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    How are you doing drums?

    I edited the original post because it seems those who posted thought I meant sound, versus rhythm.
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    Horde of Sirens (progressive/tech metal)

    Instantly reminds me of Pestilence's Spheres.....with some Dillinger Escape Plan....and some other stuff.
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    How are you doing drums?

    How are you doing drum rhythms? A lot of the recordings here sound like custom rhythm arrangements. Are they programmed?
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    Question for E standard, metal players..

    Groovy, man. Now my problem has been including too much mids.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    Carry on, my firm-minded bro. [re-thinking/writing my last] Well, sure, that's what I've been doing. But having, most recently, come from using a Rocktron Taboo Artist, where it has a 4-band fully parametric eq, and liking some tones a bit (as much tone as the thing can give, anyways), I was...
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    At your own risk: some hopefully bizzare experience

    I'm not happy with my efforts, and it obviously ain't comin easy, so I'm relinquishing indefinitely.
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    Solo Lesson: Don't tell Me You Love Me

    I watched for the cat, and was non-plussed. You don't have a freaker kitty??
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    Preamp Bias ... Yes!

    Very interesting. This should be in the axe-edit page. Between this and lowering the trim level a little, a sweeter sound comes from raising the bias. In the case of my FAS6160 patch, I raised the bias to 200. 300 made the tone a little dull.
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    Is 'Amp Trim' the same as Global Amp Gain?

    So. They seem to behave a little differently. Or, at least the ranges are different. Ultimately, it's easier getting a nice tone (there seems less treble) using the trim level. .7 works great for my Lace Deathbucker.
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    Question for E standard, metal players..

    if there are any today.... Anyways. Did you start off scooping the mids, but have gone to the light side?...without turning down the gain? Why? And can you post some patches?
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    Is 'Amp Trim' the same as Global Amp Gain?

    I've left the global amp gain stock, but recently have played around with input level and I think was getting similar results - though I'm going to somewhat reverse that. Always looking to make the tone sweeter.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    In the POD manual, it says an standard passive control amp is: bass and treble boost from 0-10, mid reduces cut from 0-10. Hence a 'flat' eq is bass and treble at 0, mid at 10. I assumed only the decibel level was affected in either case - a logarithmic response for passive, and something...
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    Separated at Birth?

    Nah. Ya's heads is different, he looks italian, and his nose is convex. I think you're cuter. As a young teen, when encountering the first Beastie Boys album, I thought I looked like Mike D in the inside cover of the album where he has shades and a cap on....but take those off an we...
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    Synethic - second track is out!

    There's a lot of different stuff, covering two decades and four or five styles of metal and rock.
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    I messed around with this a couple weeks ago, but went back to passive as it seemed the interactivity of the tone controls made for more 'liveliness' in the tone and feel. Going to try again, though, cos I'm curious. Anyone else using the active stack?....can you post a patch?
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    What changes when using a non std tone stack?

    I thought the tone stack meant the whole preamp section.
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    Volume....it makes a difference

    Even here in virtual land. Or, at least here at my house. I decided to start from scratch again, with the main volume turned up a bit louder than I've been doing. Miles of difference.
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    FAS Modern?

    Hell. it's what I've been waiting for since the POD came out, and what I asked about in a recent thread I started on the subject, just not quite in those words. Glad to see it expressed, and even gladder of the reception. OO-RAH. Now, to the thread in particular: I've come about in some...
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    How do people hammer and tap so easily?

    That Vinnie Moore vid is the kind of thing I like to see. Very economical technique (although....why do all the shredders have long finders that bend like that??), just seeing it gets my brain going. Thanks.
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    This is entertaining. From my local CL: I have double bass and blast beat abilities, and would like to unleash them. I'm only really interested in playing in either a Thrash Metal band, or starting up a Black Metal thing. I have experience in both sub-genres, and the two of them together...
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    FAS Modern?

    I dunno, maybe this requires a fair bit of volume, but I've never been able stand the hair (fizz) on this model - it was particularly bad with NJ's suggestions - and was only helped by using something like a (mono) German, Ultra, SLM, etc cab that put that fizz up so high it sounds more like a shhh.
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    How do people hammer and tap so easily?

