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  1. Alex EShadow

    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    I've been using the Power Station as my power amp, and own a Matrix GT1000FX 1U. The Power Station just sounds better to my ears. I love having direct access to the presence and depth controls as knobs, and for low volume playing the switches on the front come handy to compensate for the...
  2. Alex EShadow

    Deciding to Stick With Axe or Go Back to Tubes?

    I've been a bit on that journey myself. I found myself to be fully satisfied by having the AxeFx going into a low wattage, transparent tube power amp (Fryette Power Station) into a 4x12 cab. Now I have that amp feel when playing in the room, AND in my opinion better tone from my cab + SM57 than...
  3. Alex EShadow

    Has the Axe-FX II Achieved 99% amp modeling accuracy?

    I feel amp models are really really close to being spot on. If only the interaction between the transformers and a real cab you're using could be modeled somehow, we'd be at the 99%. IRs though are a weak link in the chain. I've been recording for the past 3 months using a Mesa 4x12 Traditional...
  4. Alex EShadow

    Using Axe Fx as interface - quick question

    I've been using the Axe-Fx exclusively as my audio interface for the past 2-3 years, so I can speak from experience. I usually adjust the volume using the volume slider in iTunes or Logic, but on occasion I simply run Soundflower and use that and the system volume setting to pipe through and...
  5. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx Sighting: Kiko Loureiro (Angra/Megadeth) joins the family

    kikoloureiro Megadeth Guitar IT Office#ibanez#Megadeth#dystopiaworldtour
  6. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Yeah totally. I'm not really a big fan of their effects heavy tone on Seventh Son though, so I figured I'd stick to the classic stuff. Will give it a shot next time though, who knows :)
  7. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Backing track already had drums + bass + vocals, couldn't really do much about the dry vocals, although since the guy sings so good I thought it didn't really matter that it was so much "in your face" though. Thanks for the compliments on tone and playing ;)
  8. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Man I so wish it was lol. The vocals were in the backing track I got just, don't really know who the vocalist was. I've been working on my singing but nowhere as good as this guy.
  9. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    Thanks! Your solo sounds pretty much right on tone wise! Congrats
  10. Alex EShadow

    Melodic Death Metal

    I'd classify this more as Djent than Melodeath, but maybe I'm just getting old and have listened to too much Arch Enemy and In Flames. The tones sounded great if a bit phasey, nice composition overall though. Mixing could use some work, there's something that feels off, I think it's just how...
  11. Alex EShadow

    Recording tone help! Tone tests inside

    Whoa the high end on the first sample almost ripped my ears out. I'd suggest you use a High Pass at 12kHz in the cab module to help tame a bit of that down. You could also make good use of the preamp tab there and add a bit of Vintage (Neve-ish), Transformer (API-ish) or Tape 50u mic preamp...
  12. Alex EShadow

    Up The Irons

    The new JMP-1 lends itself perfectly to Maiden renditions, so here's my version of The Evil That Men Do. I didn't save any patches unfortunatelly, but here's the technical details: Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio (right channel), Sterling JP-100D (leads and left channel) Amp: Axe-FX 2 Mark...
  13. Alex EShadow

    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    I was referring to this post for instance: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/ultra-std-user-cabs-irs/16708-impulse-response-collection.html . I love knee jerk reactions in this forum :)
  14. Alex EShadow

    What's your opinion for paying me a little bit for a patch you love to have it !

    I'm curious as to why we seem to deem Impulse Responses as legitimate sellable products, but not presets. Cabs were also free once, Cliff shared them liberally as he found them and there were (are) tons of free ones around. Sure, putting a mic in front of a cab and running a test tone is work...
  15. Alex EShadow


