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    Cable cooking - people believe this bs?

    https://www.thecablecooker.com/how-does-the-cable-cooker-work/ I mean come on. Breaking in a cable? Or a power cord? A power cord!!!!! And the device costs $1000. People terrify me.
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    Change your damn guitar strings...

    Me: what's going on with my AXE III? It doesn't sound or feel right. <changes guitar strings> Me: Well shit. Now it slays again. slaps forehead
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    Nick Johnston presets?

    Hi All, I have only recently discovered Nick Johnston and...wow. Where has he been all my life. What a player, and what a song writer! Anyone have any AXE III patches they have been working on to get his tone? Have been doing some googling and will try build one myself but thought I would ask...
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    New TriAxis patch I have been messing with

    Hi all, I have been building a new TriAxis LD2 Yellow patch of late, and it is starting to sound really good to me so thought I would share it (how good is Firmware 11.02? No words). Uses similar effects (but more of them) and routing to my previous TriAxis patches, but there is enough...
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    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    Never thought about acoustic feedback modelling, and now it is in the III I don’t know how I would play without it. Never knew about impedance curve matching and now it is a really powerful tone shaping tool and another big step for authenticity and realism. I wonder what the next big...
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    What Mesa Traditional cab IRs are out there?

    Love the Mesa 4x12 Traditional Cab. I have Cab Pack 7, the new ML Mesa Traditional pack and the new OH pack of same. Are there any other good IRs of the smaller Mesa 4x12 out there I should look at? Are there any Mesa v30 1x12 cabinet IRs about the place? Thanks!
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    Revised JP2C Rig Preset

    Hey folks, I have been playing around with updating my JP2C Rig preset for Firmware 11 (original preset discussion here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jp2c-rig.154198/). I ended up tweaking a lot of things, not just for Firmware 11, and the updated preset has some different effects...
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    Harley Benton - have I been living under a rock?

    I have just discovered the Harley Benton guitar brand, and I simply cannot believe the on paper specs for the ridiculously low prices. But then there are TONS of reviews online (heaps of in-depth on YouTube) which have people convinced they can rival "professional" instruments that command high...
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    I always believed the Petrucci IR was rubbish - it's not

    Hi all, I have always liked to tweak Petrucci type tones, ever since the Axe Fx Standard days. When I got an AX8 years ago, I tried out the factory 4x12 Petrucci V30 Mix and thought it was rubbish. It was dark and difficult to dial in with, and I couldn't believe it was a capture of Petrucci's...
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    Isolating instruments from tracks using machine learning

    Saw this today and thought it might be interesting to the community here: https://github.com/deezer/spleeter Some discussion here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21431071 Apparently they are having a lot of success with these trained models to extract voice, piano, guitar, drums etc...
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    C++ Rig

    Hi All, In my continuing journey through the iic+ style circuits modelled in the AXE III, I put together a C++ Rig. It uses the same template as my JP2C Rig (so nothing new in routing or effects) but the C++ has a different character to the JP2C or the LD2 Yellow I have posted rigs for...
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    Virtual MIDI controller for Axe-Fx III (Windows)?

    I always play in front of my Windows PC with Axe Edit open and very rarely (if at all) control the Axe III from the front panel. I can’t really justify the purchase of an FC controller (but would be nerdy fun to own and set one up) because I have no real need for hands-free instant settings...
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    VidarAus Triaxis Big Rig

    Hey gang, In the same vein as my JP2C Rig (http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jp2c-rig.154198/) I have built a Bigger Rig around the Triaxis LD2 Yellow. I keep coming back to the Triaxis iic+ model as it just sounds killer and with Firmware 10 it is the best yet. The preset includes 6...
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    Ernie Ball Jr Pot Swap - what type?

    I have three Ernie Ball Jr volume pedals which suck for use as expression pedals with the AXE III. The log pots don’t provide a full sweep. Seems a shame to drop more cash for new pedals when the pedals themselves are great. I need to replace with linear pots, but what type? 10k? 100k? What...
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    Insane presets

    I am loving my new AXE III to bits, but most of my presets are pretty simple (not that there is anything wrong with that, the quality of the amp block is worth the ticket price alone). But I would love to load up some weird and wonderful presets. So post up your crazy creations with a short...
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    Guthrie Govan(ish) Live Sound - Patch Included

    Hi All, I was working on a Greg Howe patch but got distracted by making a Guthrie Govan style tone (I mean, Guthrie draws inspiration from Greg right?). Man, what a player and what a great sound. I love the dark and woody tone he has. Might Guthrie go down in history as the best all-around...
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    Greg Howe patches?

