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  1. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Version 2.00 Public Beta 1

    Goddamn this Archeon model sounds good! I thought I had all of my high-gain presets finalized but now I'm swapping this out for my previous choices!
  2. Poparad

    Button toppers for extra wide buttons?

    I have a Bright Onion 2-button switch for my FM3 and the way it's situated on my board, it's a little low down and hard to reach, compared to the height of the pedals around it. I figured I'd add some button toppers to add a little height to it, but I'm running into trouble finding ones that...
  3. Poparad

    FM3 reamp with USB possible?

    Yes, you set the source to "USB" in the I/O submenu in the setup menu and then in your DAW set your track to send to Out 3/4.
  4. Poparad

    FM3 reamp with USB possible?

    Yes. Just like on the AxeFx II, you change the input source to USB in one of the setup menus.
  5. Poparad

    Angled Mount for FM3 for desktop use?

    Why do you have the meters taped off?
  6. Poparad

    Xitone Active 12 Purchased - Should I have gone with Mission Engineering?

    I have two 1x12 Xitones and love them! I usually only bring one to a gig unless I either want a lot of volume or I really want stereo effects. Otherwise, one is enough and it's easier to schlep. I also had Mick build me a custom 1x15 version for use with bass as the 1x12s were lacking punch for...
  7. Poparad

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    "One Control" MIDI cables have reversible orientation. They're only up/down and not right/left, but they're good for that and they're fairly flat. Not as flat as the Rockboard ones, but still pretty good.
  8. Poparad

    Recording Bass through FM3

    Also, with the FM3 it's super simple to record your direct signal along with the amp signal. I usually use the Soundradix Auto Align plugin afterwards in my DAW to make sure the two are phase-aligned.
  9. Poparad

    Harmonic pitch shifter question (help !)

    Here are the pitches I came up with from that table. You actually only need 3 voices as there were some redundancies in the original version. I'm not sure if it will really matter, but in case it does, the key is D minor (or F major).
  10. Poparad

    Odd routing question

    Intoodeep1113's routing will get you exactly what you want. Although, I'd make one change: instead of bringing the two lines together at the end with mixer blocks, I'd merge them before the delay block so they both get the delay effect. The mixer blocks are also not necessary unless you want to...
  11. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    I haven't had any freezes. I've played a handful of gigs (there aren't many in Ohio right now and even fewer now that it's too cold for outside ones), and I use the unit several hours a day teaching, frequently switching patches. I'm using all patches I created and not any downloaded or factory...
  12. Poparad

    Hoping For a X-Mas FM3 Special... Either FM3+FC6, or FM3 MKII, or both.... that would be cool...

    The only reason why there's a Mk II for the AxeFx III is they switched display screen hardware. A similar thing led to the AxeFx II Mk II where the old display controller part was no longer available. There's been no announcement of an FM3 Mk II of any kind so you're talking about an entirely...
  13. Poparad

    Attaching the FM3 to a Pedal Board

    I removed the feet on mine, but I used 3M Dual Lock to attach it to a Pedaltrain. The Dual Lock is extra thick, so it provides some clearance so the bottom still has some space for ventilation. Also, I made sure to position the FM3 so the air vent is right over one of the openings between the...
  14. Poparad

    FM3 power cord

    Yes, it's your standard IEC power cable.
  15. Poparad

    Switch from Axe-Fx II XL ... is it worth it?

    I'm pretty happing with the FM3 after using the AxeII for about six years. I mostly play with clean Fender tones and there are some subtle improvements in the sound. It's not drastic, but I'm getting the sounds I want without having to apply a lot of EQ tweaks like I used to. Also, for me...
  16. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    Also using Reaper with no problems. No clicks, no pops, and no offset delay compensation problems. Also, no freeze-ups.
  17. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    USB audio is only sent through Out 1 and the headphone jack. I wish it were something you could configure, but it's fixed the way it is as of now. That could change in a future firmware.
  18. Poparad

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    I'm using an MC6 with mine and I love it. Mostly for scene changes, plus I've got two expression pedals plugged into it so I can use the FM3 switch/pedal jacks for other things (I'm using it for stand-in switches).
  19. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    FWIW, I've had zero freezes since I got my FM3 back in June. I'm using mine for hours every day, mostly teaching online currently, as well as a couple of sparse gigs. I generally stick to one patch, but when I'm switching between bass and guitar students, I'll switch patches. I do a lot of scene...
  20. Poparad

    New FM3, new pedalboard? Which one are you guys looking at?

