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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    Thanks again Cliff/Fractal !!!
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    FX8 Update

    This is great news!!
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    Slightly saddened by Guthrie... Again.

    Next video he'll be using an FX-8 on the loop of his amps! :)
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    Ok. I'll start Wish list

    My wish list for the FX-8 would be for it to have a cab block too, to be able to load an acoustic IR for violin type sounds using the synth(assuming the synth is included), also having the cab block would be nice to make a patch using the drives to have as a backup solution in case your tube amp...
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    Getting close to my favorite Leslie / Rotary sound [UPDATED]

    Another leslie pedal that sounds pretty decent (at least in the demos) is the GSI Burn, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtCAJjECfnM ) keyboard player I'm working with is getting one to compare to the Neo.
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    Welcome to the new FX8 General Discussion Area

    My plan is to use both tube amps, and AXE II. Have been using the AXE II/MFC direct to FOH for a long time and it works/sounds great, but for some gigs I've been doing with a different band where the music doesn't require hardly any effects I've been using my Carol Ann Tucana 3 amp, so the FX-8...
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    "Adam Holdsworth" Clean Chorus Sound 1.0

    Just saw a picture on Allan's FB page where he seems to be using those old Yamaha DG amps again.. strange, over the years quite a few nice Allan patches/recordings have been posted at this forum that prove the AXE can get very close to his sound..I imagined he'd have an Axe FX by now.. I used to...
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    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Like it's been said GarageBand is a nice program to get started with, I used to use Pro Tools, and Digital Performer, now just use Digital Performer ( Pro Tools is good, but I hate Avid.. :) ) Logic is very nice and a great deal these days, and it comes with some decent free Plug In...
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    In-ear monitor recommendations?

    I've been using a MIPRO In Ear System for a few years, tons of gigs, never an issue, most other guys in the band use the SHURE PSM 900, the MIPRO system is much cheaper, but nothing wrong with the SHURE 900s..
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    pykmax... wth?

    So I received my PYKmax pick.. and quickly it went to the never to be used again picks pile.. :) Unless you have a major problem dropping picks I don't see any benefit at all for this pick.. it doesn't sound that great (got the 1 mm one) and makes you hold the pick in a strange angle (in my...
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    pykmax... wth?

    It looks like a lot of thought went into building that pick holder, so maybe it offers something.. I don't know, i don't mind supporting creating people whenever i can.. it's fairly cheap. I've tried so many picks and always end up using Fender Extra heavies 99% of the time :)
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    pykmax... wth?

    I think for 15 bucks it's worth a try.. I've spent a lot more then that in useless picks in the past.. :)
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    What is the 'Cool News Coming Tomorrow'? (Today)

    I'd guess some hardware unit, maybe FX-8 or something else.. whatever it is I'm sure it will be cool !!
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    You must see this!!!!

    I thought the same exact thing :) Nothing really new..
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    Looking For a Cheap Foot Controller

    Tech 21 Midi Mouse
  16. D

    Guitar Picks, What do you play?

    Like most of you I've tried most picks available and some are better then others, but I always seem to end up using Fender Extra heavies.. works for me.
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    Coming Soon

    I don't know, but looking at the picture, it looks about the same size as the MFC
  18. D

    Can You read music?

    What is a pay phone?? :)
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    Wish MFC with 2 expression pedals please

    In my opinion not a good solution, for something like the MFC it's better to have separate expression pedals, in experience expression pedals tend to break after a while, and also would make the MFC too heavy, as it is right now it's the best, at least for me.. :)
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    TUCANA 3!!! The best tone I ever heard! Cliff, PLEASE model all channels :(

    I'm so glad Cliff included the Tucana 3 on the AXE, this amp(Real amp) has become my favorite amp, just the right amount of thickness, and all 3 channels are great!
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    Harmonizer in the Axe FX 2

    I have the Eventide H-9 and the AXE II, In my opinion if you can't get a harmonizer sound to your liking with the AXE, forget about the Eventide, AXE is way way better, Eventide H-9 is ok for a little pedal, but the pitch tracking isn't even close, when bending notes etc.
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    Palm mute strangness?

