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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Hi Folks, does any one have any ideas on how to setup a system to let our sound tech adjust my volumes for each patch from a bluetooth midi switch? I have a Positive Grid Bias MIDI pedal. I was thinking of something like a USB MIDI interface from an iPad connected to the Axe, and the bias pedal...
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    The Same Old Midi Download Issues Every Time........

    Hi Folks Sorry to bitch but every time I go to change my MFC101 MkII setup I wind up having to spend 2 or 3 hrs fighting with bloody midi devices and settings. I have been doing this for two years now and it seems to get worse, not better, with every firmware revision. I have now got to the...
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    How do I Disable the Midi tempo signal

    HI Folks Can anyone tell me how to disable the midi delay tempo signal that is continually transmitted out of the Axe Midi Out port? All I want going out are Program Changes to select songs in Set List Maker when I select patches. Cheers S
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    MFC-101 SysEx Dump File please

    Hi Folks Could somone please give me a copy of a dump file for an original MFC-101? I am at work and dont have the file from my MFC handy. I have a big gig soon and want to enter all the song and setlist data today. I am using MFC-Edit. I presume that I can copy and past or export the data when...
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    Is it possible to switch scenes momenterilly?

    I am trying to switch scenes quickly with a single button. I did see a comment about scenes and the double click function of a button on Yek's blog but could not find any details. What I would really like is to be able to change the function of an expression pedal between scenes. for example in...
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    How do I delete photos from the uploader?

    hi Folks, as the heading says? there does not seem to be a way to remove photos from the uploader when I have reached my limit? Is it because they are still used in a post? Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    Wah producing distortion in v6

    Hi Folks I am having trouble keeping my clean sounds clean with the wah on since V6. It seems to drive the level into breakup without any increase in volume. I have set the drive to 0 and the resonance (which only seems to add distortion) to 0. I have set the level to 0. My input levels are not...
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    6 Loaded but can not load patch banks, help

    Hi folks, I have got version 6 loaded and running no problem but I can not seem to load the latest patch banks. I have tried both USB and Midi connections and tried single patches and complete banks. I have tried two different laptops, unfortunately both Toshiba Tecras. I have updated to the...
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    Great Axe Rack/Stand for studio use

    I just got the stand yesterday, it is fantastic , I am going to get another one for the rest of my gear ASAP. Swamp Metal Frame Rack Case w/ 12RU Mixer Space | Swamp It does not fold up unfortunately but is just right for the studio. If I had a van instead of a station wagon I would build...
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    Don't buy from "Rhythm Nation" unless you are sure! or "A lesson Learnt"

    Hi Folks I recently purchased a "Missing Link" wireless midi interface to use with the new AxePad and unfortunately after a lot of testing (I even shipped the unit to the programmer who wrote Axepad) it seems it is NOT capable of sending SysEx messages so will NOT work. I contacted the...
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    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    Hi Folks, I know I have touched on this before but, screw it, I'm going to bring it up again. I have been listening to some of the demos of all the amazing sounds that this machine can produce and keep being stunned by one problem, Timing !!!. If you can't play in time to a beat, you can't...
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    New rack case with some axe power supply mods

    Hi Folks I have almost finished building a new rack case for the Axe-ll so thought I might share a couple of ideas I have come up with. Firstly I wanted a case exactly suited to my requirements and could not find a commercial solution. I have bought a Gator bag but it is really not quite deep...
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    eBay order mixup

    Hi Folks, Sorry it's a bit off topic but I thought I'd share it. I Just ordered a midi interface for the iPad to talk to the Axe and received a bottle of Ernie Ball polish by mistake, so sent the following email: Sorry but you sent me the wrong item, I ordered a midi interface and you sent me...
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    Wish Display song name when selecting patches

    Hi Folks It would be great if the display showed the song name not number when selecting patches for the song. Otherwise you need to keep a list of all the songs and their numbers and lists are out of date the minute you write them :) Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    Serious heavy duty ethernet cat5 cable

    Hi Folks I know this topic has been covered before but have a look at these cables, they might be a good option. No idea on price yet but am waiting for a local quote (in Australia) will get back to you with the price. TURCK ETHERNET CABLES WITH HIGH-FLEX JACKETS RESIST HARSH ENVIRONMENTAL...
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    Built-in tuner vs rack tuner

    Hi Folks Can someone tell me if the on-board tuner is user friendly and accurate enough for general gigging or should I make provision in the rack for a Peterson or similar? Cheers S ( o )===:::
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    Amex card not accepted at the Yahoo store ?

    Hi folks I just noticed that Amex is not accepted at the yahoo store, is this correct. this is a big problem for me if it is true. Please Help. Cheers S
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    Multiple signal paths, two guitars at the same time with different effects ?

    Hi Folks Just lookig at the block layout you should be able to run two seperate effects paths. Path 1 using Input 1, through grid and effects 1 to Output 1, no problem. Then using Input 2 and Output 2 with the RETURN, SEND & EFFECTS LOOP on a seperate grid line as follows...
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    Something to do while you are waiting for your new Axe

    Now that you have no effects etc follow these simple steps: 1) Grab a guitar (DO NOT PLUG IT IN) 2) Wrap a cloth around the fretboard so that it doeasn't make any noise 3) Put on your metrenome or drum machine 4) LEARN TO STRUM IN TIME TO THE BEAT Easy!!! When you can do this, and ONLY...
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    Wish-List items for the Axe-Fx II (Ultra)

    Yea!! I know it's kind of soon to be starting with this sort of thing but I want to get in front of the pack :-P I only have two requests: 1) 3 X 1/4" jack relay outputs for switching amp channels, All this fancy stuff and I still have to manually (or via a midi switcher) switch amp channels...
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    What web page should I be checking for the new release?

    Hi folks, I like a LOT of people am checking the site (every few hours ;) for the release. Should I be looking at this page:- "http://store.fractalaudio.com/axulefpr.html" Cheers Simon
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