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  1. Shenks

    High gain amp simulation feedback solutions?

    Not that I've got an Axe FX III (yet!) but it applies to all FRFR applications and hence by extension to PA systems in varying degrees, so could this feedback be described as tweeter squeal? I'd look at is being a possibility since I had exactly the same issue at a motorbike rally last year - I...
  2. Shenks

    Pitched Based Gate

    I once tried something similar using a pitch controller modifier with a pitch shift block to emulate octaves on upper strings only, however since a note has the fundamental and harmonics/sub-harmonics it wasn't too successful. My curiosity is now going to get the better of me and I will try a...
  3. Shenks

    Drive Block Status

    All of this good stuff just makes me want an Axe FX III all the more... they say the best things come to those who wait (i.e. waiting for my gear fund pot to increase) but I don't have much patience so I suspect my credit card may take an unplanned hit.
  4. Shenks

    Win10 and USB driver issue

    I only installed Win10 last week (yeah - I know, behind the times) and as yet haven't had any issues apart from the Fractal USBAudio control panel occasionally not disappearing to the system tray on bootup. Agree with @alpine1 you may need to investigate via device manager to see what is...
  5. Shenks

    Rear Ports Play Seems Excessive

    The only thing I ever disconnect/reconnect is the USB as everything else goes through a patch panel in the rack. Having said that, all the ports on the Axe FX XL+ seems to be a good fit with no excessive play.
  6. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    Thanks for that @rm60 as I hadn't conserved that as an option - although here in good old blighty they are slightly more expensive at £815 than the CLR at £799. Time for me to now review the forum threads for the Dynacord. Overall, although the Flexsys Fm12 is cheaper than both of the above...
  7. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    For the past 18 months I have been using a Matrix Q12 (Passive) with a Crown Xli power amp for my stage sound but I am now looking to get an active FRFR monitor. I do experience a bit of tweeter squeal with the Q12 when we are on a cramped stage, in some venues I can be as little as 3 foot away...
  8. Shenks

    Best way to control feedback in live situations?

    I had a similar issue which after some investigation on the forum all seemed to be described as tweeter squeal which is an issue restricted to FRFR monitors/speakers. Have a search and you will find quite a bit of info but for me I had to tweak my presets, notch a few frequencies, and watch that...
  9. Shenks

    GT1000FX and Q12 for Axe-Fx

    @unix-guy - I think my perception is based on always using open back cabs (and possibly also based on faulty memory). But notwithstanding that, the Q12 is quoted as having 'a wide field of sound' by Matrix but that's not my experience.
  10. Shenks

    GT1000FX and Q12 for Axe-Fx

    Although I don't (yet) have a Matrix GT100FX, I do have a Q12 which I use on stage with the band. It is fairly directional despite what you may read in the specs, and this is probably because it functions nothing like a traditional guitar cab. You are certainly not going to get that 'amp in the...
  11. Shenks

    Art sla2 and Matrix FR212, compatible?

    Well I almost kinda agree that used moderately it MAY be fine (and everybody can have a different opinion) but... Consider this, if the SLA2 supplies 560W bridged at 8ohms then as a consequence it has an associated Current and Volts. If you reduce the impedance to 4 ohm then not only will your...
  12. Shenks

    Art sla2 and Matrix FR212, compatible?

    According to the tech specs, the SLA2 can be used in bridge mode to deliver 560W into an 8ohm load. The FR212 is available either in 4ohm or 16ohm. Not recommended to run the SLA2 bridged into a 4ohm FR212 because you are liable to cook something. Running into a 16ohm FR212 will reduce the...
  13. Shenks

    Input 2 / Output 2

    As I don't use the additional inputs somebody else will probably point you in the right direction or confirm what I am saying and I'm not near my unit at the moment but do you have the FX Loop block in your preset? If I remember correctly Input 2 will function as an auxiliary input only if you...
  14. Shenks

    Cab advice please....

    There is quite a bit of info on the forum about the experience of moving to FRFR from a traditional cab... Some people make the switch and never look back, others just can't get their head or ears around it because they are so used to the 'cab in the room' experience. You do get the added...
  15. Shenks

    Cab advice please....