    I bet that would be an interesting experiment , 6 Axe's on one guitar!!! :) You already have the Axes all you need is the right pickup to try it.. It would sound killer!!
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    Dayum, Carol-Ann Tucana 3

    I have to agree the Tucana 3 is a great amp!! I had owned the TripR which was a good amp too, then bought the TUCANA 3 about 4 months ago and it's one of my favorite amps! Will be very happy to see it included in the AXE ..
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    Airport security messed up my Axe-FX II !

    That sucks for you that they did all that damage!!! Some of those people hate their job and don't give a crap about anyone.. sucks! Hope you can get it fixed quick and cheaply. I've been lucky with mine, one thing i do when traveling is, I leave inside the road case a brief note to explain...
  25. D

    Who uses a basic signal chain?

    99% of my presets are probably the simplest presets ever made.. usually just amp/cab/delay, however i like to have all the power of the Axe II for the occasional song that requires many other effects, It nice to know it's available when you need it, I've had a few songs where i used 5 or 6...
  26. D

    trailer trash boards?

    Yes I did, I posted a picture and how i did it (type of screws I used etc) in a few posts a while back, you can see it at this link: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/55639-how-attach-mfc-velcro.html
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    Coming Soon

    I'll be checking these for sure, have been using a very popular brand, but it keeps getting loose, even though it's adjustable can't tighten it anymore, this looks like the perfect replacement!!
  28. D

    trailer trash boards?

    I have the 24 x 12 and like it, it fits the MFC and only 1 Mission expression pedal. Have everything attached with screws.
  29. D

    New XL arrived w Beta AXE-FX III inside the box

    It would have been pretty funny if Fractal decided to release a new product on April Fools day.. :)
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    24 fret/22 frets and neck pickup

    Exact same for me.
  31. D

    Long Live Prog

    Cool stuff!! I grew up playing this type of music..will buy your cd when it's available.
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    Axe-Fx II to Midi In of the GR55?

    Maybe i'm missing something here, but your MFC should be able to switch patches in both AXE 2 and Roland at same time..you of course won't be able to play any of the GR 55 sounds,(i'm sure you know that, only with the 13 pin out of your guitar for that) but switching patches should work fine.
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    Axe Fx reliability?

    Anything electronic can fail and a backup is always a good idea, but my AXE 2 has traveled to at least 25 countries and has never failed!!! I use a good road case and it has traveled by car. truck, train, and when flying it goes as checked luggage.. so far no problems other then the airlines...
  34. D

    Axe Fx Live Gig ?

    Mine stays on from soundcheck time till the gig is over.. just leave it muted in Tuner mode..
  35. D

    MFC foot screws??

    Did you read the other posts on that link? all the info you need is there including a picture and a link to where to get the screws, that's how I set up my MFC, I hate velcro and used screws.
  36. D

    MFC foot screws??

    Look here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/55639-how-attach-mfc-velcro.html
  37. D

    Chef's Moog

    Walter/Wendy is proud of you! :)
  38. D

    In-ear Monitor suggestions?

    I've been using a MIPRO In Ear System(MIPRO 808T/R True Diversity Tour-Grade Wireless In Ear Monitor System) for a long time.. never had any issues, the earpieces that come with that system aren't very good but can be good for backup, so you'll need something better, most of the other guys in...
  39. D

    Poll MFC vs LiquidFoot vs Something else

    RJM makes good stuff, but for this price you can get 2 MFC's :)
  40. D

    Custom Equipment Cover Manufacturers

    I got a bunch of covers from these guys,, great service!! D2F Padded Covers, Amplifier Covers, Amp Covers, Speaker Covers, Pedal Steel Guitar Covers, PSG Covers, Custom Covers, PA Covers, Padded Covers, Effects Cases
  41. D

    How best to attach the MFC to a pedal board?

    Mine is with screws to the board, everything stays in place, hate velcro.
  42. D

    What's your backup amp ?

