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  1. mwd

    Did you buy the extended warranty for your Axe III?

    Here is an example of the Citi Card extended warranty. Obviously not everything is covered (cars, boats, tires, etc.) however it is pretty comprehensive and you don't have to do anything. Also, not only does it extend the warranty but it gives protection if a vendor won't accept a return and...
  2. mwd

    Did you buy the extended warranty for your Axe III?

    Been dealing with Fractal since the Ultra and never had anything other than a foot come off my expression pedal. That said I use a Citi card to pay for my gear that adds 2 years to factory warranty.
  3. mwd

    Studio Monitor Recommendations

    Years ago I got Adams A7X monitors and Sennheiser HD650 headphones and, outside of occasionally pondering a subwoofer, I have not needed or wanted anything monitor wise since.
  4. mwd

    Axe-Edit issues with Logic Pro for AF3?

    I've never experienced issues with Axe Edit open in Logic, or live for that matter, on my XL or III.
  5. mwd

    Output LVL when recording (Headroom)

    Regarding the Axe... tickle the red... or slightly less. Regarding the DAW I would target -9 to -12 dBFS with peaks at -6 to -3. There you want no red. 0VU = 0dBu = -18dBFS R68 EBU (European Broadcast Standard) and 0VU = +4dBu = -20dBFS RP155 SMPTE (American Motion Picture Standard) Most...
  6. mwd

    Any across the board settings changes for Adam AX7 monitor users?

    It's hard to sound bad with an Axe and A7X monitors.
  7. mwd

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    Definitely going to check before I jack with this awesome preset. Don't mind tweaking but this was peculiar. I boosted scene 1 a good 12db to match other scenes with his guitar. I also intend on boosting scene 1 with my guitar as well but 3db would be max and possibly not that much. I'll chime...
  8. mwd

    Archonia. Demo and preset d/l.

    My buddy and I both have III's. Last night at rehearsal we got his firmware, etc., updated and I was telling him about the new amp and Burg preset. On a particular jam I use my ESP that has Seymour Duncan LP style pickups and he was using his Ed O' Brien strat. On scene 1 the volume plummeted...
  9. mwd

    Shoutout to Michael Pickens and team

    +1 and thank you for preset leveling!
  10. mwd

    Axe-Edit III 1.07.01

    Just saw preset leveling was introduced a couple of editions back. Many thanks for this!
  11. mwd

    What is your favorite factory preset?

    My default preset is a carry over from the Ultra called Subway Verb with the Reverb cut back. But consistently through out the different models for a stock preset I love Dual Clean.
  12. mwd

    Anyone "upgrade" to an external delay pedal?

    I turned off the verbs in my Ultra presets and ran it thru a Strymon Big Sky and it was pure heaven. It allowed me to have several goto Strymon presets as well as my favorite Ultra presets. Very versatile as any given Ultra preset, as a core sound, could give multiple variations on the fly with...
  13. mwd

    (Fake) Drum Suggestions?

    You will be surprised how far EZ Drummer will take you. I have BFD, some other name brand I can't even remember right now, Superior Drummer 2, Superior Drummer 3 and EZ Drummer. We consistently wind up using EZ Drummer in the final mix. For the sound. What is also cool in SD3 you can load and...
  14. mwd

    BB King tone

    I gotta' tell you the closest I've ever come to a BB King tone was 'with' my 77' LP. Years ago on my Ultra there was a preset called Subway Verb which as a factory preset exampled a ton of verb. I backed it off a bit and it became my go to for everything clean. I have converted and updated to...
  15. mwd

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    I spent all morning messing with this crap. Couldn't print checks this morning so re-installed Crystal Reports the Outlook started crashing every time it opened so I thought my Crystal report install messed it up so I uninstalled it and re installed. Then did the repair steps on Outlook which...
  16. mwd

    Eventide Eclipse and X32

    We just got an Eclipse for outboard FX for the X32. Primarily vocals which our lead vocalist is mono. I run some vocals thru my VoiceLive harmonizer which is stereo. I am feeding to Aux 1/2 and from Aux 1/2 on the X32 and do indeed have effects but I'm not sure I'm running this Eclipse...
  17. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    Unix & Rosh thank you guys. I tried this today and it worked beautifully.
  18. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    My bandmate 'didn't' change the bridge pickup on the EOB strat, he swapped the middle pickup, which IS, a single coil pickup with the dynamics of cardboard. It was done via p/u lead splice which had nothing to do with the switch or PCB so not so not only was the 'shoot him because he's too...
  19. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Dude 100% uncalled for.
  20. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    A buddy of mine swapped a pickup on a Ed O' Brien strat and the results were not good. The pickups are matched to produce best sustain yet balance. He now has a Schecter and wants to swap and got advice directly from the factory on which pickups 'will and won't work'. Ask the manufacturer...
  21. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    OK I switched them but to get a bit more complex. I record Axe III one stereo track at a time via single S/PDIF cable to my Apollo Quad. Is there a way to record the two stereo tracks this preset would produce with one S/PDIF or the one USB cable?
  22. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    Do you mean like this?
  23. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    I would love to see a mock up screen shot of that preset sometime... thanks
  24. mwd