    I've always found tapping hard. I don't mean the coordination part, but the actuation of notes. I have to slam the string down with my (picking hand) finger to get it to ring that loudly and all. Everybody else I see doing this, it looks like they're barely touching it. Then there's the...
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    Tips to Get some of the 'Cackle' out of this Tone (w. sound clip)

    That part of the sound is an artifact of gain. It's more obvious in some designs than others, and there are eq tricks and all....but you're fighting a lost battle. However, in the mix, it's usually covered up. **Some people love everything about gain. There are others who only love parts of...
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    Strange Glitch on my Axe FXII........

    I see weirder things than that. So quick I'm not sure whether it's my vision or the display actually tripping out. But the unit functions, so I haven't bothered with it.
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    We need this in our Axes

    It's already in there. 'M-Zone' in the Drive section. But, yeah, it's the epitome of thin solid state distortion tone. I had one in my early days, and even then not knowing shit about tone and uber scooping the mids, I wasn't satisfied with it. (Though my ear has changed, I've been chasing tone...
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    What do you think of stainless frets?

    I dunno. Both guitars have medium-jumbo frets, are 25" scale. Very similar in build. I'm going to send it back and have them make something else.
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    What do you think of stainless frets?

    Well, anyone just holding, let alone playing, your guitar can make it weird. Or great. A veteran player I knew some years ago, every time he played my guitar, it felt different back in my hands, and I played different. Better. Anyways, maybe it's just this new guitar* - which has stainless...
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    What do you think of stainless frets?

    I remember the Parker Fly had them, and the sustain on them was interesting, but seemed to require more pressure. What is your experience with stainless (and other non-standard metals, whatever they might be) frets?
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    A Holdsworth lead tone?

    I wasn't really looking to do this, per se, but I think I'm headed in that direction, more or less. Kudos to Simeon for getting a lot of the way there, though at least in the recording in his thread, there seems a low fidelity quality to it. And it's still not as smooth as the original. But, to...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    Yes, I'm really liking this route. This current tone is the closest I've come to what I've had in mind for a long time. Certainly in the dirction of Holdsworth's tone, and gets a bit close when rolling volume and tone back half-way. I'd include a recording, but I just can't pull it off.
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    HAH. And, unfamiliarity perplexes people. HAHAHAH. That is queer, isn't it. Well, that and, according to Wiki, the polyrhythmic use, etc. Regardless, reflecting back on Sidivan's commentary, there's this curious thing in youth culture with re-framing old stuff and calling it new. Like...
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    I remember now people, mostly guitarists, saying chugga chugga chugga, though more often they said 'digga digga digga', 'digga dant digga dant', etc...... 'Progressive metal' used mean, and still does to dudes over 30, Dream Theatre, Nevermore, etc. I just mention bands and whether I like...
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    Having troubles keeping sustain

    In the past, every time I started thinking my tone blew, it turned out my strings were old. Though not as much with the Axe, it still has an impact. Ten seconds is a long time, actually. Regardless, input level is important. I have a somewhat hot, modern-style humbucking pick-up, and have had...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    I'd forgotten that I'd set 250hz at 1.5db in the FAS6160 amp GEQ. So I messed around with some things, and in the process took a break from the FAS6160, to the PVH6160 - making some small alterations in the treble within the GEQ page of the amp block, as well as some things I saw you do in other...
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    CPU % at overload

    What kinds of patches are doing this?
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    amp block idea

    Were you satisfied/happy with the effect?
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    I wouldn't mind less or no hair, actually. I just don't see a way around it. The guitar for the tracks above has a Lace Deathbucker. I don't know the specs or what it might be comparable to. I'm still mulling over your comment about the mid lows, but I'm not sure what to do about it.
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    HAHAHAHAH. Mmmm. I suppose so, yeah. Ahhh, post post modernism in the hands of youth. Pantera death metal?
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    I've asked for advice/help, and you've given it. This thread I think is an evolution of that and further request. My two main purposes are to find something I like, and to see whether it's situationally feasible. I like both recordings of that piece above, but the one with my patch I like...
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    YouTube: Kemper Profiling Amplifier KPA Review

