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  1. Habuman

    FM3 is off but Input and Status LEDs are on

    Never seen this or had it happen before. The FM3 is not powered on. The USB cable is plugged in. Why are the input and status LEDs still lit?
  2. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Bought this from Sweetwater. Perfect for the FM3 and a ME expression pedal. There are many compartments for cables, strings, iPad, and more. Very sturdy. More than enough protection for the FM3...
  3. Habuman

    FS ToonTrack Library - ALL SOLD

    For Sale: ToonTrack EZDrummer2, EZMix2, EZ Keys software, plus separate midi packs. You can buy the entire below library for $275 (which is a tremendous saving from buying new) or buy separately for the below prices. Or a negotiable offer. Pay via PayPal. All sales transfers will be per the...
  4. Habuman

    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Is that all AXE-FX III tones?
  5. Habuman

    SOLD FC-6 (Price Drop) --- SOLD

    SOLD $425.00 PayPal Purchased May 2020. Never gigged or used outside of home. Free shipping in US. I will be shipping from military FPO AP in Okinawa via US Postal Service. For all other countries send mailing info via PM and I will provide an estimated shipping cost. Will ship via...
  6. Habuman

    Plexi, Friedman, Slo 100 Quick Jam

    Just jamming around on the FM3. Using an Organ Sim provided by @hippietim and stock patches. Rhythms are 009 - Plexi 100W, 1959SLP and 023 - Friedman HBE 2018. Solo - 021 Solo 100 Lead. Drums are Logic Pro X. https://www.reverbnation.com/royhelvenstinejr/song/31977375-stranger-purple
  7. Habuman

    Logic Pro X - Scarlett 8i6 - No Sound (Solved)

    Had to set the input to FM3 even though it is connected via SPDIF. Have my FM3 hooked up to the Focusrite Scarlett 8i6 via SPDIF. Sounds is coming through monitors and signal into Presonus Studio 2. I cannot get any signal into Logic Pro X. All setting have been checked on interface to ensure...
  8. Habuman

    65 Bassguy Normal

    Trying to get a preset (one amp) where the sound covers a mix of Blackberry Smoke (Best Seat In The House), Whiskey Myers (Die Rockin), Lynyrd Skynyrd (Needle and The Spoon), Black Crowes (Jealous Again), etc. Picked the 65 Bassguy Normal. It sounds like it fits the mix. Sounds really good...
  9. Habuman

    Friedman 2018

    I have been messing around with a 3 scene setup. Not a lot going on in the preset. Just about twisted/changed every parameter...with no intentions Give it a try. Appreciate any recommendations. Amp = Friedman 2018 Cabs = F101 4x12 Basketweave Green Mix / F185 2x12 Blue Mix (Cel) Bottom Row...
  10. Habuman

    Lyric App

    Due to band turmoil, I plan to take over lead vocal duties. What is a good lyric for iPad? Do not to see any charts, chords, etc. Just lyrics.
  11. Habuman

    Sound bleed - Volume at zero

    AX8 output 1 or 2 at zero but get sound bleed into the HeadRush FRFRs. Tried different cables - XLR, TRS, and non-TRS cables. Same result. It doesn't affect anything that keeps me from playing live or at home. Just curious if it is the FRFRs or AX8 or something else. Any insight? Thanks.
  12. Habuman

    Stock Preset #116 "So Many Roads"

    If you haven't tried it or spent any significant time with it, do yourself a favor and go back and try it. Not sure what it is based on or created for but it is rich and full sounding. Cleans up amazing well with a roll back of the guitar volume. My Edwards LP loaded with Motor City 2nd Degree...
  13. Habuman

    One Day In...WOW!

    AXE III and FC12 arrived yesterday. I hooked it all up and played for about 5 hours. Not anything new to report that isn't already in all the other threads. What an amazing piece of gear. Most presets are gig-ready which I will use soon. I also downloaded some patches from @2112 (8 Classic...
  14. Habuman

    Heavy - Collective Soul

    Any recommendations on what effect to use to get that slicing sound? Right now I'm experimenting with some flanger and tremolo. Close but... Thanks.
  15. Habuman

    Brit 800 #34 patch

    When I'm not playing the AX8 I will jam on my Boss JS-10. Really like the Stack Crunch amp so I tried to recreate that tone. The audio starts abruptly so check your volume. Patch attached. Try it. Let me know what you think. Gear = Clint Walker guitar, Motor City pickup (Angel Dust in the...
  16. Habuman

    Regular gig but used a EH 44 Magnum - EQ question

    Normally, I just go to FOH with a monitor feed but last night decided to experiment by turning off the stage monitor and use the on-stage cab. My presets have no FX loop but since the AX8 is set to echo OP1 to OP2 the feed from OP2 to cab through the 44 Magnum worked without issue. That...
  17. Habuman

