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  1. Maurice


    would be nice, sync to a bassdrum or alike
  2. Maurice

    Tone Trick or Treating!

    Your trick with the Ducker in Delay and Reverb, to adjust the attenuation, threshold and release time, is a real eye opener for me, to clean up my sound, thanks Leon
  3. Maurice

    Wish Custom scales

    yes, i know that thread, thanks and yes it works but... it does not behave, as to what it shows in the screen; one changes all 32 in the screen, not in the preset so to my idea it is not solved, maybe try it just hope to find or come to a solution, or it is just me good luck and thanks for all...
  4. Maurice

    Wish Custom scales

    There are 32 custom scales, but if i change one, all others change along in the front screen. My wish is to create a Custom scale and store it, so i can recall it from where i stored it, from one of the 32 scales . As it is now, its very confusing to me. Or maybe i'm missing something, that i...
  5. Maurice

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Yes, this feels like a small present, very nice and usable preset for live, it is. I enjoy this one very much, as well with single as with HB, with a few tweaks. Big thanks for sharing Brett
  6. Maurice

    Need help with Global scales

    I have the same problem, trying to get grip on this. a bit confusing, changing one of the 32 slots, its showing that it changes all 32 slots again.... Hopefully with next updates it will be simple save and store, per each of the 32 custom scales. Looking forward to play Jessica in a Trio...
  7. Maurice

    Harmony question

    @prometh, very interesting, would you like to share the preset plse, thanks @Bakerman genius
  8. Maurice

    Brian May Style on Axe-Fx

    very nice, preset ?
  9. Maurice

    Little Guys! A selection of smaller amps in a single preset. Free d/l, vid, etc.

    @Burgs, you turn these little guys into really big boy's, huge fun to play and really an amazing sound when playing with my band Many thanks to you, for giving these, and also many other, very nice presets, cheers
  10. Maurice

    Tuner Poll

  11. Maurice

    Tuner Poll

    it's a bit off topic, but again about tuning; maybe there could be an option for tuning instead A= 440 Hz as standard frequency, there could be an option A=432 Hz as an alternative frequency and of course the other notes in relation to that Which is in fact the natural tuning for A, and altered...
  12. Maurice

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 8.00

    Really Magic, Fabulous sounds, very pleased, thanks FAS
  13. Maurice

    Brian May - Morgan AC20

    nice ! please, where to download this preset, to give it a try ? cheers
  14. Maurice

    FCs in Europe?

    To be delivered by UPS by tomorrow :)
  15. Maurice

    FREE: ML Sound Lab Dual Recto preset + Mesa SM7B IR

    Hi Mikko, Must say, outstanding preset (or A.M.P.) of the Recto, one of the best presets I had over the years during my Axe adventure. Love it, Thanks and thanks
  16. Maurice

    Exploring the Fender Models

    Hi Leon, Many thanks for your great video's, suggestions, tips and explanations. Very useful for me and i think for many others. Enjoying this very much, cheers.
  17. Maurice

    In the Bleak Midwinter

    very nice, beautiful, thanks
  18. Maurice

    FREE CAB PACK: ML Legendary Times (2018)

    Hi Mikko, thanks for the gift, will give it a try, still using your ir's from the Axe-2 day's now into the Axe-3 Nice playing Harrie To you all, happy holiday
  19. Maurice

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 1.17

    thumbs up, great work
  20. Maurice


    Hi Mikko, Gonna give it a try I still use on many presets your ir's Keep up the good work, thanks
  21. Maurice

    AustinBuddy Naked Amps Tone Pack (still) Rules! ... New Website up...FM3...coming soon(ish)

    Just got my new XL+ with 9.04 and downloaded the 700+ pack, plugged in my new Maybach Tele and WOOH.. Good for hours of unstoppable playing. Like there is something in it, which i did not hear before. Very pleasing, especial the natural dynamic distortion, alive, vibrant and organic to put it in...
  22. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.04 Firmware Release

    Just loaded 9.04 and Austin Buddy's Naked 700 Pack with my new XL+ and new Tele; good for hours of noodling, very nice. Thanks Cliff, thanks Austin
  23. Maurice

    Secretfluid (free IRs)

    thanks, will give it a try
  24. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.03 Firmware Release

    Nice work, thanks
  25. Maurice

    Can we meet at 2300 Brgds

    Can we meet at 2300 Brgds
  26. Maurice


  27. Maurice

    Solid state power amp + guitar cab: Use speaker compression or not?

