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    Expression Pedal

    See this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/change-scene-by-turning-on-wah.161794/page-3#post-1940989
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    Expression Pedal

    I use the Mission pedals with a switch and then replace that switch with a momentary variety for maximum flexibility.
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    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Thread is from January 4th 2019 people, why someone bumped it is unknown.
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    Anyone want Improvements in Axe-Fx User Interface?

    While the specs on super cars are impressive, no one would pay those prices if they were not also visually alluring.
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    Processing 2 guitars simultaneously

    Then end up at whatever output you have at the end of their signal chain.
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    Please validate this complex routing setup

    You won’t want use that Line 6 stuff once your hear the III. It would be like putting spinners on a Ferrari.
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    Processing 2 guitars simultaneously

    The prime example of this is when you have a guitar with a separate piezo output, I run both simultaneously as piezo alone sounds sterile to me.
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    Should I buy an FC-6 or an FC-12

    Better to have excess capacity than be restrained. If the $200 is the issue, this might not be the right hobby.
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    Wish Add more scenes

    Sharpen ur glasses.
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    Wish Add more scenes

    Anyway to go to ten or twelve?
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    One FC switch to turn a block on, then change its channels

    With only 8 scenes I can’t find use for the 12 I’ve got. Now increase us to more scenes and we can talk.
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    Mark 2 fan noise

    Hating on Fractal fans is becoming the new Nickelback. BTW, if you think that’s noisy, crank a 100 watt amp and listen to it hum.
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    Ever go sans cab block?

    Just try it, guitar, amp, reverb nothing else. Choose the “cab” on the amp’s speaker page and give it a listen. It can sound very “amp in the room” raw. It gets interesting at 100%+.
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    Ever go sans cab block?

    I was checking out the speaker page and trying out the cabinets there and skipping adding a cab block. Anyone else going this route?
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    Importance of (or lack thereof) your room when dialing in sounds

    Once a year you blow it off with an air compressor. I used sound insulation in three full walls.
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    Battery lifetime

  17. L

    Tuning a true temperament guitar

    Maybe could he use a Control Switch to flip between to make it easier in practice?
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    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

    I didn’t know they made a closed version.
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    Axe-Fx III and Headphones

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    Control switch = awesome

    I discovered the control switch today. Instead of using a pedal or input boost I just wanted more of same amp. Set preamp gain, master volume and input trim to CS1 as momentary. When I hold down switch I get a little more of everything but no tone alteration.
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    EQ'ing presets for live performance

    Live to need to jump out of the mix, which means brighter than you want when playing alone. I make my presets with backing tracks from my band members.
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    Reset communication timeout without reboot

    I have a few week old MacBook and this happens all the time to me.
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    Axe-Fx III Amp Model List

    I’d also sort by column B to group together similar models.
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    Loving the FAS Amp Models

    The normal amps try to be faithful recreations, warts and all. The FAS models are not limited by those constraints. I adjust the advanced features a lot to create my sound, so I get it.
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    Another Headphone thread

    Spend the money on the Audeze LCD-2s.
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    Home grown from the ground up presets

    Since the factory presets and other users never work for me, I've built my own from the ground up. Let me know if you like them, if so I can share more. Necessary cabinets for these also attached.
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    Van Halen - "Panama" Preset

    Can you post the patch and tell us the IRs please?
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    Help! How make Pedal 2 latching?

    I physically changed out the switches from latching to momentary in my Mission pedals.
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    Backups not loading

    I don’t know. Have to check.
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    Backups not loading

    Mine is two weeks old.
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    Backups not loading

    Okay very weird, they came over but it never said more than 12% on Bot.
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    Backups not loading

    I am running 12.08 on both of my IIIs. I have finished programming my presets, and made a backup with Bot. Trying to dump those presets into my spare III is not working. The backup downloads to only about 6% and then ceases. I cannot update to 14.01 without knowing I have a secure secondary...
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    Bypassable Routing Cables?

    Sounds like you want a virtual A/B box. Maybe two volume blocks, panned hard in opposing directions, bypass one.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    Please block me.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    I’m not seeing any talent above and beyond the average junior in a music based university.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    You can skip the Viking part, any links you posted of those over 300lbs will suffice.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    Please provide us a few links where you posted such people’s talent.
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    Anyone only use one IR?

