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  1. honeypat

    Fractal FM3: Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to download preset?...Kindly edit your above post to attach it,thanks and awesome man.
  2. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Which transmitter that attached to OUT1? Is that for in-ear only?...simple is best,awesome!
  3. honeypat

    A/B box recommendations?

    No noise and reliable switch failure...You can't go wrong.
  4. honeypat

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    I'm using now. MC-6 takes little real estate on pedalboard compared to my FC-6. You can do evrything. Three buttons on FM3 serve amp control,saturation,etc.. since I have bought Live Gold pack... It does well with GT-1000core,too.
  5. honeypat

    Electric sitar + AxeFX = Hispano-Indo-Flamenco Jazz !

    Great and awesome ... Remind me of Roland GR-55 patches, but more organic and warm tunes.
  6. honeypat

    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    Awesome and sound great playing.... Any plan some more significant SALES on your AX3 Bundles for those on limited budgets who suffer from COVID Lockdown over the world outside Mauritius?
  7. honeypat

    Cover of Andy Timmons' version of Across the Universe - Preset included

    Awesome and great..Guthrie Govan signature guitar you are playing, same as mine!
  8. honeypat

    Any IR recomendatios suite for my use?

    Hi FM3 users, would you kind enough to please recomand IRs for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitars, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat player ( acoustic drum stomp). These are fed to a mixer and then go to PA and/or frfr powered cab. Need some IRs...
  9. honeypat

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] FM3 Master Thread - Firmware 1.06

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Moke, would you please recomand an IR for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitar, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat...
  10. honeypat

    Power Amp Advice, Please? (And Sorry!)

    I'm using both GT1000Fx and SD 170. If you want a stereo SS amp small enough into gigbag and loud enough for a loud metal band, to go to random jams with, then Harley Benton Thunder 99 is right there. Really cheap but powerful to drive two 212's. No regrets!
  11. honeypat

    Klon Centaur

    Also I have JHS Soul Food.. it sounds par with Silver Klon..almost same sound to my ears.
  12. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    [Problem] ....updated 14.03 -> 14.04, but my FC6 holted and displaying nothing but " .... " on the respective mini display as well as " FC-6 1.11 " on main window...help me!!
  13. honeypat

    Pedal Amplifier

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run the Thunder99 with 212 cabs in a pay-rehersal room for my FM3 as well as Axe-Fx3. My friedman ASC10 and/or Aspen's CPS frfr are wieigh too much for my age when...
  14. honeypat

    FM3 Mark II

    I don't find FX3 Mark II. Where is it?....
  15. honeypat

    Pedal Amplifier

    Both I have Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 and Harley Benton Thunder 99 stereo stomp box power. Thunder 99 sounds great in stereo. Two FRFR speaker bought from Kemper have been loaded into own hand made 112 cab. You may search enclosures inside cabinet as you like based upon your music style. In...
  16. honeypat

    Eighties Clean - preset walktrough

    Great and awesome...where's the preset?
  17. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.03

    Awesome and great...however,wish the FW of FM3 keep up with its big brother's pace too~!
  18. honeypat

    Cases for moving guitars?

    I am using ENKI. It's really safe,strong built like a tank and, roles as a guitar shelf on stage either... please see; https://enkiusa.com/products/enki-amg-2xl-electric-guitar-case
  19. honeypat

    Naked Amps vs Live Gold

    I have both. If should elect one, will go Live Gold.... More versatile and purpose oriented..suited for live
  20. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Here's mime with GR-55, a little acoustic preamp, EA pedalboard Mixer and MC6 (scene selector). Dual Switch ( Stand-in ) selects Utilty and/or Amp Control( CS2) etc. of AustinBuddy's Layouts.
  21. honeypat

    Neverland by Dryland Marillion Tribute played with a Axe FX3

    It seems most likely that your Axe in a rack faced up to you on the floor. Are you using RackLegs of Eurekasound.com?...Awesome and nice play!
  22. honeypat