    (Quote) For people who send Out 1 to FOH and Out 2 to power amp and cab, what would you recommend? 1.5? Same question here ? For FOH i put the cab at the end into output 1, just before that i go to output 2 by FX, in order to have my effects also on my valve VHT 2902 into Mesa cabs So for...
  28. Maurice

    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    found it, thanks will give it a try
  29. Maurice

    Steve Lukather CAE 3+SE preset

    Where can i find this one please ? Just looked at Axechange, but can not find it
  30. Maurice

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    As new 9.01 beta is there, new chances?
  31. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 9.01 Beta

    Just a funny name: keyof.. something
  32. Maurice

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    From the soundclip, in a way like 8.02 with valves vs 9 solid state
  33. Maurice

    700+ Naked Amps TonePack by AustinBuddy Available NOW!

    Dear Austin, Thanks for the soundclip and advice To me the 9.0fw seems more like 2 D compared to 8.02 = 3 D for your presets, fwiw ! Or as you say 8.02 sounds more organic in a way. Just my 2 cents
  34. Maurice

    Hi, I'm interested in your XL+ Can we get in touch ? Brgds, Maurice

    Hi, I'm interested in your XL+ Can we get in touch ? Brgds, Maurice
  35. Maurice

    Hi, Can we get in touch for the XL + Brgds, Maurice

    Hi, Can we get in touch for the XL + Brgds, Maurice
  36. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    And a lesly speaker Sorry leslie
  37. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 8.00 Firmware Release

    Thanks FAS guys, up to a new level Just unbeatable, still getting better Incredible Thanks again
  38. Maurice

    Shadows Presets for Quantum 7.02

    Thanks, gonna give it a swing
  39. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.02 Public Beta

    Thanks, great.
  40. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 6.00 Firmware Released

    Getting better and better, big thanks
  41. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 5.02 Firmware Released

    Thanks for the update; very much appreciated. Will give a swing on tomorrow night's gig, looking forward already.
  42. Maurice

    Fractal Audio AMP Models: Yeks PDF Guide

    Thanks for your work. Great job.
  43. Maurice

    Setting volume level in presets

    I use the VU meters in the utility screen, to set things in line. Maybe it would be helpfull during the proces of adjusting levels with Axe-Edit, to see these meters also on screen somewhere with Axe-Edit ? Wish list ? Just my 2 cents good luck
  44. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    Great, warm, creamy, responsive, the total package Thanks
  45. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Public Beta

    Good news, exiting Thanks
  46. Maurice

    Fremen Quantum 2.0 presets

    Thanks to you Fremen Nice job done
  47. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    Just updated and did my weekly jam There is something in the air..... It sounds very inspiring indeed. Don't know what has changed, but it just has more feel and balls, more alive. 1970 Marshall, different from many other Marshalls, sounds rather thin on first stroke, but heavenly dirt in...
  48. Maurice

    Merry Christmas AX8ers!

    To FAS-Team and the whole Fractal family, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  49. Maurice

    The First Modded AX8 (I believe) :0)

    Really nice custom shop
  50. Maurice

    Axe FX II live clean sound

    hi, i use the same, LP and Strat for live performance. Normally i trimm my presets, about 20, for my LP but also use the same presets for my strat, however i just use the tone controls to adjust to taste during playing. That does the trick for me. Only have 1 or 2 dedicated presets for the...
  51. Maurice


    Looking forward to see more demo's on youtube ? Mark Day, Cooper Carter, Larry Mitchell ? More AX8 moody noodling-experimenting-trials-dailing-programming-playing-whatever....guys?
  52. Maurice

    New FAS Amp Models Gallery & More Ares 02.00 - Axe FX II

    MDPROD can be proud Nice job, thanks
  53. Maurice

    My album on Bandcamp + bonus presets

    Hi Fremen, Just downloaded your album, very nice. Thanks.
  54. Maurice

    Fremen - 44 drive blocks + firmware 19 presets

    Thanks Thibault Great work
  55. Maurice

    Just a farewell thanks to Fractal and all the forum users

    Hello Frank, What to say...., sorry to hear, wish you all the best.
  56. Maurice