  16. Alex EShadow


  17. Alex EShadow


  18. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    I think you're reading way too much in a word. I didn't mean anything bad by saying fanboyism. I just felt like I was the party pooper since I couldn't cheer along with everyone is all, and therefore I'm excusing myself. So please, read my first sentence as "I love the Axe too, sorry to crash...
  19. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    See my reply to yek below, I didn't mean anything bad by saying fanboyism. I just felt like I was the party pooper since I couldn't cheer along with everyone is all, and therefore I'm excusing myself. So please, read my first sentence as "I love the Axe too, sorry to crash the party" Great that...
  20. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Hi yek! I never said my experience was authentic, and didn't mean anything bad by saying fanboyism. I just felt like I was the party pooper since I couldn't cheer along with everyone is all, and therefore I'm excusing myself. So please, read my first sentence as "I love the Axe too, sorry to...
  21. Alex EShadow

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Public Beta

    Just in case anyone in this forum is interested in authentic feedback and not fanboyism about the QUANTUM beta... Little background before my rant, I've had the Axe 2 since FW6, had an AxeFx Standard before that. I've been recording stuff with it for the longest time, and have seen it go up...
  22. Alex EShadow

    Pit gig in ears, no monitor, lead sounds

    I have my Cabs X/Y set differently to IEMs and wedges, I tend to use a lot more motor drive, and add room and air to the IEM setting. All of those make a huge difference in feel to me, I can rock out all night long on my IEMs when they're set right. I mainly use OwnHammer cabs, ML's didn't...
  23. Alex EShadow

    Hey Guyth! My Metal band did a video thing

    Was I the only one thinking they have 2 bass players when seeing that 8 string? lol Great tones dude, though the production sounds heavily edited - as all modern metal is, but this one is a bit too robot-perfect in terms of timing. Liked the tune BTW, happy to hear something that is not...
  24. Alex EShadow

    Setup + rack

    I use an ikea hack I put together as both a monitor stand and housing for the AxeFX. It's a 79cm wide shelf (31") with 5 capita legs CAPITA Leg - IKEA. You can see it here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1625661/Renovation/IMG_0141.JPG
  25. Alex EShadow

    AX8 - Any Updates?

    Wait, Cliff didn't say soon? The world's about to end, brace yourselves!
  26. Alex EShadow

    Stand Up and Shout - R.J.Dio cover

    Perfect tone, perfect singing and perfect chops, congrats on a flawless cover ;)
  27. Alex EShadow

    Opeth Inspired Song .... Patches Included!

    OPETH!!!!!!!!!! (old JP forum joke)
  28. Alex EShadow

    Cab Pack 8 Teaser: Brit TV

    If it's Brit TV shouldn't we nickname it the BBC? XD
  29. Alex EShadow

    Real VS Model collection thread :)

    Assuming I capture the IR through exactly the same cab + mic + mic pre setup I use to capture the sound of the amp afterwards without moving any of the microphones nor settings on the mic pre or anything, I can't seem to get why that would be hard to do, but you surely seem to know something I...
  30. Alex EShadow

    Real VS Model collection thread :)

    I'm fully aware the JVM is quite far from a Plexi, and I don't expect I'll get anything Plexi-like from it. I do quite enjoy the JVM 410 green channel sim on the Axe though, and it would be usable on a day to day basis to me as opposed to a Plexi which would be a pain to use at the required...
  31. Alex EShadow

    Real VS Model collection thread :)

    @Severed TBH I love my Axe, and it's not a question of wether the AxeFx is GOOD or not, it's the best amp modeller out there with unbelievable customer service and never ending updates and surprises. I absolutely love it, and wouldn't sell it even if you offered me a ton of gold for it. That...
  32. Alex EShadow

    Real VS Model collection thread :)

    I'm pretty sure he spends his days phase flipping and trying to get no sound ;) The day that happens he'll move on from the amp block and make everything else in the Axe even more awesome
  33. Alex EShadow

    Real VS Model collection thread :)

    Method 1: ----------- Amp: DAW -> D/A converters -> Reamping box -> Amp -> Cab -> Microphone -> Mic Pre -> A/D converters -> DAW AxeFX: DAW -> D/A converters -> Reamping box -> AxeFx without cab sim-> Solid State FRFR Power Amp -> Cab -> Mic -> Mic Pre -> A/D converters -> DAW This method...
  34. Alex EShadow

    Reamping. Logic usb workflow

    I mainly crank the main output volume in logic and pull back a bit on my patch's volume in the Axe. This will also help in getting the metronome loud enough for you to not be able to ignore it :) I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish Cliff would allow us to do...
  35. Alex EShadow

    Axe FX 2 + BKP Juggernauts = Metal Paradise

    Dude I love that bass tone! How are you getting it?
  36. Alex EShadow

    BROOTALZ Appreciation post

    Fucking Brutal! someone had to say it :D
  37. Alex EShadow

    Metallica using Axe Fx's on stage!

