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  1. skunc

    Guitar Rig vs Axe-Fx III is there really a better tone?

    Axe III, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you enjoy chasing tones and tweaking you will be occupied for many years to come.
  2. skunc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    No need to be sad...there's much to look forward to just around the corner on the FM3 platform! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-status-update-nov-6.167011/page-4#post-2006716
  3. skunc

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    I've seen the harm GC can do to the companies they do business with firsthand. It's not something you ever want to be a part of. At the local level, there are some great people that got caught up in the GC machine and some great businesses that were buried by it. Business strategies employed by...
  4. skunc

    some aimless ambient noodling

    That's sooo great. Thanks for sharing. Inspiring.
  5. skunc

    A/B box recommendations?

    Keeley Framptone Switchers are amazing. Highly recommend.
  6. skunc

    PRS Paul's Guitar

    Congratulations! Stunning guitar!
  7. skunc

    Fractal FM3: Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    Nice work! Presets sound great and your playing is inspiring!
  8. skunc

    School me on Strats

    HSS would defeat the purpose. I am a guitar snob. I shouldn't even offer advise. BUT, I have tons of Strats over $1,500.00+ and my favorite go to strat is a parts guitar that is worth maybe $400 on a good day. So my judgment is a little off...
  9. skunc


    For my truck I was paying $6 a month. I had to “Renew” the special every 6 months by calling. If I forgot my bill would go to something like $24 a month without notice.
  10. skunc

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    You're hitting all my favorites lately...thanks
  11. skunc

    Bug? The problem described appears to violate Foot Switch Functions as per para 3 on page 14.

    have you tried sending a PC from another device? like an iPhone-with the computer removed from the rig.
  12. skunc

    Bug? The problem described appears to violate Foot Switch Functions as per para 3 on page 14.

    Is Channel 1 MIDI exclusive to only one track? Are you sending all Channel 1 data on one track? Have you edited the arrangement since adding MIDI?
  13. skunc

    Bug? The problem described appears to violate Foot Switch Functions as per para 3 on page 14.

    I'm sure you've checked...Just to be clear, there are no additional messages from your software other than the PC message?
  14. skunc

    Live Album - Guitar/Bass Reamped with Axe-Fx III

    NOTHING is more Rock n Roll than The Cherry Bar..
  15. skunc

    RIP Tony Lewis - The Outfield

    The 2020 Suckfest continues....Bangin' is one of my favorite albums start to finish.
  16. skunc

    Scary Pockets - "Karma Police"

    just noticed Zac Rae (keyboards) heavy hitter. Spectrasonics "Keyscape" features some of Zac's vintage keyboard collection.
  17. skunc

    ☺️🎸 Les Videos du Lundi #40 - “Beat it” (full guitar cover) 🎶

    you brought the FIRE for the solo!!!!!
  18. skunc

    Scary Pockets - "Karma Police"

    Wow, very cool. And all those vintage keyboards in the background...
  19. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    great sounding pickups! Sounds like the punchy version of a PAF.
  20. skunc

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    YA is great quality, but that is all going to be to individual taste/music style...WARNING...after your first purchase you will want to go back and collect the whole set... MRSH 412 T75 BMAN 410 10 PQ ORNG 412 V30
  21. skunc

    Sell my Axe II and get the III?

    Sell the II and buy a used Mk I of the Axe III? and an FC? The Forum is a great platform to buy and sell your gear. I've sold several pieces here and have always had a positive experience.
  22. skunc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    keeping Firmware Friday alive! I'll take it...
  23. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    I need to try the Doug Aldrich pickups...new Tone Quest...
  24. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    Plenty BKPs in the US. I've purchased all of mine used on Reverb and eBay. OX4 pups are gaining in popularity here also.
  25. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    They are great pickups, I have a few. Abraxas, Emerald & PG. I think everyone would agree they are really great pickups.
  26. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    Keeping things "not too fancy" I chose common budget friendly oriented pups. All the pickups listed in this thread are great options.
  27. skunc

