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  1. Fenderbendr

    What's everyones favorite amp for a Les Paul or single-cut type guitar?

    What are your favorite amps to use with a Les Paul or single-cut type guitar in your Fractal unit?
  2. Fenderbendr

    SOLD Xitone 12” Active Wedge

    For sale is a Xitone 12” Active Wedge in very good condition. I bought this brand new earlier this year, and have not really used it much. It’s been out of the house a couple times, and works and sounds like new. Comes with a power cable. Asking $650 Paypal’d plus shipping, or $600 for local...
  3. Fenderbendr

    SOLD AXE FX iii Bundle: FC12+SKB rack case+Furman Power conditioner

    For sale is a lightly used Axe fx iii bundle, which includes the axe fx iii, an FC-12 foot controller, a FAS link XLR cable, a Furman M-8x2 power conditioner, and an SKB Roto-Molded 4U shallow rack case. Everything is in great condition, with some minor light surface scratches here and there...
  4. Fenderbendr

    Does the Axe-Fx III work well as a DAC/amp to drive high impedance headphones?

    I’m looking to get some high impedance headphones like the HD6xx, which everyone says needs a dac/amp to run it properly. I’m just wondering if the axe fx iii can work as well as a dedicated headphone amp/dac when using music from the computer via USB. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  5. Fenderbendr

    You guys see this? Is he right?

  6. Fenderbendr

    Routing USB computer audio through Axe fx without DAW?

    Is there a way to route computer audio from iTunes or YouTube into the axe's signal chain so I can apply eq and stuff to it? Right now it is sent right to output 1, but I can't figure out a way to put it in a signal chain with the USB IN block if it's even possible.
  7. Fenderbendr

    How to combat option paralysis?

    I've been having some trouble lately with my axe fx iii and the endless possibilities of amp/cab combinations, and I'm having a hard time sticking to one amp when all 200+ sound amazing. Like one day I'll use the AC30, and then the next day I'll watch videos on a Deluxe reverb and love how that...
  8. Fenderbendr

    What are everyone’s favorite amp models in the III?

    Really liking the AC20 right now, but I’m always looking to switch it up when I get bored. What are your go-to models at the moment?
  9. Fenderbendr

    SOLD Fractal FC-6 $410

    For sale is a like new Fractal FC-6. There is some Velcro on the bottom from the previous owner, but otherwise it’s in perfect condition. I’m asking $410 shipped/PayPal’d in the USA Thanks for looking!
  10. Fenderbendr

    Digitech Trio(original, not +) with AX8?

    Has anybody found a good solution on how to best use the original Trio with the AX8? I'm looking to get one because they're being blown out for $50 everywhere, but I'm not sure how well I could get it to work with AX8 without degrading the sound quality. I currently plug my AX8 into a...
  11. Fenderbendr

    What instrument cables do you use?

    Just curious to see what everyone is using to connect your guitars to your Fractal product and out to their monitor/cab/mixer, etc.. I'm currently using some cheap Hosa cables and am considering making my own cables using Mogami 2524 gold cabling and Neutrik plugs, but I'm not sure how much of...
  12. Fenderbendr

    Will the AX8 eventually get the advanced cab parameters?

    So Cliff is raving about the new motor drive settings he came up with and is releasing a new beta soon, and us AX8 users probably won't get the benift of it because we don't have access to those advanced parameters in the cab block. Is there a specific reason as to why the ax8 doesn't have...
  13. Fenderbendr

    Global tap tempo?

    Is there a way to set the tap tempo to be global and not per-preset? I have two presets to switch back and forth from, but I have to re-tap the tempo each time I switch presets which is annoying and hard at times. I tried looking in the setup menus but couldn't find a way to change it.
  14. Fenderbendr

    What's your go-to Marshall/Plexi IR?

    Just looking to see what IR's you guys are using for your Marshall/Plexi type amps. The stock Marshall IR's are ok, but I'm looking for try some third party ones.
  15. Fenderbendr

    How do you guys color code your amps and cabs?

    Just curious what organization methods you all like to use if any in color coding the amps and cabs. I'm trying to decide whether to color code the amps based on gain structure, or by manufacture. The thing is, there really aren't enough colors to code based on manufacture, even if you include...
  16. Fenderbendr

    Anyone else having trouble loading the Amp Factory website?

    I've been trying to log onto the Amp Factory's main website for a few days now, and it just won't load. Iv'e tried it on both my laptop and my iPhone but it's not loading on either one. Every other site I go to has been working fine. Anyone else having this issue?
  17. Fenderbendr

    Wish Add the extra cab parameters like the axe ii has

    I really wish the ax8 had the extra advanced cab parameters like the axe fx has, such as the room, dephase, and motor drive parameters. I use headphones a good amount, and many guys say that the room and dephase controls help to get betters tones through headphones. I know I could just use the...
  18. Fenderbendr

    How do you guys go about choosing an amp model?

    Lately I've been going through a bunch of amp models to compare them to each other, and I've noticed that many sound very similar to each other, especially when using the same cab. I've noticed that the plexi type amps(Friedman Small box, BE, Dirty Shirley, Suhr Badger, etc.) are all very close...
  19. Fenderbendr

    How do you guys organize your presets?

    I'm curious as to how you guys go about organizing your presets in the ax8. With so many preset slots and banks, it can seem daunting as to where to put them all and how to organize them. Do you organize them by guitars, bedroom/live use, etc.? Also, is there a faster way in ax8 edit to copy...
  20. Fenderbendr

    Advanced amp parameters worth using/ones that impact tone the greatest?

    I've had my ax8 for almost a month now and am loving it, and I just recently started messing with the bias knob in the amp block. When I turn it up, it seems to add volume and thicken the tone a little which I like. I was just curious for all you Fractal veterans, what advanced amp parameters...
  21. Fenderbendr

    Expression pedal issue

    I'm trying to calibrate my Moog ep3 expression pedal to control input volume on the ax8, but it will only go from .09 to .53, instead of 0-100. I tried flipping the polarity switch, but then it goes from .09 to .73, and at the minimum value, I can still here the guitar. When I unplug the...
  22. Fenderbendr

    Just got my AX8 today! Tips for first time Fractal users?

    Just got my ax8 this afternoon and am enjoying it so far. It's built like a tank and the switches and stuff are really well integrated. I have to admit, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by all the options and routing capablities this unit has to offer. I'm also not %100 sure if my levels are...
  23. Fenderbendr

    Your go to IR's from the recent OH offerings?

    Just curious what your guys' favorite Ownhammer IR's from the recent Marshall multi cab and Justin York packs are. I'm really enjoying the Mar 60 SP2-1 mixes from the Marshall cab pack as of late.
  24. Fenderbendr

    Will the ax8 get the same firmware updates as the axe fx?

    I'm not sure if Cliff has mentioned it or not, but will the ax8 recieve the same new amp models and firmware updates as the axe fx, and if it does, will it be more sparse once in a while updates like the fx8? Either way is fine, I'm just curious what the update cycle might be like.
  25. Fenderbendr

    New AX8 video

  26. Fenderbendr

    How does the waiting list for new Fractal products work?

    So I'm canceling my Helix preorder after hearing the amazing price of the ax-8. I've wanted an axe fx forever, but it was well out of my price range. Now the ax8 changes all of that. For those of you who have been on a waiting list for a Fractal product before, how does it work? How do you...
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