    There's something about the Axe-FX II and EMGs that messes with the pick attack, and you can totally hear it in both Metallica recordings. It's the reason I've swapped mine away in my Eclipse, can't stand the harsh, empty pick attack you get from those. They were just fine with my M/B Mark III...
  38. Alex EShadow

    FW12.03 and EVH 5150

    JamUp doesn't sound bad, though it doesn't cut through the mix like the AxeFX does. Your guitars are missing some of the high end. It's very easy to cut the top end off in the search for butter smoothness in your rhythm tracks, which sounds really good isolated, but doesn't survive very well...
  39. Alex EShadow

    Friedman BE Blues

    Loving the rhythm tone. Lead is a bit too throaty for my tastes, but still good. Got any pictures of that fine guitar you're playing? :)
  40. Alex EShadow

    The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright on v12.03

    Hi all, Here's a bit of fiddling from my part. There's walls of guitar all over this, rhythm is the Brit Pre and Friedman BE for high gain + Plexi 100W Jump and Plexi 100W High for clarity. Leads are done using the Atomica High and 6160 Block. No drive pedals, just amps and guitar. Intro is...
  41. Alex EShadow

    low tuned melodic death metal

    Really liked the guitar tones, crunchy with the right sizzle in the top end. The mix on the other hand is too bass heavy. Suggest you listen to it on headphones for further evaluation, but to my ears, it seems you should filter out <80Hz on your kick drum to make room for your bass, cut 500Hz...
  42. Alex EShadow

    AXE-FX II 11.03 Jamzz

    Didn't quite like the ambient stuff in the beginning, but loved the Santana vibe on the track you're playing that SG. Should get yourself a bass player and try the power trio thing live, gonna sound amazing! Looking forward to hearing the album.
  43. Alex EShadow

    Arch Enemy Cover with Marshall + TS808

    Chain: TS 808 OD (Drive 0, Tone 5, Level 9) -> BRIT JVM OD2 Green (G 3.47, B 10, M 3.51, T 3.90, P 8.42) -> OwnHammer V30 SS Studio Modern Guitars are triple tracked. Intended on a quad track but 4th string broke when recording the last one and the lead :)
  44. Alex EShadow

    Arch Enemy Cover with Marshall + TS808

    Name fixed, thanks :) It amazed me the fact that a Marshall (despite being a modern one at that) can do Death Metal equally well as, say, a 5150 or Dual Recto. Then again, there's always Ola and his MG15 video lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=be9oMgWXC3g Cheers :)
  45. Alex EShadow

    Arch Enemy Cover with Marshall + TS808

    I'm really getting into melodeath as of late, got a tone I loved trying to mimic the tone in Arch Enemy's Rise of the Tyrant (Fredrik Nordström produced, great stuff), not quite there, but a great(er)? tone IMO. Cabs are OwnHammer's new Marshall w/ english V30s, mostly the SS Studio Modern mix...
  46. Alex EShadow

    Pinch harmonics

    OMG thanks for this thread! I thought I'd lost my pinch harmonics after years of not playing much metal, but with FW11 they come through as they used to back in my golden old days! It's something I've always felt was missing even since the AxeFX Standard.
  47. Alex EShadow

    Adam 5x

    I've listened to the Adams when I was shopping for a pair of monitors. Next only to the Yamaha NS10, they're the harshest sounding ones I've heard, especially in the upper mids which are so crucial for soloing. I personally ended up buying a pair of KRK RP6 after listening to everything they...
  48. Alex EShadow

    V11 Secret Sauce changelog?