    Pickups for a Les Paul style / sound

    Affordable options are DiMarzio and Duncan. Take a good listen to the guitar acoustically. My experience with chambered instruments is that they have a different upper mid sound, they are usually slightly accentuated. If you are not comfortable with this you may want to choose a pickup with less...
  28. skunc

    Floyd Rose with threaded collar on bar

    Keep in mind this is a quick, hack fix. It does work on almost any type of trem bar... Cut off a small piece, 1/2" or so and lay it over the hole as you insert the bar.
  29. skunc

    Floyd Rose with threaded collar on bar

    I can't stand having any "slack" in the bar. I just want it to be smooth and fluid, no slop. I'm ok with the bar swinging loose as long as there isn't any play in the female side of the equation. I'm not sure why they don't tighten up the tolerance on those particular specs.
  30. skunc

    Floyd Rose with threaded collar on bar

    I use plumbers tape to take care of that...
  31. skunc

    JP15 Tuning Stability

    I agree with you Andy.... but-Several pro players bump the trems up while tuning. after soloing, I always find a way to tap the bar slightly, up or down depending on your choice, (inaudibly usually) to reset the string tension. Everything returns to zero!
  32. skunc

    What sub-$700 guitar sounds, but doesn't look/weigh, like a Les Paul?

    This is where I would start with the given price poiBe sure and check out the weight. I found several under 7.5. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=PRS%20SE&condition=used&page=6
  33. skunc

    Axe-Fx III DI signal not recording

    The next step is to run the DI track back into the Axe III input, you can re amp and edit your tracks in real time, The DI track also makes fine tuning your edits a bit easier as the waveforms are more transparent before gain and distortion are introduced.
  34. skunc

    I can't believe I missed this band until tonight.

    Start at the beginning. This band has been on a wild journey. There are also so many solo albums and side bands. These guys are good human beings. They stay after shows and spend time with the fans. They are they best. Check out my buddy Tony. He's has a bunch of King's X/ Ty videos that you...
  35. skunc

    Multi undo

    I only can really learn the hard way. I've been in the situation more times than I'm comfortable admitting.
  36. skunc

    Multi undo

    Not at this time. I recommend using the snapshot feature as you are working out a preset.
  37. skunc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.02

    Thanks FAS Team!
  38. skunc

    Wish 2nd Pitch Block

    +1 (step!)
  39. skunc

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    Same here. Habuman went the extra mile to make sure everything installed and worked.
  40. skunc

    Wish Golden Delay Mode

    It would be a nice feature. I would use this. I have been doing the math as I go thru a preset. This would save some time. Would this be adding anything to the CPU level?
  41. skunc

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    The second one sounds less clear, a bit fuzzier like a lower resolution. The imaging on the second sounded different, wider that the first. I would have a hard time distinguishing these sounds in a mix. I'm not sure one is "better" than the other as this type of sound is a bit of a departure for...
  42. skunc

    Pure taste

    I agree 100%. The solo from “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Like You” is an all time favorite. It’s perfection.
  43. skunc

    Lazy Summer

    I wanted to learn how to record with Protools with the FM3 as my DAW. I downloaded a drum track from YouTube and just started messing around and learning how to use the editing tools. There are tons of mistakes including the 3 minutes of silence after the fadeout. I haven't made it far enough...
  44. skunc

    Arrrggghh my wife sucks at tech

    Same here. Lucky she depends on me for help. If she could figure out all the tech stuff she wouldn't need me for anything. That would be bad news for me.
  45. skunc

    Power Amp Sim Tutorial

    Well done. You have sensei level pedagogy skills. Now I have to dig out my first rack pre: the Rocktron mAXE.
  46. skunc

    "Sirius" - Alan Parson Project

    Burning hot! Nice controlled feedback Marco!
  47. skunc

    Sad news

    So sorry for your loss.
  48. skunc

    How and what are you guys/gals using for using 2 inputs?

