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  1. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx Sighting: Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth) joins the family

    kikoloureiro Megadeth Guitar IT Office#ibanez#Megadeth#dystopiaworldtour
  2. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    The new JMP-1 lends itself perfectly to Maiden renditions, so here's my version of The Evil That Men Do. I didn't save any patches unfortunatelly, but here's the technical details: Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio (right channel), Sterling JP-100D (leads and left channel) Amp: Axe-FX 2 Mark...
  3. Alex EShadow

    The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright on v12.03

    Hi all, Here's a bit of fiddling from my part. There's walls of guitar all over this, rhythm is the Brit Pre and Friedman BE for high gain + Plexi 100W Jump and Plexi 100W High for clarity. Leads are done using the Atomica High and 6160 Block. No drive pedals, just amps and guitar. Intro is...
  4. Alex EShadow

    Arch Enemy Cover with Marshall + TS808

    I'm really getting into melodeath as of late, got a tone I loved trying to mimic the tone in Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrant (Fredrik Nordström produced, great stuff), not quite there, but a great(er)? tone IMO. Cabs are OwnHammer's new Marshall w/ english V30s, mostly the SS Studio Modern mix...
  5. Alex EShadow

    V11 Secret Sauce changelog?

    Loving Firmware 11 so far, though since I don't have 2 Axe-FX IIs (who has that kind of money anyway?) it's hard to compare it to v10. Cliff do you perhaps, maybe, by any chance, have a draft of the release notes somewhere so we can know what to play with and be excited about? How about...
  6. Alex EShadow

    Iced Earth / Jon Schaffer's sound

    Ok, so for those interested in the Iced Earth tone (i love it to death), here's some nice information I dug up on the web today: First of all, as you can see, Jon uses Marshall 1960B cabinets with G12-T75s. Redwirez are probably the way to go, but the stock 4x12 75W should be able to get you...
  7. Alex EShadow

    Let the Axe Fall - V9.0 Powerball Power Metal Cover

    Hey All, I've been fiddling with the only ENGL model in the AxeFX so far, the Powerball, and trying to get a nice power metalish tone in the vein of Angra or Hammerfall, both of which use the Savage 120 head (Wishlist!!!). After 3 weeks tweaking and comparing recordings, I've come far enough...
  8. Alex EShadow

    V9 Vai-style Bogner

    http://alexmreis.com/mp3/erotic.mp3 Improved Euro 2 model on the V9 firmware, freaking awesome! Running it through the 4x12 Cali cab with SM58 and R121 A little mid-heavy as usual for me. My LTD Eclipse does have it fair share of midrange, but most of it comes out of my fingers and tonal...
  9. Alex EShadow

    Billy Duffy's (The Cult) tone on Love Removal Machine

    Hello All, Been working extensively through the weekend trying to come up with something that sounds remotely close to the guitar tone on Love Removal Machine by The Cult (Sonic Revolution album). I'm using my LTD Eclipse w/ Duncans (supposedly Billy Duffy used Les Pauls w/ Duncan...
  10. Alex EShadow

    Attempt at the Load rhythm sound

    Hey guys... I've just loaded my guitar with a EMG 60/81 and decided to try my hand at Metallica's Load rhythm tone using the axe... Not an exact match by any means, but sounds good to my ears... lemme know Alex http://alexeshadow.googlepages.com/Aint ... EMG-01.mp3
  11. Alex EShadow

    An attempt at industrial j-rock

    So, after a lot of bashing from metal heads in the past, I'm still trying to get a good metal tone out of my axe, and I've seen some AWESOME ones in this forum... Here goes nothing: http://alexeshadow.googlepages.com/reddish-03.mp3 Lemme know what you think. Cheers, Alex
  12. Alex EShadow

    AxeFX SPDIF out to PC DAW

    Hi All, I'm currently looking into doing some quality guitar and bass recording, but since everything I use goes through the AxeFX I was thinking of using the already great AD/DA converters in the Axe instead of using some external A/D from Apogee or MOTU that costs a ton. So my question is...
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