    Loving Firmware 11 so far, though since I don't have 2 Axe-FX IIs (who has that kind of money anyway?) it's hard to compare it to v10. Cliff do you perhaps, maybe, by any chance, have a draft of the release notes somewhere so we can know what to play with and be excited about? How about...
  49. Alex EShadow

    Iron Maiden Tone

    I've gotten fairly close using the JMP-1, into stock cab #39. Keep the gain fairly high and not a much mids as you'd normally use in a Marshall. I've had to add in a Multi-band compressor to get rid of the boomy low end all stock cabs seems to have, squashing from 130 to 250Hz mostly. A touch...
  50. Alex EShadow


    Thanks Pete and Fractal! Been playing the main theme in Guitar Nerd (the song) on my strat endlessly for the whole morning just appreciating the rich textures produced by those two patches. Can't say I liked them with humbuckers, but with single coils they are MAGIC!
  51. Alex EShadow

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    I've upgraded coming from 10.06 and must say I'm really pleased. Not sure if the change is coming from the 10.12 overdrive setting or the new F11 magic, but my Fryette patches sound a lot better now. P Played quite a bit with the Mesa Marks and they're right up there with the original stuff...
  52. Alex EShadow

    Firmware Version 10.12 Now Available

    OMG! Boogie 5 band eq! Now if I could only place it between the pre and power amp >:) Thanks Cliff!
  53. Alex EShadow

    What are the best cheaper headphones for the Axe-FX II?

    If you've got $100 go out and get yourself either the Alessandro MS-1s or Grado SR-80s both which I absolutely recommend. If you're aiming for what people would consider more of a "normal" asking price on headphones though, the Superlux HD668B are an absolute steal at their price point ($50)...
  54. Alex EShadow

    WOW! I just found the BEST headphones for the money!

    Been using the SR-80s for a year now. Mixing on them too! I must say they are the nicest headphones I've ever put on, including Sennheiser 595s, but I haven't heard the top end stuff like the Sennheiser HD 650 or the AKG 701 and stuff. They are absolutely awesome to use with the Axe FX, though...
  55. Alex EShadow

    V10 Firmware

    AWESOME! Updating XD Glad this came out during my 15 day money back period, no way I'm turning it in if FW10 is as good as I think it is
  56. Alex EShadow

    V10 Update

    Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we...
  57. Alex EShadow

    Iced Earth / Jon Schaffer's sound

    Well yeah, for the past 2 records and also Sons of Liberty he has been using the Ice Bucker, but every interview before that he states he is into Gibson guitars and does not change the pickups.
  58. Alex EShadow

    ULTRA FIRMWARE 11.0 MAY 9 2011

    Re: ULTRA FIRMWARE 9.02 FEB 12 2009 @Cliff, first of all I'd like to kindly say thank you for taking the time and patience to replying to this message. I very much appreciate your support for the user community, as well as the effort put into your products. Thank you also for spending some...
  59. Alex EShadow

    ULTRA FIRMWARE 11.0 MAY 9 2011

    Re: ULTRA FIRMWARE 9.01 Well, I'm a software developer as well, for the last 10 years, and while I do agree that limiting features -http://gettingreal.37signals.com/ch05_Start_With_No.php - and having a vision does make a difference in coming up with a truly innovative product, I can't help...
  60. Alex EShadow

    Iced Earth / Jon Schaffer's sound

    Ok, so for those interested in the Iced Earth tone (i love it to death), here's some nice information I dug up on the web today: First of all, as you can see, Jon uses Marshall 1960B cabinets with G12-T75s. Redwirez are probably the way to go, but the stock 4x12 75W should be able to get you...
  61. Alex EShadow

    ULTRA FIRMWARE 11.0 MAY 9 2011

    Re: ULTRA FIRMWARE 9.01 Weird thing I don't see ANY Carol Ann sim requests on the amp sim wishlist. Where's our ENGL Savage 120, or the Orange people have been asking for? :cry: Anyway thanks for the rework on the Fender amp sims, AND the Bright Switch improvement Cliff =D. Can't wait for...
  62. Alex EShadow