    I use Input 1 for wireless AES. Input 2 for wireless analog (two packs can be on at the same time). If I need to go hardwire I switch the Input 1 setting from AES to analog. All inputs are calibrated to be equal output levels (AES vs analog).
  49. skunc

    Sci-Fi Birds

    the biggest spring reverb?
  50. skunc

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    yes, ill just stay with ez bass and sd3. that should keep me busy for a while!
  51. skunc

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    I sent you a PM!
  52. skunc

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    For your enjoyment https://www.allparts.com/products/lt-0877-jumbo-fret-wire
  53. skunc

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    This is the least accurate fret chart I've ever seen.
  54. skunc

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    For my hands, I find the "10/56" Fender neck shape, compound radius (7.25" to 9.5") with 6100 fretwire to be the most comfortable to play for long periods of time.
  55. skunc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    this sounds great!!!!!! Nice versatility in the patch and chops...
  56. skunc

    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    Always ROCK SOLID, thanks for bringing the magic to the forum, you are an absolute OZZY authority...
  57. skunc

    Help with cabs

    no, I get it, I see where this is going, I prefer single IRs whether they are Mix IRs or single mic...I search the IRs one at a time until I find a couple that might work and audition them in the cab block
  58. skunc

    Help with cabs

    I find (most of the time), for a straight ahead one amp preset, a single IR sounds better than blending multiple IRs. This is not true 100% of the time. This doesn't really apply to amps with 2 cabs panned R & L or two amps with individual cabs panned... I still like blending IRs, but most of...
  59. skunc

    Free Preset of new FW 14.00

    "Love Rock" solid tones!
  60. skunc

    Sounds of the FM3 | Synthpads & drones

    Amazing sounds. Great Gilmour-esque tones and playing, you have a nice touch for that. Your presets are further evidence that the FM3 has plenty of CPU!
  61. skunc

    New Song on my birthday :)

    Happy Belated!!!!!! FIERCE playing. Your solo chops are so interesting, great use of restraint too...inspiring.
  62. skunc

    COVID JAM #3 - Boston - Foreplay/Longtime

    Nice guitar tones! Lead tone and the ride out chorus sound perfect!!! This song is a huge undertaking-you guys killed it!!!!
  63. skunc

    Guitar store riffs

    I like 6100 frets! They are fun to play. Being a bit of a tech electronics and frets are NBD to me. I've actually done the opposite- taken out large frets and put in the smallest fretwire I could find. Looking back I must have been really bored!
  64. skunc

    Axe III and MainStage Question

    I have been witness to devastation when porting MIDI files back and forth from PTs and Ableton. You are correct-not an Axe iii issue.
  65. skunc

    Looking For Recommendations for External Two-Switch Set-Up

    This is TRUE. but I can easily tell which of the switches is on or off.
  66. skunc

    Looking For Recommendations for External Two-Switch Set-Up

    Switches are solid on the FM3. Using the FM3 for presets and scenes if needed. It's my take on trying to keep it as simple as possible. Results may vary depending on your idea of simple.
  67. skunc

    FC-12 Momentary Contact Switch on/off?

    Clever. Why tie up an expression pedal (especially on the FM3) if you don't have to?
  68. skunc

    Looking For Recommendations for External Two-Switch Set-Up

    Boss FS-6 is what I use. One cable, two switches, many options. I use the two switches to avoid touching the FM3 switches when possible. It always comes in handy as a quick MUTE for changing guitars.
  69. skunc

    Why still a Drive pedal and so many Amp models? (it’s not about the nr of Amp or Drive models)

    She knows too much. She could tell others. Something needs to be done before my wife hears this nonsense...
  70. skunc

    Guitar store riffs

    I never plug in an electric guitar. I'll usually find a quiet space and make sure the instrument sounds good acoustically and decide from there. I have purchased several guitars this way. No regrets.
  71. skunc

    "Ghost ship" - atmospheric synth / soundtrack

    impressive!!!! I'm frightened shipless....🚢
  72. skunc

    Stack of Tape Delays is so cool when fiddling with the motor speed

    YES! YES!!!! This is great fun. I was disappointed when it was over-I wanted it to keep going.
  73. skunc

    My latest - Trial By Fire

    Pretty sure we are going to need to see and hear "the rest of the story"...
  74. skunc

    Heart - "Alone" - Guitar Solo cover

    ummmmmm...... Perfection Achieved! Nice job man!
  75. skunc

    USB connection error after updating FM3-Edit

    I've been down this road before. Several machines became very particular about how they were connected and which era of Mac they were connected to. Try adding a USB hub to the situation. Try using a different laptop. It's also worth reinstalling Axe-Edit, Bot and your Firmware version just to...
  76. skunc

    Metronome not nearly loud enough

    EXH just sucks you in and down the rabbit hole you go for at least 2 hours...
  77. skunc

    My New Guitar, Warmoth build.

