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  1. AlbertA

    Windows 10 USB audio stops

    Occasionally I've seen my USB audio through the Axe-FX III stop working - both ASIO and windows audio. I think the most reliable way I've found to reproduce this is just leaving the Axe-Fx III on overnight but occasionally it happens within hours (hours from first turning on the Axe-Fx III)...
  2. AlbertA

    Very sensitive switches?

    It seems very little actuation is needed to trigger the switch. I guess this is normal for these switches? I seem to be occasionally wrongly triggering other adjacent switches - I guess I have to train myself to use more of the tip of my foot.
  3. AlbertA

    "Master of Puppets" take

    I'm not anyone of those fantastic gentlemen, but here's my take. I used the guidance from @Plague Scythe Studios on this video, and the "puppet IR" available in the description there. The preset is attached (FW 12.08b3) - Using a DiMarzio Crunchlab passive PUP.
  4. AlbertA

    12.08 Pitch shifter latency - tremendous improvement

    I did a quick measurement, I recorded OUT1/2 and USB 5 (dry input) to measure the relative latency when the virtual capo is on at -7. Here's 12.07 with an A power chord - Looks like about 65ms. And here's with 12.08 beta 3 - About 8 ms
  5. AlbertA

    Sweep man

  6. AlbertA

    Noise Reducer Gate - Wow!

    The new noise reducer type in the input gate is fantastic! Listen to my Gibson with P90's - P90's seem to be a good torture test for any noise gate - this is with FW 12.07 First clip is noise gate completely off - lots of nasty noise all over its spectrum. Second clip is using the Intelligent...
  7. AlbertA

    Wish Support 3 momentary switches on 1 TRS

    This is a wish request for the Pedal jacks in the Axe-Fx III/FC-6/FC-12/FM-3 to support 3 momentary switches on one TRS cable Switch 1 - Tip-to-sleeve short Switch 2 - Ring-To-sleeve short Switch 3 - Both Tip+Ring-To-sleeve short. Something like this: Thanks!
  8. AlbertA

    Nick Johnston - "Wide Eyes In The Dark"

    Another fantastic album by Nick Johnston https://nickjohnstonmusic.com/wide-eyes-in-the-dark https://www.sheethappenspublishing.com/artists/nick-johnston
  9. AlbertA

    Vai saying Modeling is not there yet :)

    He says modeling sounds small and there's latency - did he not try his Axe-Fx III? :) Discuss....
  10. AlbertA

    [Linux] Reaper

    I've been running Reaper 64-bit through wine for a while now, using an ASIO-to-jack configuration and it works well enough for use but not optimal. However there's now experimental builds of Reaper for Linux available from their front download page (no longer hidden away in the forums :)...
  11. AlbertA

    Will new tariffs affect Axe-Fx III pricing?

    Will this impact the Axe-Fx III pricing? Tariff article https://ustr.gov/sites/default/files/enforcement/301Investigations/List 1.pdf 25% increase on basically all of the BOM of the Axe-Fx III ceramic caps, memory, PCBs, LCDs, resistors...etc.
  12. AlbertA

    Wish MIDI PC Offset range increase to cover all of the user presets

    The MIDI PC Offset range should go all the way to 511 no? Edit: I guess a window of 128 presets should always be selectable. That makes sense...ignore this :)
  13. AlbertA

    Fixed Scene change mute on/off toggle

    When a scene is changed, if any block changes channel, the outputs are briefly muted to avoid pops/artifacts. It makes sense, as a channel change could be really drastic. However, if the user is more conservative on parameter changes you could have little to no pops/artifacts. In such cases...
  14. AlbertA

    Wish Allow a parameter to have different modifiers per channel

    There's times I wanted to have different modifier settings on the same parameter as I change channels. For example, The wah control parameter. Channel A could have an envelope modifier, Channel B could be an External 2 modifier and so on. Another example, Using a synth block, I attach a...
  15. AlbertA

    [FIXED] Bug? MIDI PC Offset not working

    It seems "MIDI PC Offset" is not working According to the manual it's supposed to do the following: But it doesn't look like it does anything. Setting it to say 100, when I send a PC change of 1, the axe-fx still goes to preset 1 instead of 101.
  16. AlbertA

    [FIXED] Looper Undo glitch bug?

