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  1. mrpollack

    Love new Quantum V6.2 beta :-) Wah wah sounds better then ever now :-)

    Love new Quantum V6.2 beta :-) Wah wah sounds better then ever now :-)
  2. mrpollack

    AXE 8 VS. Helix GAME Over!!!

    I had Helix for few days just to check it out with my Friedman BE100 with 4CM , but on last day it got "black screen of death" and refused to recover by factory reset etc.. so sent back to the shop and don't even looking back.. And those gaps between presets are huge to my ears ! Impossible to...
  3. mrpollack

    Firmware 13.07 really really low end heavy

    In my case I love this low end ! It is now, what was missing all the time before this update.. Thanks Cliff :-)
  4. mrpollack

    MFC-101 with G Lab Wah Pad WP

    Hi I used to use this thing and it works great..
  5. mrpollack

    I think my axe FX is fried :(

    I believe it's this one : LPT42 Emerson / Astec Power | Mouser
  6. mrpollack

    VIDEO: Matrix GT1000FX & Port City OS2x12 V30 Demo - Sean Ashe

    It's like my lovely setup ,except that my Matrix is GT1500FXBD :-) I love it !
  7. mrpollack

    Firmware Version 10.06 Now Available

    I dont know what Cliff has done this time but this box sound now better then ever before !!! Thanks a lot Cliff-my God send :-)
  8. mrpollack

    FW10 has really F-d UP my Mesa Patches :( ... lot's of work or back to V6???

    To me all Rectos in new FW sound incredible !
  9. mrpollack

    Port City OS2x12 + Matrix GT1000FX - My Thoughts

    I can't Stand waiting for my PC OS 2x12 cab ! As for a handle on the top I just ordered mine with custom made two handles on both sides of the cab.. I gues my right hand is long enough already ha ha..
  10. mrpollack

    MFC No Axe Fx Mode - Reveal mode question

    Fixed :) Reset made the thing.. Thanks Matt for your help and support ! jacek
  11. mrpollack

    MFC No Axe Fx Mode - Reveal mode question

    Hi guys When I use MFC with my other tube amps systems (not axe fx mode),when I press REAVEL button the first low 5 buttons doesn't show real IA status of those buttons in stored in MFC presets. (led of ,let say active preset no.4 is on, and it's all I can see..and it should go off, if under...
  12. mrpollack

    Some V10 Plexi Love. Led Zeppelin Content

    Sounds amazing lol :-)
  13. mrpollack

    V10 Update

    Thanks Cliff once again for the best piece of gear at my studio :-) I love this black box a lot !!!
  14. mrpollack

    Matrix Stuff!

    I use now Axe Fx II plus Matrix GT1500FXGT plus Cornford cabs (2x12,4x12) = AMAZING sound,punch,tone !!!
  15. mrpollack

    Version 10.0 Sample

    I love when someone plays with deep feeling on the guitar,which actually I find very rare these days . That's why I use Axe Fx made by this guy ..then it works ..Very nice :)
  16. mrpollack

    I'm so amazed by my new Matrix GT1600FX :-)

    It does'nt look the same..GT1600FX has a way more nice,glowing lights inside...looks beautiful on stage :-)
  17. mrpollack

    I'm so amazed by my new Matrix GT1600FX :-)

    Exactly ! Thats matter of some more weight you feel when you stroke your strings..I love that feeling :-)
  18. mrpollack

    I'm so amazed by my new Matrix GT1600FX :-)

    I just got my brand new power amp from Matrix. I'm blown away by it's balls. I used to love my GT1000FX but this new amp has some additional fattness/juice which I love. I use it with my Cornford 4x12 and 2x12 cabs. I love it! Thanks Andy for designing a great piece of gear an thanks Cliff again...
  19. mrpollack

    New Axe FX II Rig Pics!!!

