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  1. Dramelot


    Please bring your invention's home to be manufactured in USA. Mr. Cliff
  2. Dramelot

    CLR non NEO magnt split in half/ replacement?

    one of my clr's fell 2 feet to concrete it didnt bother me ive seen equip roll down hills smash into houses and still work (long story) sound check it was barking.. opened up to find magnet split in half (over year old anyway) i could glue but geeze unreliable so i got 4 evm12l thinking about...
  3. Dramelot

    Spent some time with Jimmy Johnson Guitar Tech for Lifeson/Shaw

    Had a night to remember. Played before the Styx show for the SA Rodeo. Jimmy Johnson guitar tech for Alex Lifeson, Peter Frampton Todd Rungren Neal Schon and now Tommy Shaw came and got me. Gave me an All access VIP pass. Took me to show all of the equipment and guitars in what he calls guitar...
  4. Dramelot

    15.02 Brit Super Video

    My band SA Lights. Using 15.02 Brit Super Santiago EJ and Cali 4x12 cabs
  5. Dramelot

    Corrupt sysex dumps firmware 3.02

    Edit, Jason adjusted his program for the MK3 and its changes, While i still get wrong sized files going through the AX2 with Fractalbot and MIDIOX, (setting the ax usb on, and sysex to none and using midi cable from mfc out to ax in) My focusrite works fine with both programs and 2 midi cables.
  6. Dramelot

    How Joe B beat the record industry

    Joe Bonamassa Documentary - "How One Man Beat the Record Industry" - YouTube Long but very interesting
  7. Dramelot

    Timmons Gilbert Interview CANDID

    VERY CANDID I'm researching AT's delay settings and run across this. WARNING.. very long, candid and enlightening to this dude, who still plays and wants to get good. I was also born in 63 and dreamed to lived AT's success. If you have the time listen to ALL OF IT! It all hit's home for me...
  8. Dramelot

    Some really juicy tones all over this!! Share with my Fractal Buds

    I had never seen this , Such a cool deal Daryl has. Of Course watch the whole thing but, Wisdom at 19:00 and they make chicken mole (love it) at 25:00 and watch the rest because its mmmmm good!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPV6nKrhOGg
  9. Dramelot

    Dallas Guitar Show 4/ 19 20 21

    I have a show in San Antone Street festival (Journey tribute) Sun. 21 But I'm still headed from Abilene to Dallas guitar show Fri/Sat. Never miss it. The smell of 10,000 guitars and gear is addicting! hope there is a CLR booth!! Fractal would be amazing!!! All news welcome!
  10. Dramelot

    Hoping 10 will help me get closer to this

    James Santiago Guitar Player - Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" - YouTube Tried for a couple of hours last night w/ plexi norm, treb and silver and different cabs to get just the dry raw Marshall tone with my Strat. Just couldn't nail it. And of course went back today and wasnt even close...
  11. Dramelot

    Release the Kraken

    10 Just sayin
  12. Dramelot

    Has anyone ever counted updates?

    I got a Mackie DL1608. Was at the forum looking for updates. Very Slow adding features promised from get go... so I got to wondering how many versions and beta's Cliff has released from the standard on up? And IIRC most all updates have been huge in content! Yes I could research it,, but...
  13. Dramelot

    Anyone tried adding cab block in front?

    Anyone tried adding cab block in front of the chain? I'm getting some interesting results.
  14. Dramelot

    To Tap tempo or not!!

    With the AX it is so easy to tap tempo. Great for cleans and i can even sync it to my guitar synths. But.. Lately I seem to be pressing hard on my Delay volume pedal to hear it. Getting lost in the downbeat. So I'm thinking of setting a unchanging solo spot to my old time of 465ms and try...
  15. Dramelot

    FBC 1010 fans extra IA's

    I like the footprint of the 1010. I own 3. i like the layout I NEED 9 patches avail. #10 is for silent/tuner. Sure i can bank up and add chorus or boosts. But adding that CHRS VIBE or Wideout at the right second... Since I cant sacrifice my layout, I wanted to add some IA's for different...
  16. Dramelot

    Any one use W/D/W routing?

    When i go back to try 7.0. I am going to rebuild all my patches for w/d/w. I figure allot of pros like EVH, Morse, Stevens,Schoen, Thorn and many others use this approach. The AX II is capeable so.. I will use 2 QSC's for wet, 1 Emi coax for dry. I have found minimal and old info on this...
  17. Dramelot

    tonestack refresher!

