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  1. jefferski

    Guitar is more stable sitting down

    This. That way it won't slide off your lap or fall over when you take your hands off to dial in your AxeFx or do something on the computer ;-)
  2. jefferski

    NGD - Charvel

    I've been thinking about some sort of inexpensive Tele for a while now; leaning towards either a Nashville so I can get the 5-way tones, or a G&L ASAT (because they're probably much better than a Fender at that price ;-) ... but this looks sweet. I generally prefer 3 pups but with the options...
  3. jefferski

    Will the Steelers go undefeated?

    My wife hopes so. I do not ;-) Steelers-Chiefs for the AFC title would be a great game either way. They've got 4 games remaining against good teams so it could be tough. (did I just say the Browns are a good team??!!!!??)
  4. jefferski

    Real or fake?

    The perspective and having a rug, a blanket, and a floor behind it makes it look kind of odd. I never understand the people who take pictures of their guitars w/ backgrounds that make it hard to see the guitar, outdoors, by the pool, too dark, etc... aren't you trying to make it look as good...
  5. jefferski

    I have a guitar problem.

    Nope, that's just when you learn to look covertly ;-)
  6. jefferski

    Hi gain only?

    Same for me.
  7. jefferski

    Wish "Classic" Ring Mod Pitch Detection Option

    +1 Love the Ring Mod for getting funky.
  8. jefferski

    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    Damn... I streamed in for a few songs up thru Curlew's but then went down to hang out w/ my wife... Hood and Lifeboy were next ;-(
  9. jefferski

    Biggest Axe-Fx III surprise?

    I ran two of those with a feedback loop and it was out of this world...
  10. jefferski

    FM3 Status Update

    Thanks for taking one for the team! ;-)
  11. jefferski

    Best Guitarist of all times

    OP didn't even answer his own question... "who is THE best?" >> "Slash is ONE OF the best" -- just sayin' ;-) It's impossible to answer beyond saying who's your favorite. Guitar is not the 100 meter dash or the Super Bowl. Lol. Steve Howe is possibly my favorite guitarist of all, but I'd...
  12. jefferski

    My wife passed away today

    Rodz, I am so sorry for your loss.
  13. jefferski

    What Is The "VOX" Sound?

    If I had to pick one amp it would be a Vox for all the reasons he talks about. (or maybe the Morgan ;-)
  14. jefferski

    Dealing with scenes?

    Yep. Most people don't read manuals, FAQs, or even search the forum. Our current culture is "just ask a question." So it keeps coming up here over and over. And the fact that you can adjust parameters using Scene Controllers means that a lot of people have heard/read or seen in a video...
  15. jefferski

    Why Fractal is good for my sanity... and my wallet.

    I've always been into versatility. Most of my guitars have mods to get more sounds; I've used various modelers since way back. I like things to sound authentic, but I've only played a handful of amps/cabs/pedals enough to really know how they should sound. So when I heard about the AFX (from...
  16. jefferski

    I have a guitar problem.

    I would think it's the other way around - the LESS tequila in the bottle, the more likely you are primed to buy a guitar. Beautiful guitar ;-)
  17. jefferski

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    LOL. As long as they can start clean and not have to absorb the debt etc.
  18. jefferski

    Guitar Center To File For Bankruptcy

    I'm sad for the employees who will lose their jobs. They may not be the most knowledgeable, but they're still people with lives and families and don't deserve to be pawns in the venture capital game. Hopefully some small retailers will step in to fill the void; but until we're past covid, I...
  19. jefferski

    Wish Standard CAB block associated with amp block, or auto CAB matching

    I had a longer response but the simple answer is "good idea in theory, way too many variables to make it practical."
  20. jefferski

    Joke Thread

  21. jefferski

    Izotope plugins worth it?

