port that mix over to the AX8. Thanks for reaching out out though.
  59. BBN

    Tone Match and Cab Block?

    yeah, was afraid of that.
  60. BBN

    Tone Match and Cab Block?

    I don't think there is a way to do this, but maybe I have a quarantine brain and am just not thinking straight. I have a Tone Match (from my AxeIII) of my Marshall JMP1 and 100/100 rig. It was done using a load box from the speaker output of the power amp, so that I can use it into a SS Power...
  61. BBN

    Someone couldn’t wait...

    Nicely done. Thanks for keeping the noise out of here.
  62. BBN

    Venmo Rip Off - Rant

    I had an issue with Venmo when a bandmate gave me his incorrect Venmo name. I sent his gig $ to someone with the exact same name. The difference was a decimal between the first.last name. It was my bandmates fault so he was willing to eat the money. I followed Venmo's FAQs and requested the...
  63. BBN

    Best Modern Metal Mix for Reference?

    Five Finger Death Punch - their drum sounds are amazing. Not a huge fan of the vocals (every lyric has the message of - "nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat worms"), but everything else about that band is crushing. Another mix I enjoy is Beartooth (any album). Great drum...
  64. BBN

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    I saw my Sirius monthly fee hit my CC and decided to call and cancel (since I haven't even started my truck in a month). When I called I got an automated message that said - "we are experiencing high call volumes...but we may be able to help you anyway....if you want a reduced rate of $60 for...
  65. BBN

    Selling gear in the age of COVID

    Going to be all Reverb/Ebay and online payment for me. No meeting in person. I don't follow sales trends, but I'm guessing that purchases of beginner equipment are very good (kids or adults at home with time on their hands and want to learn).....and I'm guessing the sales of pro level gear...
  66. BBN

    Blocks turning on randomly - SOLVED

    They why are you posting this question? Chris is giving you the best steps to troubleshoot your problem and you're telling him it doesn't happen enough to make it a meaningful test....???
  67. BBN


    I should have added - it used to happen to me a lot. Days on the floor, crawl to the bathroom. Brutal. Nothing worse than when you can't do anything. Not even life a plate of food. The best is when it would happen at a gig. I changed 3 things in my life and one of them (or maybe a...
  68. BBN


    Ibuprofen and ice are the only things that work for me (without going for medical help). Likely some piece of a disc is pushing into a nerve. Need to take down any swelling.
  69. BBN

    Crappy sound going from my streaming device to Atomic CLR

    wrong cable - do what Chris said
  70. BBN

    Taking the Tele for a little iso-blues run with a factory preset.

    Funny, I've got a MJT body and Musikraft neck tele as well. It's become my go-to. I went a different route with the electronics....but this guitar will keep up with any Les Paul I've owned (for heavy music)
  71. BBN

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.07

    I love that compressor too. Damn...this is making me think I should be using one 'chain' in my Axe3 for live vocal effects (and compression)
  72. BBN

    ALICE IN CHAINS - “Them Bones” cover video (ft. Leon Todd & Tyler Brittan)

    Not to take away from the amazing musicianship - but holy crap the vocals were spot on. Guitars were perfect, as would be expected from 2 Fractal legends.
  73. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I agree, I'd like to hear his input as well.
  74. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    I'm going to hijack this question to Cliff to share info on a good friend of mine with COVID-19 (that I mentioned a ways back in this thread). He was in very rough shape - high fever for 2 weeks, pneumonia...was in hospital for a few days, his condition got worse - they put him the ICU on a...
  75. BBN

    Fresh new AFX 3 from axe Ii and KPA.

    I'm an Axe fanatic - has been my exclusive gig rig for the past 10 years (Ultra, Axe2, AX8, AxeIII). But I also have many tube amps and a Kemper in my basement. If you didn't profile your own amp with the Kemper, then you really missed out. My old school favorite Marshall JMP-1 and Marshall...
  76. BBN

