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  1. J

    What gig ready precautions do you take before going live?

    - I always pee before and grab a beer or 3- More ritual than anything.
  2. J

    Is the Big Hair amp based on the ADA MP1???

    The MP-1 was a great sounding preamp that was, as far as I remember, the only MIDI programmable tube preamp in the late 80's. It did sound like a hot rodded Marshall. Having the endorser roster they did was invaluable. I sold mine a few months back for $150- I was hoping the would be valuable haha!
  3. J

    It's Not a Tubes Only World Here ~ What Tube Amp Did You Keep??

    Suhr Badger 30 (head) Matchless HC-30 (head) Rebuilt '71 Vibrolux ( head converted) EVH 5150III mini ( use with axe FX)
  4. J

    "Dirty Diana" guitar effect

    That's my man Brian Tichy- on the drums. Brian can play guitar just about as good as he can drums btw...
  5. J

    Axe-FX II Ver 6.0 and the effects on the Human Psyche PART I Cover Bands

    Just a reminder 95% of tone is in your fingers...play the right notes and the audience will be moderately impressed. ( they really only care if the singer screws up the words) Also, only guitar players care about your gear. ( I have had a few people ask about my Fractal- oddly enough, Fractal...
  6. J

    Thanks for taking valid opinions out of context.

    Thanks for taking valid opinions out of context.
  7. J

    Do the ends justify the means...

    Ed, I've watched you for years on the boards. I'm more shocked that you have so much 'free time'. Ha! You are the 99.99%. I lost a '9' or two- but I don't tell anyone :)
  8. J

    Do the ends justify the means...

    Thanks everyone for the comments. I really do value your thoughts. The purpose was my friend in Nashville took a picture of Brent Mason's live board, which had 5 or so pedals on it. He posted it to the gear page, to show what 'real' players were using. I see obsessive people with ridiculous...
  9. J

    Do the ends justify the means...

    So I'm setting up my Fractal to hit the road... As I get deeper, I'm continually impressed by what this unit does. I have fairly refined ears, so I know what sound is 'in my head' and use my ears to dial it in. This forum has been great for a guy like me. My question, and not trying to be...
  10. J

    Nashville tracking...

    The engineers and producers are loving the Axe II. We started out with two Z's and Deluxe but using the Axe for everything. I am using an EP booster that I picked up today. Also got to hang with Brent Mason last night.Woot
  11. J

    A sad day...sweet ending.

    Hey Steck I come in on the 12th, will be tracking a bit and supposed to see Brent Mason play that night. I plan on staying until Saturday late morning then have a gig in Michigan that night...ugh Where are you in Nashville?
  12. J

    A sad day...sweet ending.

    Since I've had the unit for under 48 hours , I'm afraid it's so vast and amazing that, it's not going to make to the road until the end of January. My tech and I decided to take some time and get really, really deep with it. Sweet spot - I'll be Nashville in under two weeks doing sessions...
  13. J

    I think I crapped myself...

    Thanks. I had the 18 watt for a bigger country tour last summer. It was great, as no stage volume was allowed. However when doing club gigs with a loud drummer- the clean headroom was gone. I agree it's a special amp. The new one is 30 watts. I'm playing with speakers and trying the Heritage 30...
  14. J

    I think I crapped myself...

    The irony is a Suhr badger head came at the same time...I'm off to gig for the next two months and I thought t would take some time to tweak- wrong. In fact, the badger has been on standby for the past three hours?? Blown away! This thing defies all conventional wisdom!!
  15. J

    I think I crapped myself...

    So I just had my new Axe II delivered an hour ago...I updated it to 4.01 and WOW!!! It's been a few weeks since my Ultra went away, and I'm trying to figure out why I own ANY other amps! Great Job!
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