    Are you adding Aphex 104 while using Axe with guitar cab or full range ? Thanks, Jacek
  20. mrpollack

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 9.01 Available

    I love that Cliff's approach to his business.. Feels like our third brother :-)..Cliff ..do you play bass maybe ;-)
  21. mrpollack

    Every new Axe rig deserves a new Suhr

    I ordered mine Suhr Modern 7 seven moths ago..still waiting for message from Matt :-(
  22. mrpollack


    You were right about Matrix power amp.. After weeks of testing I've found the same.. I just sold my VHT2502 and play my Matrix sweet power amp...I'ts the best to my ears :-)
  23. mrpollack

    User Advice? Matrix GT1000FX or FRFR Speakers?

    I tried few solutions..and so far I prefer my Matrix GT1000FX setup with my Cornford 2x12 cab...I gues this sounds the best/realest/closest to real tube amp :-)
  24. mrpollack

    Jim Root playing AXE live!

    His rack looks exactly like mine with GT1000FX Matrix power amp at the bottom of his rack 4U unit.. I can tell by this violetlight in the middle of power amp..Even two top blue LCD looks like mine Audio Technica wireless and MEI100 by LD system :-)
  25. mrpollack

    Guthrie Govan Leaves Suhr!!! :S....

    And now I'm having even harder time with waiting for my Suhr Modern 7 ! It's over 7 months of waiting already !!!
  26. mrpollack

    Classical music?

    My band playing Mozart :-) People get crazy everytime we play it life !
  27. mrpollack

    Just got my first RCF NX12 SMA

    So... i just came back from my first gig with my RCF installed in to my Dv Mark box and it was quiet nice experience . There was bunch of guitarist watching out our show, and all the guys keeped asking where is your power amp ha ha.. The sound from my FRFR system was just like from regular power...
  28. mrpollack

    Just got my first RCF NX12 SMA

    Thanks for your kind words :-) So far ,so good !
  29. mrpollack

    Just got my first RCF NX12 SMA

    All I know now.. I didn't like it in original box, and I like it now..To my ears everything sound better guitarwise, tone etc..especially low end response is more open..Overall sound is less equed,if you like..less digital..warmer and rounder..One thing I know I couldn't replace my previous...
  30. mrpollack

    Just got my first RCF NX12 SMA

    I played with my new RCF NX12SMA for few days,and what I've found is : 1.I like the amp and coaxial speaker (it's real 700 watt of clean RMS power !) 2.I don't like original RCF enclosure in sense of replacing the real,good guitar cab feel and sound (sounds to small at low end to my taste..it's...
  31. mrpollack


    Thanks:-) That's right..Matrix sounds cleared and punchy..As I said..in my case it depends on day and mood what I prefer..I seems that both amps are in the same league :-) I just received my RCF NS12SMA ! Running to tests and all of it... jacek
  32. mrpollack

    Wish One second or so..faster Tuner angage on Tap button

    I use Tap button to switch on an off tuner and I guess it takes to long to angage it..I gues 1-1,5s max would be enough to wait for tuner.. Thanks, jacek
  33. mrpollack

    Does Matrix GT1000FX + Axe punch kick?

    ..YES.. You have to be very carefull with your speakers :-)
  34. mrpollack

    Just Picked Up One of These

    I was waitng for mine 9 months ! Still use it for some recordings at studio and some gigs..Sounds great anyway..
  35. mrpollack

    Just Picked Up One of These

    I'm with you Cliff :-)..The other day I fired up my Splawn Stack to check if I'm not mistaken using Axe Fx...No way ! Back to amp closet at my studio LOL :-)
  36. mrpollack


    Don't get me wrong guys ! Matrix sounds great ! I just say about some little details in tone.. I enjoy both amps very much..and change them depened on mood/day etc.. There are sometimes days when I prefer Matrix over VHT very much :-)
  37. mrpollack