    Warmoth is a solid company. I have couple of necks to experiment with. I'm really liking Musikraft and Allparts (I typically custom radius and refret Allparts necks, they are my favorite if I want to invest the time).
  78. skunc

    My latest - Trial By Fire

    Wow! That was epic...Nice video chops as well.
  79. skunc

    USB connection error after updating FM3-Edit

    How is your USB connected to the laptop?
  80. skunc

    My New Guitar, Warmoth build.

    Cool guitar! It is some of the best fun you can have. Some of my best memories are the parts guitars I put together. I'm pretty sure that in the 80s and 90s I kept Warmoth in the black by putting together so many mongrels. I get a lot of joy seeing other players playing them now so many years...
  81. skunc

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    Thanks Cliff & FAS Team! Every update I am so thankful, seriously thankful that I chose FAS.
  82. skunc

    Journey - "Escape" cover using the Ax3

    looks like it was a lot of fun making this, THANK YOU for sharing!
  83. skunc

    William Shatner/Ritchie Blackmore

    I haven't listened to this- comments alone are killing me. Having tribble with the link...
  84. skunc

    Dirty Strat pot

    Use only DeOxit to clean the pot- and only after you have tried working the dirt out by working the pot back and forth for some time. if this doesn't fix the problem it's time for a replacement.
  85. skunc

    High E string is thin and metallic

  86. skunc

    High E string is thin and metallic

    Try everything and record everything.
  87. skunc

    Trap guitar groove (Rc booster + Twin + Mesa IR)

    That's very cool! Nice style.
  88. skunc

    Anyone doing WDW but using 3 FRFR speakers?

    I was saving up for one CLR now I need three??? Challenge accepted. (don't mention this to my wife) Please post some audio so I can hear this! It will be a few years before I get to enjoy it in person.
  89. skunc

    Ice picky on top E solution?

    just when using the Fender amps?
  90. skunc

    High E string is thin and metallic

    Typically graphite adds brightness and reduces lows, also on the bright side your strings are less likely to break at the saddle! Brass will reduce the top end harmonics and make notes rounder sounding. Is it possible that the metallic sound is related to the frets? Is the neck too straight...
  91. skunc

    Gibson R7 extremely bright

    Make sure the pickups are backed off a bit from the strings, not cranked up all the way against the strings. I like to adjust the sound for both pickups while the toggle is in the middle- making the blend of both pickups "full on" sound good. You can also change a bit of the resonant peak of...
  92. skunc

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    Performance Mode controls will be on the floor.:pensive: Where are the FC-12 and expression pedals going to live? It would be pretty massive and more expensive.
  93. skunc

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    I use both units. For me the size and the power of the FM3 is key. I am spoiled with a reliable unit that can fit in a gig bag. It is easy to sit in with another band, travel (and fly one day) with all gear, guitar and clothes in the overhead or at least in an overhead size piece of luggage...
  94. skunc

    Anyone running keys through their Axe?

    Have done this. Works as you would expect. Awesome.
  95. skunc

    What weird tunings do you have your guitars in?

    CADGBD has stuck with me as my favorite alt tuning. It's great for acoustic. Open G is another favorite. I'm really enjoying the PITCH BLOCK now for standard tuning raised and lowered!
  96. skunc

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    I built out a few of the Valley Arts version. Fun guitar. Wiring was interesting. Essentially tele with three humbuckers.
  97. skunc

    New Fender Brent Mason Tele

    String tree placement is hard to look at...
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