    Anyone have any Greg Howe patches (any era) for the III? Not much on Axechange or in searching the forum so thought I would ask. Anyone familiar with his (past) rigs provide details in gear of where to start? Thanks!
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    Rack patch panel socket - strain relief?

    Hi, I am building a little 1RU patch panel to make it easier to get at some of the inputs/outputs at the back of the AXE III. I have seen a bunch of pics on here of people doing the same. I purchased some Neutrik panel sockets and am about to solder things up but can't work out how to add...
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    JP2C Rig

    Hi all, I posted a preset for a JP2C rig in another part of the forum so thought I would link to the post here for anyone that might be interested in trying it. http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/i-am-confused-about-the-jp2c.153540/post-1833255 The preset is attached. Cheers
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    Can Input EQ simulate single coil from humbuckers?

    Sorry if covered before - posts I could find were old and before input eq existed. Could input eq be used to shape a humbucker into a single coil sound? Or is there another way to do this? Thanks
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    Axe III as main audio interface - couple questions

    1) Is there an increase in sound quality if connecting monitors straight to Axe III rather than S/PDIF to a focusrite 40 and monitors connected to the focusrite 40? 2) If using Axe III as main audio interface in a Windows environment, what happens when audio played from YouTube, a movie, a...
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    Using Axe-Fx III and Audio Interface with one set of monitors

    Am trying to wrap my head around all the potential ways to use an AXE III alongside a Saffire Pro 40 interface and one set of studio monitors. Option anxiety sets on quick as it seems there are a million different ways. As I am using Windows 10, seems there is no way to use the AXE III USB audio...
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    Compact desk rack solutions?

    Hi all, I want to have the AXE III, a saffire 40 interface, a headphone amp and (only possibly) a patch panel and power conditioner neatly stacked on my desk. What is the smallest racking solution for this setup? Or is it "safe" to just stack everything on top of each other? Is the AXE III case...
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    I am confused about the JP2C

    I don't have an AXE III (yet...) and I have never played with a JP2C in person. Doing a search I found this thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/john-petruccis-jp2-c-settings.149491/ And it seems like there is a lot of confusion about if the model in the AXE III matches the real...
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    Why is demand for FAS products still outstripping supply?

    This is a genuine question asked with genuine curiosity, so please don't shoot (I know topics like this can get heated around here). I am curious about the business/manufacturing side of releasing high technology, high demand products like those of FAS. FAS has been around for a good while now...
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    SOLD AX8 mint condition - Australia

    AUD$1800 negotiable. Make me an offer :) Looking to sell my mint condition AX8. Never gigged or been out of my house. Literally looks the same as the day it came out of its packaging. I am the only owner - purchased new in Australia from Independent Music. Selling as don’t have much time to...
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    If you own an AX8 and a Saffire Pro 40 get a Coax to Toslink converter

    I have never been able to get my AX8 and Saffire Pro 40 interface to work together. No matter what I have tired, there is no way to get the clocks to sync. From reading around the forums, other users have reported the same issue and this interface seems to be widely known know to not work with...
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    Where did we get to on fixing the "chugg" on Mark series models?

    Hi all, I have been away from the forum from ages and wondered if anyone could bring me up to speed on where we got to with getting the trademark mesa 'chugg' sound when palm muted heavy rhythms? Mikko from @ML SOUND LAB describes it best here...
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    Anyone try the Andy James signature patches from STLTONES?

    I was searching for some Andy James parches and came across the following product: https://www.stltones.com/products/andy-james-signature-axe-fx-bundle As it mentions firmware 10.01 I figure it must be quite new. Seems like it includes AXE II, AXE 8 and AXE III tones and cabs. # I have since...
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    Early Petrucci

    Hi All, Seems like we have Petrucci's modern tones pretty well nailed with the Axe these days, but what about his earlier tones such as: Love his older lead (and rhythm) tones, that seem to be less compressed with lower gain and a different EQ. Anybody nailed this tone, or have tips on...
  31. V

    XLR vs S/PDIF

    Hi All, Just wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of connecting the AX8 via XLR or S/PDIF to a recording interface? I don't play live and do all my playing through a Saffire Pro 40 and studio monitors, and a bit of recording guitar through the AX8 with backing tracks. Is the...
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    Connecting Axe Fx to Saffire Pro 40 - XLR/TRS/Line Level - WTF?

    When I got my Axe FX Standard and Saffire Pro 40, perhaps 8 years ago, I quickly consulted the manual on connecting things up. It appeared that the Pro 40 accepted mic and line level signals on all of its inputs. So I (it turns out stupidly) plugged my Axe FX in using XLR, assumed that it would...
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    Would it be worth upgrading my studio monitors?