    Most of time I use my Cornford 2x12 V30 (I made it 1/3 open back)..Sometimes on bigger gigs Splawn 4x12.. Also lately my DV Mark C212V..liteweight great soundung vertical 2x12 cab !
  38. mrpollack


    I own Matrix GT1000FX and VHT2502 and lately I just switched back from Matrix to VHT and I enjoy it.. Both amps sound great...but there is something magical in tone with VHT.. Especially when I use wah wah from Axe Fx..It's sound much more natural on VHT.. With VHT I keep my Global EQ flat and...
  39. mrpollack

    Just Picked Up One of These

    It's my monster ;-)
  40. mrpollack

    MFC-101 New Firmware Version 2.13

    I love this update ! Very usefull features .. Thanks Fractal a lot :-)
  41. mrpollack

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.00 Up

    Sounds amazing !!! I have no idea what you did to it this time Cliff ! I got rid of my two amps setup..I just piced up Recto Red Vintage ..a litlle twick, and I'm in Guitar Heaven ! Thanks Guys from Fractal for your hard and amazing work :-).. Like Guthrie Govan said..it has to be some...
  42. mrpollack

    Tyler Grund's First Gig Weekend With AxeFx2

    I agree with mid boost thing ! In real stage world it's the must in my case..Real,full bodied tube amp sound :-)
  43. mrpollack

    Matrix GT1000FX - My Ears and back agree :o)

    I went similar way as yours...Very happy with Matrix GT1000FX.. Anyway after some nice reviews about RCF, just ordered now RCFNX12SMA to check it out..Let see how this babe speaks at FRFR configuration ..Curious if it's comparable to briliant Matrix and guitar cabs sound.. Last night accidently...
  44. mrpollack

    Had my first outdoor gig with FW7

    I just came from my biggest in this year open air show (huge PA and great stage monitoring)..When I turned my Axe FxII on , and made some sound check with my band,for the first time in my Axe Fx history, I even didn't think about switching my power amp and cab on(no cab simulation on my out 2) ...
  45. mrpollack

    Which monitor to go for?

    I just ordered RCF NX12SMA..All guys using them are very happy..So I hope will be as well :-)..
  46. mrpollack

    Tuner: do you want the magic ball removed?

    I like this ball..Greater precision etc.. :-)
  47. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    Cause when you you use in your chain FX Loop send, the sound before Cab simulation goes to out 2 as it should :-)
  48. mrpollack

    OK, I'm In

    I use VHT2502 and Matrix GT1000FX to my Cornford 2x12(1/3 open back) or Splawn 4x12 ..Both amps with great result :-) .. I just ordered RCF NX12 SMA to check it out , and if good, go FRFR way..
  49. mrpollack

    How are you doing drums?

    I track real drums in my studio ( Polak Bros Studio | Facebook ),cause my brother is the drummer in my band :-)..Sometimes I add some tone/ambient to bass drum from Drumagog 5..
  50. mrpollack

    First Big Gig Axe II: Tips From FOH Guy

    You are right Sebastian.. I always cut off 125 Hz on my guitar channel in my band's mixer (we do our own mixes on digital desk,and give it to main mixer..just to survive "talented" sound guys,who seems to appear more often then expected..)..especially when I play on big stage with huge PA...
  51. mrpollack

    Mackie goes coax - new DLM series

    I was just shocked that 2000 watts PA system with class D amps (I.Nova) was totally outpeformed by my old 1400 watt Mackie system(2xSRM450+SWA1500 subwoofer)..I paid a lot of money to replace my old Mackies,but had to return this crap back to shop..Sorry it was my experience with class D...
  52. mrpollack

    RCF NX12SMA- First Impressions, Comparisons

    I just ordered one RCF NX 12-SMA to check it out..Let see :-)
  53. mrpollack

    Mackie goes coax - new DLM series

    I own two SRM450s made in Italy and they work 10 years flawlessly..Great Small PA sound :-)
  54. mrpollack

    Mackie goes coax - new DLM series

    I tried lately one new PA system with class D power amp..And it was totally joke ! You have to divide this 2000 watts by 10..Actually in real life it's about 200 watts due to my experience..
  55. mrpollack

    Anyone replace AXE FX II screen? Easy?