    Brian May early tone

    same with me, never found a convincing tone
  57. Maurice

    Hotel California - Solo - Preset

    We are just working on this song with our band The song has a variety of sounds in it like intro, licks and double end solo Here the Axe FX comes to its fullest for me You have a Top outstanding sound, nice feel in playing, great job done
  58. Maurice

    Fremen presets v 18.07

    Monsieur Thibault, merci beaucoup
  59. Maurice

    AXFXII v18 - Dynamics, harmonics and exploding tubes? Pictorial/Tutorial Added!!!

    Hi Scott, thanks for all your detailed input. Yesterday i started fiddling around with your suggestions - Whoh- a beautiful inspiring tone, just using the volume knob - could not stop playing..... Mind sharing these presets, as used in the beginning of this thread, to get more understanding. Thanks
  60. Maurice

    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Hello Fremen, Very much apreciated Big thanks for your contributions Looking forward
  61. Maurice

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    Did rehearsals with FW18, it just sounds GREAT; then i lost myselves in playing, obviously also my dick...... (don't worry, found it again)
  62. Maurice

    FW18: WRECKER 2 Demo

    hello Carter, great, very nice:) send some more - more please, 1.02 is toooo short.
  63. Maurice

    Cab Pack 8 Teaser: Brit TV

    Will get pack 8 for sure, as pack 7 is bringing things to the next level already What will be in pack 9 ??? Thanks Clark, keep up the good work
  64. Maurice

    Axe-Edit 3.1.4 released

    Maybe it has been asked before: Could we get the VU meters on screen in Axe Edit ? Thanks
  65. Maurice

    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    Kudo's Kudo's to Fremen, big thanks,really appreciated.
  66. Maurice

    [Fremen] presets V15.02 uploaded

    hey guy's, any news? had one preset from Fremen, just outstanding, in combination with CK cabpack 7 looking forward to try the Fw17.x presets
  67. Maurice

    Axe-Fx II fw 17 Released

    A big thanks to all, FAS Team and beta testers, for your relentless endeavour to improve
  68. Maurice

    I'm producing a Cab Pack for Fractal Audio Systems

    I'm in, just downloading, After loooooooong teasing, there are high expectations, so let's give it a try. Anyway the wait was already a pleasure following your thread, thanks.
  69. Maurice

    NEW TEASER PACK deafening silence

    After a really epic Thread called TEASER, which is off-line now because of its own succes / 30.000 hits (?) or more... Is there anybody please, who can update the outcome of the new CLARK KENT TEASER Pack ? (made in Finland) As i think, many with me, would like to know when FAS is going to...
  70. Maurice

    Can't access a thread (?)

    Teaser was clipping
  71. Maurice

    About that 0.06mS Delay

    """""Clarky: that's exactly what I tried earlier in this thread.. two different cabs panned centre, one with a very short delay.. """" I assumed: Hard panning left-right ? anyway will give it a try both way's
  72. Maurice

    About that 0.06mS Delay

    Please a screenshot of the Cab settings, if possible ? as i thought this was about delay "in" the Cab setting with 2 Cabs ? Hard panning left+right ? As Cliff said: "Using 2 Ir's / blocks in stereo, using small amount of delay on one Cab block " But anyway GM Arts, thanks for explaning, as it...
  73. Maurice

    Fun With Reverb

    Indeed, a very nice and usable feature, perfect for long long intro's
  74. Maurice

    New Reverb Demo

    where's the singing ?
  75. Maurice

    Final (long) video Teaser for my upcoming solo album CONTRAST

    amzing and very entertaining, kudo's
  76. Maurice

    Live: Dutch Axe-Fest

    All you guys, thanks for the Axe fest.
  77. Maurice

    Axe Fest - The Dutch Version

    +1 Leuk idee: waar + wanneer ?
  78. Maurice

    Scored a Marshall Club and Country

    I have a Country&Club 4140 coffee brown, for over 30 years, 100W valve, 2x12 red Marshall speakers, chrome cones, open back, heavy like H@!!, in good shape but modded (also 30 years ago). I could not work with ""the thing"", too clean, too loud, brutal, cuts like a knife i promise, yes indeed a...
  79. Maurice

    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    Patch - preset please for FW11
  80. Maurice

    Friedman HBE Lead test on backingtrack

    Very nice, whole 6 minutes, sound fits in perfectly and nicely played.
  81. Maurice

    Axe-Edit 3.0 Released!

