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    TC100 heavy preset

    Really loving the TC100, Played through CLR's and EMG 81/85's

    Page ZEP

    My quick attempt at Jimmy Page sounds pretty good for whole lotta love FRFR CLR Stock cabs

    Metallica DZL

    Metallica patch with factory cabs , made the mistake on a few previous uploads of using user cabs , using latest beta Firmware and clr's , guitar has EMG 81/85

    FS 2013 Tom Bartlett Burst

    Located in Dunnville, Ontario, Canada 8Lbs15oz old growth mahogany, brazilian, eastern maple, all the correct glues in the right places including hide glue, correct material plastics, binding and inlays, hard thin nitro naturally checked... tuners - fake58 harness - fake58 poker chip - fake58...

    Metallica C++

    CLR's . EMG 81/85 OH Heavy Hitters OH 412 DZL V30 121 and OH 412 MES H30 121_B Very amp in Room Feel

    HBE Metal Amp in room

    Would like some opinions good or bad lol thx FRFR CLRS

    British Steel Preset

    My attempt at British Steel FRFR user1 #81 and #89 cabs

    Metallica 1st attempt with new Axe-Fx 3

    First attempt at a Metallica'esqe preset going through Atomic CLR's

    Left side of output 2 not working

    Has anybody had an issue with only right side of output 2 working I have checked I/O settings, (set to stereo) checked cables several times (all good cables) , checked effects loop parameters, meters show both sides are getting signal.Im using Beta 11 firmware. Am I Missing something Any...
  10. BIGDOG

    ZZ top and Zakk flavored presets FW 10

    Did these up last night sounds pretty good through 2 CLR wedges and firmware 10 Axe Change -The Official Site for Fractal Audio Presets, Cabs and More
  11. BIGDOG

    FRFR Coax monitor opinion

    Could one of our fine FRFR experts please look over the specs for this .:: VTC Pro Audio - C4 ::. And give an opinion on it for use as frfr solution. I know one would have to hear it for an accurate opinion. But does it meet the specs of an frfr coax monitor that would make it worth looking...
  12. BIGDOG

    Kill em all

    my attempt at kill em all
  13. BIGDOG


    Hey Everyone I made up some Boss pedal labels and would like to share them with all of you. They should be to scale and are on 8.5 x 11 so should be real easy to print and cut out. Now all I need is My coupon for my Axe II to come in and an MFC 101 and I will get to enjoy them too LOL...
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