    That's what Tool should've sounded like, but never could.
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    Look who and what's on the cover of this month's AMS

    I don't like when they hodge-podge gear like that. An, 'oo is 'e?
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    Today is going to be the hottest day ever in The Netherlands

    Try doggin an lashin aboard ship in the Gulf in the middle of the summer haze. 150 degrees below decks. I don't know as there's a match. So, yes, you can.
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    From Wiki: Some members of the metal community, including "djenty" bands, have criticized the term 'djent', either treating it as a short-lived fad, openly condemning it, or questioning its validity as a genre. Post-metal band Rosetta said: Maybe we should start calling doom metal...
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    Considering an Axe-FX II

    I'm a tube newb - actually, the majority of my tube experience has been virtual via the Axe, the last few months I've owned it - but this is exactly what I tell people. Because I've not experienced that feel part from any digital or solid state piece of gear.
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    Thanks, man. The cab stuff I know from you telling me in earlier threads. My ear has changed a bit in the process. Your versions (especially the BE * ) show the character of the amp, seem a slight easier to hear when playing against a track, and may allow more space in the overall mix. The...
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    I/O input 1 mode: left only, L+R sum, stereo?

    I figured out how to run tracks back through the Axe (via USB) to apply effects. Part of this is switching back and forth in the AUDIO page of the Input 1 mode from LEFT ONLY (guitar in) to STEREO (apply effects to tracks). - this manual method is the only way, right? - and, in the...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    Well, I'm not sure I've lately had a problem. Through my studio monitors, my tones sound great. Through my PC speakers they sound terrible. I thought there might be some cross-over, but perhaps not outside of a full mix? Further, before your comment, I've had no feedback on tones I've posted...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    Cool, thanks, man. I tried some the things you mentioned, and have some somewhat different sounding tones, though I don't know as they're that different. Eager to see what you say.
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    YouTube: Kemper Profiling Amplifier KPA Review

    I don't think it takes guts to review something cleanly. If you're popular/people think you know what you're talking about, you'll get praise. If not..... I think Clark Kent is clean in his review - and he peppers it with his particular inuendo. I enjoy that. While I agree with Secret80s...
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    Today is going to be the hottest day ever in The Netherlands

    Awful humid in the Gulf in the summer. Moving anything in the middle of summer just blows. If buying a house, make sure to close before May.
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    Can anyone suggest good duets cover songs (male & female singers)?

    For some reason, 80s country is coming to mind.... Meet me in Montana - Dan Seals and Marie Osmond Just You and I - Eddie Rabbit and Crystal Gayle Islands in the Stream - Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (I don't like this song, but it was big...) OH. Then there's the Paul McCartney...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    Sneap? I'm not looking for a wall of guitars tone. I just like a certain sustain, solidity, and non-vintage-ness that I've found only comes from enough gain. For example, the Friedman BE even with the TS808 sounds a little gluggy. Whereas the PVH6160 without a pedal has enough gain to have that...
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    Poll: Axe-fx II vs Empress Compressor shootout (clip included)

    I was going to ask why use one (especially in my case of extreme preamp gain). Hmmmmm. In any case, I think the first one has more fuzz in it or is less focused sounding. Supplementally: are there some syncopations in the main riff?
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    By high gain I mean at least the PVH6160 near max preamp gain. Could everyone who thinks they're doing/they've done this post a 'naked' clip of yours, and if willing the patch so I can see what you're doing?
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    FW 7.0 "Herbie" Diezel Herbert tone/mix tests

    At first I thought it was due to copyright that the names were different, but not all of them are. He has fun creating names?
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    my first actual song with the Axe-II

    Pre-vocals, I was thinking Dime was back from the grave. (Production made me think of Trendkill.) The rest doesn't fit that riffing for me. (I'm hearing a lot of 80s metal/rock and 90s grunge-rock.) But overall it sounds fine.
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    Another v7 Heavy Idea, Herbie

    I type the html identifier (or whatever it is) around the link to ensure it embeds. Same with video.
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    7.0 Heavy Herbie mix test

    I'm not going to post another tone clip until I can do something remotely similar. Cool riff and stuff, too.
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    FW 7.0 "Herbie" Diezel Herbert tone/mix tests

    I was going to say #5 was it, but that 3 and 4 were very usable. (Slightly less bass on 4, yes?) But #6 is it I think, too. Could you supply two more clips - one with the single patch tone, and then another with the combined guitar tracks, but no bass and drums?
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    Rhythm guitar tone for album.

