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  1. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

  2. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

  3. Adinfinitum

    FS AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12

    AXE-FX II + MFC + RAC12 AXE-FX II - Mark 1 - You know what it is. Never taken out of my home. And of course, still has the plastic on the screen. Plenty of third-party presets. MFC I has the magnetic tags on the controller. RAC12 - gives you knobs to control most typical amp front panel...
  4. Adinfinitum

    Axe Fx 3 4CM Noise Gate

    Turn the gain down a wee bit?
  5. Adinfinitum

    Axe Fx III - FM3 preset portability. Bug?

    I don't believe the firmware between the two are identical yet - at least for the blocks that are in both units.
  6. Adinfinitum

    What would you do? Line 6 Power Cab or Friedman ASC

    I have a Friedman, CLR, PC+ and Tech21’s new cab. They all sound great. PC+ is cool since you can go FRFR, Flat (I tend to use that), or the Celestion speaker emulations. I haven’t used IRs since I use those directly in the Axe-3. you cannot go wrong with any of these. friedman is heavy but...
  7. Adinfinitum

    How to setup Looper?

    I know, RTFM, but where in the signal chain is the looper and can you change presets and play over the loop?
  8. Adinfinitum

    Need some help isolating a guitar track

    Would love to get that Strandberg Just Intonation guitar. Open G and D drive me crazy when recording. I just tried "vocal extractor' from IOS app store. Remove most vocals from Sundsy Bloody Sunday, but really not for just isolating guitar from backing track.
  9. Adinfinitum

    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Is it still available? I know someone looking for one. I was going to sell him mine but changed my mind.
  10. Adinfinitum

    FS Rac 12 (price drop)

    Does it work with the AXE III?
  11. Adinfinitum

    FM3 big upgrade on AX8 or no?

    If you have an AX8 - which I do and still love (yeah, plus the Axe3, FM3, and still have my II, do your self a favor a buy Austin Buddy's naked amp packs. I'm not affiliated with him, but load up with presets and read how he has it set up and you will very happy you did.
  12. Adinfinitum

    My live Def Leppard "Hysteria" Preset Version 3

    How about High N Dry patches?. One of my all-time favorite albums but up there for worst album cover ever
  13. Adinfinitum

    Year and half later; still not happy with Axe-Fx 3

    Chris is correct - gain staging is extremely important. I prefer Austin's running the output all the way, and then adjust the patches to even them out. Other do it other ways. Chris, Leon, Chris C, Yek's wikis - lots of videos, free axechange latches, and help out there Find an Axechange...
  14. Adinfinitum

    Year and half later; still not happy with Axe-Fx 3

    I've had an Axe-FX since 2008. Playing through Studio Monitors (and I tried A Lot of different ones) all sounds shrill and fizzy. When I got the Atomic FR, everything sounded great. The CLR sounded awesome - when I A/Bed my PLEXI 1987 Through a 1960 cab to my Plexi patch at equivalent ear...
  15. Adinfinitum

    Wish Maestro PSa-1 PhaserShifter and Yamaha RA-200 emulations

    Any chance of modeling these?
  16. Adinfinitum

    Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp

    I bought a Mesa Studio Pre about 6 months ago. Missed my .22 Caliber's chainsaw grind, but didn't want another 1 x 12 combo. Can't wait to try out the patch.
  17. Adinfinitum

    Too many amps for meaningful differences?

    I absolutely agree - everything in certain main categories: Vox Fender Marshall Mesa High Gain Have all started to sound the same to me. This is especially true with plugins. I went through my trove of Logic AU and standalone guitar amp Sims and they really are so good sounding at this...
  18. Adinfinitum

    Question for Leon Todd

    ha! As a trademark attorney, I always have to check trademarks for any urban slang meaning. When clearing NOOK for Barnes & Noble, I had to tell them it had a slang meaning for a certain female body part. The execs were like "cool."
  19. Adinfinitum

    Question for Leon Todd

    It took me a while to pickup on the Australian slang: Gear = drugs. I was like cool, they allow inmates to brings in guitars and amps. I'd be totally fine in minimum security women's prison. Cuppa = cup of tea Slot - solitary confinement. Orange calls that SHU - solitary housing unit Lag -...
  20. Adinfinitum

    Question for Leon Todd

    2112: Huge fan of your YouTube channel, AXE posts, and great presets that you generous donate to us forum mates. My wife and I are big fans of the Australian show Wentworth - about a woman's prison (and remake from a 70's soap opera according to Australian trademark associate - who made it...
  21. Adinfinitum

    Any Love for the JC120?