    Mission Engineering XPB - Post Search

    Seen a post a couple weeks back that included someone outlining the setup/use of a Mission Engineering XPB box for a volume control/boost for leads. Tried to find it via the search but unsuccessful. Might be a thread inside another post. If anyone remembers this post please provide the link...
  18. Habuman

    Need To Remove AX8 Cover

    The handle / knob guard is loose so I want to tighten it. Do I just need to remove the 4 top screws on the serial number panel and the side panels to open it up? Or the bottom feet screws too?
  19. Habuman

    Versatility, Simplicity, Compliments

    The versatility and simplicity of the AX8 still impresses me. Over the last couple months I have only used the AX8 for gigs and practices without bringing my Freidman ASC (not sure when I will use it again). Being able to go FOH with monitor feed or use the FX return of an amp or use both offers...
  20. Habuman

    Are These Dark Sounding or Clipping or...

    do I have a hearing problem. Just not hearing any clarity even through my Friedman ASC at a loud volume. All presets from Bank 1 , 1 - 8. No adjustments. Latest FW, refreshed. Bridge pickup Seymour Duncan JB TB-4 on a Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas. Standard tuning. Straight into UA Arrow. All...
  21. Habuman

    New Guitar Build (in progress)

    My custom build from Clint Walker Guitars - https://www.facebook.com/ClintWalkerGuitars/?hc_ref=ARQ6_9f0qEuZuCQQtzw9ckwN_r81qIGiu2r1tnsk-M9s1voWqiRrafALiL83nzmHCeM&fref=nf Should be ready for shipping soon. This is going to be one mean machine. Not your regular Tele. Neck/fretboard -...
  22. Habuman

    New/Old Guitar Day

    Traded an Takamine DMP551C WR acoustic for this Electra MPC X-120. Also had another module - Treble/Bass Expander. Still in excellent condition. Believe the pickups are stock but will check later. Action and playability are very nice. Tone isn't too shabby either. Sent email to Electra to...
  23. Habuman

    Home practice without AX???

    So when you are at home and decide not to plug into your AX (huh), what is your go to piece of gear? I always use my BOSS eBand JS-10. Great little of piece of gear to jam/practice on. It is the only piece of gear that I kept after getting the AX8.
  24. Habuman

    Surprising Cab Block Selections

    From habit I always select some type of 4x12. That habit has been kicked as of today. Been using the 4x12 V60 cab but found there are some 1x12 cabs that just sound awesome. By mistake I selected preset F150 - 1x12 Shadow Mix (TAF)--right below the V60 preset--and was very surprised by the...
  25. Habuman

    NGD and (pickup question)

    So got this Edwards Les Paul the other. Found it in an outlet section on Rakuten. Considering what the original price was and the selling price, great deal. It plays great. The build quality is IMO better than most Gibsons. The stock pickups are Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers. There are capacitors...
  26. Habuman

    Thought The Speaker Was Blown...

    Hope this helps (Yes it was the reverb setting. Just a reminder): In the video you can hear a crackling of the speaker. Was making a patch and it just started. Thought the speaker was blown or cables going bad. Couldn't think of how it could've happened. Started checking connections, cables...
  27. Habuman

    The Wait Begins (new FRFR)

    Just ordered an XiTone (superb customer service from Mick) Active 1x12. For now it will be paired with my Friedman ASM-12. Maybe not voiced the same but I expect some serious tones in the near future. Can't wait to spread the speakers to the right and left of stage. Any tips for using two...
  28. Habuman

    Preset / Patch Tester

    So who as the ability to test a preset/patch at a loud (medium/high) stage volume and check for correct routing, sound, etc.? Someone must have a studio where the sound can be cranked without any hassles from the neighbors... Sometimes I cannot get to the club during the week so I never know if...
  29. Habuman

    Joined The AX8 Club

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year, My AX8 and EV1 arrived today. I plugged it in and 2 hours later... Really anxious to starting gigging with it. Any good to tutorials that I should checkout? Currently running it into a Fryette PS2 and Blackstar 2x12 loaded with G12T-75 / G12H-75. So far, so...
  30. Habuman

    Straight To Board (FOH) Help

    Hello, I finally got my AXE FX II back from my son. He has been using it for the last year with his band. Unfortunately, he is somewhere in Hawaii right now so I can't ask him this question. I plan to use the AXE FX II for playing live. Is it as simple as just plugging straight to the...
  31. Habuman

    Delayed sound when strumming strings (fixed)

    Hi, I just pick up a Axe FX II the other day. Every now and then, when changing between presets or just not playing for awhile, the signal starts to become a delayed reaction. When I strum the strings there will be no sound from the speakers. A second later the sound will finally come out...
  32. Habuman

    New Axe FX User

    Hello, I'm new to the board and a new member of the Axe FX II family. Got one the other day and have been digging into it to figure out all the possibilities. So far, so good. It is a keeper. It will used mostly for home recording. Once I get my band back up and running, it will be the go-to...
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