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  1. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    The user cab is actually a tone match block. I've exported and uploaded the IR from the tone match block, but keep in mind that my guitar has a DiMarzio Area 67 pickup in the neck position. It has a very distinct and bright sound so you might find the attached IR useless. I could've used the...
  2. Slammin Mofo

    Tone match of Mesa 295 Power Amp?

    Have you tried the Two Notes Wall Of Sound III plugin? The latency it adds is actually pretty reasonable, so you should be able to play with it in real time in your DAW, but that's about the only somewhat authentic power amp simulator and IR loader out there. There are some others offered by...
  3. Slammin Mofo

    Tone match of Mesa 295 Power Amp?

    Were you able to recreate the power amp tone through a tone matched eq curve and the tube pre amp model? I'm interested, because I also have a preamp lying around that I'd like to try in that constellation, though I'm currently using the Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound III plugin with the power...
  4. Slammin Mofo

    EXTREME - Get The Funk Out SOLO

    !!!DAMN!!! What ferocious playing! I agree with Triaxis75. There are people who cover this very difficult, albeit beautiful, solo in a normal fashion and then there is your cover. It's head and shoulders above anything that's out there. Truly a work of art! Flawless!!!
  5. Slammin Mofo

    2017 Rig Tour video - Rocco Pezzin

    Very nice gear! I especially love the fighter jet theme of the Frog amp! Do you prefer the variac mode to the normal one?
  6. Slammin Mofo

    Gibson w/ built-in OD... <sigh>

    They should fire Henry... way too many really bad calls this guy has made over the years...
  7. Slammin Mofo

    Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

    Thanks, guys! Warmoth Strat. Alder body, maple neck, ebony fretboard, LSR roller nut, Wilkinson Tremolo, David Allen Hot 54/59 SSS set, neck&mid position. Guitar directly into the Axe FX II with the uploaded preset, via USB into Logic Pro X, Klanghelm MJUC MK1 (vari mu style) compressor set...
  8. Slammin Mofo

    Blink 182 - First Date | MIXTEST

    Great cover! My favorite song, along with "The Rock Show", off that album! I remember seeing the "First Date" video on MTV for the first time way back... hilarious!
  9. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Thanks for the positive feedback, guys! I experimented with Plexi and Silver Jubilee models but they just didn't cut it. Then I read that he actually had a Fender Silverface Dual Showman that he used for clean sounds and the closest model to the Dual Showman that we have in the Axe is the...
  10. Slammin Mofo

    Chris Isaak - Wicked Game

    Here's my rendition of this classic song: I only used a little bit of Valhalla Verb (Taj Mahal patch) and the MJUC compressor in the DAW. The Axe FX II XL Q8.02 patch is uploaded below. Hope you enjoy it!
  11. Slammin Mofo

    Welcome Don Felder (The Eagles, Solo Artist)

    One of my all time favorite guitar players. His Airborne album is so damn good and his Heavy Metal soundtrack contributions ain't too shabby, either. It's great to see that he, too, has boarded the Axe Train!
  12. Slammin Mofo

    Mötley Crüe - Without You (SOLO COVER)

    I love it!!! Any chance that you and Vale will someday tackle "too young to fall in love" by the Crüe? You guys make the best 80's covers!
  13. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    I'm a bit late, but hopefully you'll see my response. I used the Double Verb Vibrato Channel for rhythm and the Supremo Trem model for the solos. I had to tone match the rhythm guitar because I was using a slightly unusual guitar for a classical Frusciante tone. Frusciante uses Seymour Duncan...
  14. Slammin Mofo

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue

    Don't mind the two audio bits in the beginning. Soundcloud is a bit finicky, so I had to insert them in order to upload the song properly.
  15. Slammin Mofo

    Doug Aldrich Riffs

    I recorded some Doug Aldrich riffs from the song "call on me" by Whitesnake. I used the JVM OD1 Orange model along with the Triptik 1x12 mix cab. The guitar was a superstrat with a overwound PAF style pickup. If there's any interest in the patch, I'll upload it here. Hope you enjoy it!
  16. Slammin Mofo

    How different is the Echoplex preamp from EP Booster, Tape Dist in drive block, & jsantiago's IR?