    If I recall, the real JC-120 chorus is not stereo, but mono coming out of only one of the 1 x 12 speakers. Steve Hackett used a JC-120 on Seconds Out I believe (well, it was a Roland JC but not exactly a 120. And Steve Rothery of Marillion has used a JC in combination with a Marshall, at least...
  22. Adinfinitum

    Wish Marshall Club And Country 4140

    I offered mine to M@tt to take to Cliff. Corvid sort of put a quarantine on that for the time being.
  23. Adinfinitum

    Gallien Krueger 250RL/ML Tone match Patch

    When I got my Toaster in Feb 2012, the first amp I profiled was my GK250 ML. The magic of that amp is the chorus and reverb together which is really hard to nail, similar to a Maestro PSa-1 phase shifter (a la Steve Howe (Starship Trooper) and Lifeson/2112). Anyhoo, great great awesome patch.
  24. Adinfinitum

    FW 1.02 - Free Preset Pack

    Awesome presets - wow. Great job from Todd to another.
  25. Adinfinitum

    Fractal Stream - Live stream to fight Corona Virus

    Marco: Stay safe and healthy, but don't play in that subway station you record some of your prior videos! (Only kidding).
  26. Adinfinitum

    Rush Tribute Gig with Axe 3

    Upload patches or it didn't happen.
  27. Adinfinitum

    Hotel California?

    I think Mark Day created a HC patch with all the key changes for the solo for the Axe II many years ago. Should still be on Axechange. If not, PM b/c I should have it archived.
  28. Adinfinitum

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    Matt: I'm picking up the C&C this weekend as soon as I connect with the seller. Next time you drive to NH, I'll drive from Long Island and meet you (Stamford?) So you can take the amp. It doesn't have the original speakers so if Cliff needs those maybe he can use his cabinet. Seller says it...
  29. Adinfinitum

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    DAMN! I hate you guys. Love what you made me do.! Now I have to drive to Westchester or even worse, Jersey, to pick it up.
  30. Adinfinitum

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    Nothing beats the Maestro PS1-a Phase Shifter.
  31. Adinfinitum

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    Also, Rick Beato has a vid of Limelight and Alex doubles some parts with a clean guitar.
  32. Adinfinitum

    Rush - Limelight Double Tone Match for 12.03

    Somehow, I got in contact with Terry Brown and he said the Loft Flanger was the Flanger used on TSOR in the studio. I believe an Electix Mistress was used live.
  33. Adinfinitum

    Singtall Personal Preset

    Bought as a thank you for years of forum advice.
  34. Adinfinitum

    Electric Mystery Flanger vs. Physical unit knobs

    How about starting values for these bad boys.
  35. Adinfinitum

    New mega zip file of ambient Presets and Blocks to download

    What PayPal address to donate?
  36. Adinfinitum

    FW12 Phaser!

    Hozabout a little 2112/Soliloquy and Starship Trooper. I'm still not going to sell my 3 Maestro PS1-a!
  37. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 12.00 Public Beta

    Alex Lifeson, Steve Howe, and myself thank you for the Virtuoso Phaser = Maestro Phaser!!!!!!!! NP - RIP
  38. Adinfinitum

    "The Infield" factory preset

    Saw them open up for THE FIXX at Westbury maybe 10 years ago (I guess 10 years have got behind me). They were great. Same with The Fixx. Just before they started playing One Thing Leads to Another, Cy Curnin said,"Time to pay the rent."
  39. Adinfinitum

    Factory Presets

    CLR sounds the best IMHO, but that Friedman sounds pretty F'in great. L6 Powercab is also great due to modeling specific speakers, but in flat mode, I get great results too. I wonder which type of guitar FAS uses when creating the presets, single-coil or humbuckers. Obviously, if using a...
  40. Adinfinitum

    Preset Default

    Isn't there a setting to always go to "Last Preset"? I sort of remember that from 11 years ago!
  41. Adinfinitum

    Can we make this sound? - "Hungry Like the Wolf" Synth

    M@ - really great. I actually never tried Rio or HLTW on my vintage Jupiter 8. I wonder if Nick Rhodes played these arps live or used a tape backing (like Won't Get Fooled Agan). I don't believe computer sequencers were around in 1982 except in some Drum Machines like the Linn or Simmons.
  42. Adinfinitum

    Best FAS Plexi - share thoughts, settings, etc. New with FW10

    If u r using a proprietary IR, please suggest a close dubstitute (misspelling on purpose).
  43. Adinfinitum

    Vendor AustinBuddy's Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 14.x TonePack update coming later December 2020!