    After recording a new layer in a loop, pressing the undo button results in a little chip/blirp. For example, I start pressing the undo button here at around 17 seconds:
  17. AlbertA

    Some wise words from VAI

    I like how he frames technology and how he correctly identifies the "Doom and Gloom" people.
  18. AlbertA

    [Linux folk] Disappearing mouse cursor

    Disclaimer: this is meant for other linux folk, not Windows/OSX users or Fractal Audio as Linux is not officially supported. Axe-Edit III works well under wine (provided you set the dwrite library to disabled). However, in my config (Ubuntu 18.04/NVIDIA proprietary driver, the mouse cursor...
  19. AlbertA

    Custom Doubler Effect

    Double Trouble Here's another preset I just ported from my Axe-Fx II presets but I've updated it a bit. It uses 2 Cali Leggy amps panned hard left/right with slightly different settings on each. Each side goes to an IR, left a V30, right a Citrus Cab. For the doubler effect I use both random...
  20. AlbertA

    Implemented LFO Controllers Hicut parameter

    Similar to the flanger LFO Hicut parameter but for the LFO controllers. Very useful when the LFO Type is set to RANDOM.
  21. AlbertA

    [Windows] USB overflow issue every time stream starts

    In Windows 10, I made my Axe-Fx III the system speakers. The USB Buffer Size in the Axe-Fx III itself is set to 8. Go to Setup->Utilities->USB page. After starting to play audio (say a Youtube video), you can see the OUT USB meter slowly crawls up. After about 2 minutes it the bar overflows...
  22. AlbertA

    Implemented Avoid amp block muting if channel is not changed on a scene change

    I have a preset: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6244 where in all scenes, the amp is set to Channel A. But as I switch scenes, I get a small silence gap on the amp output. Would it be possible in instances where the channel is not changed at all to avoid the gap altogether...
  23. AlbertA

    Hans Zimmer "Time" Chord drones, HBE 2018 and others

    These are some patches based on a simeon preset from back in the Axe-Fx ULTRA days. Ominous Nebula This patch setups a couple of synth blocks with an Am and a F chord drone. The External 1 controller is used to transition between the chords. External 2 is setup as a volume control of the...
  24. AlbertA

    Wish Increase to 8 scene controllers

    I wish for having 8 scene controllers. One use case is, say you are using 2 synth blocks and you setup a chord voicing of your choice using all 6 voices. If you use scenes + channels, you can setup each channel with different shift values to change chords; you then can setup up to 4 chords...
  25. AlbertA

    Wish Shortcut to Controllers screen from Modifiers

    While editing a modifier, I would like to press ENTER when I have selected a modifier source (say LFO1A) and have it take me to the controllers screen at the corresponding page (in this case LFO1). Pressing EXIT from there should take me back to the modifier screen.
  26. AlbertA

    Implemented Non-shared modifiers per channel

    There's been occasions where I would like the modifiers to not be shared across channels. Could there possible be a toggle we could enable to switch between shared and non-shared modes? Or what about having an option of selecting the modifier number in per channel? Right now the modifier...
  27. AlbertA

    Uber Chugga III

    Uber Chugga is a preset I made probably 10+ years ago for the Axe-Fx ULTRA, if I recall correctly. This is oldest mention of it I can find on the forum. I recently noticed a version of that preset in the Axe-Fx III presets (283) but doesn't chug as it should. I made a revised version which you...
  28. AlbertA

    The Value knob is push clickable

    For those of us who may not have read the manual (this is actually in the introduction section of the manual :) ) Clicking the Value knob is a shortcut to Layout - very useful when editing. Enjoy!
  29. AlbertA

    Axe-Fx III - AlbertA's first days

    I upgraded from a Mark I Axe-Fx 2 which I used for little more than 6 years... time passes fast. Taking it off the box, the unit it seemed familiar yet new. First impressions on the I/O - input 1 available on the back now is a nice detail - I'll probably not take advantage of all the outputs...
  30. AlbertA

    [Linux] USB issue when powering on unit

    It seems the Axe-Fx 3 errors out when trying to respond to USB control messages while its booting up, for example to query the current clock selector value (UAC2_CS_CUR) In Linux, I'm seeing a protocol error messages returned by the driver, during the time the Axe-FX 3 boots up. If I instead...
  31. AlbertA

    Wish Assignable USB Computer Input sources

    Currently, the USB Inputs are hardwired: 1+2 source is Output 1 block 3+4 source is Output 2 block 5+6 source is Input 1 7+8 source is Input 2 It would be great to have options in the Setup->I/O->Audio tab to assign sources to USB inputs. Something like: USB Configuration 1+2 Source...
  32. AlbertA

    Does the Axe-Fx III now reboot automatically after a firmware update?