    Stand-in SW failure with FM3 only Layout

    Yes, I will do soon . A push immdediately displays AB's Layout 8,but another button push first shows a blank and three diplays then more three remainings in AB Layout 7. It circulate just like three views. .
  23. honeypat

    Stand-in SW failure with FM3 only Layout

    Austin Buddy Live Gold Layout FM3 only..... Wish to use a stand-in switch to pop up 'Amp Contro' assigned on CS2 in Live Gold,on mini displays in FM3 only layout. So did it using my dual switch connected to FM3 through fm3-edit by assigning Master Layout 8 and 7 thereto respectively. Layout 8...
  24. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen FM3 packs

    Well, this pack Amp Packs bundle needs to pair with FC6 for use with OMG9 layout,or just FM3's three switches will do with expression pedal and/or SW's onboard connections?
  25. honeypat

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not yet reach to my email, please shot me a link to me,Axe-FxIII student, at honeypat@daum.net
  26. honeypat

    Friedman ASC-12....Worth it?

    I have Headrush, ASC-12 and ASC-10 and more...as well as AXE Fx3 and FM3. If you AB test ASC-10 with its big brother, you will notice low-end more tight, not so boomy as is well known to big brother's users... Aside from those cabs, if I was in your shoes, I will pick up Aspen's Central Point...
  27. honeypat

    CHAOS INSIDE's music video "If I was God" AxeIII content

    Great job...really impressive...awesome
  28. honeypat

    Van Halen - "Somebody Get Me A Doctor"

    Awesome and great cool sound...where's the patch download,please?
  29. honeypat

    FW 13b - Polyphia Style Jam

    If my guess work, you are probably on buzz with some drink.don't you? Durning last couple of years,this is my first time to see you on some beer. Anyway awesome and killer sound as usual...thanks!
  30. honeypat

    FAMC Liquid Foot+ LF+ and Axe-Fx III Quick Setup and Templates

    No answer back yet for years....I'd rather contact him at @@GotMetalBoy for help.
  31. honeypat

    FAMC Liquid Foot+ LF+ and Axe-Fx III Quick Setup and Templates

    Great job you did... I have LF JR+ and tried a lot to upate Editor and connect to my JR+. But Editor did not recognized the connection. This was reported to FAMC and they are currently on investigation.. Actually, I have contemplated my JR+ pair with FM3 for use with OMG9 Layout since my FC6 is...
  32. honeypat

    Cables, cables and more cables...

    You'd better make it by yourself...At eBay or Amazon you will find bulk cables ,soldering guns,etc. Once you make up your pedal board and design real estate allocations for Axes and pedals then you probably figure out respective cables and connectors,let's say Neutrik, Evidence,Canare...etc. as...
  33. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Great board...How do you quickly change scenes frpm S1 to S7 or S8 and vice versa?... BOSS pedal used for?
  34. honeypat

    Wish MP3 Playback Capacity

    FM3 has two types of hardware USB input. One is useful for connection with computer. Wish another one for connection with USB stick containing MP3 backing tracks. That is, FM3 is eligible for the role of audio player in conjunction with looper functions.
  35. honeypat

    Heart - "Alone" - Guitar Solo cover

    Awesome and great play... How do you love your guitar? Looks cool and sounds good. Is that also good for metal?
  36. honeypat

    Vendor Poll - What cabs do you want?

    [Something small and weird]... Aspen's Spacestation V.3 Central Point Stereo It sounds in 3D...each and every where in a room are really sweet spots in stereo.
  37. honeypat

    Wish FC12/Perform 2 (Layout 8) Default Wish

    Sure! You can do anything like that. The default layouts are just starting points. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Couldn't find some tutorial video for Per-Presets. No video out there?...Thank you.
  38. honeypat

    Free Preset of new FW 14.00

    Any know-how or tip for such a long sustain as if Gary Moore's Parisienne LP sound? Wish I can find a pack of presets for Gibson LP Gary Moorelish Marshall sound soonest!
  39. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