    A Little Steve Vai

    That is inaccurate. You are crazy talented. Great job man!
  77. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Hope it works. My friend (on a ventilator) is on Day 4 of the above meds and NO improvement yet. I believe they are giving him a 5 day treatment of it.
  78. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Jeez....even Cliff can't get a Fractal Audio sweatshirt.
  79. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Well, let me be the first to jump in and agree with you Chris....and provide an example. One of my really close friends has COVID-19. He is 47, very healthy, an athlete, and married with 3 kids. He has had a high fever for 2 weeks. He has been in the hospital for the past 5 days. He has...
  80. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Yes, expensive team funded by the Kraft family....not the state.
  81. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Really? You think the Patriots are funding the purchase of test kits, masks and respirators?
  82. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Not happy about that, since I live in MA. Formally a shelter in place as of tomorrow though, and me and my family are locked in with enough supplies.
  83. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    He's in jail, and I'm hopeful he's getting the worst health care that is possible (or getting raped). (mods feel free to delete if that's over the edge)
  84. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    FYI - this data is from February 29th.
  85. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    doubtful, i don't know anyone who does't feel like crap when they have a fever.
  86. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    hope nobody's fish needs more than 100 grams....it's $519
  87. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    One of my friends got tested Friday. They told him 5-7 days.....but he got his results earlier today. Less than 24 hrs. He tested negative. He also tested negative for Strep and Flu....he must have some type of flu though (as he's had a 103 fever for days).
  88. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Have a friend that got tested today. His coworker tested positive. He's had the throat, the fever...and finally got in for a test (it's not easy) Overall he's doing pretty well, but test results he was told will be 5-7 days. Me and my family have been shelter in place for a week now. I did...
  89. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Yup, good point. Better said - 'they've been activated'
  90. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    National Guard - on their way to MA (this is not a hoax, I just saw it on the news) Hopefully to make people stop hoarding toilet paper. @NeoSound - yes, this thread is getting weird. I suggest everyone take a breath. Step away from your computer, go outside and get some air. This is not the...
  91. BBN

    Tommy Shaw baddassery

    Lots of aging singers don't sound like a fraction of their younger selves. (anyone remember the David Lee Roth thread from a month ago). And many play it off as - hey, you get older your body changes, you can't do what you did as a younger man. THIS is the proof that you can be as good or...
  92. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Great to see some good news regarding treatments and vaccines. There has been so much media focus on making testing available (which is great), but not much news on 'then what?'.
  93. BBN

    Remote rehearsal/livestream options

    It's been 'ok'. I'm guessing it depends on the amount of traffic (which will obviously spike), but sometimes the latency is 'ok', sometimes it's too much and not usable. Best thing you can do is download the app, connect your interface, and go through the set up process because it tells you how...
  94. BBN

    Remote rehearsal/livestream options

    I believe there is a built in metronome in Jamkazam (so that will act as your master clock).
  95. BBN

    Remote rehearsal/livestream options

    Recommendation with Jamkazam - use their metronome. If not, the latency causes everyone to slow down to let other players 'catch up', and all of a sudden you're playing at half tempo. If everyone plays to the built in click, then it will just feel like they're behind the beat (but we're all at...
  96. BBN

    March 16: the day the music died (bars/restaurants in the USA)

    I'm trying to find the positive here and am looking at it as - 2 months off (maybe longer, who knows) is not a bad thing. In this downtime I will: - Learn new material (band rehearsal via Jamkazam - it's not great, it's not awful) - Work on new lighting effects that I have been thinking about...
  97. BBN

    Help the Fight Against COVID-19

    Have this issue as well. Very difficult as our parents are a source of daycare. Not something that goes over well when you try to keep grandparents away for their safety.
  98. BBN

    COVID-19 - How Do You Plan To Pass Time During Isolation?

    This! Also cleaning and prepping my motorcycles in case a nice day occurs. And trying to stay off Facebook as much as I can, to avoid the nonsense.
  99. BBN

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Ok, interesting. I've never had this issue either, so happy to have avoided it. Last question - do you have a high quality luthier in your area? Guy near me (Black Cat Guitar) is the best I've ever seen. Problems that baffle me, he figures out in 10 seconds. Just wondering if that's another...
  100. BBN

    New Suhr has "dead" notes :(

    Point of asking about his amplification source is that I'd assume there is as much chance of a amp/cab "absorbing frequencies" as there is the guitar doing it (as in your example). My first atomic clr used to fizz out on certain frequencies. It was a defect that was fixed. Why couldn't this be...
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