    I'm using a Gator mixer bag for my Pedaltrain Novo. It's a perfect fit (if a bit tight around the corners) and has a huge pocket. I even have a Best-tronics foot-lift kit installed and it still fits height-wise just fine. Gator makes a variety of sized bags, so depending on which Pedaltrain you...
  21. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.06

    That's not a bad idea!
  22. Poparad

    MIDI pedal that will fit on my Pedaltrain PT-2?

    If you turn it sideways, the Morningstar MC6 would fit, but then the display would be sideways. I don't know what the dimensions on the MC3 are, but you could chain two of those together side-by-side and probably fit them underneath the FM3.
  23. Poparad

    Wish More Bass Amps/Cabs

    We bass players tend to get overlooked by all modelers and Fractal is no exception. :( But I agree, MarkBass and GK have very unique tones that don't overlap with the Ampegs or Mesas that are currently available. I would also vote for Aguilar, specifically the Tone Hammer amp/preamp.
  24. Poparad

    Using FM3 w/H9 AND 2 Guitars?

    Another idea would be a MIDI-controlled loop selector, like the Disaster Area DPC-micro. It's got three inputs, so you could do both the mag and piezo of your Tele into the loop returns (ignoring the sends), plus another guitar, and the switching could be controlled via patches and scenes on the...
  25. Poparad

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    It would be nice to get some more bass cabs. Almost every offering out there is yet another Ampeg cab, which are a classic sound, but there are so many other bass tones out there than the Ampeg sound. Personally, I'd love to have both an Aguilar cab to cover the warm end of the spectrum and a...
  26. Poparad

    Not a Bug Looper Play delay (1.06)

    Do you have both a press and hold function assigned to the button? If you do, the press action only triggers on release (and yes, the name 'press' is very misleading here). For the looper controls that I need to be immediate, such as record and play, I make sure to only have a press action...
  27. Poparad

    Using FM3 w/H9 AND 2 Guitars?

    I use a Boss LS-2 line selector before the FM3 for switching guitars, I have a Specular Tempus reverb in the Out2/In2 loop, and I have a Mackie stereo passive DI box after the FM3 for splitting FOH XLR and 1/4" out for my FRFRs.
  28. Poparad

    Bug? Screen scrolling on per-preset page doesn't match cursor

    FYI, this is still broken in 1.06 proper. Not a big deal, though.
  29. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    I also discovered this bug back on 1.06b. When changing presets from FM3Edit, it loads up the last saved scene, even if you have the FM3 hardware set to always load scene 1. I made a thread for this bug in the FM3Edit forum.
  30. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    External pedals are fixed!
  31. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth Omnipatch

    Very nice video! :)
  32. Poparad

    FM3 Internal/Passthrough Latency Measurements - Surprising Results?

    I love the community support that this company has. A few years back I was using a certain 13-pin guitar synthesizer unit from a certain company and the V-Guitar forum collected a list of bugs in the device and we waited... and waited... and finally after about two years a v1.5 firmware came out...
  33. Poparad

    Figuring out a plan for expression pedals...

    My setup: Two expression pedals into a Morningstar MC6 into the FM3 via MIDI. I have a two-button Bright Onion switch plugged into the Pedal 1 jack on the FM3 and I have that assigned to Tap tempo and Tuner. With the MC6, you still get to use expression two expression pedals without sacrificing...
  34. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    Expression pedals with MC6 also don't work. CC and PC messages do. The problem is with setting external controllers on the FM3 so it doesn't matter if you're using an MC6 or a MIDI Baby.
  35. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    External controllers are broken.
  36. Poparad

    Cab conversion using Cab-Lite with FM3

    Also, the other two options you have when converting: Auto-trim: automatically shortens the beginnings and endings of the WAV file. Min-phase: like auto-trim, but it makes sure the the first initial peak lines up at a specific point so if you end up mixing that IR with a different one...
  37. Poparad

    Cab conversion using Cab-Lite with FM3

    Currently, the FM3 only uses standard resolution IRs, but if you import an Ultrares one it'll automatically convert it. I'm converting all of my 3rd party IRs to Ultrares just in case the FM3 eventually gets Ultrares support. Then I just need to reimport the IRs I'm using and I don't need to...
  38. Poparad