    I already use a Q12 FRFR as backline and my next purchase is quite likely to be the Matrix FR212 (4ohm 500W) but I don't know if you have considered these already?
  16. Shenks

    Stage monitor level to line level conversion?

    For unpowered applications the following applies (with a few caveats as there can be a bit of variance) +4 dBu is professional line level, common in modern pro gear such as the Axe FX 0 dBv is an average line level, typical output from a lot of rackmount guitar/bass preamps -10 dBv is consumer...
  17. Shenks

    ART SLA2

    Running your SLA2 in bridged mode means that it expects a 8ohm speaker to be connected. Linking your 8ohm cab to your 4 ohm cab (i.e running them in parallel) means that the resulting cab impedance reduced below the rated value of your amp which usually leads to problems. However, I am not...
  18. Shenks

    Pros and Cons of Multiband Compression

    Good job I know the topic under discussion but then again... it probably still holds true. On a more serious note, I keep reading up on various mixing techniques and how they apply to guitar. I know I might have learnt a bit, but I have learnt there is much more I need to learn. MBC is just...
  19. Shenks

    Trying to find a reason to keep my FRFR

    @ChainOfThought - ever thought we have too many options to consider when we have Fractal at our disposal? I certainly get wrapped up in that now and again. Either way, if FRFR isn't for you, then your quest goes on so I'm sure you will get to exactly where you want to be tonewise. (and if truth...
  20. Shenks

    Trying to find a reason to keep my FRFR

    Not specifically nor solely related to XiTone, but I found in my pre Fractal days that when using a traditional guitar cab I used open back cabs (i.e something similar to a DSL40) - this means that there is extra 'spread' in the room as compared to most FRFR solutions. This accounts for a lot of...
  21. Shenks

    Cons to running Axe-Fx through traditional cab?

    Very true, if you consider you have a high quality system in the Axe FX then why would you ruin the experience by using cheap, poor quality, or unsuitable speakers? Financial considerations or restrictions may make you initially think 'I will manage' but you will miss out on soooo much.
  22. Shenks

    Are the subwoofer for home use doable for performance use?

    In the context of playing live with a full band I would never consider using a sub because that strays into the realm of the bass guitar and kick drum. Most of the presets I have created have a 12db/octave cut usually around 110Hz - getting a good live mix is about getting each instrument to...
  23. Shenks

    Bass rhythmic Pitch Shift video

    That's pretty cool... I've always wanted to play about with the sequencer in combination with the synth block and you might just have given me the urge to go ahead and spend sometime doing it (along with some rhythmic pitch shifting too)
  24. Shenks

    To mono or to stereo?

    Copy L > R is what is use when playing live. In that way if needed I can adjust Global EQ OUT 1 for FOH without affecting OUT 2 which feeds into my rack amp and Matrix cab.
  25. Shenks

    To mono or to stereo?

    Ultimately there are Pros and Cons to mono or stereo - it depends on your usage. For me, whilst I prefer the sound of stereo effects that only really applies to when I am recording. For live use, more often that not, you only have a single mono feed to the desk. Using stereo effects then...
  26. Shenks

    Vintage Blues/Rock - maybe??

    In fact, I'd love to know the amp model and cab used.... or even better post the preset if it doesn't contain any commercial cabs etc.
  27. Shenks

    XLR cables

    Just to add to what chris said... standard xlr but don't buy too cheaply - quality counts and quality lasts much longer than any bargain basement deal
  28. Shenks

    Vintage Blues/Rock - maybe??

    Yes indeed - I love the groove on this
  29. Shenks

    Car woofer/sub boxes as a cheap FRFR cabs option?

    Unfortunately its not that simple... to get proper frfr you need to do more than drop a driver and tweeter into a cab with a crossover.. everything has to be calculated and matched. Plenty of discussion on the forum about this and when you start investigating you will realise it is a complex...
  30. Shenks

    Has anyone made a create your own travel case for the axe II?