    I think I've read about it a couple of times on thegearpage and the consensus was that only the ClinchFX EP Pre and the Badgerplex are faithful recreations of the Echoplex Preamp. The Xotic EP Booster is more of a classic booster pedal than an Echoplex Preamp recreation. I've never tried the...
  17. Slammin Mofo

    How different is the Echoplex preamp from EP Booster, Tape Dist in drive block, & jsantiago's IR?

    Here's what Peter Clinch from ClinchFX, who makes the much-lauded ClinchFX EP-Pre, has to say about the EP preamp circuit: I took a look at the schematic, and couldn’t really see, at a glance, how such a simple circuit could affect tone, however I was curious and built my version of the preamp...
  18. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    I'm interested in that 2x12 blackface cab IR. Could you share it here? This is the first time I've heard the isolated guitar track of walk this way and I have to say that it's a very interesting tone. Also, I would've never guess that it's a strat tone to begin with. What amp model did you use...
  19. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Oh, you have two different soundcloud accounts. I assumed you only had the one where you had the Rush clips. Anyway, thanks for sharing your songs! Wow, didn't know that Satriani chose the digital route that long ago. Have you tried using Palmer IRs that a guy posted a couple of years back on...
  20. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Ah, so that's why I instinctively chose the 1959 SLP Jump out of all the different variations. It's probably the newest Plexi that we have in the Axe FX II, no? Still, I'm somewhat astonished by this finding. I've played two old Plexis and while they had a bit less bite than my Mojave, they...
  21. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    No, the IR remained the same for both clips, the only thing that changed in this recording chain was the amp itself. You can read about my exact recording setup in the Code box of the opening post.
  22. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    I also think that it has to be some old Fender amp, but then again, the Plexi is a direct derivative of the Bassman, so we can't rule out the Plexi, either. How do you know that he used an IR? Has he already changed to digital recording at that point in time? And yes, I agree with the "tone is...
  23. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Yes, I can hear the difference clearly. Your own plexi clip does sound good, however, as you pointed out, it still lacks that liveliness/bounce. I see that the clip is already a year old.. have you had any luck with the newest Firmware? Man, people must think we're crazy for caring about...
  24. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    I've tried Kemper, Helix, S-Gear and countless other simulators and, so far, Fractal came closest to the real thing. It's not a huge difference and the amp simulations already produce very usable tones, so at this point it's more of a hope than a critique...
  25. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    No, that's not what I'm getting at. I've posted a video of a Suhr SL68 and the top end response is almost identical to my Mojave clip, and keep in mind that I've used a different guitar, a different Humbucker and different IRs, which just goes to show that, even though there are differences...
  26. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Are you refering to the comparison clip where both amps can be heard in the same clip or are you just talking about the two individual clips that I posted at the very top? Here's my third attempt: https://instaud.io/VSV I increased dynamic presence and crunch quite a bit, as well as motor...
  27. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Yes, I've played around with the supply sag parameter. I also played around with power amp hardness, negative feedback, variac, motor drive, PI shift, preamp tube hardness, transformer match etc. to no avail...
  28. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Fair enough. The Fractal SLP is indeed very close to the real thing, but it would be nice to know how to get it even closer, for those of us who still prefer, though not by much, the real thing.
  29. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    I did a second try with an EQ block in front of the Fractal SLP. I increase the highs and lowered the mids a bit. Afterwards, I applied the Ozone matching EQ again. https://instaud.io/VGV I expected the Fractal amp to squish more, now that the EQ has lowered the low end and increased the high...
  30. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    To eliminate most of the EQ differences, I matched the EQ with an Ozone plugin. This is the result: https://instaud.io/VGx It sounds very close, but there's still something in the Scorpion top end that's not there in the Fractal version. Can you hear the "squishing" that happens in the...
  31. Slammin Mofo

    Dimed Real Plexi VS Dimed Simulation [Q8.01]

    Here's a comparison between an Axe FX II Plexi simulation and my Mojave Scorpion amplifier: FAS Plexi: https://instaud.io/VAM Mojave Scorpion: https://instaud.io/VAN EDIT: New comparison clip with matched EQ (first Mojave, then FAS Plexi) https://instaud.io/VGx The following setup was used...
  32. Slammin Mofo

    Toto - "I'll Be Over You" (Solos)

    Here's my cover of the "I'll be over you" solos by Steve Lukather of Toto: Initially, I wanted to cover the 1990 Paris live version of this song, unfortunately, I haven't found the corresponding backing track and I'm way too lazy to program it myself :D I attached the patch below, just in...
  33. Slammin Mofo

