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  1. painkiller

    Bug? Out 3 EQ and Out 4 EQ Level

    No matter which value I enter manually in the Level in "Out 3 EQ" and "Out 4 EQ" in Global Setup, this value changes immediately to some other value. Example: I enter "-1" and it changes to "-12" I enter "2" it changes to "6.02" I enter "3" it changes to "9.54" I doubt that this is intended...
  2. painkiller

    Wish Copy the Scene Levels with the Layout->Tools->Copy Scene function

    There is this very handy Copy function which copies scenes incl. the Bypass States, the Scene Controllers and the CS per Scene. What it doesn't copy is the Scene Level in the Output Blocks. The Copy function would be perfect if the Scene Levels would be copied as well :wink:
  3. painkiller

    Wish Copy the Scene Level with "Copy current scene to x" function

    There is this very handy function "Copy current scene to x", which copies scenes incl. the Bypass States, the Scene Controllers and the CS per Scene. What it doesn't copy is the Scene Level in the Output Blocks. The "Copy current scene to x" function would be perfect if the Scene Levels would be...
  4. painkiller

    Wish Scene dependent Tempo

    I was just creating a few new presets and thought how nice it would be, if the tempo could be stored dependent on the selected Scene. Am I the only one? :)
  5. painkiller

    Bug? UltraRes IRs are green... after a while

    Windows 10, 64bit, latest and previous Axe-Edit III version. I experience a strange behavior with UltraRes IRs. I loaded tons of UltraRes IRs to the user-banks. The Axe-Fx III displays them in purple color, as it should be. Axe-Edit III displays them in purple color, as it should be. BUT...
  6. painkiller

    Fixed Multiband Comp. - High Band

    When I enter the crossover frequency of the high band in the Multiband Comp. via keyboard, a wrong value appears (10x as high) Example: If I enter "100" the value "1000" appears If I enter "500" the value "5000" appears etc... Must be a bug and not a feature ;)
  7. painkiller

    Wish Highlight scene numbers

    In Axe-Edit for the Axe-Fx II, the scene numbers of scene dependent settings are highlighted in orange (or red?) according to the currently selected scene. This is very helpful and I would like to see that in Axe-Edit III too :)
  8. painkiller

    SOLD [EU/Germany] Axe-Fx II XL for sale

    I have an Axe-Fx II XL for sale. Asking 1400,- Euro. The device is in perfect condition. Will post photos later. Shipping (in original box) is free within Germany. Additional costs for shipping to other EU countries (depending on the destination).
  9. painkiller

    Bug: Transfer of bank D from XL+ to XL is not possible

    I have a strange problem, which probably is related to Fractal-Bot. I use an Axe-Fx II XL and an Axe-Fx II XL+ with the latest non-beta Firmware on each box and use the latest version of Fractal-Bot (Windows 10) When I download all of the preset banks (A-F) from the XL+ and want to upload them...
  10. painkiller

    Wish FW 3.08 - 1st anniversary firmware update

    Since the MFC firmware 3.08 has its first anniversary in a few days (is there any other Fractal Audio firmware which survived such a long time???:D), I wish for a 1st anniversary firmware update which includes some of the features which were suggested this sub-forum ;):)
  11. painkiller

    "Up" and "Down" buttons

    I don't know if this has been already adressed, but is there a reason why the preset-"up"-button switches the presets one preset further, but every other "up"-button switches its parameters one parameter back. Like the cabinets or amps. Couldn't this be more consistent? I always press the wrong...
  12. painkiller

    Wish Scene 1/n Toggle

    Recently I use the "Scene 1/2 Toggle" function on my MFC and thought it would be great to have this for the other scenes too. I would like an addition of a 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8 toggle fuction :)
  13. painkiller

    Fixed Y-state of Mixer blocks is not accessable

    Firmware Quantum 1.01, Axe-Fx II XL+ I just noticed that I can't access the Y-states of the Mixer blocks. If I press the Y-button, nothing happens.
  14. painkiller