    In one of my Axe FxIIs I have screen which is more yellowish than greenish..and with better contrast comparing to other units i own :-)
  56. mrpollack

    Anyone replace AXE FX II screen? Easy?

    In my case I did it without removing any panels etc.. I used some small pliers to catch lower nuts..Easy..
  57. mrpollack

    Just ordered a Matrix GT1000FX

    Today for the first time I tried go FRFR on V7 firmware, with my Yamaha MSP10s and MSP5s at my studio ,and really... the sound is so nice..I think now seriously to get some RCF active speakers and try them out in the loud band situation...
  58. mrpollack

    cranking the matrix GT power amps

    I love my Matrix GT1000FX power amp ! I still own my VHT 2502,Splawn Nitro head, and the other day I tried to compare them to Matrix, but they returned to it's boxes..Matrix has more punchy low end and huge headroom..Yes ..I had to boost some hi frequences on my Axe FX II to get similar to...
  59. mrpollack

    Anyone replace AXE FX II screen? Easy?

    I exchanged screens in my two Axe FX II cause I liked nicer colour in my spare one, and it was very easy..Four plastic nuts and plug..that's it :-)
  60. mrpollack

    FRFR Tip: Give yourself a midrange boost

    You are right about it :-) In all my Axe Fx II patches I've got boosted between 650-750 Hz..I play mostly loud on stage with real drums etc..This way I've got my half stack Splawn/Rivera/Cornford sound on stage :-)
  61. mrpollack

    Went Direct for the first time and regretted it...

    That's why I always have my own Yamaha didital mixer on top on my rig ,with ready to go presets for my band for deferent venues..And I prefer small imperfection then " creativity of most sound guys" ;-).It saved my ass many times..
  62. mrpollack

    YT: Axe-II 6160 / Suhr Standard

    Great mate :-)..I'm waiting for my Suhr Modern 7..October is approaching !
  63. mrpollack

    Great sound with my Splawn Nitro 4CM. I'm blown away !

    Hi mate :-) If time will let, I will try to describe or send some patch of it ... Greetings ! jacek
  64. mrpollack

    Great sound with my Splawn Nitro 4CM. I'm blown away !

    Sorry guys but today I found my ultimate sound with this Splawn Nitro And Axe II4CM method !!! Sorry all modeled amps but I'm gonna spend my life playing my Splawn Nitro with Axe Fx II in 4CM ;-) I'm still picking my jaw off the floor ! Cliff ! You made my Splawn Nitro drived by your Esoteric...
  65. mrpollack

    Rocktron Velocity as a poweramp?

    New V300 1U is totally crappy for me..sounds like a toy..Old one V250 broke down ones on me ,when I made some stupid mistake with cables..(some scratchy pots..yes ..) Otherwise seems to be quite solid for the price :-)
  66. mrpollack

    Rocktron Velocity as a poweramp?

    New Velocity 300 is kind of weak to my ears..I had it only one day and sold it..I guess old 2U Velocity 250 (which I still keep just in case) or old V300 are much punchier and sweeps new V300 out of the table .. I'm not sure that any SS power amp will sound better then your 5150 Amp power...
  67. mrpollack

    Planning to get a Suhr 7 string guitar made.

    Thanks mate :-) I'm floyd rose guy so nothing else is even considered..I have my Ibanez Universe and love this guitar..I don't get how floyd rose can mess with enything ? I play floyds since many years with no problems at all :-)... jacek
  68. mrpollack

    Planning to get a Suhr 7 string guitar made.