    Yeah, Herbie's new. I got my Axe with 6.0 . Since then, I've switched to 6.2 and now 7.0 with no issues. I wait a week or few after release, of course.
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    Back from the drawing board

    That is sorta cute, huh? I didn't notice till this morning.
  62. T


    Find a place to hide it and forget about it till sunrise.
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    Question about speaker contrast

    So, the golden rule in getting good recordings seems to be 'get the best reference monitors you can'. Recently, I got what I think are some good ones, and my current patches sound pretty good on them. Then I go back to PC speakers and they don't. Conversely, the patches I created when using my...
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    Which do you prefer, neck-thru or bolt-on ?

    Yeah, but there are characteristics that will remain. In my M1000 I just switched out my EMG81 for a Tone Zone, and while the latter is very dark in comparison, the pick attack and upper harmonics are similar, and more obvious at low volume. I'm going to say I'm sold on neck-thrus. I just got...
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    Back from the drawing board

    I got this lovely thing yesterday (all alder, neck-thru), and realized my tones sucked. But I think I'm on the way up, at least with the FAS6160. And two tracks, same guitar: Thoughts, suggestions?
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    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    @kostein: they both sound good, but Herbie still sounds way meatier. (Coming back to my clips, I'm realizing they sound like shit...but due to something new I already figured that out, and have fixed it a bit.) The only conflict I be havin is if there ain't enough! I'd written off my...
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    Throw out 'cher clean tones!

    Niice. You can hear the spunk of the guitar.
  68. T

    Throw out 'cher clean tones!

    I see what you mean. There is a slight clipping in the high range with my settings. Regardless, thanks, but mostly it's my playing, as you can hear below. Nice. Sounds very glass bottle-y. That first part sounds a lot lilke an Earl Thomas Conley tune, Angel in Disguise. Actually...
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    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    I took a while to post my last, only after finding out what you're going for. I can remove my post if it necessary. Regardless, I like your tones above, and would favor them in reverse order. Herbie has that CHANG!
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    Das Metal, Herbie and Dizzy

    I'm finding VH4 ch3 to be pretty 'deep', adding a bunch of treble and stuff to bring it out. Also, keeping the stock amp advanced settings, and exchanging the R121 for the DYN 57 does wonders. Very mid-rangey, but good clarity all the way down. However, I'm more into ch4. They're both...
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    Throw out 'cher clean tones!

    I mean, show them. I'm always amazed with the bridge pickup tones that people are getting vis 80s-style onward. My attempts in that always sound twangy and gamey. Then again, I tend toward a mix of older jazz and modern, an emphasis on neck pickup use, resulting in a very warm tone where the...
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    CAB block (for a high gain tone): cabs, mics, and tone qualities

    Ah, I forgot to mention the cuts - which are 100hz and 5k (which I generally put at 8k on other amp patches). Now the Rectos with the R112, much better. Especially the RW, OOO-LA-LA.
  73. T

    CAB block (for a high gain tone): cabs, mics, and tone qualities

    Choosing your mic (for a high gain tone) This isn't a 'what are you using?', but more specifically a 'this is what I'm doing and why' thread. I haven't tried all the cab types lately, let alone the new ones added in 7.0 (I still have yet to try the VH4....), not LEAST any non-FAS-supplied...
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    Another weasel test

    Nice response from pot changes.
  75. T

    First video using Axe Fx II

    Mm. Only if you're missing out on equally-classed instruments or/and players.
  76. T

    Rhythm guitar tone for album.

    I think it sounds fine if you're wanting a 90s metal+grunge tone. If you want less grit, and actually while I'm a sort of anti-grit nazi I think the grit in yours above sounds great, try the FAS6160 or Herbie....although especially the latter might have too much balls for what you're attempting.
  77. T

    Now THIS is a bit more like it! (V.7)

    Zack, do you have any recordings handy of your old amp rig?
  78. T

    FBT vs RCF... Looking for Experienced Comparisons

    I'm betting that was a design solution to it's range of placement, there likely being an emphasis by users to floor place. Either on it's side or upright, the most accessible cable spot would be the top. HAH. Were this posted and well-read on every online forum and roadside billboard.....
  79. T

    So, I guess this is metal core, now.....