    Separate FX Track when Recording

    My band mate had Kemper and now Axe III. All of our gear goes thru X32 Rack Mixer controlled by MacBook Pro that has Logic X on it. The one thing that worked well for us is the Kemper gave us the ability to separate the FX from the amp/cab and record a stereo dry track and stereo FX track that...
  25. mwd

    How to send to Logic Pro X Play/Rec/Stop by Midi CC?

    Hoping you don't mind if I ask. With the ability to punch in and out automatically in Logic as well as iPad and iPhone availability of Logic Remote, I'm wondering what your application is.
  26. mwd

    When use different Preset vs Different Scene in same overall Preset?

    Best thing IMO is learn the versatility of each method. I like working with a preset and use scenes as it's variables. Like clean, crunch, lead within the same amp on different scenes. Especially until I perfect a lead sound or clean go to sound. Then I might mix those in one preset via channel...
  27. mwd

    how to switch Amp Boost via midi?

    Couple of things. What is your MIDI source and is this an amp boost in a specific amp block or are you just wanting to boost the amp, in general, for leads? You can insert an EQ or Filter Block, after the amp, set to null/flat with a higher output level and toggle that block on/off via FC...
  28. mwd

    Did I get a returned Axe-Fx III?

    I thought the same thing when I got my III a year or so ago and when I inquired I got the following response which makes perfect sense. I'm happy with the unit and the response. 'Hi, Boxes are opened MANY times during the manufacturing process, We install boards, Firmware, presets, cabs and...
  29. mwd

    Using EV-2 for wah

    I used a Morley in my old rock days. It has a sweep more like the Fractal so it was not a big adjustment. So much so when I pulled out a Crybaby I had it felt weird and imprecise. If you give it more time you will get used to it. Start by standing more on top of it rather than a laid back angle.
  30. mwd

    Whole Step Drop

    I started dropping an octave and the III is pulling off a very decent bass simulation.
  31. mwd

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    Never thought about the battery just being for the LED but it makes sense. I did successfully use this switch on my XL to inc/dec preset volume.
  32. mwd

    Keyboards! Decisions Decisions (Yamaha vs Komplete Kontrol)

    I had a Yamaha MOX6. I got a Kontrol S25 for programming drums and riffs and couldn't wait to get the S88 Mk2. I did and the first thing I noticed is I find the keyboard a bit stiff but I'm not a keyboard player. I own many NI samples so there is no shortage of source sounds. There are times...
  33. mwd

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    I will try again tomorrow. Just looking for simple functions now. I have tried TS and TRS but did not know about A/B being reversed to the FC-12. I am set to momentary. Just want to sustain an ambient sound and let go of it by using the momentary action.
  34. mwd

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    Thanks for the input. What brought me to ask is after I read the manual which basically stated outside of choosing the parameter you wanted to control and selecting the switch port to control it... it should be rock'n'roll. Also searched the forum and youtube for any specific setup steps I might...
  35. mwd

    Hold function via external switch... I'm missing some step.

    I have a Boss FS 6 dual foot switch. It has A out B out via TS connector or you can run A/B via one cable as TRS. I hooked this to my FC-12 on Switch 1/2 via TRS and opened a preset that had a hold/stack function. I set the block to FC1 Ext. Switch 1. It just doesn't seem to do anything. My boss...
  36. mwd

    [fixed] Very loud squealing out of the blue

    Thank you for crazy fast response.
  37. mwd

    [fixed] Very loud squealing out of the blue

    Last night while working on a preset I clicked on the Phaser to see what it would sound like. Almost instantly the Axe started squealing high pitch super loud and just locked. While continuing to squeal. Not knowing where it was coming from I turned off my wireless, turned off the block, shut...
  38. mwd

    Fender American Standard Strat.....Meets Axe-Fx 3

    I like both the Fender 59 Bassman and the Commander amps and find they go nicely from clean to breakup. They will go to sear if you engage a drive. At least with my guitars they sound more Beatle-ish Vox than the Vox's do.
  39. mwd

    SOLD Mint EV-2 Pedal For Sale

    $100.00 shipped to 48 cont. US states only to PayPal verified address after PayPal payment clears. I thought I needed 2 EV-1 pedals for my live rig so I bought this EV-2 for when I took my unit home to dink with presets. Turns out I don't need 2 EV-1 Pedals on one rig so this wound up being...
  40. mwd


    I'm not familiar with your tuner model but I use an old Peterson VS-II and it uses 'sweetened' tuning. I put custom tuning in my XL and III to match it.
  41. mwd

    Fishman Fluence Single Coil set - Thoughts?

