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    New USB driver for Windows

    For what it's worth, i had trouble for a long time. The axe fx wouldn't connect after changing a driver or something. Unplugged and restarted a MILLION times. Went on for weeks. Ended up getting an inkling that there may have been issue between the axe fx and my removeable hdd. Unplugged...
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    USB disconnecting

    I've got big usb issues as well. If i boot the computer with the axe turned on, it stops recognising the axe. Not certain yet but seems to come back after a few days with the axe not plugged in via usb and a reinstall of the drivers. Frustrating
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    Thanks for the reply. I've tried all the usb ports though. Trying anything i can to avoid a full reinstall of the OS. I'd been installing the 2014.06.06 driver as well as the current driver as i'd read somewhere that there was a few files that should be installing but Fractal just got back to me...
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    Has just deleted everything and it is recognised a usb audio device with the yellow triangle. Properties for this says - device cannot start code 10. Indicates 2 revision levels are incompatible
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    Yeh i have. I managed to get it working for about a week recently but it shart after i started the pc with the axe fx already running. The pc will hang at startup if the axe fx is on. Almost like it's trying to boot from it. I've noticed this before but it hasn't worked since. Can you update the...
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    Rito, will try this. At some stage though it requests that you turn it on and this is point that fails for me as the pc can't see it so i get an error 105
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    I have tried my RME UFX2 in that port and the pc finds it just fine. I can see it drop off the list and then reappear in device manager in real time - no dramas. Mobo is an asus z97k and computer is a desktop and i've turned off the sleep function on all the usb related equipment i could find...
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    Axe fx 3 not recognised by usb

    Hey all, i'm having all sorts of trouble with the usb connection on my axe fx 3 to my pc. Pc is windows 8.1. The pc does not see the axe 3 99% of the time. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers a million times. I usually get an error 105 saying that it can't connect to the device...
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    Am I missing something?

    What tuning are we talking? I find standard and drop D sounds great with minimal tweaking - especially after FW11. I use the Loadbox US speaker impedence profile and everything sounds tops. Down tuned 7 and 8 string however are a different story and require some creative use of parametric eq for...
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    Is the Axe-Fx good for bass?

    Hi folks, first post here... i think. I'm a guitarist who plays bass for recording and I've had a pig of a time getting decent bass tones. The patches i've had success with have been complex jobs with both a bass amp and a high gain guitar amp blended for bite on one channel and DI on the other...
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