    I got this youtube spam this morning: Do you like metalcore?? Well you may like my band :) I'm Fra, the frontman of an italian band called Blessing Your Curse! And so on.... The guitar tone is interesting, though. Mids-y, but muted. Very musical.
  80. T


    DA-mn, Herbie is awesome. Even CH2+ is pretty hot without a pedal fronting it. CH3 doesn't need a pedal. And MEA-TAE - not to mention it has that amp-in-the-room flavor and feel, without the fizz of other amps!. It may become my number one, too (....although a new guitar coming in a couple days...
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    How many Axe FX's do you have Cliff?

    I got the idea he meant how many prototypes, etc.
  82. T

    "Defy The Herd" Metalcore/Groove, Axe Fx 2

    Sounds good, all round. Musically, djenty without the blockiness. An evolution. (Also, seems I hear inflections of Mustaine around 1:53 .)
  83. T

    The history of Axe Fx so far.

    Enzo, those are....to my ear....pro quality clips. The Axe tones are/were awesome.
  84. T

    Thanks for the new preset/IR naming functionality!!

    Sure, like tap texting when you get used to it.....but I prefer to swype.
  85. T

    Firmware 7.00 Manual?

    The release notes are fairly explanatory.
  86. T


    + another for Herbie. Smoother, more mids. I've neglected it (and the VH4).
  87. T

    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 7.00 Available

    My patches sound different, that's for sure. I'm not sure I prefer them in 7.0 - but am exploring new parameters to me that seem to be making them better than they were - so, again, a new direction.
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    Cutting the head off - sort of a violin thing

    I tried those patches out. No doubt some technique complements the use, but I don't know as it's what I'm looking for - which essentially is something more like a synth tracking/envelope thing....which may not work with gain. I hadn't really tried it with a clean patch, though....
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    I'm looking for a [non-vintage] humbucking neck pick-up....

    Shure. I was complementing that.
  90. T

    I'm looking for a [non-vintage] humbucking neck pick-up....

    I dunno. I'm not going to split, tap, anything this pickup.
  91. T

    I'm looking for a [non-vintage] humbucking neck pick-up....

    Umm. It's a neck-thru or set neck-thru, maple and alder.
  92. T

    Let's talk about fizz

    Here's an example of, what I think is, some nicely textured fizz: Now, I wouldn't want this in my tone. So....without turning the gain down....how would *you* go about not having this, while retaining.....presence....and clarity.
  93. T

    Atomic, Matrix, Power-Engine, RCF etc.

    No. I corrected my post. I would give a video example, but audio is not my phone's strong point.
  94. T

    I'm looking for a [non-vintage] humbucking neck pick-up....

    I tend to like a bit of mid-range, not a lot of bite, some warmth, fair output. This will be strictly for clean duty. Anyone have any suggestions?
  95. T

    Atomic, Matrix, Power-Engine, RCF etc.

    In my experience: while the Axe sounds more like itself than other gear at low, low volumes, the frequency response of your speaker(s) (and I think this is exactly what Rick is expressing in his RCF posts) is somewhat different than at medium+ . The quality and design of your speakers will...
  96. T

    What studio monitors are you using?

    Got the Neumanns yesterday, and set them up. A very different experience, and I listened to several things (youtube) before I even picked up my guitar. When I did, I found the bass in my Axe patches to be much heavier than I thought, versus the recordings being pretty neutral. There's an eq...
  97. T

    AXE + Focal CM65 - Genelec 8040 - Dynaudio BM12A

    It still does, depending on the conversation.
  98. T

    What studio monitors are you using?

    Well, after considerable research of reviews, and finding what I felt was a fair deal, I decided on a pair of Neumann KH120s with Mogami stands. They're slated to be here Tuesday. There was a particular thread at Gear Slutz that helped convince me of them....although I didn't finish the...
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