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    Pluging passive Piezo pickup into Axe II XL?

    I'm considering getting an electric Cello, but don't want to go crazy with money as it's definitely not going to be my main instrument (which is guitar.. obviously ;) ). I'm looking at a NS Wav which has a passive piezo pickup, in the manual it mentions that it's output is high impedance and...
  2. H

    Orchestrated Guitar WIP

    Lots of layers, E-Bows etc.. all Axe FX XL. Hope you enjoy it.
  3. H

    Unbeatable Blues Tone

    FW 7.02 beta.. I often can't believe this is not a 'real' amp. All guitars and bass are Axe FX XL.
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    Looper demo

    Here's a piece of music being born before your eyes. A birds-eye view of how I create my looper pieces. Hope you enjoy it! The guitar is a Chapman RS 8 string, looping and all effects are from my Axe FX II XL. Drums are a Vermona Kick Lancet for the kick drum and an Alesis Sample rack for the...
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    New Looper Jam.

    Continuing to explore what's possible with the Axe FX looper. Now with drums too :) Hope you enjoy it.
  6. H

    Dynamic presence settings getting disabled?

    I noticed that several of my presets seemed to have lost a bit of life over the last few firmware updates so I dug around and realized that the Dynamic Depth and Dynamic Presence settings were reset to zero on all of them. Once I brought those back up I seem to be closer to the tones I was...
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    Looper Madness

    Working on my live looping setup which now incorporates a drum trigger driving percussive sounds attached to my 8 string guitar. Everything is played live into the Axe FX and modified from there. I'm still working on the setup so it's in a state of flux right now but I'm having lots of fun with...
  8. H

    Drive 'Envelope' from FX Loop input instead of main input ?

    I'm trying to create a particular effect here where I use the Envelope modifier to drive a parameter but I need that envelope to come from the signal hitting the Axe FX from the FX Loop input rather than the main input. But it seems this is not possible, or perhaps some routing gurus can advise...
  9. H

    Chapman 8 string first test

    Just got my new Chapman Ml-8 RS this morning and had to do some jamming with it. Very noodly and sloppy but wow I love the guitar, fantastic instrument. I'm more of a post-rock/prog guy rather than a djent guy so it really feels perfect for me. All tones and effects are Axe FX II XL, Quantum 4...
  10. H

    Ambient guitar #432

    Soft, meditative mood to this one, hope you enjoy it. All Axe FX of course, FW 3.03
  11. H

    Ambient guitar #427

    All Axe FX of course, FW Quantum 3.03 Hope you enjoy it.
  12. H

    Guitar Resonator + Axe FX = Epic

    Trying out the amazing Guitar Resonator from Vibesware, just got it yesterday and already I love it! This is a quick track I put together to learn the basics. I'm already very familiar with the E-Bow so this felt very natural, so nice to have both hands free while using it, it opens up a lot of...
  13. H

    E-Bow+GoProMount+Ibanez Kaos guitar -these are the droids you were looking for..

    Trying to take my guitar playing to a galaxy far far away.. Using a modified GoPro mount to attach an E-Bow to my Kaos guitar so that I can play one handed with my right hand free to use the control pad.
  14. H


    Going for a moody soundtrack kind of vibe.. Guitars, bass and Kaos guitars all recorded with Axe FX II XL, Quantum 2.01 Hope you enjoy it!
  15. H

    It Begins.. Quantum 2.01 test

    Love the new firmware.. I recorded this standing on the lip of a volcano while dragons circled overhead...
  16. H

    Valve amp vs Axe FX.. or playing a little joke on the 'purists'..