    I’m still using V30 with dyn112 95% of the time, my presets were built upon it and don’t sound right without it.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    Nice try slick.
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    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    We you be nearly as interested if it were a 300lb, 55 year old guy playing?
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    Preset for acoustic guitar?

    Just like without an Axe, you’d EQ and reverb.
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    Two questions

    Can you do different Stand Ins on a per preset basis? I already have a Stand In setup to go to scene 3 on tap touch, scene 1 tap hold. I was under the assumption they are global in nature.
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    Two questions

    I’m thinking maybe via PP FC change. What if, you had a wah block that you were basically making useless as your current wah channel did not have auto engage set on. As you flip the switch at the top of the travel, that could change the scene via PP. In our new scene a different channel of...
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    What’s your favorite touch sensitive amp?

    Turned out perfect, thanks.
  45. L

    What’s your favorite touch sensitive amp?

    Where is this found?
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    What’s your favorite touch sensitive amp?

    I’m looking to do a preset with an amp that when lightly played has a very slight break up, but when dug into harder becomes a medium to slightly more than medium grit. I’m pretty happy with SOLO100 rhythm channel but would like to explore potentially better options.
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    Which firmware made you say WOW the most?

    Axe Fx II 10.0, I could have remained happy there forever.
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    Two questions

    Numero uno: Can you use the autoengage of the wah to change scenes upon moving the pedal? Your playing on scene one, you want to use the wah on scene two without having to press a button the FC-12 prior to using the wah Numero dos: Which block to add to increase amp like feedback for a...
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    Axe Fx III on USB-C of 2020 Macbook Pro 13''

  50. L

    Axe Fx III on USB-C of 2020 Macbook Pro 13''

    I bought a new MacBook last week, whatever the best one is. I ordered a wire off Amazon and hooked it up, Edit and Bot work great.
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    Delay in switching scenes - tips?

    Is cpu over 90% and are you hooked up to a computer? Both are killers.
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    Solutions for using Axe-Fx as an in the room amp?

    If you want amp in the room, you need: FRFR. Neutral IRs that do not add microphone characteristics. To use the CAB block high and low cuts to dramatically reduce the EQ spectrum to the true range you’d experience in front of the amp. Add in Farfield and Room IRs in the CAB block to create...
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    Questions about models for Axe-Fx III

    At the end of the day, all amps produce peaks and valleys within the EQ spectrum. In practice the user doesn’t care how the 1k range turned out to be 1.6789 db louder, just that it is. With three amp models and good ears you can cover anything, the rest is just icing on the cake to make it...
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    So Sick of Dishonest Contractors

    Normally if you go to a surgeon for advice........
  55. L

    Struggling with Tones!

    You already know from which type of cabinet and speaker your ideal tone originates. Most of the battle is won. Now you have to audition IRs that include those two variables, but at the very least, the speaker type. The more neutral the microphone type, the more similar it will sound to what...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    This has been unpinned, obviously the next FW is coming.
  57. L

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    The products are constantly under development, and I suspect they strong believers in JIT inventory principles.
  58. L

    Lost preset, bizarre incident

    It just happened again, wtf?
  59. L

    Is it a bad idea to take axe fx with me on a plane?

    Have you considered your destination’s electrical supply versus your unit’s desire?
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    Lost preset, bizarre incident

    I was flipping through my presets on the Axe III, somehow preset 5 copied itself to preset 6, overwriting the preset that was there. If I look in Axe Edit the old preset name is still there, but the copied preset loads.
  61. L

    Help with cabs

    I’m still using the V30 with dyn112 mic 95% of the time. I get it that there a million other choices, but it just works for me.
  62. L

    Need Synth preset advice

    I have the Pk-5 and rack keyboard, too much junk to move for two songs.
  63. L

    Need Synth preset advice

    I’m really hoping to find a way to eliminate all content over 220hz, and then to feed the synth that signal.
  64. L

    Need Synth preset advice

    I was hoping to use a PEQ to block everything above 220hz. I tried it but other notes still play. Hey
  65. L