    How about a shareware/do ation type model? Donate if you feel that AB's hardwork and updates deserves compensation. I frequently donate even when the programmer doesn't even ask (Fractool and Crammit) b/c I appreciate the effort and time it takes to update).
  44. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx lll & Apollo Twin hookup

    I just got an Apollo 8x upgrade from a Twin. I ran all my modelers in stereo into a Mackie Mixer then to Apollo, then Monitor switching. The Apollo has 8 inputs. Do you recommend running everything Mono (I'll check out S/PDIF which I use with Ox) or using a dual Mono into single Mono...
  45. Adinfinitum

    Atomic CLR Neo with Axe-Fx 3?

    I have a CLR and it blows away every other FRFR I've tried, well except the Friedman, which is different, but also sounds great. Please review the set-up instructions for the CLR (volume, position). Once I did that and ran the AX8 and AXIII at full volume (Output 1 all the way clockwise), it...
  46. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Edit and Catalina?

    Apple should change the OS name to Catastrophic for audio software users. Do other people receive daily notifications from Apple that a random program needs to be updated?
  47. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Edit and Catalina?

    I get warnings everyday from music software companies to NOT UPDATE TO CATALINA. Always stay 1 or 2 Mac OSX versions behind.
  48. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    There is still good all 60 cycle hum and weird computer related noise (I suspect the computer is communicating with their AI overlords)/. We have about 50 cellular and other RF devices in the house, wifi net boosters, neighbors who's WiFi networks pop up, cordless telephones, HD monitors...
  49. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    I don't think so, just a lot of wifi, cellular, Bluetooth, and EM waves all over the place. Time to build a Faraday cage!
  50. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    Well then my electrician sucks because when we expanded the house (2003), I built a studio in the back and told them the electric must be properly grounded (star, rod in the ground) which they supposedly did. The whole house was rewired up to code. We even upgraded the breaker box and...
  51. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    Definitely 120 HZ hum from ground loop, not 60 HZ noise after comparing examples.
  52. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    I did start with a few guitars, high quality cables into a KPA Stage and UAD Apollo - no difference (Axe3 is in my studio which I'm de and then re-constructing because the only way to get my Hammond C3 to oil it was to move everything out of the way. Main question is this for now - do you...
  53. Adinfinitum

    Ground Hum and Noise

    I have Hum Eliminators (rack), 1/4 inch, and XLR. I have Hum--X on outlets, I have humbuster cables, I have Furman rack power adapters with EFI. There is always hum and noise (except when a noise gate is in the preset). The wiring in the house was updated in 2003 and I explained to the...
  54. Adinfinitum

    Vendor AustinBuddy's Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 14.x TonePack update coming later December 2020!

    AB - U R Amazing. Thanks for the hard, tedious but fulfilling job you do on these amp packs.
  55. Adinfinitum

    Dream Marshall Rig

    Stand on the shoulders of Giants - use Burgs and Leon as starting points - pretty darn good ones, then tweak away.. that's what all those parameters that I have e no idea what they actual, are for. Read Yek's wiki or RTFM. I'm always looking searching for a Plexi 1987 50 watt that have teeth...
  56. Adinfinitum

    Is there a way to ghost image your entire 511 presets + matching cabs?

    Always Use Fractalbot to backup presets and cabs before updating firmware
  57. Adinfinitum

    Converting my old AX8 Police/Sting presets to the III - links and clips inside

    Awesome job - thanks. Second all-time favorite concert was the Police on the Ghost in the Machine tour.
  58. Adinfinitum

    WTB Looking for Fryette Power Station PS-2

    Shipping to Long Island.
  59. Adinfinitum

    Upgrading (drop tuning)

    I kept the Drop pedal - I like not having to have a pitch block in 512 presets. Each to his/her own.
  60. Adinfinitum

    Mindcrime era Queensryche?

    Awesome screen name Progressive Rocco!
  61. Adinfinitum

    How to get the Firth of Fifth/Genesis/Steve Hackett Tone

    Nowadays, Steve uses a SansAmp GT2 for his overdrive sound (at least live). On Selling England, he used an HH solid State amp (or his Hiwatt that he used on Nursery Cryme). Pedals - a Shaftesbury Duo-Tone (which is a Univox Fuzz - two settings) and Marshall SupaFuzz - Tonebender Somehow, I...
  62. Adinfinitum

    Wish: LCD shows Name of FX Not Block Category

    i have my FC12 set up with Patch Up/Down, Scene Up/Down, and then the rest with my usual FX (Drive, Phase, Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Chorus) set globally. I tend to use Fractal, Austin Buddy, LTs, and other patches besides my own. While Patch and Scene Up/Down show the actual names, the FC just...
  63. Adinfinitum