    New well recorded Dumble ODS tone sample

    Just in case some of you would like to try and maybe refine the tone I came up with, here's the XL preset:
  34. Slammin Mofo

    New well recorded Dumble ODS tone sample

    His tone is really amazing... I had to take a stab at it, so here's my little attempt (Bludojai LD1 model + factory cabs): His tone is a bit tighter in the bass range and the gain is a lot crisper. A lot of that crispness has to do with the semi-hollow Gibson ES-335. Once he grabs that Baker...
  35. Slammin Mofo

    Celestion Plus IRs

    I bought the G12H30 Anniversary Edition and the Creamback G12M65 pack and I must say that I like them very much. They have far less bass than their equivalents offered by competing IR vendors, but that's the way I actually prefer them. If you listen to isolated guitar tracks of famous records...
  36. Slammin Mofo

    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    What kind of speaker setup is the Nucleus reactive load / impedance curve emulating? I know that Suhr's reactive load is modeled after a 4x12 Greenback cab. It sure would be an awesome feature to have different impedance curves to choose from. Hooking an amp up to a 4x12 Greenback reactive load...
  37. Slammin Mofo

    Cause we ended as lover

    J'aime bien ça! Glad you're back, Stef! I haven't heard from you for a long, long time! I still remember your Axe FX ULTRA clips and your intense discussions with certain people regarding the "not quite there, yet" argument :D As far as I remember, you were going the mostly analog route (JCM...
  38. Slammin Mofo

    Van Halen's Pretty Woman [Q 6.02]

    Thanks! It doesn't sound bad, but I think I've overused the Valhalla Vintageverb plugin a bit :D The guitar is a Wayne Charvel "Exotic Rock Legend" custom built to my specifications. Mahogany body, thin maple neck, WCR pickups (darkburst bridge & crossroads neck) and a flush mounted Floyd Rose.
  39. Slammin Mofo

    Van Halen's Pretty Woman [Q 6.02]

    I've got some Inception sh%& for you guys... here's my cover of Van Halen's cover of Roy Orbison's Pretty Woman. It does sound more Hi-Fi than the original Van Halen recording and the tone is not quite there yet - I still can't nail the pre-Amp Analog Chorus settings -, but I still think it...
  40. Slammin Mofo

    George Lynch and Chris Broderick discussing AXE FX

    That's my personal Lynch Mob favorite, too. It sounds so fierce and savage! The only MAJOR complaint that I have regarding that song is that the recording engineers have used a fadeout at the end of the song. I would've loved to hear that outro go on and on for at least another 2 minutes...
  41. Slammin Mofo

    George Lynch and Chris Broderick discussing AXE FX

    Yeah, the guitar tones are abysmal, but why is George recently only playing oriental/mystical sounding solos? His solos used to be so brutal and melodic, now they're just weird...
  42. Slammin Mofo

    DI level differs between guitars

    So it's normal to get DI tracks with -8dB peaks? Just one question: should i set output 1+2 to just 1 in order to get a centered mono output? or is the output automatically mono if the input has been set to input 3 only?
  43. Slammin Mofo

    DI level differs between guitars

    So the wiki talks about the consistency of the relative DI level? I'm referring to this page: http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Reamping "The DI signal level of channels 3 and 4 is fixed, and for good reason."
  44. Slammin Mofo

    DI level differs between guitars

    I'm using the Axe FX II via USB in my DAW (Logic Pro X) and I chose the Axe FX II as my audio device for both input and output with a buffer of 128. Project Sample Size is set to 48 kHz and I'm using the latest USB driver. To get a mono DI track, I use Input 3 and output 1+2. The DI level I'm...
  45. Slammin Mofo

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    Fair enough! I think you've struck a good balance between tweakers and plug n' players with your newest pack of 433 IRs. The best case scenario, for me, would be a collection of maybe 100 already mixed IRs, but that would leave the tweakers complaining, so I totally get your middle of the road...
  46. Slammin Mofo

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    That sounds like a good compromise to me. Maybe it's best to reduce the overall IR number even more and add this one mic to the fold? @Mikko: I think Redwirez has shot way too many IRs per mic & cab. So many details, it's really overdone. 800 IRs for 5 cabs is still excessive, in my opinion...
  47. Slammin Mofo

