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  1. Alabama man

    Issues getting a full sound that opens up / gets louder with harder playing

    I'm currently running my XL+ into a Matrix GT1000FX power amp and mesa recto 2x12 cab (V30's). I have cab sims off and power amp modeling on. Was hoping I could get some suggestions on which parameters to mess with in the amp block for the following issues I'm having with this setup: 1) Not...
  2. Alabama man

    PSA: Focusrite 6i6 2nd Gen. on Amazon for 1st Gen price NEW

    For anyone interested: https://amzn.com/B01E6T50GY Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.
  3. Alabama man

    Any Digitech Drop users here? Do you have specific patches for using it?

    I've decided to add the drop to my board (going into an Axe II XL > Matrix GT1000 > 2x12). I'll be using it for full octave down (no dry signal). I'm sure you're all aware that you lose output / drive when using the drop (lower the tuning, less gain it seems on the same patch). My question...
  4. Alabama man

    Tips for avoiding clipping while using heavy reverb / delay?

    I'm having issues with clipping, notes in the lower register mainly, when using reverb + delay + multi tap + etc... It's not as bad when I'm running clean, but when I turn on OD / distortion, it becomes more of an issue. I've reduced the output of my patches (clean patches around -16.5 db...
  5. Alabama man

    This ever happen to you?

    1)I create a patch and it becomes one of my go to sounds for a few months 2)New update comes out 3)create duplicate patch, but reset the amp block on one of them 4)compare the two and think . . . "Wow, what the hell was I thinking? The default amp sounds way better." Just did that with...
  6. Alabama man

    Is this patch routing possible?

    I'd like to have a few patches dedicated to running my guitar through my Matrix GT1000 > Mesa 2x12 cab and a few patches for bass guitar running to the FOH / PA only (no signal to power amp and cab). Is this possible and could someone explain or point me to a link that explains this...
  7. Alabama man

    Ibanez TAM10 - anybody here own one?

    I've gotten the 7-8 string itch and have my sights set on the Ibanez TAM10 model. Just wondering if anyone here owns / owned one and what their thoughts were. Thanks and Happy Fathers Day!
  8. Alabama man

    Reverb: A few questions / issues with the "Hold" function

    I've started to mess around with the reverb 'hold' feature to get some EHX Freeze action, but I'm having a few issues. I'm using my EV-1 to toggle it (heel down - off, toe down - on). When it reaches the transition point, going off to on, I will get this scratchy pot type sound that gets...
  9. Alabama man

    Mapping IA functions in one preset clears another presets IA Mapping

    I was working on making two different presets - one using Dbl Vrb Nrml and another using the Friedman HBE V1 model. I noticed that after mapping IA functions for one preset (using IA switches 6-10 for both presets), that the other preset's IA 6, 7 and 9 switches clear, showing no LED...
  10. Alabama man

    EV-1 as volume (with axe or regular pedalboard setup) volume taper issue

    I've been using the EV-1 in one of two ways: 1) plugged into my MFC via TRS or 2) using the analog in and outputs to use as a volume pedal with my pedalboard I'm finding that the initial introduction of the guitar signal when starting at heel down seems to be a bit sudden. The guitar...
  11. Alabama man

    setting Low Res. Freq. w/ mesa 2x12 recto cab . . . (also - major score for a brand new recto cab)

    Sooooooooo. . . I just got a brand new Mesa Boogie horizontal 2x12 Recto cabinet for $240! This thing has literally been untouched - even came with the slip cover! Guy just wanted to get rid of it quick (don't worry - he was super wealthy and had no use for the cab - wasn't stolen). *Main...
  12. Alabama man

    Advanced parameter suggestions as a starting point?

    The more I get comfortable with editing my patches, the more I'd like to dive into the deeper editing options. I think the only "advanced" parameters I've messed with at this point are the Dynamic Depth and Dynamic Presence. I'm not really sure where to go after that. Do any of you have your...
  13. Alabama man

    DBA Fuzz War clipping the input of my Axe (updated with new question! 2/11)

    *2/11/16 update with new question* So I did a side by side comparison of my Deluxe Reverb Reissue against the Axe + Matrix gt1000 - both going through my Mesa Recto 2x12 cabinet. The Fuzz war has tons of boost on tap when running into the Actual amp while going into the front of the axe (using...
  14. Alabama man

    Am I crazy? Setting my INSTR IN slightly hotter sounds better to me . . .