    Need Synth preset advice

    I want to add a synth to a preset to play only the bass note of the given chord, in parallel to my normal guitar sound. I wish to prevent the synth from playing any notes higher than 220hz. Ideas please?
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    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    I’ve consolidated my 100 presets down to about 15, I don't think I’m the target audience.
  67. L

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.00

    No hardness = no bueno, I adjust that almost every time to taste.
  68. L

    Guitar modeling

    It’s the next frontier. Make any guitar sound like a Tele, or a Les Paul. Variax and Roland are doing it. It’s only a matter of time.
  69. L

    Jimmy Page out of phase sound

    I was watching some YouTube videos on the Jimmy Page 21 sounds wiring harness and figured there must be a way via equalizer and compressor to recreate the out of phase sound. Anyone try to mimic this yet? @1:51
  70. L

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Started life as a sheet of plywood.
  71. L

    Ever spend three days creating a preset

    How about text turns red if parameter is different than currently saved version? This way you can always Return to Zero (@2112).
  72. L

    Your preferred way to add boost to lead?

    I add 2db in the scene output and increase the low cut in the cabinet do the overall tone shifts upward to pop better.
  73. L

    Ever spend three days creating a preset

    and then accidentally overwrite it? urrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  74. L

    Jim the Pigeon

    Our pond at our previous home attracted everything from birds to bears.
  75. L

    Axe-Fx III to FC-12 vs. FC-6

    12 more than you most of the time, 6 probably less than you need 1/4 of the time.
  76. L

    Wish Metronome bypass

    Yeah my parents are 85 and not in good health, so I’m gonna pass.
  77. L

    Which Expression pedal to get?

    I use the Mission SP-1 spring loaded. I change the latching switch to a momentary so I can use it to change scenes as well. Light tap goes to one scene, hold tap to another. With this setup I am doing far less tap dancing in and out of solos live.
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    Wish Metronome bypass

    Yes and with that poll at 100%.........
  79. L

    Wish Metronome bypass

    Why can’t you just bypass the metronome instead of having to crank it to zero? Was practicing and phone rang and I’m like hmmm.
  80. L

    Studio monitor for Axe-Fx III?

    You really need to start with a budget and then make the best choice based on it.
  81. L

    No user cabs

    Worked thank you.
  82. L

    No user cabs

    Suddenly Axe Edit does not see any of my user cabs. I have turned the Axe and Edit on and off a few times, according to it, all slots are blank. Meanwhile the cabs are still in the Axe Fx and working. How do I get Edit to reload?
  83. L

    Input Impedance

    For straight up rock 1m is fine, but for cleans and blues I play with it.
  84. L

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    If you’re not a millionaire yet you need new management!
  85. L

    It's 2020, why can't we have a completely wireless set up?

    Can you harness bull$hit?
  86. L

    Copy layout FC-12

    okay thanks.
  87. L

    Copy layout FC-12

    How would you copy your custom FC-12 layout and then transfer it to a back up unit?
  88. L

    My presets got hosed

    Did you back them up before upgrading? We’ve all learned that lesson the hard way.
  89. L

    Moving speakers closer together, reverb

    In a redecorating of my studio I moved my CLRs about 18” closer to one another, as a result it seems like I need to reduce my overall reverb. For now I put the global at 80%, odd phenomena.
  90. L

    What is your player level?

    If you can play complete songs in front of audiences, you are advance adjacent. If you can sweep pick cleaning during, you’re advanced.
  91. L

    FM-12 III in progress

    Thanks, we lost an ear.
  92. L

    FM-12 III in progress

    Between the top of FC-12 and bottom of Furman is a 1/4” gap and 1/8” along top of the III.
  93. L

    FM-12 III in progress

    They are finally done, had to deal with our dog getting cancer and treatments.
  94. L

    For you players with CLRs/PowerCabs/Other large FRFRs

    Anything over 85db leads to hearing loss regardless of source.
  95. L

    Modifier calibration problem

    Had to recalibrate twice but seems to be working now.
  96. L

    Modifier calibration problem

    For some reason my wah is sticking at the top of its motion in the Axe Fx. When the pedal moves from maximum to minimum, the Axe is not recognizing this and remaining on maximum.
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