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  1. PaulS

    How much headphone impedance can it handle?

    Rule of eight? https://sites.google.com/view/quipa/faq-hub/output-impedance
  2. PaulS

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    Absolutely excellent preset! Works perfect.
  3. PaulS

    USB In to Out 2 Problem

    I think that the computer audio goes to either output 1 or output 2, selectable in the setup screens. You can't send to both, at least not currently.
  4. PaulS

    FS Axe-Fx II mk. 1 with MFC-101

    Where in Canada? I'm in Buffalo so not far, not sure about the shipping cost.
  5. PaulS

    FS Axe-Fx II mk. 1 with MFC-101

    The XL has more preset slots. Non XL has 383, XL has 512. Other than that, I think they're the same.
  6. PaulS

    FS Axe-Fx II mk. 1 with MFC-101

  7. PaulS

    FS Axe-Fx II mk. 1 with MFC-101

    Axe Fx II w MFC-101, with lots of magnetic labels Both units like new, used in home studio only, never gigged. $1400 for both, shipped to continental US in original packaging. Can accept MC/VISA or Paypal gift.
  8. PaulS

    Solo jazz guitar

    Great sound! Nice and mellow without getting at all muddy. Can you post the patch?
  9. PaulS

    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    Confirmation 2/11 @12:04 pm EST Invite: 6/26 @ 2:57 pm EDT Ordered 6/26 @ 3:15 Delivered:. 6/29 @ 11:30 am
  10. PaulS

    Factory Cabs Not Installed!!!

    Did you email support? Should be an easy fix.
  11. PaulS

    To All The Pundits

    Sounds pretty much identical to me.
  12. PaulS

    Received Axe-FX III this afternoon... Few questions on Setup!!!

    Headphones would be fine for a start.
  13. PaulS

    Received Axe-FX III this afternoon... Few questions on Setup!!!

    If it were me, I would start very simply. Guitar to are 3 to monitors and just play for a while to make sure everything working. Then, connect to the computer USB and get that established. Once that's done you can work in all your other gear. Apparently some of the unis went out with the factory...
  14. PaulS

    [Video] Axe-Fx III Basic Navigation

    Very informative video! The front panel looks almost as easy to use as axe edit. Looking forward to Future tutorials.
  15. PaulS

    Jet Lag and Ears

    Frequently. Oral decongestants such as Sudafed can help speed up recovery.
  16. PaulS

    Help with Phaser block, can't get a good MXR Phase 100 type sound

    If memory serves, the Maestro added in a small amount of pink noise, which makes the sound of the sweep more obvious. Not sure if there's a way to do that on the Axe.
  17. PaulS

    Anyone Use Fractal-Bot to Update to 2.15 yet?

    Used the MidiSport Uno as the interface. Quick and easy, and you don't need to mess with the settings on the Axe II
  18. PaulS

    Rocktron Velocity 300 opinions

    Had one for a couple months, which I played through a Marshall 1960. Was never able to get a sound I was happy with. Switched to 2 QSC K 12s and life is good.
  19. PaulS

    Instrument cables

    Agree that the most significant factor is the quality of construction. Flexible cable that doesn't twist up into a mess and sturdy connectors, most important to me. Most of the nonsense that the manufacturers describe wouldn't apply at audio frequencies, maybe at UHF or microwave frequencies...
  20. PaulS

    Radley's FW 10.0 early impressions:

    It is kind of strange that so many users, who would comfortably adjust the controls on a "real" amp to get a sound they like, seem to expect the axe to sound perfect at default settings. Just pretend its a real amp, and adjust it to your liking.
  21. PaulS

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.0!

    Can F bot load the new presets?
  22. PaulS

    Just bought my Axe FX II!

    +1, MFC is definitely a must have as are a couple good expression pedals.
  23. PaulS

    So how many of you made the switch to 'all axe'...?

    When I first got the axe-fx, I had a Roctron velocity 300 and Marshall 1960A. I set up the axe into this, played for a short while, then tried it running into a small home stereo in my practice room. 20 minutes later, I loaded the Roctron and Marshall into the car, drove to GC, and traded for 2...
  24. PaulS

    Axe edit not seeing the USB connection?

    Had this happen once, reinstalling axe edit fixed it.
  25. PaulS

    Problem loading v9 bank C

    All's well that ends well, I guess. No joy using Midi-Ox, but I was able to load Bank C with Axe-Manage. Doesn't seem to have caused any issues (so far), and much faster than Midi-Ox. The only new presets I see are in Bank A, but they do sound great! Thanks for the help.
  26. PaulS

    Problem loading v9 bank C

    Successfully loaded bank A and bank B on win 7 box with Midi Ox set for 32 buffers 256 bytes 50 ms delay. Loading bank C receiving error message "not enough memory" Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  27. PaulS

    NGD - Any Strat Deluxe users? Need advice on upgrading bits

    I've got Deluxe with the S-1 switch and I like it quite well. Give a few different options, some of which are useful. Mine's got the original noiseless Fender pickups and they're really not bad. I wouldn't be in too much of a hurry to change anything until you've set it up to your liking and...
  28. PaulS

    Seing Dweezil tomorrow, Saturday.

