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  1. guitarzen

    Van Halen "Hot for Teacher" Patch

    Was having fun today jamming on Hot for Teacher and decided to share the patch with you guys since it sounds close to my ears. I lowered the gain on this patch based on feedback I got on the Panama patch, and blended in a D120 cab per Simeon's advice for some more sizzle (only factory cabs...
  2. guitarzen

    Van Halen Panama Tone Test FW12p09

    With all the attention being given lately to VH 1 tones I thought I would try my hand at one from 1984 - Panama. One of my favorite tracks off that album, I wanted to see if that tone could be achieved using no tricks, just a 50W plexi amp using preamp / poweramp tubes he supposedly used, with...
  3. guitarzen

    How to copy USB 1&2 to OUT2

    I need a little help form the brain trust in this forum. In my setup I'm running OUT1 to a pair of studio monitors and OUT2 to a CLR cab that provides the cab-like thump for achieving a more amp in the room feel. I have been trying to figure out how to get my laptop USB playback from sources...
  4. guitarzen

    Van Halen - Somebody Get Me a Doctor - Full Cover and Patch Q2.0

    Hi guys, I was having some fun playing Somebody get Me a Doctor today so I decided to record it for fun. I'm using a backing track from guitarbackintrack.com and the guitar is just my Axe FXII XL straight into Garageband. The patch is included. It uses the Y Cab position, and uses a free...
  5. guitarzen

    Volume changes with Variac setting

    I've noticed that the volume changes significantly when I adjust the Variac settings in the Brit 800 Amp model. According to the Wiki, the volume should be compensated automatically and kept level during Variac changes. Has anyone else seen this, or can someone verify this? Don't know if this...
  6. guitarzen

    Question on copying scenes

    I had a quick question on copying scenes. I've tried to "right click" as well as "ctrl click" on the scene numbers in AE and nothing is happening. I've read that a small menu should come up allowing me to copy scenes, which is what I want to do. Am I doing something wrong, or is there another...
  7. guitarzen

    "Brown Sound" tone test Q1.06

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my latest Brown Sound tone attempt and see what you think. This is the "in the room" tone that I like to jam to old VH tunes with. The clips that say "no post effects added" are recorded straight from the Axe into Garageband with no post eq, reverb, etc...
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