    I've got a set and the best way I can describe them is decent. They are quiet and have respectable power but, for me, there is no 'wow' factor. The old noiseless set I removed years ago had more 'mojo' or 'bloom'.
  42. mwd

    Guitars: how many and brands?

    Marler Acoustic Dreadnaught #25 Marler Classical Marler Strat Style Fifty Two Barncaster Fretlight Strat Style ESP LTD EC-1000 1977 Les Paul Custom Ibanez SR500M Bass Mullen Discovery Steel Guitar
  43. mwd

    Intermittent failure to change with midi commands

    Sounds like you have diagnosed it down as far as you can and isolated to the one unit itself. At which point I would get Fractal support involved. They would be more apt to know if a connector or board could be replaced or to point you elsewhere. Intermittent problems are the absolute worst to...
  44. mwd

    Meters basically useless without peak dB readout

    Regarding meters my wish is to add a window to editor that either detaches or slides out/collapses on the side when needed. Then you wouldn't have to toggle between block controls and output to use the primary editor meter. A single more DAW type meter with peaks, number readout, LUFS...
  45. mwd

    Tips for a realistic Spring Reverb sound?

    I seem to remember reading on Reverb Block notes on Wiki that placing the Spring Reverb before the amp gave the best results. I'm not sure. I like gooey better than drippy.
  46. mwd

    Recording with Fractal

    I've never been a fan of Pro Tools however when collaborating with a group of musicians on a regular basis it is helpful to all have the same DAW. I use Logic on Mac but with Windows you might consider starting with Cakewalk. I understand it is free. As to an additional interface +100% if you...
  47. mwd

    Suggestions for guitar apps?

    Hey man thank you so much for this recommendation! This is an awesome program.
  48. mwd

    Axe-Fx 2 user wants to know what you prefer about the Axe-Fx 3

    Nothing wrong with the II. I still have my Ultra and XL and they each bring a unique sound. In addition to the many things mentioned above I find the FC foot switches and the ease of integration, via Editor, to be a major plus.
  49. mwd

    Just bought Axe-Fx III

    Fractal logic is a concept that you have to wrap your head around. It's not black and white, like you get it or you don't, it's more like you don't get it until you do. I struggled, briefly, with scenes and channels. Start by imagining you only have one Scene (like the old days) and add to that...
  50. mwd

    Thank You Axe-Fx III for introducing me to Marshall

    What would be the suggested cab for the Plexi 50W 6550 ?
  51. mwd

    I don't remember this before... re-reading all presets.

    No variation in my setup Unix using USB 2.0. It was fast enough that I never even noticed it then all of a sudden, yesterday, it was taking so long that it was impossible to ignore. It was that way all day. At any rate once I tried to capture its pissy behavior it's been good all day.
  52. mwd

    I don't remember this before... re-reading all presets.

    FWIW mine is not quick at all and something (at least for me) has changed within the last couple of revisions of either the editor or firmware. It takes a considerable amount of time to kick thru the 512 presets on a simple preset move or rename or clear when save is pressed and sound is muted...
  53. mwd

    I don't remember this before... re-reading all presets.

    When I make even 1 preset change in preset manage Axe Edit re-reads all 512 presets on version 1.05.11
  54. mwd

    3 different chorus

    Beautiful work...
  55. mwd

    Axe III stopping videos ?

    I tried what the video suggested and it seems to be working. Thanks much.
  56. mwd

    Axe III stopping videos ?

  57. mwd

    Axe III stopping videos ?

    Never encountered this before. I have a choice of internal speakers, Axe III and Universal Audio Apollo as my audio interfaces. Got a new sample video from blues masters with 3 vids on a webpage. Listened thru iMac speakers and decided to amplify with my Axe III. The vid wouldn't play if I...
  58. mwd

    Axe-Fx III - Why use SPDIF?