    I agree with the above comments - there is more cost involved in sourcing the various parts than you might imagine. I considered it (but only briefly) and still went with a 4u rack case purchased on the internet. Different story if you are looking at doing a custom build for the MFC, and I went...
  31. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    @mr_fender - I'm in two minds about gold hardware... it appeals to me on one level but I wonder if that appeal would rapidly fade and sometimes there is nothing better than simple white with black hardware.
  32. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    @Pwrmac7600 - funnily enough I have the same view most of the time except for all white guitars.
  33. Shenks

    How many patches do you all use?

    I play in a cover band that does mainly 70's and 80's songs so for this I have 3 main patches ranging from smooth bluesy, to hard rock, to high gain metal. Each of these patches has 5 scenes all laid out in the same way: 1 - Basic Rhythm 2 - Rhythm but a pitch detune block 3 - Clean with hint...
  34. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    @mr_fender - I agree with @db2112 ... the neck profile is similar to a modern C Fender but with a few differences. For me it is possibly the most comfortable neck I have had on a guitar. My RG neck feels positively anaemic by comparison. The heel of the DK24 is nicely shaved and shaped which...
  35. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    After spending 24 hours with my new DK24 I'll have to say that is fast becoming my preference over my other guitars, in fact it has knocked my Ibanez RG Prestige off the top spot which I didn't think would happen. The neck profile feels considerably better in my hands as compared to the RG, I...
  36. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    @Bman - looks real nice but I've already pulled the trigger on a Charvel DK24 in Trans Purple Burst so maybe that's my next purchase when funds allow.
  37. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    And now I am beginning to think the Chlorine Burst is the finish I want and there is a Charvel San Dimas Style 1 in that finish even though it's only (only?) 22 frets... is this the point where I say I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure? One way or another I will be pulling the...
  38. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    I am considering one of the above guitars as my next mid-range purchase but for the life of me I can't make my mind up... Not much to choose between them in terms of construction (as you'd expect), but I'm not sure if I can adjust to the idea of having a Jackson and a pointy headstock and...
  39. Shenks

    FOH & FRFR

    I wonder if signal level issues are in play here..? As an approximate guide: Mic Level or DI box output: -30dBu Instrument Level: -20dBu Consumer Line Level: -10dBv Pro Line Level: +4dBv On a side note remember that some active DI boxes are unable to handle extreme signal levels because of...
  40. Shenks

    Ozzy's Revelation Mother Earth and Steal Away live

    Just great... love a bit of Ozzy
  41. Shenks

    Question about the Volume block

    If you use it right at the end of your chain then I'm not sure you have any difference between using that approach or assigning your pedal to OUT1 or OUT2 Level - MIDI CC 11 & 12. Although I guess it depends on exactly how you have your pedal and volume block configured as to what benefits or...
  42. Shenks

    Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive (cover w/vocals)

    Yet again... excellent song, tone and execution
  43. Shenks

    Power amp suggestions

    As others have stated there could be multiple issues here as to why you cannot be heard on stage... A 4x12 does often suffer from the dreaded 'beam' effect, closed back more so than open back, but open back can introduce unwanted reflections and phase cancellations. Inuke 1000 RMS output at 16...
  44. Shenks

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    @Singtall I bought your Axe FX II pack back in September and only now returned to the link in the email to see if there were any updates or additions, but the link no longer works? Just gives a 'page cannot be displayed' message.
  45. Shenks

    Skid Row - "I Remember You" (full cover w/vocals)

    Once more I could just copy and paste my comments from your previous video postings... but to try and keep things fresh all I can say is great song choice, great tones, and great execution.... err wait - I might definitely have said that before!
  46. Shenks

    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Amazing that it was kept so quiet... I suspect FAS have a great NDA and company loyalty in place for no leaks to occur. As to the question do I want one? Errr.... of course, but I suspect I will wait a while and may think about it as a Christmas present. But whether it becomes an early or very...
  47. Shenks

    High Gain tone sounds digital

    The way I look at it is that 'fizz' and 'digital' are two separate entities but one can influence the other or at least the user perception. For example... Some real-world tube amps have a certain fizz but it would be incorrect to say they sounded digital when they are pure analogue. Some...
  48. Shenks