    FM3 - USB plug fragile

    I'm in the US and haven't had any issues. That said, I did get a short USB extension cable that I keep plugged in just in case. More of the reason for it, though, was the fact that my right-angle MIDI cables were semi-blocking access to the USB port so it's more convenient to plug into the...
  39. Poparad

    Bug? Screen scrolling on per-preset page doesn't match cursor

    It's just right there on the main screen, hitting "FC PER-PRESET.". It doesn't matter if I go right to it when I power on or if I've been editing a layout or whatever and come back to that menu. That particular menu always does that (both the first page and the second "Overrides" page on that menu).
  40. Poparad

    Bug? Screen scrolling on per-preset page doesn't match cursor

    The bug is still there on 1.06 beta 2:
  41. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    My external expression pedals over MIDI are still broken. :(
  42. Poparad

    MIDI CC to turn blocks off & on?

    The tuner is separate from the effects blocks and it toggles by default.
  43. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 1

    On the positive side, my USB problems are fixed! I did some recording tonight and playback is fine (no more garbled sound and 1/2 step pitch warping), recording is fine (no more buffer dropout) and reamping works just fine, too.
  44. Poparad

    Fixed 1.06 Beta - Default Scene loading always loads last saved with FM3-Edit

    I have my global settings to load scene 1 on every patch but in 1.06b it's loading the last saved scene instead, but only when changing patches in FM3Edit. When changing on the FM3 directly, scene 1 correctly loads with the patch.
  45. Poparad

    MIDI CC to turn blocks off & on?

    Cool, I didn't realize that was a new feature. That greatly simplifies my MIDI setup!
  46. Poparad

    Anyone having problems with external controllers with 1.06 beta 1?

    I just updated to the beta but now my external controllers aren't working. I have two expression pedals going into a Morningstar MC6 sending MIDI to the FM3. I've got External 1 and 2 set to CC 16 and 17 (just like on the AxeII) to control a few blocks (volume block and input gain on the multi...
  47. Poparad

    "Manual" Labor...And The Sweet Anticipation

    Coming up from the AxeII, it was a really easy transition. Most of the learning curve was actually just discovering "oh, you can actually do that now" or "that thing that used to require a really convoluted process is super easy now."
  48. Poparad

    Mounting the FM3 to a flat board

    Get some 3M Dual Lock velcro. It's extra thick (and secure) and will provide the necessary gap to keep the airflow unobstructed. For best results, use it both on the FM3 and the pedalboard for twice the clearance (instead of attaching one side of Dual Lock to regular velcro on the board - which...
  49. Poparad

    Two Expression Pedals?

    ^ Same as above. The second one I mostly use for either delay level, wah, or rotary speed.
  50. Poparad

    Brokerage fees and shipping the FM3 into Canada

    Interesting there's no brokerage. I ordered a guitar once from CA to the US, not knowing about brokerage. The UPS delivery guy wanted $500 on the spot before he'd hand over the package or else it would get returned to sender. I was not a happy camper.
  51. Poparad

    weird behavior regarding looper reverse happening on only one preset...

    I had that happen once. I think the preset saves the last configuration of the looper, so I just resaved the preset with 'reverse' turned off and it loaded correctly every time after that.
  52. Poparad

    AF2 equivalent IRs in FM3?

    Another thing to keep in mind is that both the amp modeling (especially the speaker drive/impedance curves) sound pretty different from the II. I imported over all my patches and IRs from the II, thinking I'd stay with all of my tried and true IR selections. I ended up going with some pretty...
  53. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Whenever I get impatient about firmware releases I just think about trying to do basic website coding. Yesterday I was revising part of one of my websites and spent an hour trying to figure out why something wasn't working until I realized I'd left one letter out of a line. Fixed it and...
  54. Poparad

    Morningstar mcII Configurations

    Yes. I only use External 1 and 2 and I have them assigned to two expression pedals plugged into the MC6. I can assign either expression pedal to anything in the FM3 that can accept a modifier. It would be the same for using one of the buttons on the MC6, just that it would be an on/off button...
  55. Poparad

    FM3 Noise

    I just put an order in yesterday for one, too. Looking forward to trying it out since I'm getting a lot of USB noise from my laptop, which is not at all surprising considering how poorly isolated the USB ports are on laptops in general.
  56. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth - "All Our Yesterdays"

    He's even wearing a TOS redshirt uniform on the"Atavachron" album cover!
  57. Poparad

    Using the FM3 as a DI box...acoustic guitar....basic questions:

    You're the one that won me over to the J45 IR. Until now I was quite content with my homemade acoustic IR but this one has a lot more brilliance and clarity.
  58. Poparad

    Using the FM3 as a DI box...acoustic guitar....basic questions:

    I'd say that's accurate. On the AxeFx II, I always used the Tube Pre model in the Amp Block, but on the FM3 I've found I actually like the sound better without the amp block at all. The only 'must' for me is the acoustic IR in the cab block (but I personally hate the sound of piezo pickups so I...
  59. Poparad

    Using the FM3 as a DI box...acoustic guitar....basic questions:

    My acoustic patches are pretty simple. A light compressor to thicken up the tone a bit, the cab block with an IR of an acoustic guitar (I used one I shot myself for a long time, but I recently switched over to a 3Sigma Audio Gibson J45 IR). The cab block functions here like the Fishman Aura...
  60. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth - "All Our Yesterdays"

    I recently finished transcribing the Synthaxe part to Allan's song "All Our Yesterdays." It alternates between perfect 5ths tuning and standard tuning, so I'm alternating between a Carvin Holdsworth Fatboy tuned in 5ths and a Gibson ES-135 in standard tuning. I played the vocal melody on the...
  61. Poparad

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    I just slipped mine over the top no problem! It is a tight fit around the handles, but I just flexed the plexiglass a little bit and it popped through no problem. I certainly didn't have to remove any knobs.
  62. Poparad

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    I ordered whatever the standard one was on his website. Not sure if he has different ones, though due to the way it attaches, I'm not sure you could make one that only covered the screen without it being too wiggly and loose. As ElectricPhase said, it's really thick, so it changes the "feel" of...
  63. Poparad

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    I've got them on mine! Don't mind the cat hair all over it. :p No change to heat because it's not covering the air vents.
  64. Poparad

    Can you copy and paste a block from the FM3 front panel?

    That's something I'd love to see implemented. On the AxeFx II you could import a block from another preset from the preset load screen, so I was sad to see the FM3 didn't include that function.
  65. Poparad

    FM3 Noise

    I had a weird issue when I first got mine and built my first patch. I had this high-pitched white-noise-type hiss in my patch no matter what. I ended up rebuilding from scratch from a different, blank preset and it went away, but there was something about that first patch that was corrupted and...
  66. Poparad

    Wish Infinite sustain like the EHX Freeze

    I tried to load that into the FM3 but not having any luck. The preset uses a Delay 3 block and a Plex 2, both of which the FM3 doesn't have. I tried using Fractool to convert it but it just deletes those blocks from the preset.
  67. Poparad

    Steel Pans

    Ever wanted your guitar to sound like steel pans? Well, now you can! After watching some videos of people recreating the sounds with some EHX gear, I figured I could give it a try in the FM3. Palm muting is somewhat essential to get the right decay to the notes like real pans have. Playing with...
  68. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    There's a specialty knife for cutting acrylic and plexiglass. It looks a lot like an X-acto knife. It's kind of a bitch to cut, though. You have to score a groove in it over and over again until you can break the piece in two by hand.
  69. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    If it ain't broke!
  70. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    It's not quite that powerful that it can replicate the OMG9, unfortunately. I just have it set up to change scenes on each of the six buttons on tap. On hold of each button, I've got other functions programmed, for example, the "FX1" and "FX2" in the picture jump to a different bank that has...
  71. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    A little bit of both. The vent is about half over one of the gaps in the board, but there is enough clearance that it seems to work. I've had it running for hours at a time since mounting it and I've kept an eye on the temp gauge and it almost never gets hot enough to even kick on the fan (it...
  72. Poparad

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    It's not quite that powerful that it can replicate the OMG9, unfortunately. I just have it set up to change scenes on each of the six buttons on tap. On hold of each button, I've got other functions programmed, for example, the "FX1" and "FX2" in the picture jump to a different bank that has...
  73. Poparad

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Here's my rig: I did a walkthrough video in another thread explaining the somewhat complex routing for this pedalboard: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-super-gig-rig.163721/
  74. Poparad

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

    I finally finished assembling my FM3 pedalboard so I figured I'd do a walkthrough video to share some ideas for anyone else building their own pedalboard. My goals were to make this as quick and easy to transport and set up at gigs (back when gigs existed) but also provide maximum flexibility in...
  75. Poparad

    Mounting FM3

    Yeah, Dual Lock is definitely not easy to detach. If that's what you want, it's a perfect choice! If that's not what you want, it's a terrible choice.
  76. Poparad

    Mounting FM3

  77. Poparad

    Mounting FM3

    I'm using 3M Dual Lock on my Pedaltrain board and it's not going anywhere now! I already had traditional Velcro on the Pedaltrain board (the soft "loop" side) and the Dual Lock attached right to that no problem. Also, the extra thickness of the Dual Lock provides a little gap underneath the FM3...
  78. Poparad

    Pedal in loop

    I'm doing exactly that! Works great.
  79. Poparad

    PSA: Please put volume blocks in your presets!