    For me it's like trying to tell the difference between a millionth of a second and a billionth of a second. Is there a difference... yes... will you ever notice it.... no. I love the S/PDIF connection purely as convenience.
  59. mwd

    Drum software stand alone

    Second the EZ Drummer suggestion. Standalone works great. You can save your projects even though you're not using in a DAW, then if you want to do some recording later in Logic (or whatever) it will work as a plug-in. FWIW I have Superior 2 and 3 and BFD and something else I can't remember but I...
  60. mwd

    Locking Tuners for Vintage Les Paul

    I'm looking for direct replacement tuners for a 1977 Les Paul Custom that would be Gold, Locking and no drilling of anything. Anyone know of any? Thanks!
  61. mwd

    Axe-Fx 3 better through Apollo Twin Mk2?

    I've run analog into Apollo and found nothing that flipped my switch. That said running III into Apollo via S/PDIF and using Console to balance the monitor mix is the cats azz.
  62. mwd

    RTA change ?

    May be my imagination or my journey to seniorville but when I got my III many months ago I swear I remember being able to turn the RTA block on and off like any other block.
  63. mwd

    Keyboards in your studio?

    Komplete Kontrol S25 for laying down drum ideas and Komplete S88 Mk II for full keyboard needs.
  64. mwd

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    I wound up clearing almost 1800.00 on IMGN (paper money of course) after I figured out how to sell the option. It was my first and only option trade and it had zero skill involved. I had gotten 1 free share of IMGN by signing up for Robinhood so I bought a contract for what I thought was 100...
  65. mwd

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    Yep'. I seem to remember a stock market conversation on here and I trust my Fractal buds about more than anyone.
  66. mwd

    Anyone know Stock Market software (ThinkorSwim) procedures? Options Trading?

    I'm messing with paper money in Thinkorswim software, watching youtube vids, trying to learn stock market processes. I bought 1 contract of 100 shares that expires on Feb 21 and it's up 1800.00 bucks as of today. I literally don't know what to do with it. I have watched so many vids about the...
  67. mwd

    Audio Interface Recommendations

    Having excellent results with UAD Apollo via S/PDIF and monitoring with Console software. Prior to that RME Babyface was excellent and super portable.
  68. mwd

    Axe-Fx III, Mac OS, Logic, USB Audio Troubleshooting

    One thing that may be helpful is post up your Logic version and OSX version. Maybe even your III firmware version. Certain revisions of Logic and OSX have quirks.
  69. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Do any of the Schecter models have locking tuners that you know of?
  70. mwd

    Setting Output Levels in Software Only

    I'm in a hybrid silent stage band that uses a back track for drums, bass and FX so precise consistent level is critical to sit in the mix. I've never had issue at 12:00 noon. It's easy to see and in one of the output screens you can fine tune by digital display to 50% for precise measurement...
  71. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    Just posted yesterday afternoon. Took me a while to get to the studio for the photos..lol. I think the Schallers and Warmoth neck were ordered together for another guitar he had. But when he got the sustainer he did not like the neck. Said it felt like a baseball bat and he swapped. Plays...
  72. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    He went with Schaller tuners on a Warmoth birdseye maple neck.
  73. mwd

    RIP Neil Peart

    Godspeed Neil Peart. Musicians musician.
  74. mwd

    Opinion on a recent guitar purchase, neck joint cracks

    Pay for high dollar stuff with a credit card that protects you. I had a dealer send me a new VoiceLive that buzzed like crazy. They wanted to charge me a restock fee and only gave me a partial refund upon return in spite of me contacting the manufactured myself for solutions, following all...
  75. mwd

    Line in versus Mic & Pad on Apollo Twin?

    Axe with S/PDIF monitoring with Console is the nicest setup I've had in decades for practice and recording.
  76. mwd

    Sustainer guitars anyone?

    My buddy has the Ed O'Brien Strat and upgraded the neck and tuners. The guitar is killer. He doesn't use it eBow style. It's more like Hendrix or old school feedback but in a lower volume controlled manner. It is irreplaceable in our sets.
  77. mwd

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to my Fractalite buddies. Been a great day!
  78. mwd

    Getting into the Axe-Fx - selecting between the II versions

    Several months back I got a III and contemplated (briefly) selling my XL so I made a 'notify me' flag in Reverb to monitor prices. I never removed the flag and almost daily I got notifications of fantastic deals on the XL and XL+. Both of these units are stellar units that honestly I don't ever...
  79. mwd