    I posted a shorter version of this video on a Guitar forum on Facebook as an experiment. In that version I cut the video just after I play the last chord..before I reveal that it's not actually the valve amp you see that I'm playing through :) I'm sure I'm not the first person to do this but I...
  17. H

    Memory Maaann.. Quantum 1.02 delay

    Love, love love the new delay types in the latest firmware. Amazing work from Fractal as always. Had to have a jam, with a little prog/soundscape guitar. Hope you enjoy it. Fans of cats should watch to the end ;)
  18. H

    Fifth Chances - emotive soloing, Quantum firmware + PRS

    Ok, enough with the licks and the exercises, sometimes you have to put all that to one side and just emote :D Gets a bit shreddy in the middle but I think I reigned it back OK ;) Hope you enjoy it!
  19. H

    Guitars are Forever/Quantum of Firmware.. Bondesque epic 8 guitar video

    My tribute to guitars, Bond themes and throwing all restraint out of the window. If you love guitars like I do you'll probably understand. If not then this is definitely the wrong video for you.. All guitars and bass recorded with the Fractal Audio Axe FX II XL, Quantum firmware. [Edit -...
  20. H

    Four Guitars Of The HipHopacalypse

    Gibson Vs Fender, rock vs hip hop.. it's all good if you're having fun with it..
  21. H

    Some Midnight Blues.. raw and uncut.. Quantum firmware, naturally

    Some blues on a Sunday night.. just around midnight appropriately.. A one-take-wonder so a little raw around the edges but if blues is about expressing how you feel this is probably about right just now :) Guitar is a late 90s PRS Custom 22, amp is a Fractal Audio Axe FX XL recorded direct...
  22. H

    Ambient Guitar - Quantum FW FTW

    A short ambient guitar piece. If you're having a bad day (or even a good one!) I hope it might help you chill out for a moment. No synths or samples used, everything here is coming from a Fender Strat through the amazing Axe FX II XL, FW Quantum Beta. Hope you enjoy it.
  23. H

    Quantum Wail.. OH YES!

    Had to take the new firmware for a quick spin. Just LOVE it, such a nice feel to the response and the breakup between the notes is so pleasant and 'tubey' to me. Fantastic work from Fractal!
  24. H

    Soft Day Blues - The amazing Shiver Clean + PRS (video)

    If it's not raining outside wherever you happen to be right now, please humor me and pretend it is as you listen. Hope you enjoy it. FW19.
  25. H

    Ibanez Kaos guitar + Axe FX = Sonic mayhem :)

    Various little tests I've recorded this week while getting to grips with an Ibanez Kaos guitar for the first time. It's almost like a new instrument, albeit a familiar one, and seems to have endless possibilities for creating soundscapes and abstract, ambient guitar sounds, especially when...
  26. H

    Ankou Calls - The power of the Axe FX Looper (video)

    I challenged myself to come up with a symphonic guitar piece live on camera, starting only with the smallest fragment of an idea, the initial delay riff. The pedal-board camera lets you see how I layer and modify parts throughout the piece. All sounds and effects are generated live with my Axe...
  27. H

    Gibson Explorer 120 + Axe FX II XL FW 19 (video)

    Working on my metal rhythm chops with my new guitar, a Gibson Explorer 120. I love this guitar for this kind of playing, it has a definition and punch when tuned down (to C standard) that none of my others have. My click here is at 160 bpm which isn't quite the terrifying speeds of death...
  28. H

    Deep Sea Explorer

    Some ambient guitar, I got a new guitar yesterday, a Gibson Explorer, and this was the first tune I came up with it. All improvised in one take using the Axe FX Looper and pitch shifting to push into different octaves. FW 19. Hope you have a relaxing Wednesday!
  29. H

    Tucana Lead/Shiver Clean patch.

    I've gotten a few PMs to share my patch as used in several videos I've shown here, including this one - I use a weird control setup so I've removed it and simplified the patch a little but the basic tones are the same. The Amp has X/Y states for clean/lead. You might need to tweak levels...
  30. H

    The worlds best shredder reveals his guitar workout secrets.