    I'm getting pretty sick of loading a patch and having the unpleasant surprise of finding the levels on everything cranked (especially when using headphones). Having a volume block in the chain attached to an expression pedal, External 1 for example, would be very polite. :)
  80. Poparad

    York Audio Bogna 412 Cab Pack 25% Discount and Free Bogner Preset!

    I used this patch for a quick duet video I recorded today and posted to my other thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/first-fm3-video-800-year-old-music.163284/post-1959950
  81. Poparad

    First FM3 video... 800-year-old-music

    I knocked out another video this weekend, this time about 75 years later with a movement from a Guillaume Du Fay mass. It's originally written for two voices with instructions for a third voice to sing the melody a 4th lower, so I set the pitch shifter block to double that part -5 half steps. I...
  82. Poparad

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    Yes, it's been that way for a while. I made a bug report about it.
  83. Poparad

    Fixed S/PDIF Audio Distortion

    USB audio is also currently distorted on recording, too. There's another thread about that and it seems pretty widespread.
  84. Poparad

    York Audio Bogna 412 Cab Pack 25% Discount and Free Bogner Preset!

    This is a great sounding patch (and cab)! Thanks!
  85. Poparad

    Looper questions

    The looper works fine for me with that patch.
  86. Poparad

    Fixed Input 2 copies Input 1 when Input 1 Source is set to USB

    I tried out the first steps and I'm experiencing the same problem. I didn't try it in my DAW since the audio playback in 1.05 through the DAW is wonky right now (see the other bug thread).
  87. Poparad

    Allan Holdsworth Omnipatch

    As long as it's not causing audio dropouts and/or getting a CPU warning on the unit, you're fine.
  88. Poparad

    First FM3 video... 800-year-old-music

    So I've really been digging the FM3 and happened to record a video this weekend. Not what I would've expected to be my first FM3 video, but it was fun to record. I'm reading Richard Taruskin's "Oxford History of Music" this summer and I stumbled across this French piece from the late 1300s that...
  89. Poparad

    Bug? PC and DAW audio glitches and goes out of tune with digital artifacts every 10-15 seconds

    I just tested it out and I have the same problem here (Windows 10). Garbled audio on recording, but not on playback of existing tracks. I didn't have the issue on 1.04.
  90. Poparad

    Bug? Screen scrolling on per-preset page doesn't match cursor

    Just checked this out on 1.05 and scrolling up is fixed, but scrolling down is still lagging behind the cursor by two entries.
  91. Poparad

    FM3 switch programming question(s).

    Each layout has 9 switches, but you can only see 3 at a time since there are only 3 physical buttons. That's what the views are. It just allows you to scroll through 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 within one layout.
  92. Poparad

    FM3 and Mimiq routing

    If Copy Out1 is on, anything running out can't be sent back in without creating a feedback loop.
  93. Poparad

    FM3 and Mimiq routing

    Another option would be to put the Mimiq in the Out2->In2 effects loop, then use a stereo DI box to split the XLR Out1 sends so you can run both FOH and a monitor. Plus, you could possibly still do a stereo monitor setup. You'd also be able to add blocks after the Mimiq pedal.
  94. Poparad

    FM3 and Mimiq routing

    That would work but you'd need to turn off copy Out1->Out2, otherwise, you're going to get a nasty feedback loop. The Mimiq wouldn't be running to your monitor, only to the XLR outs. Also, if you put any blocks after In2, they also won't be going to your monitor.
  95. Poparad

    Ok to use XLR Y cables on output 1 L&R?

    I've got one of these mounted on the underside of my pedal board: Mackie MDB-2P Stereo Passive Direct Box You'll need XLR to 1/4 cables, but I've got both XLR out for FOH and 1/4" out for my FRFR monitors. I haven't done an A/B comparison for volume drop, but I've got plenty of signal for my...
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