    Rack Case for Axe-Fx III

    Gator makes a nice fit.
  80. mwd

    Axe-Fx 2 or Ultra

    I am with you in context 2112 excepting for the word 'everything'. I have found certain presets on the Ultra that I just don't find equaled or surpassed by any of the other units. I agree with previous post suggesting the Ultra has some kind of 'mojo magic'. Of course this is my opinion and...
  81. mwd

    Axe-Fx 2 or Ultra

    I have an Ultra, XL and a III. They all have their special sounds. For what you want to do with Ultra vs II I would say consider this. The II uses scenes which allows you to store 8 variables per preset. On the Ultra you will have to jump from preset to preset.... which isn't all bad because it...
  82. mwd

    Lag when recording in Logic Pro X

    Which version of Logic are you using and which OSX?
  83. mwd

    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    Whether you sell your Kemper or get an Axe may depend on your personality. My buddy tried the Axe and it wasn't for him. He got a Kemper, I use the III so we have both in the band. It is a nice compliment and some of the tones he extracts from that box are stellar and he has never lacked for...
  84. mwd

    Master Luthier has an amazing theory on set up.

    My late best friend was a master luthier that sounds a lot like this gent. He invented tools to level the frets while the neck was under correct tension long before pleking was a thing. His guitars has perfect intonation at any point (as perfect as a flawed formula will get) and his acoustics...
  85. mwd

    Recommended places to post for help with Drum Programming ?

    There are services, like Fiverr, where you send what you have and a drummer will lay down tracks for you. I recommend you have a drummer, that has a Roland type kit, just play the drums laying down a MIDI track. You can slice, dice, extend, condense, edit to your liking even bringing in and...
  86. mwd

    Discussion | John Mayer's interview about amp modelers

    Gotta' take articles like that with a grain of salt. Personally I would be more inclined to say 'guitar amps' just don't get it and they're 'not' getting close. So limited in versatility, noisy, recording hassles, transport and connectivity pains, limited upgradeability, expensive to own even a...
  87. mwd

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    FWIW Cooper has a class on the Axe XL right here. It's 26 bucks. When I took this class he went thru making presets and one of his presets (I call it Cooper Clean) became my goto for half of my music set. Well worth the money and you may not want to get rid of your XL. Honestly I have the Ultra...
  88. mwd

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    My only complaint about this course is the true hidden cost and the subliminal messages that are embedded in the videos. With the awesome playing, and killer tones Cooper pulls off, combined with staring at those Music Man guitars for 12+ hours, I am fairly certain I have been brainwashed into...
  89. mwd

    Is Axe-Fx III at all portable?

    I have mine in a Gator 3 space and carry it back and forth to every practice. Very portable.
  90. mwd

    Tuner Poll

    I don't pretend to know what's under the hood and I'm sure it's far more complex than realized but the 'ideal' tuner to me would be selectable sharp/flat/mixed with ability to store offset presets. Then we could have a small exchange with presets written like sweetened, equal, open, dropped, etc.
  91. mwd

    Vendor The Complete Axe-Fx III Master Class with Cooper Carter - v3.0 AVAILABLE NOW!

    I decided to buy the III and along with it I purchased the FC-12, Austin Buddy presets and Cooper Carter class. I'm not a rich man so needless to say the $3300.00 layout was a chunk. Having the Ultra since it came out and the XL I questioned whether I needed this 'class'. My review is as...
  92. mwd

    Anyone using a wireless guitar setup with the Axe-Fx III?

    Used a Line 6 G50 for years and moved to the G90 rack version. Couple of months ago got a Carvin WG5 to use at home but have been taking it to rehearsals with good results.
  93. mwd

    Advice about using the Looper

    When I plug into a Ditto pedal it's the first thing in my chain. I've always put the looper block first as well (after input). Any particular benefit to putting it at the end of the chain?
  94. mwd

    Approach to Recording Tones vs Live Tones

    To me your doing the same thing in a different environment. Listen and adjust. EQ, volume, stereo image, etc. The challenge live is the inconsistency of the dynamics. Your recorded track is etched in stone as far as predictability.
  95. mwd


    It absolutely does... my bad.
  96. mwd


    25dB gain. As simple as it gets.
  97. mwd

    Can I use FC and midi PC and CC at the same time?

    I suspect you will be fine. I trigger PC messages from my computer utilizing a backing track and they work well in conjunction with the FC-12.
  98. mwd

    Is Guthrie Govan the Best* player?

    He's at the top of my fav list... makes me want to build a bonfire.
  99. mwd

    Tone-matching Kemper Profiles of Boutique Amps

    Thank you for this offer. I deleted the Logic project containing his sound but it's easy enough to replicate. Give me some time and I would like to take you up on this.
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