    I always bring a ZOOM G3 as a backup.. but my main backup lately is my keyboard players's AXE II!,probably never get to use it, but my patches are on it ready to go :)
  43. D

    How many cabs do you really need?

    I think it's nice to have as many IRs available to choose from, and they can be used nicely in the studio to layer different tones, but for live use I stick to only a few cabs and amp sounds, it's easier for the FOH sound man to EQ and make it fit in the mix..
  44. D

    Does the included power cable from AxeFx2 (bought in US) work in 220v country?

    I've used mine in many countries with difference voltages,(USA/Australia/South Africa, all over Europe) works great anywhere, you don't need to do anything, just use the appropriate power cable.
  45. D

    Lets show some appreciation!

    Feel exactly the same! I've bought gear from so many companies for a very long time, no one even comes close to Fractal in my experience..
  46. D

    New Amps in 12.3??? Really? Do we need more amps?

    I finally got to spend an afternoon with fw 12.3.. very very impressed!!!! For me there are so many really good amp choices that it's becoming hard to make decisions which amp to use.. :)
  47. D

    Line 6 New Amp Teaser......

    I use one good product from Line 6, their wireless systems are pretty nice!! I've owned lot's of their gear Vetta amp etc, but don't have much hope for this new product but i could be wrong, we'll see..
  48. D

    What do you run between your guitar and the AxeFx?

    Just a guitar cable or a Line 6 G-50..
  49. D

    Who's Afraid to Gig Beta Firmware?

    I'm always a bit behind.. don't like to take chances,(not that I ever had any problems) usually only when I have a few days off, and at least a rehearsal before gigs, I update firmware.
  50. D

    Question For People Without MFC

    I have 3 controllers, the MFC, an old Roland GFC 50, and very small Midi Mouse, a used Roland GFC 50 is a nice small controller because you can plug in an expression pedal, works on batteries etc.. you can find them on Ebay fairly cheap.
  51. D

    Your Best Buys in 2013?

    Carol Ann Tucana 3 amp.. and an old Neumann U47 both are keepers.. :)
  52. D

    What real amp(s) have you kept?

    I always like to have a good tube amp in the house, many times my Axe along with all the live gear stays at rehearsal, or is traveling by truck or plane to some place, and it's nice to have a good sounding amp around, my favorite lately is the Carol Ann Tucana 3, what a great sounding amp!!
  53. D


    I don't think much is going to happen from this deal, not for a while anyways, I doubt they'll ever try to compete with Fractal, it seems they always think quantity sales rather then quality..we'll see.
  54. D

    What Keyboard Midi controllers do you guys use?

    An old Roland A-80.. :)
  55. D

    Leaving AxeFX in vehicle during the day

    The AXE is very well build but I'd avoid leaving it in the car, for many reasons like everyone has already mentioned, what I do in situations that gear has to stay in the car for a while, is bring my cheap back up gear like a ZOOM G3, crate amps etc.. and a cheap backup guitar, specially if it's...
  56. D

    Recommend me a MIDI-controller that fits my needs!

    I'd suggest a used Roland GFC 50, if you can find one, works on batteries, and they last up to 80 hours with 6 AA,s It's small, you can plug some extras pedals (expression etc) Its my backup for the MFC. Just google it, and you can easily get the manual online from Roland.
  57. D

    Allan Holdsworth presets v11

    Thanks Simeon, your patches are always awesome!!
  58. D

    Cool app for those with little kids..

    New app helps avoid every parent's worst nightmare | Fox News Video
  59. D

    How to get the most authentic Leslie Sound

    Ya for Hammond and Leslie emulations Guido (GSI) is doing a great job lately !
  60. D

    Announcing Cab-Lab!

    This will be great to have!!!
  61. D

    Is there any point in buying a traditional amp after owning a II.