    Axe-Edit Bug - Mixer and Gain1 and global blocks

    *deleted*, reported bug is not Axe-Edit related. Also happens when using the front panel
  15. painkiller

    Wheel shows correct position but displayed value is wrong if I use Scene Controllers

    If I connect a Scene Controller to a parameter (Input Drive in the attached example) the wheel shows the correct position but the displayed value is wrong. Is this a bug or intended behavior? I attached Axe-Edit screenshots, because it's exactly the same in Axe-Edit. In this example I...
  16. painkiller

    Bug in Axe-Edit 3.1.7 - Axe-Manage

    If I use "Axe-Manage" in Axe-Edit 3.1.7 to move or rename presets or cabs their names disappear. This is not the case in version 3.1.6 (Windows 8 Version)
  17. painkiller

    Cab Pack 6: Cabs in the Attic - UltraRes™ Collection

    Looks like as if it's just released :) Fractal Audio Systems -Cab Pack 6 - Cabs in the Attic For each CAB there is a "Reference IR". What are these and what could this be good for?
  18. painkiller

    Bug? Update Amps funtions don't update the Y-states of the AMP block

    I just found a bug in FW 15.00. At least I think that's a bug and not intended ;) The new Update Amps funtions doesn't update the Y-states of the amps. Only the X-states.
  19. painkiller

    Bug? Bug in "Controllers" window (NOT A BUG)

    Windows versions of Axe-Edit up to 3.0.8 : This bug exists since a few versions: The values in the first row of the "Controllers" window can only be changed via wheel. It's not possible to enter values via keyboard. Would be great if this could be fixed :)
  20. painkiller

    Is there a bug in the "Dump" function of the "IR capture utility" of FW 13.02?

    I shot a few IRs of my cabs with the IR capture utility. If I save them to an IR slot everything is fine, but if I dump them ("Dump"->"x") to Midi-OX the data which is received is not usable. If I compare the slot-saved IR and the dumped file with an hex-editor these files have absolutely...
  21. painkiller

    Wish Marker in the grid...

    My only wish is that the yellow box, which surrounds and marks the chosen place in the grid, stays at the same place if I change from one preset to another. And also that it loads the parameters of the according effect after a preset change.
  22. painkiller

    Wish More characters for songs and sets

    Is there a reason why preset names can have 15 characters while song names and set names only can have 7 characters? 15 characters for songs and sets would be very nice :)
  23. painkiller

    Why can't I restore MFC-101 settings?

    I have strange midi communication problem with my MFC-101. I am probably doing something wrong but can't figure out what it might be. I have two MFC-101s and want to transfer the settings from the first one to the second one. I did a sysex DUMP from the first one and want to LOAD it to the...
  24. painkiller

    Solo 100 Lead - Gen1 vs. Gen2

    With my Axe-Fx Ultra I used the Solo 100 AMP + Cali CAB to create a nice warm lead sound. With the Axe-Fx II I can't reproduce this sound, I don't even get close to it. Now I'm curious if it's only me or if anybody else is the same opinion that the Solo 100 sounds completely different in the...
  25. painkiller

    Cat5 and USB at the same time?

    I don't have my Axe Fx II yet, but I would like to know if I can use the MFC via Cat 5 and Axe-Edit via USB at the same time. Did anybody try that? Does it work? I tried to find the anwer in the forum but had no luck. However I still think that the answer must be hidden somewhere here :) Thanks!
  26. painkiller

    Strange MFC behavior after FW 1.00 update

    OK, I did the update to firmware 1.00 exactly as described and also used the conversion-tool. Everything worked fine, but now the MFC sends permanently some midi-data to the Axe-Fx. The "Midi In" LED of the Axe-Fx is permanently flashing now. Before this update the "Midi In" LED only lit when I...
  27. painkiller

    MFC preset names question

    Hi, this is my first posting, long time lurker here... :) I hesitated a long time but since a few days I finally own an Axe-Fx and an MFC-101. Everything works perfect, but there's one thing I can't figure out if it's possible or not. I connected the MFC in Axe-Fx mode via 7pin midi cable...
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