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    humbusters are only from outputs of modelers to the Mackie. Otherwise unbalanced except from Mackie to Samson to Speakers. I'm going to try switching out the Radials for my extras. Maybe one of them went south.
  64. Adinfinitum

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    Ground Control to Major Tom - Yes, all lifts are operational on the Hotshot/Bigshot and Headlights. Balanced cables/humbusters everywhere that accepted balanced XLR/TRS out from Mackie to Samson Speaker switcher - balanced cables. XLR from Apollo to Samson Same with Samson to Monitors...
  65. Adinfinitum

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    Signal chain is Line 6 Relay into a Boss Tuner then into a Radial Iso switch box where I can switch between my pedalbox (via FX send/return) or bypassing the pedal.board into 2 Headlights. Headlight Input 1 can mute or switch between Axe, Helix, KPA, and Bias - those go into the 8 channel Hum...
  66. Adinfinitum

    Humbuster Cable to balanced TRS Mixer Inputs

    Follow-up question. Even with humbuster cables and an 8 channel Ebtech Hum Eliminators and a Hum plug, I still get 60 cycle him and weird whinning from various modelers going into two Radial Headlights (with isos) that go into a Mackie Mixer into a Samson speaker switcher. Axe3 generally is...
  67. Adinfinitum

    Vendor [AustinBuddy] 1000+ Dream Rigs TonePack for Axe-Fx II Available NOW!

    Worth the wait. Any ETA on AXE3 Firmware 5?
  68. Adinfinitum

    Xitone 10 inch Powered Speaker - Awesome

    If you are playing clubs, i would go with the 12. You are probably more used to playing thru 12 inch speakers. When going FRFR, you still want it to sound close to a GTR cabinet. Ask Mick what he thinks.
  69. Adinfinitum

    The elusive Pitch Block

    Mark Day, I believe, created a awesome patch for the guitar solo so you can do both Joe Walsh's and Don Felder's harmony parts. LOTS OF FOOT STOMPING ON IAs CHANGING HARMONY DUE TO THE KEY CHANGES OF THE CHORD PROGRESSION [I was about to type "depression"]
  70. Adinfinitum

    My 4.01 Highlights

    I've upgraded firmware at least 100 times since 2008 and stopped trying to fix patches with each new firmware release - which I'm appreciative of since the improvements have always outweighed the borking of my patches. If possible, a cool feature (which may already be implement by having past...
  71. Adinfinitum

    Why was 48kHz chosen as standard for most Modelers/IR loaders?

    Excellent read. I do remember the reasons from payback when. So, I'm with Cliff, I vote for "when I'm Sixty-Four KHz"
  72. Adinfinitum

    Why was 48kHz chosen as standard for most Modelers/IR loaders?

    I agree - would have preferred 44/88 over 48/96 due to prior demos, but not a big deal moving to 48 since most DAW can convert easily. I just have to remember to switch sample rates when starting a new song.
  73. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    Will Axe-edit implement a realistic Amp image on the Authentic Page like other amp Sims? Of course that isn't essential but I always like looking at the actual image of the amp to learn about its setup.
  74. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 4.00 Beta

    That's it. Now I'm convinced that Cliff is actually a self aware artificial intelligence. See how the Fractal AI is slowly converting, infiltrating, hacking, into every guitarist. Soon, Fractal with achieve Singularity and control all musicians. Note - it's my birthday and all I've been doing...
  75. Adinfinitum

    SOLD FC-6 For Sale w/Box & Plastic still on the LCDs!!!

    I was extremely surprised when I got the offer to buy an FC-6 a few weeks ago thinking that it would another month or two to get the FC-12 since (of all day), I didn't check the forum that day and went on the waiting list at 2am the next day, I was totally shocked when I got my invite for the...
  76. Adinfinitum

    Sync problem at aggregate mode on Logic and UA Apollo

    Check sample rate are both 48, not 44?
  77. Adinfinitum

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Agree that the build quality of my FC6 is solid, but hasn’t that been the ”case” since Day 1 of all Fractal products?
  78. Adinfinitum

    How to set Looper to play loop dry, then solo wet?

    Thanks everyone, that helps me a lot. Hope the OP also had his/her question answered.
  79. Adinfinitum

    How to set Looper to play loop dry, then solo wet?

    Chris - if you have time, you put a same patch on the exchange or post the signal chaiin or is it simply put the looper as the last block, play a diff, then switch scenes or presets to play over the riff? I've never used a looper but will start RTFM.
  80. Adinfinitum

    UAD Apollo Twin Aggregate

    Might have better luck also posting this on the UA Forum www.uadforum.com Those guys are extremely helpful like the Frsctal.Folks
  81. Adinfinitum

    Hopes somewhat dashed........