    Red Wire Upcoming BigBox Cabs

    Hey Mo! On the ENGL, SM57 Cap 1 inch + SM57 Cap Off Axis 0.5 inches On the Mesa I usually run SM57 Cap 0 inches + MD421 Cap 1 inch. It's just freaking awesome to have the proximity effect of both mics available, the stock cabs and mic sims don't offer that. The stock SM57 is grainy and the...
  63. Alex EShadow

    Red Wire Upcoming BigBox Cabs

    Mesa 4x12 and Engl 4x12 PRO w/ V30s. The Mesa has a more pronounced and articulate midrange, great for lead work, but also good for rhythm. The ENGL is just sheer rawness and is great for the "in your face" thing. Just listen to Bullet Ride by In Flames, one of the best recorded tones with...
  64. Alex EShadow

    The decision after the trail period (copy of email to G66)

    You know, it's been the completely opposite way for me all the way through. I've been on Zoom gear, then Line 6 (AxSys 212, yeah I'm old), then a Boogie Mark 3 combo, and finally the Axe. With my previous rigs, I've always found myself tweaking a LOT more than playing. I would tweak for 2 hours...
  65. Alex EShadow

    Savatage - Criss Olivia Tone

    Definitely the JCM900 boosted with a ton of reverb. The JPM-1 in the axe might be better suited though to the recorded tone, for whatever reason
  66. Alex EShadow

    Amp sim requests

    + another billion. Me needs ENGL for Br00talz and power metal happyness
  67. Alex EShadow

    Drive Block "Mix" level?

    On bass sounds I like adding a bit of TS 808 at 30%. Compresses nicely and makes it fit better in the mix
  68. Alex EShadow

    Stuff to remember - Trying to reproduce exact recorded tones

    Usually the final 5% depend on having the original mix playing along with you without the guitars. If you try playing to master tracks you'll see that it's a lot easier to achieve the desired tone, without nowhere as much effort as when playing solo
  69. Alex EShadow

    First Axe-Fx + Metal Foundry experiment! A new song!

    Very honest and full sound you got there. It's missing some of the high mid bite though. I'd boost around 3.5k Loved the synthy lead theme. Edit: Had my iTunes EQ totally screwed trying to fix a friend's guitar tone and listened to yours through it (doh!) and thought it lacked highs
  70. Alex EShadow

    Will tubes go away??

    I don't think the Reactor has its own forum, so if someone plugs in some Fratomic review content, I wouldn't say this is off-topic. Anyway, great AxeFX review here, and I keep thinking that tube amp simulation is only the tip of the iceberg when exploring software-based sound shaping for...
  71. Alex EShadow

    Axe-FX does some more metal :twisted:

    +1. John Schaffer's tone on the Dark Saga album is just insanely cool. I don't know if he had his Larry amp already back in the day, but the tone in the clip did get somewhat close. It's missing some high end bite IMO. Still good enough to get me wanting to program drums for you just to hear how...
  72. Alex EShadow

    Amp sim requests

    I'm amazed no one mentioned Krank yet. Although the Savage 120 is my #1 request, I'd love to have a Krank Revolution model in the AxeFX as well, with their unique MID contour control modeled as well. +1 on the VHT Pitbull, they're awesome sounding. As for Blind Guardian, you definetly know a...
  73. Alex EShadow

    WHY would I need the ULTRA? PRACTICAL COMPARISON (=examples)

    I have a standard, and the two things that get me lusting after an Ultra from time to time are the Multiband Compressor, which I'm using more and more on my mixes lately, and the synth for some cool stuff (you can even pull a metronome out of it and the LFO). That said, I hardly ever get to max...
  74. Alex EShadow

    Let the Axe Fall - V9.0 Powerball Power Metal Cover

    Hahaha guess I'll have to cut one ball off before going into power metal high pitched screams area. I recorded vocals just to make it a full mix and practice my mixing skills. My power metal project will be recording a demo early next year, and I'll mix it, so I'm getting used to mixing the...
  75. Alex EShadow

    A/B Red Wire Mixed IR compared to Axe-FX Stock Greenback412

    +1 I've been trying to get a good recorded tone for some nice 10 years now, and getting the mic moving part of things from the "real world" into the "digital world" makes things a LOT easier. Sure you can't get that very specific 0.1 inch adjustments, but you can get close enough. One thing...
  76. Alex EShadow