    I also ordered my Suhr Modern 7 in April with Matt's Music Center..I hope to get it on October..Can't bloody wait any longer ha ha..
  69. mrpollack

    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    Dizzy is a little brighter but also has some more roar in the tone..and incredible attack when I play my "Flight of the Bumble Bee" etc.. I can't remeber this kind of punch even from my best tube amps I had before ! ..I just made a setup with XY on my MFC-101, where AMP2in my setup X is Dizzy...
  70. mrpollack

    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    I use two amps parallel mono setup (no cab sims..strait to Matrix GT1000FX power amp and Cornford V30 2x12 cab) : Dizzy V4 4 plus Solo 100 Lead . I used to use Solo 100 Lead and Das Metal till yesterday.. Yesterday I tried all Herbie an all Dizzy channels and ended up with this setup.. I keep...
  71. mrpollack

    It really is different now. A lot.

    You are right ! This weekned gigs I just found enjoying myself not using any effects at all while playing solos ! It was for the first time that I didn't miss anything in my tone while using naked amp :-) Magic !
  72. mrpollack

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Available

    I just came back from my weekend gigs with my new MFC-101 and new FW 7.0... I can't belive my ears, how real my Axe Fx II sounds now..It's ubelivable...It seems to have all touch and feel of my tube amps I used to use before..and more.. with all it's flexibility,amazing effects ..And MFC-101...
  73. mrpollack

    Metronome out of output 2?

    I would love to have metronome out of my out 2 ,which I use mostly with my Matrix power amp..maybe in next FW upgrade ;-) ??? Cheers, jacek
  74. mrpollack

    Very high latency after upgrade..please help!

    Here also everything sounds marvelous..Actually I can hear even less latency..maybe because of even more joy than before, while playing :-)
  75. mrpollack

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Public Beta

    Yes..I guess I will do that..I can feel some nice quality in sound even now with this "too much" compression at my old patches :-)
  76. mrpollack

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Public Beta

    So if I had my DYNAMICS turned fully clockwise at FW 6.02 where it should be now,cause my sounds are now very compressed ? Thanks
  77. mrpollack

    4cable method

    Hi I'm using regular mono jacks cable here connecting my Spalwn Nitro with great result :-)
  78. mrpollack

    Matrix GT1000FX "Modified to respond even more like a valve power amplifier"

    I don't know how it sound with Axe Ultra, cause I really hated this unit, but with my Axe II,after switching from VHT power amp and little tweeking with global EQ and some power amp simulation,I'm in Guitar Heaven (using Cornford 2x12 all pine made cab)..You have to compensate a little this...
  79. mrpollack

    Great sound with my Splawn Nitro 4CM. I'm blown away !

    Great news :-) If time permits.. In fact my Splawn by its own sounds a little harsh on gain channel ..I'm afraid it's UPS delivery from USA problem (I tried to change some tubes but no improvement )..So I'm not very exited to match it in this condition..Normally I used it with my BB Preamp in...
  80. mrpollack

    An Axe-Fx II with the 4CM seems the perfect setup, but all that AD/DA/AD??

    I just connected my Splawn Nitro in 4CM and I'm literally BLOWN AWAY :-).. I added Esoteric ACB drive pedal simulation before fx looper and it's AMAZING sounding setup ! Thanks jacek
  81. mrpollack

    Great sound with my Splawn Nitro 4CM. I'm blown away !

    I just tried for the first time to use my Spalwn Nitro in 4CM with my Axe II.. OMG I didn't know that my Splawn can sound so good ! What a punch and power..I just replaced my SLO100 amp block in my preset with fx looper and connected everything according to the manual description.. Again I'm...
  82. mrpollack

    It's Not a Tubes Only World Here ~ What Tube Amp Did You Keep??

    I will keep my Splawn Nitro... I'm endorsing..if you know what I mean ;-)..Anyway great,punchy amp.. But man..last weekend gig..I was so high with my Axe II and Matrix power amp to my Cornford 2x12 cab setup ..So much tone..so much punch..so much feel..I can't belive my ears ! I LOVE THIS GEAR !!!
  83. mrpollack

    Anybody else prefer the BE to the HBE?