    Yes and yes. Neutron and Ozone have become my go-to for mixing and mastering. Even the Elements Suite is good and totally worth it.
  22. jefferski

    Joke Thread

  23. jefferski

    Quick and dirty Frippy 16 second loop

    Beautiful Simeon! So many possibilities w/ this magic box ;-)
  24. jefferski

    Wish Modifiers per Channel

    ... and more, to be able to have different values on each channel, which is what OP is asking for.
  25. jefferski

    Inexpensive guitars

    I've been wanting a smaller hollow body for a while, been eyeing the Epi 339 and also the Ibanez AM93. I have an AS200 which is a really sweet guitar but I never play it because I just don't get along with the larger body style. It's also 40 years old so I don't know if the build quality and...
  26. jefferski

    Apple Silicon

    Nothing larger than 13" ... meh. Especially for video and music production - I don't always sit at my workstation with a 2nd monitor and prefer more real estate. Would love to see them release a Pro w/ the same specs but a 15 or 16"
  27. jefferski

    Mini LCD wish - bigger text or bold

    Yea, I agree with this too. I was just pointing out to the other comment that tape labels or whatever are useless when we're using different layouts etc.
  28. jefferski

    RIP Alex Trebek

    When I was growing up my mom loved Jeopardy and even kept her own score every day. This was in the Art Fleming days...
  29. jefferski

    Mini LCD wish - bigger text or bold

    True, but the whole point is that the board IS so powerful and most people * don't * use the same buttons for every preset. If I did that, it'd be easy to remember it and wouldn't need any labels at all.
  30. jefferski

    Delay Designer

    :cool: You have some great ideas in here Leon! And yea that last scene you demo is killer.
  31. jefferski

    Battery lifetime

    That made my day! 🤣
  32. jefferski

    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    That was awesome. They need to open the next tour with this.
  33. jefferski

    Looking for the Jerry Garcia tones. I'm brand new to the AX8 and having some trouble. Thanks!

    Yep, look for iaresee's presets for sure. Another tip: Jerry turned up the treble on his amps, and rolled off the tone knob on his guitar to compensate and get that fat midrange. What kind of guitar are you using?
  34. jefferski

    Is Scenes view the only option on Home page?

    Hopefully the Performance Page will be added.
  35. jefferski

    RIP Sean Connery

    Sad. Such an iconic character and great actor.
  36. jefferski

    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    Looks like I convinced my wife to watch them tmw night. She strongly dislikes the Talking Heads (mostly Byrne's voice, she loves their songs when someone else does them). But if that's the 3rd set, she'll be long asleep by then.
  37. jefferski

    Trey Anastasio Beacon Jams

    I'm psyched for the Remain in Light set tmw night. But String Cheese Incident is also streaming Hulaween 2010, which was my wife's first SCI show... so we'll have to see which one gets airplay ;-) Haven't had a chance to ck out the Beacon Jams yet.
  38. jefferski

    MP3 to WAV

    I use XLD on my Mac. Super easy, good quality.
  39. jefferski

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    It does make more sense to normalize it to 100% because if it's at 80 and it works, people will try to squeeze another couple of percent in there... which may or may not work depending on the background stuff, fx usage, etc. But if you go over 100 and it doesn't work, most people are gonna...
  40. jefferski

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    Yea, it's like January here right now... which will be great in January, but not October ;-). Going to warm up in the next few days. Hoping the fires stay quiet.
  41. jefferski

    iphone buying info (buy used from fleebay?)

    That's what I was just going to ask... sounds easy enough. The other consideration is paying up front vs the $40 per month for two years...
  42. jefferski

    The Royal Scam

    Great job! Love to hear some of other Royal Scam tunes if you'd care to share?
  43. jefferski

    FM3 FC-6 carry bag or case options

    Too bad, but thanks for the reply!
  44. jefferski

    FM3 FC-6 carry bag or case options

    Looks nice, and sounds great for ppl who use FAS pedals. But is there room for larger pedals that many of us use, like Mission, etc?
  45. jefferski

    I can't relate.. maybe you can.

    Ladies and Gentlemen... the New York Football Giants!
  46. jefferski

    Souping Up My SSS Stratocaster For More Tonal Options

    I prefer push-pull for the same reasons - much easier to engage at any moment vs having to pull up. I've had one on one of my Strats for probably 30 years now, still works great. A couple of those to engage neck and series/parallel, which I also have on my other Strat and one of my PRS is...
  47. jefferski

    Wish AX8 Screen on FM3

  48. jefferski

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    In that case I agree w/ @fractalz - you do want to get it as close as possible ;-). Do you have audio of him singing that you can sync to? If not then there's no reason to spend the $...
  49. jefferski