    Let the Axe Fall - V9.0 Powerball Power Metal Cover

    Thanks for the nice words! I have never played a real ENGL, although I've heard them live several times. Key trick with the Powerball is that using too much amp drive with it kills the amp. Also the master volume is an important factor to "clean up" the mud. The treble control is also quite...
  77. Alex EShadow

    Let the Axe Fall - V9.0 Powerball Power Metal Cover

    Hey All, I've been fiddling with the only ENGL model in the AxeFX so far, the Powerball, and trying to get a nice power metalish tone in the vein of Angra or Hammerfall, both of which use the Savage 120 head (Wishlist!!!). After 3 weeks tweaking and comparing recordings, I've come far enough...
  78. Alex EShadow

    Amp sim requests

    Speaking of Dream Evil, just found out that In Flames' Clayman is also the Savage. I just recently (yes I'm totally late) discovered In Flames and am addicted to the Clayman rhythm sound. +1000 on the Savage once more.
  79. Alex EShadow

    Important question for Cliff or a very kowledgable user

    One idea worth trying is running the CAE with sag set to 0 (no power amp sim), then input it through the Tube Pre sim, and adjust its power amp parameters akin to the ones in the JCM sim. Worked well enough for me with the Mesa MarkIIc+ through JCM800 for the Master of Puppets sound.
  80. Alex EShadow

    Amp sim requests

    The new Euro2 model sounds a lot more like the Legacy I've heard than before. Anyway it would be nice to have it. My wishes: ENGL Savage 120 Lead Channel and maybe Crunch 2 Why? It's the go-to amplifier for 90% of the 90's power metal bands. Some examples: - Angra - Angels Cry -...
  81. Alex EShadow

    Does anyone have any good Bogner IRs to share?

    +1 AND it's open source
  82. Alex EShadow

    After 9.00, Only thing missing now is...

    I guess the "airyness" everyone's missing from the cabs in the AxeFX comes from the fact that it is limited to 1024 samples, thus, as Jay has stated several times, NOT reproducing any reflections. Every recording we've done or heard with real cabs and mics, does have room reflection in, and...
  83. Alex EShadow

    What is the deal with the mic model?

    I've been stuck with the "none" thing for a while, probably until the V7 firmwares. After Cliff reworked the cab models though, I find it really useful to mix and match mic and cab sims. I tend to use the R121 the most, since it sounds stupidly warm and upfront, although it doesn't sit all...
  84. Alex EShadow

    Paul Gilbert style patches?

    Before V9 was out I had a nice Mr. Big-era patch using the Euro2 sim with an active tone stack. Since Euro 2 was completely remodeled, it doesn't work all too good anymore. Anyway, from what I 've asked Paul back in a clinic I played alongside with him (he used to allow the organizers to invite...
  85. Alex EShadow

    Richie Kotzen-fooled again

    You've got it pretty close, although it's lacking a bit of bite in the high end, and a little too much in the lower mids (~700Hz and 300Hz). Just eq those out, boost 4KHz a bit, and it should get you exactly the original tone. Great playing! Best, Alex
  86. Alex EShadow


    In all honesty, i can barely hear the difference between your clips due to youtube sound quality + cam mic. A lot of users probably are wondering what you tried to answer: Is it worth it to go FRFR or keep their power amp + cab. I don't really think a video camera could faithfully reproduce the...
  87. Alex EShadow

    My try at Dream Theater's Dance of Eternity

    Definetly jaw-dropping. Both playing and Tone couldn't be more accurate. It also reminds me that as much as I like to listen to Petrucci's tone, I don't like the feeling of it for playing. Just went through the stock preset and felt that same way. It's weird that I always thought his tone on...
  88. Alex EShadow

    V9 Vai-style Bogner

    Nah healthy baddd candy gooooood. More like Mentos... maybe Footos? :lol:
  89. Alex EShadow