    Since I've started using the Axe Standard and Ultra in early 2007, now the Axe II, once in a while I buy whatever is the hottest amp of the week, I've bought so many and after a few months i end up selling it and have always toured with the Axe, I find that by the time you add a speaker, effects...
  62. D

    Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, etc

    I've been using 2 Best-Tronic cables, never ever had any issue with them, maybe just lucky..
  63. D

    New amp day Mesa Boogie Mkiic+ combo

    Those are good amps, but the combo cab sounds boxy to me, plug it into a 4x12 cab and i think you'll be very happy! :)
  64. D

    Recommended Firmware Update: 11.03

    I think we need to buy Cliff a few plane tickets and force him and the family into a vacation in some island for a few weeks.. :) Saint Barthelemy would be good for him.. :)
  65. D

    Quick Kemper vs AxeFxII shootout

    I think these types of shootouts aren't very useful, it's very easy to make one sound better then the other, whichever one you want, or even take 2 profiles, one good sounding one and a bad sounding one and say one is brand X and the other brand K. Nothing wrong with listening to a variety of...
  66. D

    I don't get it....

    For me every time there is a major FW upgrade I always wait till i have at least a week or so in between gigs to upgrade, and usually just start all my presets from scratch, so I've never had to complaint.. :) I haven't upgraded to 11 yet, but will do it as soon as possible, but I upgraded an...
  67. D

    FW11 IIC+ vs Mark V-IIC+ - Not getting good results (Solved)

    I've owned a couple MK II C+ amps in the past, and toured with them for years, in my opinion the MK V doesn't sound the same, at least the few I tried, but never bought one or did a direct comparison.
  68. D

    FW11 IIC+ vs Mark V-IIC+ - Not getting good results (Solved)

    I've never played 2 tube amps that sounded exactly the same, isn't it possible your Boggie amp and the amp Cliff used for the Axe are a bit different sounding?
  69. D

    How to make the synth block track better?

    For me what works is playing very clean, it's of course a mono synth and when it hears 2 notes, or 1 note and some extra noise etc it will glitch(like most dedicated GTR synths will too). Strings must be in good shape too, very old strings don't track well, guitar must be set up properly, any...
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    JBL PRX615M 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

    Most stores are having a great deal on these speakers ( $200.00 off regular price) just thought I'd post this for anyone looking for a small PA, or a monitor for the AXE II, I just picked one up from American Musical, for $599.00. It has a pretty big sound and and it's like 43 pounds. I run...
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    On the fence between Axe FX II and Kemper Profiling Amp

    I already had the AXE II for a while when I bought a Kemper, for me any new type of digital modeler/profiler etc, whatever new device that comes out I always buy it to see if it's something that can improve my sound in any way, i owned the KPA for six months and kept up with firmware upgrades...
  72. D

    Anyone Else...

    When comparing amps, IR's etc, if you have recording software on your computer, set up a track and record the best ones, and name them, then the next day you can listen to them fresh. I also insert a looper on the Axe Fx to keep repeating a rhythm part or lead depending what sounds i'm working...
  73. D

    What are the best pedals for the MFC 101

    It kept getting loose after a few hours of use, kept tightening it but got to a point where it wouldn't stay in place, bought a second one used but in like new condition, same problem.. it just became very loose in a middle of a show, and I hardly use it, just a few songs for volume changes and...
  74. D

    What are the best pedals for the MFC 101

    I was using Mission but didn't have much luck with them, switched to BOSS, so far much happier with them..
  75. D

    Emergency Replacement for a dead AxeFX

    I always set up a Zoom G-3 with a Behringer Ultra-G GI 100 DI next to my MFC, do soundcheck with it too, so it's on everyone's In Ears, should something happened at last minute all I have to do is plug a cable, so far the AXE 2 hasn't ever giving me any problems in tons of gigs everywhere, I'd...
  76. D

    Axe-Fest II

    Don't forget to check if they let you check into whatever Hotel you book, in my area if you'r not 21 most Hotels won't let you check in alone..
  77. D

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    I don't even care what it is.. I trust it will be good stuff!!! :)
  78. D

    Get Yer 11.0 Beta Here!