    I'm running a Fender Modern Telecaster Plus (Stock pickups) - It has a humbucker in the bridge and I set my INSTR IN to that pickup. Here's the thing: When I set my INSTR IN to where it's basically tickling the red lights, everything's fine. That's at around 49-50. However, after...
  15. Alabama man

    Finally sold my last tube amp . . . sort of

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the help I've gotten through this forum over the past few months. It has allowed me to get inside the deeper features of the axe and get great results compared to my old tube rigs. I still kept one amp though: My first tube amp - a Deluxe Reverb Reissue. I...
  16. Alabama man

    Crackling in Garageband (starts very little, gets worse)

    Hey all This is my current setup: 2015 Macbook pro (maxed out options) into Axe II XL (q 1.06) via USB using the most up to date version of GB (10.1). Here's what's happening: Listening back to a few tracks I was working on, I was hearing that crackling noise you get when the axe output is...
  17. Alabama man

    Scene output on preset - is this normal?

    tl;dr version - On at least 20 presets from scene 2 - 8, output is at -20.00db (no sound). I don't remember it being like this before. I've been having a few issues since updating to 1.05 (preset being completely replaced by another preset out of nowhere, blocks changed). I noticed after...
  18. Alabama man

    Presets deleting / making weird changes after updating to 1.05

    So I updated a day or two after q1.05 was released and started having issues with certain presets a couple of days ago. Created a new preset in slot 002, was fine for a few days. Since last night though, the name of the preset and all the specific pedals and settings I had disappeared, being...
  19. Alabama man

    6160 II Rhythm + 4x12 German = Heavy Unicorns

    I recently updated to Q1.03 and finally had the chance to dig into the new 6160 II Rhythm. This amp sounds super tight with the '4x12 German'. I made the following adjustments in the 'basic' tab of the amp block: Bass - 3 Treble - 9 (for some reason, this was default the first time around. I...
  20. Alabama man

    Axe II XL > Mac (Garageband) - Do I even need my Apogee One?

    I'd like to start using my Axe FX with Garageband, but was wondering what would be better: Connect the Axe via USB into my Mac Air running GB Or Have my Apogee One connected to my Mac, running the Axe into the Apogee I would also really appreciate if anyone could give some up to date info...
  21. Alabama man

    Having some issues / concerns after upgrading to Quantum

    After not having my Axe II XL for close to 8 months, It's finally back in my possession. I upgraded from firmware 16.01 with no real issues. I also upgraded my MFC-101 Mk III to v3.08. Overall, I can tell a huge difference in sound and feel and I'm really enjoying it. I'm having issues with...
  22. Alabama man

    Anyone using their FX8 with the Axe FX?

    Curious? If you guys are, how are you running it? 4CM? I imagine running the two together would give you more CPU on the axe FX.
  23. Alabama man

    Can the II XL emulate these drive pedals?

    Curious if anyone here has been able to copy the following drive pedals with the Axe II XL: Barber Gain Changer and Compact Direct Drive Mad Professor Sweet Honey OD In Austin and my Axe is in NY - trying to have it sent out in the next few weeks and was curious how the G3'd drive blocks...
  24. Alabama man

    Anyone using / used the EHX 44 Magnum with their Axe II XL?

    I'm considering buying an EHX 44 Magnum power amp on the cheap since I don't have a power amp to run my axe through atm. I would be using it through a vertical ported 2x12 by jackson amp works that has a celestion gold and greenback inside. So no FRFR for now. Was hoping some of you could...
  25. Alabama man

    Anyone in Austin, TX willing to meet up and school me?

    Anyone in Austin, TX willing to meet up and let me test out their rig? I have an Axe II XL, but it's back in NY for the time being. I never had the opportunity to run it through a cab / monitor / etc . . . setup and have only had experience using it with my Mofi headphones. I'm currently in...
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