    Hi, I have a newly acquired AX8 (which I love beyond words). I am playing through a (8 year) old set of Behringer Truth 2030A monitors. I use them mainly to monitor the AX8 (and previously an Axe FX Standard), I don't do any song mixing / recording e.t.c. beyond putting my own guitar parts into...
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    Petrucci chorus setting

    Hey forum, Just upgraded from the Axe Standard to an AX8 and...Woah! What an upgrade. I loved the Standard but this thing is a whole different bundle of perfection. Anyways, I posted a thread a long time ago looking for good settings for the lush, broad chorus Petrucci uses for his big...
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    Recommend passive (unpowered) studio monitors

    Hi All, I am looking to upgrade my Behringer Truths to a better quality studio monitor for use with my AX8 at home. I am looking to save some money where I can here, and I have a great SLA-1 amp sitting at home I could put to work with a set of passive monitors. Am hoping passives will be a...
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    Petrucci DreamScape Chorus / Flanger

    Hi All, Was wondering if anyone had cracked the Chorus / Flanger from Petrucci's signature TC Electronics pedal, the 'DreamScape". Here is a good demonstration of the different sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7Oc8GNbG-w I am particularly trying to nail the chorus and flanger...
  37. V

    Petrucci-ish Crunch and Lead Patches (plus IR)

    Hey All, Not much action on the Axe Gen 1 forum these days. Thought I might add some patches for people to try out nonetheless. The IR is the BEST I have found and is a Tone Match that Clark Kent put together. The man sure does create some tasty IR goodness. Just drop it in for all of the...
  38. V

    Petrucci Mix IR - can someone please post it?

    Hi Axers, I own a Standard and would love to get my hands on the IR that Fractal profiled from John Petrucci's rig. I have read on the forum it is called something like Petrucci Mix V30 IR. Would love to convert this to Axe FX 1 format and try and cop his tone on the Standard. Can...
  39. V

    Anyone own the TC Electronics DreamScape?

    Any good? Anyone recreated the settings (does the editor show them?) on the Axe?
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    Would a kind person please write out the settings for the Marco Sfogli Modern Crunch

    Hello Axers, Would a kind soul that takes pity on us lowly Axe FX Standard and Ultra users mind taking the (not insubstantial) time to write out the settings for the following Axe-FX II patch: Axe-Change - Download Preset - Modern Crunch - by Marco Sfogli I realise it is like 8 blocks...
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    Interrogate Axe-FX II presets without an Axe-FX II?

    Hey, I have an Axe-FX Standard and was hoping there was a way to interrogate Axe-FX II presets without actually owning a unit for the purpose of manually creating similar presets in the Standard/Ultra. This is possible with the Ultra/Standard as you don't need a unit connected to view all the...
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    Anyone Tone Match LTE Live Sound?

    Hi All, Not sure if there is a viable excerpt from the Live Liquid Tension Experiment DVD's or YouTube Clips, but if there is has anyone tone matched Petrucci's tone from this? Such an awesome tone. I have an Axe FX Standard (not a II) but would look into converting the IR etc as required...
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    Request: Petrucci Chorus Settings for Crunch Tones

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has some good settings for the chorus Petrucci uses on his crunch/rhythm patches. I think I have the cleans sorted, but would like some help with the more subtle crunch chorus. Thanks, VidarAus
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    Is the Mission SP-1 the best to use as a wah with the Axe?

    Hi guys and gals, Want to get a pedal that feels like a wah pedal to use with the Axe (as a controller for the Axe's wah sounds). Is the SP-1 from Mission the one most people are using for this purpose? What is it like? Does it feel similar to the Crybaby rack wah controller or a dunlop wah...
  45. V

    Validate my thought - why I can't get good high volume tones

    Get ready for a ROFL moment people. I run my axe-fx through a desk and direct to some 6 inch monitors. At low volumes (very comfortable listening levels) I have crafted some high gain patches that are simply amazing. They are the tones I hear inside my head, and I love them. Now here is the...
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    Best Ear Training Resources or Methods?

    Hi All, I want to really start working on my ear, but am not sure what I should be practising or what courses to follow. I have seen a program called Ear Master which looks promising. I have also seen the David Lucas Burge stuff which looks like a marketing ploy. I am not really interested...
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    What are your best music theory resources?

    Hi gang, I want to become a guitar music theory master. I want to learn it all! I want to be one of those guys that can talk music and sound as if they are speaking another language. I see so many pros (who talk about music) effortlessly talking about strange chord voicings and how they fit...
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    Can you buy a Wah Pedal controller to use with the Axe

    I would like to set up similar to a Crybaby rackmounted wah and controller, except using the Axe-FX wah effects. I know you can use a volume pedal, but is there a pedal on the market that looks and feels like a wah pedal but is actually just a controller that can be used with the Axe? Thanks
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    When trying to nail a tone - don't forget about your guitar

    Hello Fellow Axe Fanboys (and girls..), I had a bit of an 'aha!' moment last night. I have been trying to nail Petrucci rhythm and lead tones, and other great patches using the MKIV amp sim. I have been failing a lot though. I had heard a lot of other people's tones which were great, and had...
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    How do you go from bedroom patches to stage volume patches?