    To those of you who do videos while playing

    It's hard to get it precise w/out some sort of auto-sync like what Final Cut does... but for what you're doing, eyeballing it should be close enough. I've had to do that with workshop presentations where I didn't have a secondary audio to sync with. Music probably isn't as noticeable (to...
  50. jefferski

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    I have a Win10 machine that I haven't booted in probably a year. When I do, I plan to leave most of a whole day for it to just run all it's updates before I try to do anything with it.
  51. jefferski

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    Going deep here...
  52. jefferski

    Austin Buddy's Genius at Play

    Nice country-ish take on the solo. Beautiful tone.
  53. jefferski

    Tuner and open tuning

    I suspect that OP is thinking of a tuner that has each string specifically defined, but it doesn't work that way. Just tune the strings to the notes you want.
  54. jefferski

    can a footswitch do two things at once?

    If you put a couple (or more) fx on a single row, you can also set the Bypass State of one of the blocks to Mute Out. Then, you can just turn on/off that block the regular way (no Control Switch needed) and it'll mute the signal from the whole row. For example, let's say you create a 2nd row...
  55. jefferski

    Implemented Swap Scenes (inside the Preset)

    +1 Swap is a very handy function.
  56. jefferski

    Loving the FAS Amp Models

    The FAS amps are killer. Don't forget there are a few that aren't called "FAS" like Big Hair, Thordendal, Buttery, Supertweed... I'd love to hear Cliff's take on something Fendery like an ideal Twin or Deluxe... ;-)
  57. jefferski

    Wish Include Scene Levels...

  58. jefferski

    How to save tweaks as new scene without overwriting original scene?

    You don't need to do this. All of the blocks are already in all of the scenes. Like @chris said, go to the Scene you want, then edit it. Suggest you read up in the manual on what scenes are and how they work.
  59. jefferski

    How to save tweaks as new scene without overwriting original scene?

    Maybe copy Scene 1 to Scene 2 before you start tweaking. Then you can make all the changes you want directly in S2.
  60. jefferski

    Cases for moving guitars?

    All three times I've done long-distance moves I was able to carry at least some of my guitars with me. The least-valuable ones went in the moving truck, in standard guitar cases, and I made sure they were padded with towels/bubble wrap on the inside as well, and that that movers put them in...
  61. jefferski

    Wish 2nd Pitch Block

  62. jefferski

    Wish Access Looper In Any Preset Without The Need To Add A Block

    Likewise. I think I've used it once in 10 years of FAS-dom and wouldn't want to sacrifice the CPU for it to always be available. Cliff's working on it. Axe IV ;-)
  63. jefferski

    Wish Sitar sim just like in the Boss GT-1000

    The Boss one is nice, but I prefer how my Variax sounds. Pretty much the only reason I still have it... ;-) The EHX... wow. Into the GAS list.
  64. jefferski

    Never Ever thought i'd say this....

    I had a Fifty/Fifty too, had been using it since way back in the Boss GT-3 days. I always liked it except yea it does color everything Mesa, and weighs a lot (especially in my old rack which was wood ;-( I switched to a GT800 and never looked back.
  65. jefferski

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Having moved to Denver a couple of years ago after 8 years in the Utah mountains, I really can agree with this. We moved for better business opportunities, fair enough. But it was a hard transition at first - I really miss the smaller town vibe (and we were still 45 mins from Salt Lake City...
  66. jefferski

    Tell me about Tennessee

    The first 3 are Teye, not sure after those. Def too much bling for me as well, but if someone wants to offer me a gig at the Grand Ole Opry I'll consider it... ;-) The store was called Artisan Guitars. I was at the Factory for a copywriters' workshop and they were where I spent most of my...
  67. jefferski

    Tell me about Tennessee

    Spent some time in Franklin a couple of years ago, very nice part of Nashville area. But yea, hot! humid! And guitar stores... I went into the GC when I was there and noticed there were very few used guitars. Asked the guy about it, he said "anything good gets bought up right away here."...
  68. jefferski

    Wish: Momentary Scene Toggle

    I think for momentary it would be best to not have a Hold function so you could get the toggle immediately. I know I'd want it that way - when I'm making a quick change I don't want to have to think about hitting it 1/2 second early.
  69. jefferski

    Wish: Momentary Scene Toggle

    Good point. I'd be willing to make that tradeoff for situations where I would want to use it as a Momentary switch.
  70. jefferski