    Saw the show last summer, 2 Ultras and 4 atomic speakers. Great show and he spent a lot of time after talking to the audience
  29. PaulS

    Great Show Dweezil!

    Saw them last year here in Buffalo. Same thing, great show and Dweezil spent quite a long time after just hanging out with the audience. Seems like a great guy.
  30. PaulS

    Noiselss pickups... for my Strat

    The Fender noiseless pickups are really not too bad, either
  31. PaulS

    I need 10 jazz guitar songs to learn! Help!

    Blue Bossa Just Friends All the Things You Are The Way You Look Tonight My Funny Valentine Misty
  32. PaulS

    Guitar setup question: adjusting trem for different strings

    You may need to loosen the trem springs a bit more. When you check neck relief, fret at the 1st and last fret, look for a small gap midway. Some people like to use a piece of string as a feeler guage. Next time , before adjusting try to measure, and or mark everything before you make any...
  33. PaulS

    Guitar setup question: adjusting trem for different strings

    I wouldn't start with the truss rod. Just adjust the spring tension to get the bridge back in it's original position. 10's to 9's should just require a slight loosening of the spring tension. Get it as good as you can, then play it a couple days before you mess with the neck.
  34. PaulS

    Changing strings: all at once VS one at a time.

    On an archtop with a pedestal bridge, one at a time precludes accidentally moving the bridge and screwing up the intonation. Not that you cant get it back, but it can be a pain. Of course, if you really need to clean and oil the fingerboard, you've got to take them all off. Then you can cheat...
  35. PaulS

    Question for guys that do alternate picking really fast

    After many years of practicing exercises with a metronome, emphasizing speed, speed, speed. I've come to the conclusion that you are best served by just playing relaxed, If you spend enough time playing the speed just comes naturally without any special effort. It's a lot more fun this way too.
  36. PaulS

    Getting A Good Jazz Tone

    For most jazz stuff, I've been happy with the Mr. Benson patch. Most I've had to do is add a light chorus, and play with the tone controls. I think it's pretty close right out of the box.
  37. PaulS

    QSC K12's

    Both, they sound much better, previously I had a velocity 300 and Marshall 1960A. This sounded unpleasant to me. Also the Marshall is bulky to move. The K-12s are small, light - even my wife could carry them
  38. PaulS

    QSC K12's

    Been using 2 K 12's for around a year now and no complaints. They may not be the very best option, but they're affordable, very, very loud, and they sound great. So much better than the power amp guitar cab.
  39. PaulS

    Is Guitar Center going to be around much longer? Fender too?

    Fortunately, there are some people still building good stuff. PRS builds quite a few top notch products in the old school Gibson style, and you can even get one at GC, although other dealers are probably a better choice. If you want a Fender style guitar, there are many options. My main...
  40. PaulS

    Who has sold 4x12 cabs after go fr/fr ?

    Sold my 1960A, and velocity 300 wiithin a week of getting the AxeFx II. Replaced with 2 QSC K12's, simply better in every regard.
  41. PaulS

    first time buying a hollowbody guitar "jazz box" any suggestions ... ???

    At that price, I would check out Eastman, maybe an 810, they are made in China, but are quite well constructed, hand made, good workmanship and materials. Also worth looking at are the Korean made D'Angelico's. They are not quite as much a hand crafted instrument, but they are nice, and very...
  42. PaulS

    Having trouble breaking out of my funk...

    If you are comfortable with the minor pentatonic, just move it down 3 frets and you've got a major pentatonic, more of a country sound over a major chord. If you know major scales in all keys, you can start playing over ii-v-I changes, more of a jazz perspective. Once you have that down, you can...
  43. PaulS

    What brand of cable are you using for guitar to Axe?

    I think, if you plug in the numbers to the skin effect equation, you can see that at the range of frequencies encountered in audio equipment, it's influence would be minimal. Of course, if the frequency approaches 500 mhz and up, things change. so, while it is real, it just isn't likely to...
  44. PaulS

    Home studio humidity control

    The ideal solution would be to install both on the furnace if you have a forced air heating system. Easy to adjust, minimal maintenance, but maybe a bit expensive. The newer steam injection humidifiers are a nice option, but they aren't cheap.
  45. PaulS

    Firmware 6.01

    That would be my guess too probably trying to solve some of the issues with Axe Edit. Anyway aside from the few bugs, 6.0 sounds so good, I don't mind waiting
  46. PaulS

    QSC K12

    I've been very pleased with my pair of K12's for the last year. Maybe there are better choices, but they sound nice and are a pretty good value. WAY LOUD too!!
  47. PaulS

    Using reamping to adjust parameters?