    Hi guys, Hope this isn't a stupid question, but do people here have two sets of patches for bedroom/recording volumes and stage volumes? Or do they use the same patches and use global eq? Also, what settings do you usually have to adjust when playing at different volumes? I am finding that...
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    Those looking for smooth, fluid lead tones - just add AIR

    All, I posted this information within another thread but thought it was such a profound discovery (for me anyway) that I thought I might make a new thread about it. My favourite lead patch of all time is Marco's Andromeda lead. It was created several firmware revisions ago, and yet without any...
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    Why are Petrucci rhythm sounds so hard to nail?

    Hi gang, Why are Petrucci rhythm sounds so hard to nail? Honestly - I want to know. Does it come down to his technique alone? The thing is, coping his clean and lead tones is pretty easy. In fact, I would go so far as saying you would have to be trying if you wanted to mess up a MKIV or iic+...
  53. V

    Anyone updated Andromeda patch for 10.01 firmware?

    Just as the title states. Is anyone using Marco's Andromeda Lead patch with 10.01 firmware? What have you tweaked form the original? Would you care to share the patch? Cheers, VidarAus
  54. V

    John Petrucci Patch Thread

    Hi Guys, To celebrate the fact that John Petrucci is now using the Axe-FX as part of his rig (woo hoo!) I thought I would start a thread to bring together all of the Petrucci patches people have created and are using. There are a few different patches spread across the forum (including some of...
  55. V

    Request: Steve Morse Rhythm and Lead Patches

    Hi Gang, I have been listening to some of John Czajkowski work (http://johnczajkowskimusic.com/) and man, what a player! He is also an Axe-FX owner as you all probably know. It got me thinking about dialling in a good Steve Morse style patch. I know that John has posted a patch or two...
  56. V

    After 9.00 - No real time midi-out to Axe-EDIT

    Hi guys, I am sure it is just a setting somewhere, but can't seem to work it out. I am no longer getting real time data from the Axe-FX when using Axe-EDIT. For example, when using Cliffs filter block trick for tighter rhythm tones, the onscreen graphic does not change in response to playing...
  57. V

    Request: Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes patch

    Hi guys, Me again, requesting yet again more patches. Just got GG's album. Wow! What else can I say. Surely this guy is not 100% human with talent like that. And having followed him in Guitar Techniques and Youtube e.t.c....yeah, don't know what to say - he is just awesome. I have been poking...
  58. V

    My Current Petrucci Style Rhythm and Lead Patches

    Hi All, As you may have read, I have been pestering the Axe-FX forum community for advice on creating patches in the style of Mr. John Petrucci. People have provided an outpouring of advice and their own patches which they spent many countless hours (days, weeks, months?) perfecting. So, I...
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    Can you match this liquid Mesa tone? I can't - need help!

    Hi Guys, Well, I am still on the Petrucci bandwagon. I have managed to come up with a pretty decent lead (will try and upload one day), and I love Marco Sfogli Andromeda lead patch. Thanks to Shredi I am working on some clean tones. But, I can't for the life of me dial in a chunky, liquid...
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    Request: Petrucci Clean from Metropolis - Part 1

    Hi All, Firstly, yes I am a nut and obsessed with Petrucci tones. What can I say, I think the man is a genius. :) Anyways, does anyone have a glassy clean patch similar to petrucci's tone in Metropolis - Part 1 off of their Images and Words album? This is a live version, but you get the...
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    Let's work on an exacting Petrucci MKIV Lead patch

    Hi gang, I have noticed there are a few petrucci lead patches around, but they are all a bit 'close but no cigar'. Having said that, I have not been able to do any better! If I could get a direct recording MarkIV lead patch that is exactly the same as JP's, I would long for nothing more from...
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    REQUEST: Steve Vai Lead patch

    Hi Guys, I did a search, and it appears there has been some discussion regarding STeve Vai lead tones but no example patchs. Has anyone come close to a hot lead tone similar to Steve Vai on recordings such as For the Love of God or Tender Surrender? Thanks in advance for any help or example...
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    Andy Timmons Patch Thread

    Hi guys, Have only had my axe a few weeks but am absolutley loving it. I am not sure if I will ever get around to figuring it all out! I have been searching the forum for Andy Timmons patchs but have not had a lot of luck. There are a bunch of threads talking about his amp setups, some even...
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