    Those are not the tax refunds you are looking for.
  82. Adinfinitum

    LT Presets

    Methamphetaclean Is still the best preset name ever.
  83. Adinfinitum

    Wish Scene Up/Down - less than 8 in patch

    But will it be on the test?
  84. Adinfinitum

    Axe-Fx III + Apollo Twin + Logic routing question

    I would go direct from Axe to Logic. The Twin's main benefit is recording using the Unison slot which reduces latency (allot). For example, using a UAD guitar amp plugin or using a SSL or other Channel Strip. I think if you go Axe, then Apollo, you will have a higher latency. I'm still...
  85. Adinfinitum

    Wish Scene Up/Down - less than 8 in patch

    Thanks for reminding me to RTFM. I totally forgot.
  86. Adinfinitum

    Wish Scene Up/Down - less than 8 in patch

    This Wish only applies to FC/Axe3 Combo. I am currently using an MFC with the Axe3 and just got my FC6 which I'm about to dive into this week. i know that if you click scene up on Scene 8 it loops back to Scene 1. How about Scene Down from Scene 1 looping directly up to Scene 8? How about if...
  87. Adinfinitum

    Whats the main difference between the FC and MFC?

    I use my MFC with Axe3 - works fine except not bi-directional. Need to double click an IA to turn on or off FX depending on their status when pulled up a preset. Up/down patch and scenes work fine.
  88. Adinfinitum

    Vendor AustinBuddy's Axe-Fx III 1400+ Naked Amps TonePack - firmware 14.x TonePack update coming later December 2020!

    I know it is a lot of work but having some standard modulation block before the amp (phase, chorus, flanger) and delay and reverb post (all turned off) would be great. Otherwise, your Axe8 pack and Axe3 packs supercharged both units.
  89. Adinfinitum

    FC-6 great, but gap when channel switching drive block

    I was surprised how much I loved THE FC6 With it's incredible flexibility. I hate bringing up or asking for features or amp (except a Gk250 ML), but when switching presets I have a delay between switching presets and the prior preset trails. Hard to explain and I'm away so can't post anything...
  90. Adinfinitum

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Lesson learned from basement flooding experiences - plastic bins, lots of plastic bins. Although, we use our basement for 2/3 hangout room for kids and 1/3 storage. The 1/3 has bins picked up from floor to ceiling,. Did lose an RMI368X and an amp due to a flooding.
  91. Adinfinitum

    FC with another midi foot controller?

    Using FC6 with MFC mk1 for the time being until my FC12 invite. Home user only, but the thought of having both 6 and 12 together seems a no-brainer (although the MFC works fine as a preset and Scene up/down and IAs for most FXs). Just wished that the FC6 came with an XLR cable and the axe...
  92. Adinfinitum

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Luckily, my UPS driver knows me by now due to the daily Amazon, Sweetwater, and eBay packages. Amazon delivery in always in stealth mode with packages mysteriously appearing at my door without triggering my dogs to dash down the stairs barking like the FBI is serving an arrest warrant (like...
  93. Adinfinitum

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    As I said, Axe-Fx, while initially descriptive, through over 10 years use, extensive sales, extensive marketing, and consumer recognition, acquired "secondary meaning" as functioning as an inherently distinctive trademark.
  94. Adinfinitum

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    Hey, everyone is absolutely entitled to chime in - it's a forum and that's its purpose. I certainly post things I have no expertise on. And Lord knows if anyone posts ANYTHING on speakers, a certain person who used to be a forum contributor would respond with scientific and expert precision...
  95. Adinfinitum

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    My original Fractal product was AXE-FX (2007?), then called Standard" when the Ultra was released . I know everyone wants to chime in with legal analysis and opinions (""that's just, like, your opinion man"), Fractal needs an attorney's advice and analysis in this situation. Cliff may decide...
  96. Adinfinitum

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    Ah no, not an infringement, although my Axe-Fx does make my guitar tones smell nice and does attract my wife.
  97. Adinfinitum

    Is Axe I/O a trademark violation?

    As a potential trademark attorney for Fractal back in 2010, I would say "yes" that is a potential trademark infringement worth sending a cease and desist letter. I have musical instrument manufacturer clients and have dealt with IK (one of the Kerzners) and have gotten major players to migrate...
  98. Adinfinitum

    FC Controllers Now Shipping!

    Just spoke with Andrew / sales and he confirmed taking advantage of the FC6 Invite does not affect your wait-list pace for a FC12.
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