    BRYAN ADAMS - Run To You (full cover w/vocals)

    At this point I could probably just copy 'n' paste my comments from the previous video track you posted... but either way, another excellent rendition.
  49. Shenks

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Always love the stuff you post... great song choice, great tones, and great execution - what more could anybody ever ask for?
  50. Shenks

    9.03 Twin Reverb and a Strat with an laid back vintage tone

    Love the tones and the backing track is pretty cool too
  51. Shenks

    High gain Flanging-Phasing noise. It's normal?

    I'm not anywhere near my Axe FX at the moment to take a look at the preset but when you collapse a stereo signal to mono you can introduce phasing and comb effects. I'm not sure that this would be felt/heard just high gain presets but if you start introducing intermodulation distortion then this...
  52. Shenks

    How to cut out the mud on palm mutes

    Along with everything else that has been suggested, on occasion you may find that using a MultiBand Compressor block can help if you tweak the low band correctly which is something I picked up from an old thread on here. That way you can retain some girth in normal playing but prevent excessive...
  53. Shenks

    FW Q9.1 - Plexi 50w Jump - ROCK MIXTEST

    I suspect I now know what I am doing this afternoon... thanks for the preset!
  54. Shenks

    FW Q9.1 - Plexi 50w Jump - ROCK MIXTEST

    Same here... the PEQ block caught my eye too.
  55. Shenks

    FW Q9.1 - Plexi 50w Jump - ROCK MIXTEST

    Very nice indeed - any chance of the preset? Or even just what cab you were using?
  56. Shenks

    Is it just me?

    Q9+ is a definite step up in terms of tone but the other thing is that the more you use FRFR the more you become used to how it sounds. For me I just love knowing that what I hear on stage is what gets pumped through FOH, and yes... the lack of off axis response issues and head slicing beaming...
  57. Shenks

    Shrill in patch creation, sounds perfect in band mix?

    That's about the size of it... to get a good patch for band/live use it needs to be created at volume and also with an appropriate EQ which generally means laying off the excessive lows and highs that are so tempting otherwise. I'm not sure I'd describe the ideal tone as 'shrill', but definitely...
  58. Shenks

    Reverse Delay Problem

    To use mix at 100% (whilst still having a separate dry signal) you have to ensure that your delay block is in parallel - is this how you have your preset configured?
  59. Shenks

    MFC spitting out expression pedal cables

    I've not experienced this on the MFC but in old pre-Axe FX days I did and that was exactly as has been suggested above - some leads are slightly out of tolerance and so in my case the plastic shroud prevented a proper connection being made so the spring inside the jack socket slowly forced the...
  60. Shenks

    What Do you want from me... drive ?

    As a Pink Floyd and DG fan myself I had to read that twice... love the idea of a 1959 batsman but surely they would be retired by now or not be able to see the cricket ball without glasses? On a more serious note, if you get close tonewise then be sure to update us.
  61. Shenks

    Is now a good time to buy into the Axe FX II platform?

    Now is a good time to buy, same as it was yesterday, last week, last month, last year... if I didn't have an XL+ and it was announced that 'soon' there will be a Axe FX III then I would still buy in, if only because 'soon' in FAS terms doesn't necessarily mean soon for mass availability. New or...
  62. Shenks

    WISH* VU Meters on Axe-Edit

    No worries @Synchronicity - I had exactly the same issue and found the reference to this app on a different forum thread some time ago and like you say it works perfect.
  63. Shenks

    WISH* VU Meters on Axe-Edit

    Or alternatively use the USB sound source with something like the Orban Loudness Meter http://www.orban.com/meter/
  64. Shenks

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    Moving away from the topic of timeouts for the time being... does anybody wonder if Cliff will release the final Q9 on Halloween? In other words we get some new tricks in Axe FX and feel like we have been definitely treated?
  65. Shenks

    has the axe replaced everything or not?