    How are you guys monitoring the backing track when re amping? I can't seen to find a way to do this.
  48. PaulS


    I've been somewhat skeptical of the claims some people make to be able to hear the difference between A440 and A438. Seems a bit hard to swallow. A lot of professional piano tuners might not be able to do this. But, apparently some of us can hear pitch quite accurately without a reference. I've...
  49. PaulS

    Who was your first Concert?

    Lovin Spoonful, summer of 64. Guitar player had a Guild solidbody with a built in stand. Not a bad show!
  50. PaulS

    New editor weirdness

    Same for me on Win 7, bypassing effects block works sometimes, not others.
  51. PaulS

    Why does my Axe lock on startup sometimes?

    Is the problem totally cured now?
  52. PaulS

    Why does my Axe lock on startup sometimes?

    What did they do ? Did you have to return the unit for repair?
  53. PaulS


    This could be a really convenient way to experiment with varoius tweaks. Can you play back the mix without the wet tracks and process the dry track while using Axe Edit to adjust the preset?
  54. PaulS

    Which solder for guitar wiring?

    Unless you're involved in production work, I wouldn't be to concerned about the slight exposure to lead from a few repairs or conncetions. I live in an area where GM manufactured millions of radiators using solder as high in lead content as 90% (only has to hold 15 psi). Thousands worked in this...
  55. PaulS

    Gibson Petition

    Going back to Gibson, it is interesting to note the groups who have been most vocal in criticizing Gibson's practices. Industry criticism: There has been an effort by conservation and timber industry groups to counter Gibson’s and some politicians’ criticism of the Lacey Act and to call...
  56. PaulS

    Gibson Petition

    Saw this yesterday, might be interesting if anybody is going to be in Nashville next weekend. Rally to Support Gibson
  57. PaulS

    Gibson Petition

    Almost 10k signatures already. It'd be nice if they would listen in Washington for a change
  58. PaulS

    Gibson interview regarding the Fed raids

    The unfortunate thing here is that after 2 years in storage, even if the material is returned, it will probably be useless. Gibson will be out half a million with no chance of recovery. Mission accomplished?
  59. PaulS

    Gibson interview regarding the Fed raids

    Remember, Gibson moved from Michigan to a right to work state. No more union, and the current administration has been a good friend to organized labor. Witness the foolishness at Boeings.
  60. PaulS

    Dweezil plays Zappa

    You're right about Stanley Clarke, I think that's the first time I've seen anybody sit down to play an upright. The guy is so tall he makes it look like a cello.
  61. PaulS

    Dweezil plays Zappa

    Maybe as the tour goes on, Last time I saw Jean-Luc was with the Mothers back in 73 (same band from the Overnite Sensation album). While ZPZ is good. I'm not sure they have the jazz chops for some of the old tunes.
  62. PaulS

    Dweezil plays Zappa

    Saw Dweezil last night as the opening act for Chick Corea's RTF. Looked like he had 2 Ultras and 4 Atomic cabs. Didn't seem to be using a lot of different patches, but great sound, great player. Unfortunately the sound guys had the kick drum so loud it was hard too hear much else. took the until...
  63. PaulS

    Axe-Edit Version 1.0.188

    Can't find the new version. The link just goes th the download page for the original .183 revision
  64. PaulS

    The "Official" unofficial Axe Fx II US Purchase Availability Thread

    I was not so much in a hurry to actually get the unit as I was to end the routine of checking availability constantly, so ground shipping is OK, especially since it doesn't have very far to go and only took a couple days for the MFC.
  65. PaulS

    Fractal axe II on ebay

    Gone now!
  66. PaulS

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    Every time I read the notice on the Yahoo store that it is not available until June 6th refrain from contacting us until then, it becomes less likely. I play because I enjoy it, and this nonsense is becoming a waste of time and a distraction. Not to mention annoying. I'm sure its a great...
  67. PaulS

    Axe FX II and axe edit?

    If I understand correctly, at this time there are no USB drivers, no software to use a connection with a PC? Everything must be done using the display on the unit itself? If so why the big rush to buy one?
  68. PaulS

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    I'm getting kind of old, not sure if I will live long enough to buy one the way this is going.
  69. PaulS

    Axe Fx II Shipping Date....?

    If they're still proofing the manual, it's going to take some time to have them printed. I don't imagine they would ship without owner's manuals.
  70. PaulS

    Amp sim requests

    +1 on the super reverb, also some old school jazz patches ala Wes would be nice
  71. PaulS

    Axe Fx II Shipping Date....?

    Anybody think this will actually be released tonight, or will they wait for the amp show on 6/4?
  72. PaulS

    Will you buy an Axe FX II?

    Just as soon as they start shipping, I'm planning to buy.
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