    I Agree..I just record at the moment new song on my new album using Friedman BE... to my Matrix GT1000FX power amp to my Splawn 4x12 Cab and sm57 and I love it :-)
  84. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    Actually SAG = 0.01 makes huge deference from SAG= 0 at least in my case...Looks like it's switching on something nice sounding in my Axe.. You are right about playing show and loving your sound..That's why I love Fractal and Matrix so much these days :-)
  85. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    Exactly..It's a little darker than my VHT2502 or Splawn ( with presence turned up) so I had to boost some higher frequences on my global EQ (out2) My SAG is set to 0,01
  86. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    I use Matrix through Cornford 2x12 V30 guitar cab (Axe's out 2) and I add a little bit of Power Amp simulation...
  87. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    Hi Norbert..I think, to my ears Matrix sounds exactly like good tube power amp ..Rocktron V250 (the one with reactance control) is similar to tube power amp sometimes in some aspects :-)
  88. mrpollack

    Axe II and Matrix GT1000FX = GREAT !!!

    I just came from my weekend gigs and I'm floored down ! My Axe II and new Matrix GT1000FX sound so powerfull and warm that I can't even express how happy I was on stage :-) .Now my Axe II and Cornford cab shine like a diamond.I love you all guys from Fractal and Matrix for those small, but BIG...
  89. mrpollack

    Issues with Expression Pedal Setup (without MFC)

    Hi I use TRS( I just reversed tip and ring on cable to get it working correctly now) and my pedal works ok at full range..But..I need to calibrate my pedal for shorter move for my wah wah setup ( i lock physically some of the moving way of my pedal)..Normally at this case I use calibration...
  90. mrpollack

    Issues with Expression Pedal Setup (without MFC)

    I have the same problem..Any advice would be greatly appreciated..Looks like calibration process doesn't work..
  91. mrpollack

    Start checking units shipped by UPS right away....... Matrix GT1000FX DOA

    I've just received my Matrix GT1000FX by UPS from UK to Poland and it works perfectly :-)
  92. mrpollack

    Brand new Axe II suffers from screen flickering

    I had it on mine second piece when it arrived..did reset of the system parameters and it's gone since that..
  93. mrpollack

    Mr.Pollack and Doobie Brothers Cover Axe Fx II

    ..it's a little updated version of my orginal video :-)
  94. mrpollack

    Mr.Pollack and Doobie Brothers Cover Axe Fx II

    Right..it's kind of video clip with few takes of video with one camra and one (first) take of audio..and solo was improvised..so not easy to play the same few times ha ha.. Cheers, jacek
  95. mrpollack

    Mr.Pollack and Doobie Brothers Cover Axe Fx II

    Hi guys..We just captured some videos in our Polak Bros Studio here in Poland, with help of some nice girls as a backing vocals :-) .. All guitars of course recorded with my beloved Axe Fx II :-) I hope you'll enjoy.. Greetings :-) jacek
  96. mrpollack

    Triode Hardness?

    I agree with Scott.. Default value 0.00 sounds the best to my ears..
  97. mrpollack

    Any major re-tweaks going 6.0 to 6.01?

    All I know after upgarde is that my guitar sings now nicely, as never before :-)
  98. mrpollack

    Who's the best guitar player of all time to you and why?

    After I heard Guthrie Govan, I can't listen to anybody else ! Guthrie is an ALIEN :-) !!!
  99. mrpollack

    Axe FX II live Mr.Pollack band

    Thanks guys for your kind words :-) I use my modified (power supply socket) FCB1010 ..old as hell,but still works ok.. Axe II sound so great, that I think about going completely FRFR soon.. Really.. week by week I'm more and more amazed buy this black box :-) Thanks Fractal again !
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