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    A question for you Mikko (and other IR creators, too): Will you ever add a Neumann U87 mic to your collection? It's expensive, I know, but I'm still using some of the Redwirez IRs because of this mic...
  48. Slammin Mofo

    RACER X - Street Lethal - Full cover w/vocals (video)

    Wow, this is a SICK cover!! Love it!!!
  49. Slammin Mofo

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Thanks Cliff! BTW: Is your Axe Edit still displaying you 5.01 instead of 5.02 even though the utility menu displays 5.02 Firmware? I did refresh the Axe Edit, but that did nothing to fix this rather miniscule little bug.
  50. Slammin Mofo

    Late Nite Jam With The JTM 45 [Q5.01]

    I was fooling around with some presets I made with the new Quantum 5.01 Firmware and here's the result: The Mesa Boogie Lonestar Clean was used for rhythm and the jumpered Marshall JTM 45, with a TS 808 drive in front of it, was used for lead guitar. Hope you like it!
  51. Slammin Mofo

    [NOT A BUG] Crackling with Modelling Version = Q2.00 Λ Harmonics ≠ 0

    There's no clipping involved here. I looked up the firmware releases and I found out that the harmonics knob has only been introduced in Q2.01, so that may explain why it won't work with the modelling version set at Q2.00. Don't know if this would be an easy or impossible fix to do...
  52. Slammin Mofo

    [NOT A BUG] Crackling with Modelling Version = Q2.00 Λ Harmonics ≠ 0

    I noticed a latent crackling when I was using the Spawn Nitrous 2 Model with modelling version set to Q2.00 along with the Harmonics parameter set to anything but 0. As soon as I set the Harmonics parameter to 0, the crackling vanishes. This is no problem with any of the other Q versions, so I'm...
  53. Slammin Mofo

    Dial in popular Mods

    That's not the meat of the matter. Cliff stated that changing the transformer doesn't have much of an effect on amp tone, yet this guy, Dan Boul, claims otherwise. Why else would he have a vintage transformer collection instead of just getting them built to spec by Mercury Magnetics or Heyboer...
  54. Slammin Mofo

    Dial in popular Mods

    About the transfomer impact on tone: I've seen a Dan Boul (owner of 65 amps) podcast some time ago and he has a collection of vintage transformers. He says that they "sound" better than their modern counterparts. Is he just a snake oil salesman or is there indeed some hidden mojo in older...
  55. Slammin Mofo

    Guitar Strings and Corrosive Sweat

    I'm using Elixir strings and GHS Fast Fret to clean the strings after playing. That way, a set can last me about 2-3 months. There's not much else that you can do besides buying coated strings and cleaning them with an established string cleaner such as the GHS Fast Fret or the Fender Speed Slick.
  56. Slammin Mofo

    Is this Noise normal? / What to do against Noisy presets while sustaining notes?

    I'm not sure if I understand you correctly: Have you tried to connect both units with mono TRS cables or have you only tried the XLR connections? While playing, have you tried changing your sitting position or the angle of your guitar? Maybe your pickups are picking up the noise from a certain...
  57. Slammin Mofo

    New from 'Tallica

    I prefer Winger.
  58. Slammin Mofo

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.00 Public Beta

    Great news! Thanks for this update, Cliff!
  59. Slammin Mofo

    Eric Johnson Clean

    Zvuci odlicno! Have you just recently switched to the Axe FX II? I still remember you as an Ultra user.
  60. Slammin Mofo

    Whitesnake - Is This Love SOLO VIDEO + patch (fw Q2.00)

    As always, great tone and even better playing!
  61. Slammin Mofo

    Strat Prewired Pickgaurds

    I've ordered a DAllen prewired pickguard about a year ago and I'm very pleased with the quality of the components and workmanship of David Allen. The tone was the most important factor for me and DAllen pickups deliver tone in spades. It's also a solderless pickguard, so the installation is very...
  62. Slammin Mofo

    Helix Tones (Vox AC 30 & Marshall 1959)

    I was just checking out some Line 6 Helix videos to see and hear what that unit is capable of and I found two interesting demos by Sean Halley, an amazing guitar player with a keen sense of melody. There were two tracks in those demos that particularly caught my eye/ear: "Pretty Clean" and...
  63. Slammin Mofo

    AX-8 Price

    I'm sorry, but this is just a brutal price point - 100 $ less than the Line 6 Helix, with the same quality effects and amps as the Axe FX 2? I guess Fractal is in for the kill!
  64. Slammin Mofo

