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  1. Dramelot

    Signature Required?

    Same here, waited all day for Ibanez S1070 to arrive because of signature required. Nope, didn't need one
  2. Dramelot

    Have you seen this? Google tone transfer

    Lots of fart songs soon? Another jab at real talent.
  3. Dramelot


    In no way could I ever pretend to tell you how to produce your inventions. I just think it is sad that it not possible to build here.
  4. Dramelot


    Please bring your invention's home to be manufactured in USA. Mr. Cliff
  5. Dramelot

    Cliff's Reviews: Time Trap

    I was trying to find something on Netflix to watch the other day in SciFi section and came across Time Trap. Wasnt sure at first, but I had to finish it to see how it came out. It was good to escape for a bit and ponder. I do like happy endings, soo...
  6. Dramelot

    Anyone else gigging again?

    Lake of the Ozarks, 7 gigs so far, 3 more this week. Original AX2. Flawless
  7. Dramelot

    COVID-19 refugee: what software modeler should I use?

    I've been impressed w/ Overloud THU
  8. Dramelot

    Tom Brady

    Kansas City, 2 in a row easily now!
  9. Dramelot

    New Satriani album coming

    Been listening to his audio book. Kinda neat stuff there too. Joe is one of a kind.
  10. Dramelot

    CLR's are awesome

    CLR's are awesome
  11. Dramelot

    Will we see improvements/new tech regarding speaker cabinets?

    Experienced FRFR user.. CLR's stereo, waiting on my Meyer's...
  12. Dramelot

    Hopefully I will see everyone again :-)

    Prayers for you Stratman!
  13. Dramelot

    RIP Tom Petty..

    I'm sure he was in a lot of pain. RIP TP
  14. Dramelot

    The Year Of The Axe FX 3. A Huge Year For Fractal Indeed!

    Was waiting for the Rick Astley Vid to pop up
  15. Dramelot

    Are Six Pickup Poles Sufficient?

    It is a valid argument. Vintage or New. Keep an open mind IMHO. In my humble experience, neck radius plays big, thus vibrato to ooze that last drop, to worry about that small of a difference f******ks with my groove...
  16. Dramelot

    CPU limit issue

    I've had similar problems w/AX2 tuner. I only use my TC headstock poly tune. Problem fixed
  17. Dramelot

    Would two amp blocks actually be easily possible?

    All my AXFX 2 dirt patches have a Marshall w/ a Fender slightly breaking up and very low in the background. One of the reasons I havent gotten an AX8 yet for fly gigs. I've thought of buying a Fender pedal to put in the effects loop.
  18. Dramelot

    Gibson Brands announced the end of Cakewalk

    I'll have to try demo, cause I got some 32 bit plugins I LOVE and may need to purchase a bridge
  19. Dramelot

    Gibson Brands announced the end of Cakewalk

    I researched a bit. Studio One is 1/2 off this week so, I may go there.
  20. Dramelot

    Gibson Brands announced the end of Cakewalk

    Sad, Started w/Cakewalk Dos and had all versions since. I bought the Platinum upgrade for a year but never used it. X3 works fine here, but may look at Reaper. Gibson continues to disappoint.
  21. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.00 Beta

    I'm scared, still on Mark I 7.02 and it gigs very well. Hmmm, I'll let y'all know after AX Edit is out. Gotta keep up with the Joneses......
  22. Dramelot

    Should I go mono or stereo to FOH

    We always give Venues our stage plot, mine is LR stereo. Once in a blue moon we have to deal with old school mono. Then I just send one, L or R, But I have my CLR's stereo to give me peace on stage. They might miss a delay trail out front if mono, but my Fractal always delivers. May the stereo...
  23. Dramelot

    Gigging and flying: guitar as checked or carry on baggage?

    Southwest, walked on with acoustic hard case, put in bin above, both there and back. No hassles at all. US flight
  24. Dramelot

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?

    I know one thing, some pickups are noisey. I'll keep using my EMG's(most of mine are 30 y/o now], and EQ them to my taste. I buy cheap guitars with mojo, throw EMGs in and and play them.
  25. Dramelot

    The wireless unit you love?

    Either ya got allot of iron in your blood or it was that huge chicken fried steak before the gig:) Seriously, wi fi runs on that 2.4 also. In my studio my laptop wifi fails when I'm lazy and just wireless my rig for practice. Your gonna battle with some iphones if you get too far
  26. Dramelot

    The wireless unit you love?

    Run with a wire across this stage and into the crowd Jak.
  27. Dramelot

    The wireless unit you love?