    Forget Satch, Vai, Yngwie, Rusty etc. Chad Vantastic is the worlds best shredder. In this video he reveals his guitar workout for the first time. https://vimeo.com/129384514 Animated by me, and all guitars/bass were recorded with Axe FX II XL FW 19.02b
  31. H

    Metronome Level Bug

    Steps to reproduce : Go to any patch, press the tempo button to access the metronome controls, set it to something higher than what it's set to (-20), save the patch. Power off and on the Axe FX, check the metronome, it's back at -20 again. I can't find any global control for this which...
  32. H

    YJM on the AFX

    Having some fun jamming over the backing track of YJMs Black Star. I'm no Yngwie but it's fun trying to get some of his flair and flash in my playing.. Axe FX II XL Fw18.12 with a Fender YJM Strat. Hope you enjoy it!
  33. H

    Adding Interest to Blues Scales - Guitar Lesson with Axe FX

    My first video guitar lesson! Inspired by a cool run I saw Simon McBride play in one of his solos. Forgive the sloppy playing here and there (I was a little nervous doing this on camera!) but I hope you'll find it interesting and it might inspire some ideas for your own playing. All played...
  34. H

    Shreddin' on the Cameron CCV

    The Cameron CCV amp in firmware 18.01 on the Axe FX has so much gain it's crazy.. it just makes you play completely over the top stuff like this, you really have no choice :) PRS Custom 22 with stock pickups.
  35. H

    Fw 18.01 Cameron CCV Stoner Rock Track

    The Cameron CCV in Firmware 18.01 on the Axe FX brought out the stoner rocker in me. Amazing amp. Recorded with an Ibanez Universe 7 string loaded with Bare Knucle Juggernauts. Bass is a Yamaha 5 String through the SVT model on the Axe.
  36. H

    Smooth Blues - FW 18 Shiver/Tucana video

    Just loving the tones I'm getting these days with my Axe FX II XL. Combined with my favorite Strat (YJM signature Fender, Seymour Duncan 'Fury' pickups) it just works so well.. smooth with just the right amount of bite when you dig in. Starts off pretty mellow... but doesn't stay that way for...
  37. H

    Peaks and Valleys - Ambient Guitar

    Having fun with the Axe FX combining tempo-synced tremolo and delay effects, something that's not really possible with conventional guitar pedals (they always go out of time after a while, I've tried!) . All parts improvised in one performance using the Axe FX Looper. Fw 18.07B, Shiver clean...
  38. H

    Abstruse Lair - Prog using FW 18.

    A prog-flavored improv, using the Axe FX looper with Shiver for the clean tone and Tucana for the overdrive. Deep space reverb and a little wah on one part. Firmware 18b7. YJM Strat used for all parts. And yeah.. I'm resorting to a thesarus for coming up with names these days.. you try naming...
  39. H

    Fw18 Tucana Blues Jam Video

    A little blues jam with the Tucana model, Axe FX II XL, firmware 18 beta. Lots of clams in there but I had to share it as I'm just delighted with the tone, notice how responsive it is to the volume control on the guitar and it's so incredibly touch sensitive, just amazing. My new favorite lead...
  40. H

    Die 800 die!

    One more quick FW 18 test - pushing a virtual JCM 800 to within an inch of its life! Firmware 18 on the Axe FX II. The way the notes break up is uncanny (I used to own a real 800 and this really takes me back to it). The cleaner tone at the start is the same tone with the volume rolled off on my...
  41. H

    Fw 18 test - Shred + Hendrixy blues tones

    This will probably get lost in the release thread so thought I'd post it here too.. Playing around with the beta FW 18 for the Axe FX II. First half is my favorite shred patch, based on the Brit Pre (which hasn't been converted yet, but still sounds better in this version) with modded tone...
  42. H

    Shred Blues

    I've been working a lot on right hand technique and left/right hand synchronization recently. This is me letting that out to play and having some fun with it. Recorded direct to a Tascam PCM recorder from the XLR outs of my Axe FX II XL. The clean tone is the 59 Bassman, lead is the Brit Pre...
  43. H

    Wailing on Heavens' Door

    It's a little cheesy, it's a little indulgent.. but when your tone is this good you can't really help it can you? :) Axe FX II XL with a late 90s PRS Custom 22. 65 Bassman model for the clean, modded Brit Pre for the lead part.
  44. H

    Poptastic - upbeat pop-rock tune

    Funny how a different sound will make you come up with different music. I downloaded a 50W Plexi patch from this forum and started playing around with it and ended up recording a quick little tune that's much more poppy than the stuff I usually write. Might tidy it up and use it for a rigging...
  45. H

    Why does it take several attempts to start Axe Edit ?