    One thing the Axe FX has definitely replaced for me is the need to tapdance across multiple stomp pedals.
  66. Shenks

    Alone Again

    Yup - that's good, real good!
  67. Shenks

    Still FRFR

    When I got my Axe FX in May 2016 I initially ran through a PA cab and wasn't overly keen so I did toy with the idea of running through a guitar cab. However as soon as I got my Q12 I realised exactly how good FRFR could get once I got my head around how to dial it in at volume. I'm sure there...
  68. Shenks

    The sound engineer and the Axe FX

    To answer some of the comments posted... For the gig I kept to just two main presets based on the pack that I purchased from @Singtall . (Excellent pack by the way.) My Axe FX is currently not with me so I can't say for sure which presets they were, however I did modify them a little to also...
  69. Shenks

    The sound engineer and the Axe FX

    Last night me and the band were headline spot for a motorbike rally gig in the beautiful Lake District just outside of Silverdale (England for those across the pond and elsewhere)... Usual story, arrive, go meet the sound engineer and discuss everything, and as soon as I mention I will be...
  70. Shenks

    EV Series Expression pedal Performance video

    After show after effects... blurgh. No time to try the patch for me today but maybe tomorrow depending on how the tonight's motorbike rally gig goes and whether I indulge in the next after show too much !
  71. Shenks

    EV Series Expression pedal Performance video

    Excellent - I'll load this up on my Axe FX tomorrow... currently loading the vehicle for tonights gig and then same again tomorrow night but I will have a few hours to spare during the day tomorrow and based on your previous patches I might just get lost in the moment!
  72. Shenks

    EV Series Expression pedal Performance video

    And the preset being used is..? (Either way it always sounds good)
  73. Shenks

    Wish Light blue for neutral state of all switches!

    Not that I'd be interested in this but what if you could trigger and illuminate both the red and the green diodes at the same time - you would end up with a yellow colour (color for anyone across the pond)
  74. Shenks

    Who's using FRFR as a backline vs. Cabs?

    My approach is that I run a Q12 for backline along with a DI to FOH - works perfectly for me because of the control I have of my stage volume (and that all important acoustic coupling with the guitar) and the audience hear my perfectly through FOH. I don't use any IEM simply because I probably...
  75. Shenks

    Since no one will directly ask Cliff about potential new FW...

    I am just waiting for the teasers from Cliff about exactly what it is that he is working on... I've only been a FAS user since May 2016 but I have loved (and continue to love) every minute of my journey with this magical box and the FW updates have been pure class. I don't post as often as I...
  76. Shenks

    Singtall Superpack of presets are ready!

    After all the glowing comments I've taken the plunge, paid my money, received the download link, done the download, but now... I have other things to attend to before taking them for a spin :( Merry-go-normal life definitely gets in the way sometimes but later this evening it's a different story :)
  77. Shenks

    Evanescence - Everybody's Fool Split Screen Cover

    Stunningly good... nice job!
  78. Shenks

    Crashed at a gig!!

    Difficult for me to recommend something I've never had to use but in general if it is a rackmount unit then it keeps it nice and neat that way and close by your Axe FX for the various bits of cabling that will need needed. MIDI capabilities will be the big ask I suspect, you would need to find...
  79. Shenks

    Crashed at a gig!!

    I guess that's the thing, in your case you are pushing the envelope for the capabilities of the Axe FX so the road to tonal nirvana is not necessarily a smooth one. I know you might need/want/desire another Axe FX in an ideal world, but have you thought about using another manufacturers FX...
  80. Shenks

    Crashed at a gig!!

    If all your presets are over 90% then I'd say you are just asking for trouble... I know sometimes you think there isn't a way around it but one of the things I have found useful is to change the Reverb block from High quality to Normal - in a live setting nobody will ever notice the difference...
  81. Shenks

    Assign two effects to one IA in different presets

    If you use a Wildcard IA approach then this might be your solution - I do a similar thing for a formant block and also a Rotary block in some of my presets. In effect, My IA 10 is set for EXT 12 and this is referenced as a modifier for the block bypass state. Full details of how to set this up...
  82. Shenks

    DEF LEPPARD - Tonight cover video [w/ patches!]