    Nice fast tonestack refresher! Different EQ Types Explained Did i use to scoop my mids in my favorite amps without knowing?
  18. Dramelot

    IPAD Chord chart apps

    I am sick of my spiral notebook!! Would be great to just brush with my finger to a new spot in the chord charts with the sucker on my mic stand. Getting an ipad, (may wait for a 3,... suggestions?) but anyone have any suggestions for this type of app before i go searching! Heck a notepad editor...
  19. Dramelot

    Goofy video of my rig

    Too much equipment... Portable Stage - YouTube
  20. Dramelot

    Positive reinforcement, Thought i'd share

    In my heart i already knew this, but we all need to be reminded sometimes! Steve Vai "How to be Successful" Private Sessions Guitar Center - YouTube
  21. Dramelot

    Another great Andy Timmons video how to..

    Just bought the AT plays Sgt Pepper and was researching and found this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wChETo3Mug http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ft6BEw5v5o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BmSPcklUNY
  22. Dramelot

    In case you missed this, Audley Freed

    I caught some Cry of Love on Pandora yesterday, and wanted to find out about the guitarist. Its Audley Freed. Wow what cool tone and what groove. And didnt know much about him. There is a 6 part clinic thing on youtube. Here is the first part. Audley Freed Part 1 of 6 - YouTube Not Fractal...
  23. Dramelot

    Reamping w/ looping sections Daw

    I would like to begin playing over some tracks then reamping and adjusting the II while it plays certain sections to tweak settings. Any body doing this w results. I put reaper and all needed II software (EXcept Editor 1.0 akhhhem) on my laptop for now until I get back to my Sonar station...
  24. Dramelot

    I'm Pissed!!!

    Gonna throw off my vacation schedule, was supposed to leave tonite.. after the II arrived.. I can't leave without it. Adverse weather conditions.. Pfffftt when I was your age i walked ....In the snow..... 10 miles... Mesquite, TX, United States 06/30/2011 2:27 P.M. Departure Scan Hodgkins...
  25. Dramelot

    AX II on the way, shipped my Ultra. Saved money w/ USPS vs UPS

    Just got back from UPS and then USPS. I would have rather sent UPS w/ 1600.00 insurance (they have better tracking) but they were going to tag me for 88.00. Went to USPS and got it sent for 45.00. Had no idea there was that much difference. Now waiting for the brown truck!!
  26. Dramelot

    Motivation, do I wanna play anymore?

    Wah wah hear me cry,,,, lol Havent picked up the guitar in 2 weeks, no gigs lately. Have some coming up and im not excited like i used to get. what do you guys do to get the fire back? I can play a little, and used to get paid decent for a show. Now they want to pay me 50.00 for 4 hours...
  27. Dramelot

    RIP Gary Moore

    http://dinosaurrockguitar.com/forum/index.php?topic=7518.0;wap2 and for your amazement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V48_CvbHP8&feature=player_embedded#at=88
  28. Dramelot

    One last AXFX 10.3 video w/univibe &Wah Little Wing

    This one didnt turn out too.... bad, except camera got bumped off center I love the Fractal uni vibe setting... I also programmed a wah for the first time ever and used one since i was 10 years old tried to channel Steve Vai at about 4:20.... lol 8)...
  29. Dramelot

    Total reworked patches 10.3 live video w Zoom Q3hd

    Got a Zoom Q3HD, had my wife shoot some stuff at a recent gig with a new band (2nd Show) Still learning how to use this thing, Had it set to auto lighting, 720 30FPS Probably needed concert or low lighting setting. Audio is 256 bit AAC. Probably will use 44.1 PCM in the future. Audio is not too...
  30. Dramelot

    New song w/ Ultra written the other night Butch's Revenge

    I seen where Fractal was asking for sound clips, cooked this one up fairly quick. Wrecker model with BB, some reverb and delay, added a univibe in there. No Daw post processing, except panning and a little mastering compression. Doubt if they will use it, but wanted to share anyway...
  31. Dramelot

    Modifier for delay ducking

    I'm working on adjusting delay mix with expression pedal. I'm able to achieve smooth delay mix changes with controlling both delay mix and level modifiers with expression pedal. I think it would be a nice feature to be able to adjust ducking parameter with expression pedal as well.
  32. Dramelot

    Andy T sound clip only online for short time

    Been working on a few Andy T sounds, decided to do a quick take on it and share for only a short while. This is using the wrecker and bb preamp and 4 12 cali with EMG pickups. Very raw, no mixing except pan. will never use it for anything but reference of my sound at this time. So dont flame...
  33. Dramelot

    8.02 cpu overload problem

    Edited Update 8/30/09 Well for some reason, for the past day now this has not happened. I sent an email to fractal to not spend any time on this unless I see it again. Nothings changed, I cant explain it. Never seen this before 8.02. AX FX ULTRA Thought it was just a thicker firmware that...
  34. Dramelot

    8.02 CPU OVERLOAD Problem

    Never seen this before 8.02. Thought it was just a thicker firmware that was giving me cpu overloads that I never had before. But realised I only get it while editing patches Patch with 77.7 % cpu. Plays just fine until editing with front panel without ax edit running Bypass Delay that is...
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