    Line6 G50 started developing problems after trying to use rechargeables. Since then I tape the door tight with painters tape. No more problems.
  28. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 8.02 presets

    Your too good to us old timers! Thanks!
  29. Dramelot

    Neal Schon and Fractal

  30. Dramelot

    Neal Schon and Fractal

    Matt has worked with Neal to help him get his tones. I would be interested in what Meyer speakers he is using. For now my CLR's are doing fine. My feeble attempt
  31. Dramelot

    Ibanez Edge tremolo replacement parts

    duct tape i tell ya
  32. Dramelot

    Any advice for one man musical projects?

    Find again the love in your craft. Wake up and do it again..... p.s. It's always funner with real badass musicians, but suck it up buttercup and milk those backing tracks....sad but true oohh learn to use a looper, kills time... smile
  33. Dramelot

    Seeing one of my all time faves tonight....PAT METHENY

    I guess he modeled his old Acoustic 134 amp
  34. Dramelot

    Horror gig - Axe stopped working mid-gig!

    Never would I upgrade and not check my patches at full volume...never since 2007
  35. Dramelot

    Yes - 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

    I might be crazy but the R&R Hall versions I first heard a while back didn't sound near that perfect. I'm certain some things were fixed. Geddy's tone on those were REALLY bad. I would have liked to see him with his Rick bass here.
  36. Dramelot

    Attaching foam to wall alternatives to glue?

    Do what makes you happy, there is always someone telling you that your wrong, be creative! I like to deaden the space I work in. Concentrate on what's important
  37. Dramelot

    Attaching foam to wall alternatives to glue?

    ^^^^ or glue it to cardboard, hang like a picture
  38. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    You guys know how lucky you ffrickin are with Cliff and Fractal support? Cliff, thanks, your legacy, I see a guitarist and engineer wide honor to you coming. I'll raise the biggest toast!! I'm not spoiled...I'm not
  39. Dramelot

    Guys, what tone would you imagine this Ibanez gtr would produce?

    I've just stated using this one S770PB. I put EMG 60 and SA's in it. Very lively Andy Timmonish tones. I'm digging it!
  40. Dramelot

    Allan Holdsworth. RIP. One of a Kind.

    With a raised beer and a tear. RIP Allan. Your notes will delightfully baffle guitarists forever! I gave a small amount at 25k. But wow 100k. Glad his family won't have to worry about expenses.
  41. Dramelot

    A pedal to simulate guitars is on its way

    To un derail the thread, I am interested, I use pre eq on allot of patches, but wondering what a tone match with my EMG's might bring about with IR's from other pickups. Just sounds interesting, but can you say rabbit hole??? lol. IMO the ATG doesnt sound better than my VG99, and the autotune...
  42. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR Wedge FRFR

    Love mine, wish they were Neo's lately, but still love them!
  43. Dramelot

    Am I the only one who doesn't care for full range systems?

    For me the stereo CLR's have pretty much kept me from going back to my 2x12 EV's. With the right IR's and low and high pass. I'm finding my own sound and not tied to a traditional cab's characteristics. I didnt feel that way with my QSC K12's though. But hey I use them for other things still...
  44. Dramelot

    RIP Ikutaro Kakehashi, Roland Founder

    Larry Morton my teenage friend and guitar teacher who is now President of Hal Leonard had nice things to say about Ikutaro. "The music world lost a giant yesterday with the passing of Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland Corporation. From the devastation of WWII, he rose from the ashes and...
  45. Dramelot

    How do you increase your guitars volume when playing a solo?

    I do preset change, I've learned to only use reverb spillover though. Because when I do it's 8db. You will hear my solo's, lol..
  46. Dramelot

    Fractal Audio DRIVE Models: Yek's PDF Guide

    Great work Yek, I'm sure I speak for the community. We appreciate your time, research and knowledge!
  47. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    Boggus Ford Center Pharr, TX (McAllen). I remember your in SA also. Got one at Cadillac downtown on 3/25, W/Eddie Money at Poteet 4/7, W/Starship at Oyster bake 4/21, we'll meet one of these days @GuitarDojo ! Messaged you to not derail thread further, lol
  48. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Firmware Release

    FW 7 and the new Ownhammer IR's Sat night. I've never been happier w my rig! Thanks Cliff for keeping my Mark 1 happy.
  49. Dramelot

    7.0 will find you a new amp love

    The Dweezil Bman is a fire breather for me now!
  50. Dramelot

    Blown Atomic CLR

    Get in contact with Tom King, He will make sure your taken care of. Always super service for me.
  51. Dramelot