    That is completely and utterly superb - excellent job (as always)
  83. Shenks

    Reverb w/ Live Hard Rock or Metal?

    My own approach is that I use reverb when gigging but ensure it is never going to result in an indistinct sound. I also use the Rev Mix parameter in Global to tweak things quickly depending on room/stage acoustics - just means I can reduce the overall reverb level if it is a very bright room, or...
  84. Shenks

    Headroom and Sensitivity

    If you mean what I think you mean then it is all dependant on which amp model you choose or how you adjust some of the advanced parameters, but as Rex says above it depends what you actually mean/want?
  85. Shenks

    Axe-Fx sounds flubby and too distorted

    If lots of presets exhibit the same issue then you need to think about external factors... maybe your room has some resonant peaks in the frequencies associated with 'flub'. Of course this wouldn't apply when monitoring through headphones. Ultimately there is a list of things to try including...
  86. Shenks

    EU People: Heavy Duty USB and MIDI Cables?

    I've never really found any that I would class as heavy duty, but then again I've not looked too hard because whenever I have to think about cable routing I have always used rubberised cable protectors/trunking. Much better in my experience to have the weight of flight cases and stage equipment...
  87. Shenks

    Sorrow live - Croatian Pink Floyd

    Loving that... and before anybody else asks... preset?
  88. Shenks

    What I love to hear

    I run thru a q12 and I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes when you realise what you have, you have got to just think to yourself 'life is good'...
  89. Shenks

    Glenn DeLaune Axe-Fx Presets Launch

    @Glenn DeLaune - I have always loved the tones you get out of any modelling unit (including the Boss GT8 rather a long time ago). Great to see you now have some dedicated Axe FX patches available.
  90. Shenks

    Double Verb Vib with the Fender Tweed IR's from CabIr

    Lovely, just lovely...
  91. Shenks

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    ...some days later I emerge from my music room to do something other than sleep or take comfort breaks. Well, the short summary is that I love my new Q12... The (slightly) longer summary is that the quality of tone is far exceeds the variety of pa cabs I had been using before. Added to that...
  92. Shenks

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    It arrived, I arrived back from work, and now it's time to play... if I can tear myself away I will write a review in due course.
  93. Shenks

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    Received despatch confirmation with UPS tracking number so it's on the way... just a shame I have to work tomorrow.
  94. Shenks

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    Last night I order one of the above and I'll have to admit I am quite excited that I will finally have a proper FRFR cab to play through. Until recently I had considered going down the route of getting the Camper Plus Kit but then I figured if I am going to make a purchase then I only want to...
  95. Shenks

    Favorite Full Range Coaxial 12 inch driver?

    Putting any co-axial or full range speaker in a guitar cab is not necessarily going to give you a good resulting tone. It may happen by chance but there are so many factors in play here that a certain amount of research should be considered... or possibly a great deal of research. It is...
  96. Shenks

    Axe-Edit shows disconnected

    Glad you got it sorted thanks to some good advice from @Black Bitch - now you can spend some time editing, but hopefully more time playing too.
  97. Shenks

    Axe-Edit shows disconnected

    Usb ports can be variable in quality especially the external front mounted on some pc cases. Have you got any other usb ports you can try? Also you haven't said if you are pc or mac which may affect the advice you get. On a pc I once had a windows update which borked all usb functions. A...
  98. Shenks

    AXE FX II Timeouts after few min of use

    Win 10 is not something I use because some of my legacy software doesn't like it at all. As Matt says try uninstalling chrome, see what happens... if you still have issues then it's a case of going through usb drivers, fractal software one by one, uninstalling and re-installing. I have also...
  99. Shenks

    AXE FX II Timeouts after few min of use

    Is this on a PC or a Mac? Provide as much detail as you can and advice won't be too far away.
  100. Shenks

    My Axe is possessed!

    The axe cannot get confused, it remembers perfectly what settings you have defined. But you should not be editing on Axe Edit and the front panel at the same time as herein lies the route to settings not being retained simply because things get out of sync. An exception would be issues due to...
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