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  1. Shenks

    Time to choose a different FRFR solution

    For the past 18 months I have been using a Matrix Q12 (Passive) with a Crown Xli power amp for my stage sound but I am now looking to get an active FRFR monitor. I do experience a bit of tweeter squeal with the Q12 when we are on a cramped stage, in some venues I can be as little as 3 foot away...
  2. Shenks

    Jackson DK2QM or Charvel DK24?

    I am considering one of the above guitars as my next mid-range purchase but for the life of me I can't make my mind up... Not much to choose between them in terms of construction (as you'd expect), but I'm not sure if I can adjust to the idea of having a Jackson and a pointy headstock and...
  3. Shenks

    The sound engineer and the Axe FX

    Last night me and the band were headline spot for a motorbike rally gig in the beautiful Lake District just outside of Silverdale (England for those across the pond and elsewhere)... Usual story, arrive, go meet the sound engineer and discuss everything, and as soon as I mention I will be...
  4. Shenks

    Incoming... Matrix Q12 Passive

    Last night I order one of the above and I'll have to admit I am quite excited that I will finally have a proper FRFR cab to play through. Until recently I had considered going down the route of getting the Camper Plus Kit but then I figured if I am going to make a purchase then I only want to...
  5. Shenks

    Chris Chase???

    Here i am just reading edition 418 of UK magazine 'Guitarist' and they have an article about modellers and how they contacted "Fractal's Chris Chase'".... errr what?
  6. Shenks

    For anybody wondering about 3M Dual-lock

    How strong is it..? Well put it this way, I'd used some 6mm MDF to get some flat mounting surfaces on the bottom of the expression pedal for my pedalboard and it was strong enough to pull the MDF apart when I was a bit careless in removing it... :astonished: I knew I should have looked more...
  7. Shenks

    Arrrgh - Ibanez tremolo parts needed

    My faithful Ibanez Prestige with Edge Pro tremolo decided it was going to throw a spanner in the works... After some dismantling I can see that the trem block no longer sits perpendicular to the base plate. A closer inspection reveals that the casting seems to have warped/bent because after...
  8. Shenks

    Rocktron Utopia Expression Pedals

    Has anybody tried using the above with their MFC and/or Axe FX? They look fairly sturdy (I know - looks can be deceiving sometimes) but there is a certain appeal for me as it would fit the theme of the pedalboard I am building.
  9. Shenks

    WTF? - 100 pedals all at the same time?

    Got sent a link to the below YouTube clip... complete chaos is the phrase that springs to mind apart from panic about that many patch leads... Pedals And Effects: 100 Pedals
  10. Shenks

    Well that was somehwat underwhelming...

    Last night I ventured round to a local bar to see a band, they had already started by the time I got there and the first thing I heard was a rather indistinct guitar tone. I then spotted there was no guitar amp on stage for the 1st guitarist so immediately I wondered what he was running through...
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