    Having a strange issue with Axe Edit (current version) here. For some reason on a freshly started PC (Win 7, up to date, powerful machine - I work as a CG animator with this every day), it usually takes me several attempts to start Axe Edit. For the first 2 - 3 attempts the program just hangs...
  46. H

    Dual-ing Whammys - 7 String Looper Video

    Only one thing better than a Whammy effect - two Whammy effects! A little improv with my '91 Ibanez Universe, using two whammy effects in the Axe FX II XL, one affecting the guitar, the other effecting the signal coming from the Axe FX looper, both controlled by the same foot-pedal. Very fun...
  47. H

    Rock God Tone

    Eureka! I've been searching for a really over the top classic rock tone with my Axe FX II XL for a while and think I've just found it :) It uses the 'Brit Pre' amp model which is based on an amp I've used for years, the Marshall JMP-1 Preamp. I tweaked a few settings and swapped the tone stack...
  48. H

    My Soul for Satan

    Working on a short test track with an old school metal feel, evil, dark and heavy. Using the Diezel model on the Axe FX II. Doubling isn't as tight as I want it yet but the tone is getting closer to what I'm going for. Guitar is a PRS Custom 22 which is normally quite warm but the Diezel...
  49. H

    18 strings of Axe goodness.

    5 String Yamaha bass, 6 string PRS Custom 22, 7 String Ibanez Universe all played by me and recorded with my XL. Toontrack drums programmed by me, no presets used. Still tweaking the arrangement and mix but it's getting there. Very open to notes on what's working or not. Generally I structure...
  50. H

    Fw17.04 - Deththeme cover

    Can't always be playing that mellow blues stuff.. :) A quick jam of the main guitar part in the theme of my favorite animated TV show about a fictional death metal band, Metalocalypse. I'm using an Axe FX II XL (firmware 17.04), with the Recto Modern amp model with a mid 80's Japanese Fender...
  51. H

    Fw17-04 Blues test - Reach for the peach..

    Reach for the peach! A little blues noodle with the latest and greatest firmware update for the Axe FX II. The question 'does it sound like a real amp' is just silly at this stage, it should be 'can you get a sound this punchy and responsive from a real amp?' This was recorded straight out of...
  52. H

    Data Junkies - demo snippet

    Little snippet from a demo version of a track I'm working on for an EP. Not mixed or arranged yet but working on it.. All guitars and bass are recorded with my Axe FX II XL.
  53. H

    Axe FX Dalek

    One for the Dr Who fans.. Loving the Whammy effect on the Axe FX, it tracks pitch much better than my old XP100 but you can still get some cool glitch-y tones with it if you hit multiple strings just right. Here's me using it to impersonate a Dalek :)
  54. H

    Control 2 X/Y states from one switch?

    I'm trying to figure out how to switch both the X/Y states of an Amp block and a GEQ block with one switch on the MFC 101 MK III. I have one of the MFC switches set up to output X/Y to the Amp 1 block and that works fine but I can't figure out how to map the GEQ X/Y to the same midi message...
  55. H

    Axe Fx Bass tests

    Working on some patches to suit my Yamaha 5 string bass. Guitar is my main instrument really so I started with some patches downloaded from here and tweaked from there. A couple of meat-and-potatoes rock tones : I can't say if these sound like the Orange and SVT amps they emulate as I've...
  56. H