    Ownhammer/FAS Player Cab Pack - 412 MAR Green Vintage

    Purchased this earlier today, and liking it! AB some stereo mixes with my old cab selection (4x12 Cali w 121 and Santiago cab w/121). Yeah I'm glad I bought it! I tend to like a neutral cab, Plenty for me here. But not toooo much, Thank You. It's chewy, sinking some teeth. Great IR's for me.
  52. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Leave the cook alone guys, soon (looking forward to the end of this thread)
  53. Dramelot

    Ownhammer/FAS Player Cab Pack - 412 MAR Green Vintage

    Getting me thinking, I own a few Redwire and Ownhammer packs. But I never use them. Stock with a 121 mic has been doing fine. Don't get me wrong I have the old Cab Lab and while I see the value, Used it 2 or 3 times. I like the idea of quick and good, once I putz around with tones and cabs...
  54. Dramelot

    Which models have the lowest noise?

    "Bottom line: if you have too much noise you have too much gain. Learning to play with less gain will improve your technique and the quality of your tone. Gain just masks poor technique and reduces clarity, string separation and dynamics." Blunt and to the point! And What ever he said before...
  55. Dramelot

    Vintage Fender Porn (watch at own risk!)

    Again Mikko goes vintage. I dig it!
  56. Dramelot

    CAB #62 VOTE NOW to SAVE (or not)

    This is kinda weird, something like this hasn't affected me before. The other day I made some Doyle Bramhall presets with #62 that sounded best with that cab. So I vote for at least the cab be avail for download
  57. Dramelot

    Acoustic Simulator - Why None?

    The cooked up sim is very usable in my Overloud TH3. I'm sure Cliff could whip one up...?
  58. Dramelot


    Like that!!
  59. Dramelot

    Quantum 7.00: I found a PERFECT amp + cab pairing!

    So Mikko goes vintage,, I feel that love from all the Marshall's, with stock IR's
  60. Dramelot

    How to deal with toppy PA wedges...

    Adjust global eq when using different speakers, or put a piece of tape over the tweet
  61. Dramelot

    CLR Mk II -got yours yet?

    I would be interested in those jazzguitar14! You can email me duaneramelot@gmail.com
  62. Dramelot

    Joe Bonamassa Amp and Guitar Collection

    Yeah, that was fun!
  63. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Thank you very much Cliff!
  64. Dramelot

    What's So Great About Stereo?

    Stereo is tha shiz
  65. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.03 Firmware Released

    I love the concept Sag= bloom? And an option to explore the bits, thanks for the Brit Silver fix Cliff, I am now ready to partake 5. And I know I cant blow up my virtual Sag control, soooo.....
  66. Dramelot

    Bug? Brit Silver Model dopped output level on Q5.02

    Whew, TY Japster and Cliff, thats my main amp and havent upgraded from 4 yet.
  67. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    I personally don't need anymore amps, I can adjust the ones he has given us to squeeze out the tones I need. I think it is awesome how he supported us Mark I users all this time. I just hope if he has any epiphanies on modeling improvements or other things, he can squeeze them in till I buy the AX3.
  68. Dramelot


    Now that is some cool news!
  69. Dramelot

    How many of you guys use the enhancer block and...

    I have always used it. It just sounds thin without it for me. I give the odd soundmen crap if he is not running stereo. After all this is 2016.
  70. Dramelot

    QSC K12's Users?

    I put a square piece of tape over my tweeter's and set to flat dsp (K12's). They are bullet proof but, not quite as nice sounding as my CLR's
  71. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR problem

    Well replacing the caps didnt work for me. Sent a message to Tom King, within an hour got an RMA# to send back panel for repair.
  72. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR problem

    The bad capacitor problem has been a problem for a lot of builder's. I used to see a Dell (and others) computer every week with this issue. But these arent bulging or leaking. Just bad. Don't get me started on all the CRT monitors I used to repair. Ahh the good old days..
  73. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR problem

    I have to say this. When one of my speaker magnets split in half after a small fall. Tom took very good care of me. Exchanged out of warranty for only shipping costs. And never had a problem with communication. But, if I can keep him out of the loop and save me money and time to repair. I would...
  74. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR problem

    Well I think the more we know about these the better. I do love mine and I know how to desolder/solder. So if the unit is out of warranty, why not. Just love the sharing of info. I looked at buying the module from Hypex, Netherlands. Price could be 150 when said and done. Looks like they make...
  75. Dramelot

    Atomic CLR problem

    I have 2 clr's. One started cutting out every 10 sec then would flash output light a few times, then sound returned and cut out again. Then recently tested and would not not produce any sound, with output light flashing. I dont have the money to send the power module in. So today I swapped the...
  76. Dramelot

    Blank screen and no sound - again..