    Does the Axe-Fx III now reboot automatically after a firmware update? Or do you still have to flick the power switch?
  33. AlbertA

    MESA Lone Star Clean/Lead

    P90's, Lonestar clean and lead drenched in delay and reverb. The "bass" is just my guitar pitch shifted - a poor man's bass. Apologies for the slop and mix
  34. AlbertA

    Yet another Enter Sandman thread... Enter Axeman?

    Yet another Enter Sandman tone, why not.... Patches attached - The rythm patch is a modified Mikko's Sandman patch; the clean sound is a modified GuitarJon's enter sandman clean patch (tone matched for my guitar, which has Liquifire on the neck, Crunch lab on the bridge).
  35. AlbertA

    [Fixed] Linux: USB Overflows

    I've been using the Axe-FX II as a sound card in linux (Ubuntu 16.10 currently). One of the issues though I'm seeing though is overflows (not underflows) regardless of USB BUFFER size in the axe-fx. Overflow artifacts are harder to spot it seems but I do hear clicks and pops now and then. Does...
  36. AlbertA

    How to remove a corrupt preset that hangs the Axe-FX II?

    So I have a preset that's hanging the axe-fx at location 107... As soon as I change from 106 to 107 Axe-FX hangs. When I reboot it, it's back in 106, so I cannot use the "Hold the RECALL" button to make it blank. Trying to clear it with Axe-Edit also results in a hang... is there any way to...
  37. AlbertA

    NURA headphones kickstarter

    " Nura: Headphones that learn and adapt to your unique hearing" Huh.... Looks like this could be pretty neat if it delivers:
  38. AlbertA

    Which Online Discussion Archetype Are You?

    Which Online Discussion Archetype Are You? Who does this remind you of? Loopy
  39. AlbertA

    Yet Another Metallica Battery preset (FW18)

    Edit: Sounds sort of like Battery, certainly not a replica - much brighter. But it was around the neighborhood so I thought I would share. Carvin 127C with Dimarzio CrunchLab, USA IIc+ amp + CK's 4x12 USA TRAD 57-121 (stock IR - factory 73)
  40. AlbertA

    Sweet new verbs

    I looove the new reverbs and new hold function. 1959slp treble + Pre-rola IR (slot U100) and extern1 to control the hold and switch between reverb blocks (patch attached).
  41. AlbertA

    16.04 Reverb vocal test

    DLR vocals that is :) Mix at 30%, quality set to high, just going through the reverb types, changing them at random times...
  42. AlbertA

    16.04 Reverb stress test

    Using the reverb stress test (a super dry and bright snare) at http://www.numericalsound.com/forti-and-ser…shootout.html you can listen for any metallic qualities and white noise sibilance. I go through all the default reverb types with Mix at 100% and quality set to high. IMHO, the Axe-Fx II...
  43. AlbertA

    Santanish tone

    Using the USA LEAD BRT+
  44. AlbertA

    Trent Reznor writing process

    :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xg-Wk2DEXs
  45. AlbertA

    Kung Fury Kickstarter let's fund this!