    Hey guys, respect and compliments for the achievement and thanks to all.
  82. Maurice

    AxeCabManager - a new utility for Axe-FX II users

    Very nice, i was just breaking my head on the same issue as i just received the Ownhammer collections. Will try it a.s.a.p. Big thanks for developing AND sharing.
  83. Maurice

    Super Super Reverb

    +1 link to stock settings Anyone ?
  84. Maurice

    What is your Power amp of choice for use with the Axe FX II?

    p.s. bit surprised that nobody mentioned the D-4 before, or i missed it (don't check so often-sorry)
  85. Maurice

    What is your Power amp of choice for use with the Axe FX II?

    Hi, Just try the Thomann D-4 digital 4x500watts at 4Ohm: 1 U, 4.6 kg: price 288 € (= 2000 watts !!!) 4x input and 4x output, so use your imagination...with a piece like the Axe Fx For me: 2x stereo (full range cabs EV 12"/2"driver) and one output in middle for dry signal: non effects /...
  86. Maurice

    V 10 Cliff's Crown Achievement

    Opening up a world for bassplayers, with some cabs and presets, would help a lot and would be very much appreciated, as the whole family wants to play the AxeFx to full extend. My son: bass player / other son, guitar /me - old school guitar - not all at the same time of course
  87. Maurice

    question: update preset-banks with Fractal Bot ?

    Yes, #26 Vibrato King is there and works.. they all work Just wanted to be sure to have loaded the correct presets. Thanks
  88. Maurice

    question: update preset-banks with Fractal Bot ?

    Dear Chris, many thanks, yes, you are right, it is stated as such very clearly, But i'm a bit puzzled how i downloaded the presets by/through Fractal-Bot (as it is not meant to be, but worked ?) i'm gonna check out your link to download in a proper way, to be sure to have the correct...
  89. Maurice

    question: update preset-banks with Fractal Bot ?

    question; As my Axe Edit refused to work along, i just updated the preset banks through Fractal-Bot into my AxeFx. Is this the proper way / or is Fractal Bot only meant for Firmware update ? (and not for presets) and if so: how can i check (in my AxeFX) that my presets are for Fw10 ...
  90. Maurice

    Version 10.0 Sample

    by coincidence i'm just working on this song on my '66 super reverb. Enjoyed your nice sound and nice playing, thanks. Now we're waiting for the white smoke to come....habemus FW10
  91. Maurice

    whats going to be in 6.03?

    +1 Fender Super Reverb 4x10, a true classic. Thanks
  92. Maurice

    Axe-Fx in Nederland en België

    Hoi, welkom bij de club. Ik zit zelf in het oosten. Zou leuk zijn om een keer met een paar man eraringen uit te wisselen. Ik hoor het wel. De groetn
  93. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    yes,yes, did it again, FW UPDATE COMPLETE thanks to all, followed steps of GVOLP / thread ""MFC Error 14 on""
  94. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    here we go again, 2.02 coming up. will let you know the outcome
  95. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    A happy person here, i've done it and it worked, now can start reprogramming in 6.0 at last................................... Great thanks to GVOLP and others, i followed your instruction step by step, second time hit the jackpot - update firmware completed All as described in the tread ""MFC...
  96. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    I got the same message: "Error 18" ""invalid OP code 08" on the MFC Though still working on it......will follow GVOLP suggestions, as i see Woyote had succes
  97. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    i just downloaded MIDI OX, and are going to give it a try, thanks to your link above, thanks for your help GVOLP Will revert when done
  98. Maurice

    upgrade firmeware on MFC101

    Thanks kaos7 Yes i did the "send realtime sysex"" to none, as suggested by Dojo. And the only thing works on the mfc = press #1 at start up - "firmware update" I dont have a midi librarian I copy the mfc101 sys file into the workspace-axe edit-firmware. from there it is transmitted through...
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