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    The FAS Archimedes amp model. Coming to an AxeFXIII near you...
  71. jefferski

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Same for me... the only place I go regularly. (In this case, "regularly" actually means "way too often" ;-) Thanks to Cliff, the mods, and the community for keeping it as good as it is.
  72. jefferski

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    Nice. I was thinking of more trippy stuff like multiple random LFO's and envelopes controlling things, but this is a great practical use for being able to roam the stage and still have your wah. Goes along well with mirroring FC's so a tech can control the sound.
  73. jefferski

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    I'm really interested to see some examples of what you can do w/ 2 modifiers...
  74. jefferski

    Wish FC-6/12 showing external foot controller usage percentage

    +1 could be useful. Also +1 on @chris suggestion that it be optional. Maybe even for each preset - people may only want it for a couple specific things, but not all the time. For example, you might not want it for general wah use, but it could be handy on a different preset to fade in an effect.
  75. jefferski

    Men's fashion for 2020

    This thread was making me about to seek therapy until it switched over to coffee...
  76. jefferski

    Garcia / Dead Preset for FM3

    Exactly. I never really listened to D&C that much until all the Saturday streams this year (I love Mayer but mostly prefer Furthur or Phil & Friends ;-). Some nights/songs I really love Bobby's sound, others where he was mixed too high it was like too much cymbals in the mix or something -...
  77. jefferski

    Garcia / Dead Preset for FM3

    Ian, thanks for posting this thread. Some really interesting comments in there. I don't really like Bob's DeadCo tone much... "high pitched percussion" is about right and depending on how it's mixed it just gets in the way of the rest of the band. I really prefer when he's playing those sweet...
  78. jefferski

    Fast times at Ridgemont High table read

    What a classic. Gotta watch this.
  79. jefferski

    Recommendations for Purchased Patches

    This is the primary benefit for me.
  80. jefferski

    So Sick of Dishonest Contractors

    This would work. But it's really just a workaround for putting in a flux capacitor. Yea, I was thinking Geordi would say these... ;-) Scotty would just say "Captain, I canna fix it that quickly..."
  81. jefferski

    So Sick of Dishonest Contractors

    These totally sound like something they'd say on Star Trek when they needed to sound uber-scientific :cool: 🤣 Seriously, glad you got it sorted out.
  82. jefferski

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

    I'll help you keep that ship afloat. The only time vertical works is if you were doing something like a closeup of a person where it frames correctly. OTOH, the LED looks great!
  83. jefferski

    Wish Ability to Load 3rd Party Plugins

    I was thinking the same thing. Imagine the support calls and posts here for that!
  84. jefferski

    Wah Block adds Treble / Harshness (FM3)

    I often bring the Max Frequency down to around 1500 or so to try to tame all that harshness.
  85. jefferski

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    Me too. 15 years in Raleigh Durham area was more than enough.
  86. jefferski

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    Neglected to mention how beautiful New England is. Too cold in the winter for me, and this comes from somebody who lived in the Utah mts for 10 years. But summer and fall in NE... nice.
  87. jefferski

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    +1: Close to the Barn ;-) -1: Not nearly as close to shows as you are now.
  88. jefferski

    Preset Leveling - Approaches

    Yep. I'll have everything set "perfectly" at one practice, come back the next time, and need to tweak. It's just how it is.
  89. jefferski

    Diana Rigg RIP

    RIP Queen of Thorns... although she had so many other great roles.
  90. jefferski

    Wish More user presets

    You could use the Virtual Capo... 🤥 🥁 🥁
  91. jefferski

    Wish Preset leveller 3 sec average

    +1 - Average, plus a peak indicator so you know if you're getting big transient spikes too.
  92. jefferski

    Guitar store riffs

    I love Drama, but you might not want to share that on many of the Yes forums... ;-)
  93. jefferski

    Guitar store riffs

    Tempus Fugit for the win!! And I have a S-500. If the Legacy is anywhere near that, you'll love it...
  94. jefferski

    Guitar store riffs

    This. At that point I'm interested in how it plays and feels more than anything else - if it doesn't play well acoustically or quietly, it won't work loud either. If I've been there a while and someone else wants to try the same guitar or amp, I'll move, or give it over (or if I already know I...
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