    Ker-ang and sweetness - JCM800 and Matchless with RedWirez

    Oh forgot to mention I meant Mesa Mark series by "Mesa" models. The rectos are sounding better, I could work on a good Petrucci Images & Words sound with the RECTO RED sim yesterday, which I thought was totally hopeless back on the good old 8.0 days. It's a goddamn RECTUM FIRE after all.
  90. Alex EShadow

    Ker-ang and sweetness - JCM800 and Matchless with RedWirez

    Hey Scott, The JCM clip sounds awesome, you've really nailed it, and it's sounding a lot better than the previous demos of your RedWirez-powered tones. Can't judge a lot the Matchless, but it does sound good. I'm a Metal guy, and as far as clean sounds go, I prefer 90's "sterile" almost...
  91. Alex EShadow

    V9 Vai-style Bogner

    @Scott Flattered by your comments man. I've been using your patches for a looong time and your review was one of the reasons I got the Axe in the first place. @yek Fractastic! Cliff really raised the bar AGAIN with the new firmware. Best since 7.04 definetly. @VidarAus, @iaresee There you go...
  92. Alex EShadow

    V9 Vai-style Bogner

    http://alexmreis.com/mp3/erotic.mp3 Improved Euro 2 model on the V9 firmware, freaking awesome! Running it through the 4x12 Cali cab with SM58 and R121 A little mid-heavy as usual for me. My LTD Eclipse does have it fair share of midrange, but most of it comes out of my fingers and tonal...
  93. Alex EShadow

    Post Your Rig!

    @Kramer_5150 Holy shit dude, now that's AxeFX on full blown 5.1 haha! Wish Cliff would add a 5.1 mixer for digital only output (maybe downscalable to 4.0 with analog outs?)
  94. Alex EShadow

    Can you match this liquid Mesa tone? I can't - need help!

    There goes the patch that I used for Paradigm Shift. Hope it helps you out. If you're using a EBMM JP or any other guitar with passive PUPs you'll probably want to turn up the presence on the amp a bit. http://alexmreis.com/mp3/013%20-%20LTE%20Rhythm.syx John Petrucci Rhythm sound in LTE. Fine...
  95. Alex EShadow

    Can you match this liquid Mesa tone? I can't - need help!

    Thought I'd plugin a sample of what I've achieved so far with the Axe. CAUTION - VERY BAD AND SLOPPY PLAYING INSIDE lol: http://alexmreis.com/mp3/paradigm.mp3 My (Horrible) take on Paradigm Shift.
  96. Alex EShadow

    Can you match this liquid Mesa tone? I can't - need help!

    Also forgot to mention that the SM57 in the Axe is useless, because what makes it a good mic for guitars is its proximity effect, and the Axe model doesn't seem to have that. Also the MD421 on the axe has the Bass Rolloff swtiched on apparently, and also no proximity effect. All in all you're...
  97. Alex EShadow

    Can you match this liquid Mesa tone? I can't - need help!

    I've given up the whole JP tone thing a while ago. My hands (or maybe my ears?) are too fond of upper midrange for me to sound like JP, even though I love his tone, specially on LTE1 and FIY (Kindred Spirits and Peruvian Skies being my fav). I like his lead tones, but the rhythm tones are what...
  98. Alex EShadow

    ADA MP1 3TM patch anyone

    Gave the patch a try comparing to Skid Row's Youth Gone Wild, has WAY too much gain for rhythm. Had to take the amp gain down to 2.5 / 3.0. Also lowered the drive MIX to 80% (now try that with a real pedal :twisted: ) since the sound was too upper-mid heavy, probably because I'm using EMG...
  99. Alex EShadow

    Front vs. Rear Input Question

    60 and 81 mainly. So they've got the same output as passive eh? So I guess the high end sizzle I can't seem to reduce is indeed a EMG problem alone, and not something made worse by the Axe. Plugging in the rear makes it sort of go away though, but it also looses a lot of gain. Guess I have to...
  100. Alex EShadow

    Global EQ frfr atomic

    Actually the "PASSIVE" tonestack varies along with the model, providing a faithful reproduction of the amp's original tonestack. ACTIVE OTOH is a fixed 3-band active EQ. The named tonestacks are for mixing-and-matching tonestacks other than the amp's original one. Say, if you change your amp...
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