    Hendrix on the Axe FX

    Cheeky title, no? :) I've always loved the 'freak out' sections of psychedelic rock like Hendrix, Pink Floyd etc. This is my humble attempt to imagine what it might sound like if someone took an Axe Fx and a bunch of expression pedals back to 1968 in a time machine and gave them to Hendrix just...
  57. H

    Spicy sting

    Production/mixing test. 5 tracks of Axe FX guitars plus drums. Using 16.04.1 Fender YJM Strat used for all parts. AFS and Trainwreck amp models.
  58. H

    Epic Verb

    Loving the new reverbs, such a fantastic sense of space to them.
  59. H

    16.03 Reverb test - Ambient guitar

    Really liking the new updates to reverb in 16.03 and I'm only scratching the surface. The DeepSpace reverb and Hold mode in particular are very fun to play with. All parts recorded in one take using the Axe FX looper.
  60. H

    Love the FuzzFace

    Having fun shredding with the FuzzFace model on the Axe FX II XL. Firmware 16.02. Recorded direct from the XLR outs to a Tascam DR40. All parts performed in one take using the Axe FX looper.
  61. H

    Happy Halloween - animation and music

    All recorded direct from the Axe FX II XL. All built-in effects apart from the low synth which is an Electroharmonix Microsynth, in the Loop block. https://vimeo.com/110541791
  62. H

    Axe FX Looper Jam #2 - Halloween Edition

    Trying to make a solo guitar sound like the Orb I guess. All sounds created from one guitar with the Axe FX looper allowing me to do all of the parts in one take, switching effects as I go to play in different registers. More polished stuff to follow once I get all the pedals set up the way I'm...
  63. H

    Fun with the Axe FX Looper

    My favorite part of music is improvising, thinking on your feet and reacting to all that happens, good and bad. Currently I'm exploring some approaches for 'live' performances with the Axe FX looper and really enjoying the much greater flexibility and fidelity it has over a looper into a...
  64. H

    10 Weeks of Gesture Sketches - mellow track

    I work as a CG animator, so I don't absolutely need to draw.. but I really want to be able to as even simple thumbnail drawings can really help with planning animation, so I practice every day with fast gesture sketches. I put together a little video to show my progress to my animation buddies...
  65. H

    Guitaremin - A song in the key of B-Movie

    Who needs a Theremin when you have a slide, an E-bow and an Axe FX ? :)
  66. H

    Why does the Looper change the tone of the direct sound of the guitar?

    Bit of a weird one, or possibly pilot error. I've been using the Looper block in some patches, set as the last block in the chain and I have a couple of pedals set up, one to record/stop and the other, an expression pedal to control the mix value of the looper so that I can mix the loops with...
  67. H

    Malmsteen Strat and Axe FX II XL tests

    Kinda surprised myself buying this guitar as I'm not a huge Yngwie fan by any means, but I was looking for a strat with less noise and big frets (all of my other guitars have extra jumbos) and was curious about trying a scalloped neck. Turns out I love it :) Not finding it difficult to play...
  68. H

    Yngwie - animated!

    My first love was the guitar, my 2nd was animation. While studying with iAnimate last year I found a fun way to combine them, thought I'd share it here as I'm sure there are some Yngwie fans around. Ok, I'm making fun of him, but it's done with love :) https://vimeo.com/83874858 I also...
  69. H

    Too Hot To Move Blues - Slide Guitar

    A little test of my 1984 Squier Bullet after a little restoration work on the electronics. The original selector switch and coil tap switches had become unreliable and noisy so I replaced them. This guitar turns 30 next week! Recorded direct to Cubase from the Axe Fx II XL with the USA Clean amp...
  70. H

    I'm in love..

    I got my Axe Fx II XL from UPS an hour ago and already I've fallen hard, this thing is just amazing, beyond even what I expected. :D A quick noodle with my PRS Custom 22, playing with the volume to lower/raise the gain on one of the (untweaked) presets. Audio is just from the little mic in my...
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