    I would try it for sure after this weekend's gigs.. (have a week off)
  79. D

    Hard Mounting the MFC and Pedals

    I did I hate velcro.. If you look at my posts here you'll see what screws I used etc.. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/55639-how-attach-mfc-velcro.html
  80. D

    Lightest Axe FXII rig for playing live

    Midi Mouse and Roland EV5 are a great suggestion, I bring both as a backup for the MFC, very small and lightweight.
  81. D

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Here is mine with the Mission SP-2
  82. D

    Which PA Speakers Are Best?

    I plug direct to PA, but lately have been using a floor monitor just for extra sustain etc in front of me, and it's a JBL PRX615M (it has a 15' speaker) I like it much better then when I used the QSC K12, and many other small monitors I've used before, I'm listening mainly on IE system, but at...
  83. D

    Lightest Axe FXII rig for playing live

    After many years of trying to get as small as possible I ended up with this rack, plug direct to PA, use IE system, but have a floor monitor provided by sound company in front of me for sustain/feedback etc, it's 4 space, and includes the AXE 2 of course, a G-50 GTR wireless, a MIPRO IE wireless...
  84. D

    Firmware Version 10.12 Now Available

    Thanks again Cliff/Fractal..
  85. D

    Man plays GTR during brain surgery!

    BBC News - Man plays guitar during brain surgery to treat Parkinson's
  86. D

    Attaching MFC to Pedal Board?

    Don't think so..for 2 pedals it would be better to get the bigger size board.
  87. D

    Attaching MFC to Pedal Board?

    I use the 24 x 12 board, and use a Mission SP 2 expression pedal (soon to be replaced..) posted a couple pics here on this link, post # 3 and #5. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/55639-how-attach-mfc-velcro.html
  88. D

    Attaching MFC to Pedal Board?

    I posted a pic and info for screws etc a while back, please check this link, should have a few posts explaining it all. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/55639-how-attach-mfc-velcro.html
  89. D

    Attaching MFC to Pedal Board?

    I used screws on a flat Trailer Trash board, works great for me! in the past in my experience most velcros after a while with heat etc..tend to fall apart.
  90. D

    Automatic Guitar Tuner!?!?!?!?

    My understanding is that your can have lot's of different tunings available, so having it on an acoustic guitar and electric, you can cover what normally would take tons of guitars onstage,(if you do songs with different tunings), that alone is worth a lot of $$ to me, and it sounds real, unlike...
  91. D

    Wish Me Luck

    Congrats Cliff!! hope all goes well..
  92. D

    Automatic Guitar Tuner!?!?!?!?

    I've talked to a guitar tech that I respect in my area, and he said he tried that system and it worked pretty well, I'm considering installing it on my backup guitar which I just leave onstage on a stand..this way if I need it quick it will be ready to use, for my main guitar i'll probably just...
  93. D

    Holdsworth patches v10

    Very nice!! Thanks Simeon.
  94. D

    Best Wah pedal for Axe...

    I've been using the Mission SP2 and really like what it does, unfortunately it keeps falling apart,(keeps getting very loose, can't tighten it anymore) going to get rid of it and go with a BOSS which I had used before for many years without any problems.
  95. D

    The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

    Some of you acoustic players might be interested on this: How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever
  96. D

    Dear Fractal...

    Like everyone else here I'm always very excited when new FW is released, but I never understood why people keep asking when, and why it's not release yet, etc etc.. obviously if it's not available yet it's because Cliff feels it's not ready, why would Fractal hold something back if it was ready...
  97. D

    What recording software.....

    I started using Motu's Performer and now Digital Performer, and have no plans to change .. also owned Pro Tools over the years, many versions of software and hardware, but don't use it now, nothing wrong with Pro Tools, just don't need it. Using Millennia preamps, and various interfaces from...
  98. D

    How to politely evict a band mate?

    I think the best way, and I've had to do this many many times, is to be honest about it, just have a private talk ( not the whole band ) and explain why you need to move on with a replacement, give some constructive criticism and point out all the good qualities, and leave the door open for...
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