    KUNG FURY by Laser Unicorns — Kickstarter
  46. AlbertA

    Big click/pop first time audio is played through USB

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 Firmware: v11.01 USB drive: 168 (also happened with 167). Other USB peripherals: Mouse and keyboard. The first time a sound is played through the Axe-FX II USB audio interface a big pop/click is heard. I can reproduce by shutting down the Axe-FX II...
  47. AlbertA

    Unable to save new block definitions unless Axe-Edit is run as Administrator (solved)

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Firmware: v11.01 After installing firmware v11.01, when starting Axe-Edit 3, it starts to get the "new block definitions". It keeps doing this every time Axe-Edit is started unless I start Axe-Edit with Administrator privileges.
  48. AlbertA

    5-minute patch

    I didn't realize how much I missed Axe-Edit :) Here's the result of a creating a patch from scratch in 5-minutes (JS1000 into 5153 Red using OwnHammer T75-SS RBN-121 IR)
  49. AlbertA

    Pitch Block Voice Shift knobs turn to 24 as you turn the knob down (solved)

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, SP1 Axe-FX FW 11.00, Axe-Edit 3.00 Insert a Pitch Block, set type to FIXED HARM. Turn the Voice1 or Voice2 Shift knob counter-clockwise. After crossing the center, it goes to 24 the max value. Entering the value directly works fine however.
  50. AlbertA

    Another Splawn

    Instant gratification. All I did was add an amp block, select Spawn Fastrod. Then I added a stereo cab block and selected 4X12 G12T75 Kalthallen #1 and #2. And it sounded like this: The second part just has a ping pong delay.
  51. AlbertA

    Reverb comparison

    So here's a nice little stress test dry clip for reverbs: http://www.numericalsound.com/RI_ShootOut/TitBrSnare.mp3 Here's a recording of all the reverb presets using their defaults, 100% WET. http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx2/reverb/reverb_axefx_test.mp3 The Axe-Fx does fares well in that...
  52. AlbertA

    Walk Eq Match

    Made this patch for nojyeloot :) http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx2/walk/walk_comparison.mp3 Patch: http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx2/walk/Walk_patch2.syx IRs: http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx2/walk/walk_left_channel_2.syx http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx2/walk/walk_right_channel_2.syx Longer...
  53. AlbertA

    Got My Axe-Fx II

    Well you guys were not kidding. I originally signed up for the waiting list as soon as it was announced back in June. I got my coupon on August I believe but decided to pass at that point I didn't hear enough of an improvement to justify to myself the price delta. However, I decided to add...
  54. AlbertA

    What happened to Tom King?

    It's been a while. I did notice the websites were not integrated anymore a while back. Did Tom and Fractal part ways?
  55. AlbertA

    New TI multicore DSPs

    It took a while but TI finally has a contender (TMS320C667x family) that goes beyond the Analog Devices ADI’s ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARC: the TMS320C667x family: C6000 High Performance Multicore DSP - TMS320C66x DSP - TMS320C6678 - TI.com C6000 High Performance Multicore DSP - TMS320C66x DSP -...
  56. AlbertA

    Challenge: Van halen isolated track

    Van Halen "Unchained" Isolated Guitar Track - YouTube! Challenge: Who can come the closest with an Axe-Fx II 3.0 firmware??
  57. AlbertA

    Muppets Patch

    http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx/muppets/muppets.mp3 http://guitarlogic.org/axe-fx/muppets/MuppetMaster.syx
  58. AlbertA

    Tinnitus article

    Nice article on tinnitus: http://discovermagazine.com/2010/oct/26 ... uch-deeper
  59. AlbertA

    Reverb shape settings

    Right now as I understand, one wall size is controlled by the size parameter. I assume the reverb type predetermines the resulting shape (i.e. the ratio of one perpendicular wall to another. I would like to see an additional parameter to control the dimension or "length" of the other wall to...
  60. AlbertA

    More granularity in the SIZE parameter for reverb

    I use very small sizes to simulate room/early reflections reverb for direct recording. Sometimes I end up "wanting" a size that's between say 2.9 and 3.3, etc... So I wish more granularity was given in the 2-20 range for the Reverb SIZE parameter :D Also more granularity in the pre-delay...
  61. AlbertA

    Automatically reload IR into memory after it's sent via MIDI

    Just a small feature request. Have the IR reload automatically when you send one through MIDI. Right now you either have to reload the patch or change the IR slot to get it to load. This is really useful when trying to audition tons of IR's.
  62. AlbertA

    Why does the mono delay have a phase reversal function?

    Why does the mono delay have a phase reversal function? In some of the bank C patches is set to on and it completely cancels the delay output (i.e. no delays). Does it even make sense to have it available in mono mode?
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