    All I can say is since I went to midi connection mine has not frozen again.
  77. Dramelot

    MOAEE - Electric Mistress Flanger

    I had 2 over the years. The magic was in the dirt they added. Nothin like that Red Barchetta tone. Problem is Fractal is too clean. Well not a problem at all. Just be creative and create something new. Onward
  78. Dramelot

    Atomic Amps - Tom King won't return my amp - IT'S BEEN A YEAR!!!

    I can say I had a great experience with Atomic. My out of warranty Active CLR wedge (non Neo) fell about 2 feet onto concrete. Found that the 12" speaker magnet spit in half. Contacted Tom with pics. Within hours he emailed me back agreeing it was a weird split. Told me to pay to and from...
  79. Dramelot

    What's your string gauge? Manufacturer?

    Daddario NYXL 9.5. Worth the extra cost for me. Other strings break after 1 or 2 nights (usually D or high E). These I can leave on for weeks of practicing and gigs. I like em a little broke in anyway.
  80. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    Just moved from 2.00 to 3.02 on original AX2. (I was very happy with 2.0). Nothing to report unusual, and no perceived epiphany in tone. But glad to be caught up. The Dweezil amp is cool! My Wrecker EX is still juicy. and Fender cleans still sparkle. So I'm happy!
  81. Dramelot

    Five Finger Death Punch | Hard To See [SOLO COVER] | QUANTUM pitch block

    Cool guitar and always nice from Rocco, I dont get FFDP though. Total wank and no feel for me. I guess I'm old. But art is art, even a Campbells soup can can get it done
  82. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II Quantum 3.02 Firmware Release (3.01 We Hardly New Ye)

    Ok gonna call fanboys on this until I move from 2.0 to 3.02 tomorrow. May the Cliff force be with me. These aren't the droid's you are looking for
  83. Dramelot

    Did 3.7.0 make a fundamental change in cab selection

    The caveat is that you now need to click twice to select an amp model or cabinet IR. The release notes should be updated to reflect this change. ok
  84. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 3.01 Firmware Release

    My 2.4 is fine and lots of study and gigs up coming. So 2.4 stays for now. But kudos Cliff, you da man. but I salivate for that unknown, soon to 3. My early Mark 1, still delivers!
  85. Dramelot

    So I got the dreaded "axe-fx name time out" message on my MFC-101 Mark I

    I have not seen it happen again since I switched to a midi cable. Try to find a power supply and try it.
  86. Dramelot


    nice price if equal to CLR and QSC, but poly vibration like qsc is not desirable
  87. Dramelot

    Axe fx / mfc weird scenario

    I gave up on the ethercon on my Mark 1. Too many time outs and freezes. Since going back to midi cable. Not one issue.
  88. Dramelot

    Fractal Audio AMP models: Brit Silver (Marshall Silver Jubilee)

    That's the model I use most. Thanks for the cool info
  89. Dramelot

    This is the result of rampant outsourcing

    I am now an X computer network engineer. I got burnt, too many times. I feel your pain CC. I am now concentrating on being a guitarist, artist and homeless.... well almost on all counts. But I think I'm happier,,, till the AXFX3 comes out and I can't afford it lol. BTW my Mark I powers up...
  90. Dramelot

    D'Addario NY - Initial Observations

    I love em. I break strings a lot less now.
  91. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    I dont know how it could get better, but Cliff has delivered time and time again (and I go way back) Lets go!
  92. Dramelot

    Congrats to Ghost ! Grammy winner and Fractal users ...

    Jerry Cantrell influenced harmony vocals?
  93. Dramelot

    Superbowl Pregame & "Seal"

    Yeah didnt get it either, I thought Coldplay was pretty lame also. What do I know about todays popular music though...
  94. Dramelot

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    Been lurking,,, I only do official devirgined releases. Pity the foo who chases dat tone Who you callin foo....... foo? BTW Fractal is pretty awesome isnt it? Still supporting my old original early SN# II
  95. Dramelot

    Now that I am FRFR

    I dont like much coming from the front due to what your saying, always have my clrs behind. Ringing ears are not a good sign.
  96. Dramelot

    My Take. The Meaning of Life: Chasing Moments

    Awesome Scott.
  97. Dramelot

    RIP David Bowie

    Sad day,,, RIP David Bowie
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