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks Cliff & Team!
  65. Slammin Mofo

    2290 w/ Mod Delay not working

    Thanks for the info, Hubertus! Had to change the phase reverse setting from "right" to "none". I don't remember having to do that in earlier firmwares. Was this a recent change? I remember the stock 2290 preset on Bank C working properly, now I have to readjust all the phase reverse settings.
  66. Slammin Mofo

    2290 w/ Mod Delay not working

    Tried to use this delay on a couple of different patches, and I just can't hear any delays if this model is selected. As soon as I pick a different delay type, without increasing the level, feedback or mix, the delays become audible again. I'm on the latest Firmware 19.
  67. Slammin Mofo

    David Hasselhoff | True Survivor COVER [WARNING!! EXTREME 80s CONTENT]

    I have to agree with MesaGuitarGuy... your version is waayyyy better and your solo kicks major ass! Thanks for doing this great cover, Rocco!
  68. Slammin Mofo

    Hotel California - Solo - Preset

    This is a great rendition of a great solo! BTW: How do you like the Maybach Les Paul? How does it compare to a "real" Gibson Les Paul?
  69. Slammin Mofo

    18.10 | Possible Citrus Bass 200 Bug [FIXED]

    Here's a sound clip of what I hear through my studio monitors: And here's the patch:
  70. Slammin Mofo

    18.10 | Possible Citrus Bass 200 Bug [FIXED]

    I can start from a clean preset, with nothing in there but a line of shunts from left to right, and when I switch any of those shunts into an amp block and choose the Citrus Bass 200, the pulsation begins...
  71. Slammin Mofo

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 18.10 Released

    Thanks for all the frequent firmware updates, Cliff!
  72. Slammin Mofo

    18.10 | Possible Citrus Bass 200 Bug [FIXED]

    After the update to 18.10, I'm noticing a pulsating sound that, so far, only the Citrus Bass 200 model creates. I've tried the model on 5 different presets with different cabs and this pulsating sound still persists. Is this a bug or a mistake on my end?
  73. Slammin Mofo

    The Secret Weapon: Transformer Match

    Thanks for these tech notes, Cliff! I just love that you take some time out of your busy schedule to impart useful theoretical knowledge to us. It's much appreciated! A question that popped up in mind as I was reading the very last part of your post was, if there is a possibility of modelling...
  74. Slammin Mofo

    Just a heads up...

    Once you update your firmware to 18.01, go check out the cameron ccv models. And yes, they are that good.
  75. Slammin Mofo

    Yet Another Hotel California Cover

    Here's the preset: I've added delay and reverb in the DAW and I haven't used a harmonizer/pitch shifter.
  76. Slammin Mofo

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Wow, that aggressive price part reads like a declaration of war! :D I sense that a certain company will be forced to drop its price in the near future ;) With G3 technology on board, I'm not sure who's going to be able to compete with such a product...
  77. Slammin Mofo

    Request: Yngwie Malmsteen tone match

    Heinzi, das sind schon sehr, sehr geile Artikel, die du da publizierst! Stellar work, man!
  78. Slammin Mofo

    Yet Another Hotel California Cover

    Ah, totally forgot about the phaser. If I remember correctly, this was even the first song on which the Phaser as such was used, I think it was invented by Eventide at the time they recorded this song. I've used the Div/13 FT37 Hi amp model with sag at 8.6 and variac at 87%. No Hi-Cut, drive at...
  79. Slammin Mofo

    Yet Another Hotel California Cover

    Thanks for the feedback, guys! I agree, Sixstring, there's too much delay & reverb... I did another take with different cabs and much less delay & reverb. Here it is, if anyone's interested:
  80. Slammin Mofo

    Yet Another Hotel California Cover

    This track has been covered time and time again, so I hope that it doesn't bore you too much.
  81. Slammin Mofo

    New G3 amp modeling VS KPA FW 3

    At this point in time, I much prefer the Axe FX II. I've got the Kemper along with many of the TAF, Soundside, Britt, Michael Wagner etc. profiles and I can honestly say that the Axe FX II has surpassed the Kemper. There was a time when the Kemper actually sounded more amplike compared to the...
  82. Slammin Mofo

    Rainbow in the Dark Cover

    Sounds amazing, Mark!
  83. Slammin Mofo

    Axe FX II vs Torpedo technologies

    I've used the wrong words. Ultra Res IRs are basically longer IRs. You can experiment with the length of these Impulse Responses if you have them in .wav file format by using the BlendIR tool from Two Notes. You can't convert a .syx IR into the Torpedo format, though.
  84. Slammin Mofo

    Axe FX II vs Torpedo technologies

    I'm using the Torpedo Studio with my Mojave Scorpion & Orange Rockerverb 50 MKI. I seldomly use the Two Notes power amp simulation, because both these amps deliver a pre+power amp tone and there is no way to isolate the preamp signal from these amps (the Mojave uses a line out which already has...
  85. Slammin Mofo

    Two Notes Torpedo Studio & Axe FX II

    I want to connect the Torpedo Studio to the Axe FX II so that I can sometimes use the Axe FX II as an effects unit for the processed and loaded down Amp tone of the Torpedo Studio and sometimes use it as an additional cab slot in the Axe FX II signal chain. This should be possible with the...
  86. Slammin Mofo

    What happened to Chris Katsukuri's Video's??

    Don't get me wrong guys, I love all of you on a very platonic level, even the one's who "misbehave" from time to time. I recognise that we as humans do not really possess free will- at least that's what Sam Harris says - and things play out the way nature intended them to, so it's unncessesary...
  87. Slammin Mofo

    What happened to Chris Katsukuri's Video's??

    Not to add fuel to the fire, if there is a fire in the first place, but do people in real life seriously get hurt by words of strangers on a fairly tame and civilised internet forum (i'm talking about this one right here)? There are fora around the web that post people's personal information and...
  88. Slammin Mofo

    Lively Ones - Surf Rider

    Thanks for the kind words, guys! I've added another version where you can only hear my guitar right in the middle.
  89. Slammin Mofo

    Lively Ones - Surf Rider

    This one's yet another reverb demonstration of the new Firmware 16.04.1, but I've decided to test drive the (large) spring reverb instead of the usual room/hall reverbs. You can hear me on the left and the original guitar player on the right side. Here it is: This is a newer version where...
  90. Slammin Mofo

    Citrus RV 50 Version

    It does sound great, has that typical Orange tone to it. But I'm still wondering if changing the power tubes to 6V6 inside the Axe FX would transform the amp from MK II to MK I?
  91. Slammin Mofo

    Citrus RV 50 Version

    Thanks for the reply, Cliff!
  92. Slammin Mofo

    Citrus RV 50 Version

    I've read that Cliff has used the MK I version of the Orange Rockerverb 50 with 4 x 6V6 power amp tubes. However, the default power amp tubes in the Axe FX II model of said amp are (2) x EL34. Was the MK II version purchased in the meantime to replace the MK I version, or was there never an MK I...
  93. Slammin Mofo

    Axe-Fx II Firmware 16.02 Released

    This is one hell of a firmware release!! The first thing I did was playing around with the AC voltage and I think that's what everyone should do once the FW update is done. Fire up a virtual plexi style amp and lower the virtual voltage step by step :D I still can't believe that this feature...
  94. Slammin Mofo

    New Guitar Day.....

    Wow, what a beautiful guitar! It would be awesome if you could record some comparison clips between a newer Les Paul and the real deal. Congratulations on your purchase and happy birthday!
  95. Slammin Mofo

    16.01 Tubescreamers rule!

    Haha, hell yeah!!!
  96. Slammin Mofo

    Axe FX II Is Freezing Randomly

    Not really, I'm using a Fender double verb into a matching cab and I usually add some subtle delay and reverb to sweeten things up a bit. That way I can play guitar over backing tracks in the background (through headphones) all the while reading forum posts, release notes etc. :) I've already...
  97. Slammin Mofo

    Axe FX II Is Freezing Randomly

    After I've updated my Axe FX II to Firmware 16, the unit started to freeze randomly. I'm using it as my primary soundcard on both Mac OS X 10.9.5 and Windows 8.1 Pro. When the freeze happens, the input LED remain where they are for a couple of seconds and vanish afterwards, then only the top...
  98. Slammin Mofo

    Eight String Slapchop (Original ambient funk song)

    This is outstanding! I have enormous respect for multi-instrumentalists like you. Your singing is great, the bass parts are really groovy and your drum part kicks some serious ass! Looking forward to hear from you again!
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