  40. honeypat

    OMG9 with FC6 SW1+2

    In setting up my FM3 + FC6 using OMG9, please help me how to do setup and/or global I/Os. A 2-button MOSKY switch is connected via TRS cable to 1+2 SW of FC6 for selection of scene 7 and scene 8 in respective preset. How to set up menus on FM3 front pannel or in FM3-EDIT? Please help me.
  41. honeypat

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    South Korea established a Free Trade Agreement with USA, which allows import tax exemption benefit applicable to goods MADE IN THE USA within the territory only.
  42. honeypat

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    It really matters here in local custom clealances when it comes to import tax. Almost double in amounts since no benefit enjoyable under Free Trade Treaty.
  43. honeypat

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    On back pannel and/or on packing cotton box, it is printed 'ASSEMBLED IN CHINA'..?
  44. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Again Buddy, in the FW1.11 of FC6, Live Gold OMG9 displays on FC6 the scenes in lower numeric order (1,2, and 3) in the row of upstair while upper #4-#6 on downstair. I have no idea how to swap these arrays,that is lower #'s to down stair while higers upstair. Please kindly let me know how to...
  45. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Hi Buddy, as user of Live Gold pack, I wish a amp in the list.. Matchless Avalon 30 with 212 Matchless Extension cabint.
  46. honeypat

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    Good job...thanks!
  47. honeypat

    FM3-Edit 1.01.10

    Good job...thanks!
  48. honeypat

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    Got AX3 shortly after it was relased,and also in my possetions are two FM3s both with/without headphone jack versions. I think what you prefer to choose from 3 and M3 depends on which type of music you do. In my case, according to those Korean songs I play it needs switching back and forth among...
  49. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    If available,would be the scheme how to code 6 buttons via midi PC command most informative value to those who seek smaller footprint and real estate without employing bulky FC6. Please share your esteemed knowledge.thanks!
  50. honeypat

    My new song "M Land"

    As always awesome...is this one shared preset otherwise can be found in your site?...
  51. honeypat

    FAS Link can power my wireless?

    You will probably need something step-downer like this one; NO RISK AT ALL SINCE CURRENT DOES NOT MATTER,ONLY VOLTAGE MATTERS! https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC12V-24V-To-DC9V-4A-36W-Step-Down-Power-Supply-Converter-Regulator-Module-New/254337562148?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  52. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Is that brand T1M? ..."Top right knob is my lead volume boost.."...well organized pedal bpard. The current coming out from FAS Link enough to drive several pedals of 9Volt, you see? thanks!
  53. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most informative video for managing blocks in a preset, however kindly teach me how to swap scenes in a preset scene 5 to scene 8 with scene 1 to 4 that is single coils be...
  54. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III to FC-12 vs. FC-6

    What merits and demerit when Axe-Fx3 is paired with FC12 vs. FC6 pedal Just burnt my FC6 inadverdant connecting to +48v phantom mic power, I'm comtemplating to buy one of FC12 or FC6,which one best suit to my Axe-Fx III. Please drop me a line for those FCs respective upside and downs.
  55. honeypat

    Wish Cornish SS-3 (schematic included)

    Cornish pedals shine on SUSTAIN that others never reached, and do jobs well in clean channel tube amps with headrooms. If you sounds in bedroom level or with lower wattage,lunch box amp, nobody tell the diferences with ordinary cheep ODs.
  56. honeypat

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    Does FM3 need to pair with FC6 to work and explore the 60 presets in FM3 Master Class?....
  57. honeypat

    Vendor The Complete FM3 Master Class with Cooper Carter - NOW STREAMING!

    One and half month left to trigger download tap...thanks for 35% discount arrangement. Wish layout no longer needs FM3 to be associated with FC6,that is OMG9 and the like.
  58. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen FM3 packs

    Wonder FM3 packs work only on FM3+FC6?...My FC6 burnt because of erroneous supply of phantom mic power +48. So have to rely on FM3 three switches only for the time being...Hope your left hand getting well soon before gig!
  59. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Bingo~!.....it works...Thanks Buddy~!
  60. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Which functions dual switches for...thanks!
  61. honeypat

    FM3-Edit 1.01.09

    Something happens...great!
  62. honeypat

    Uber amp with my new guitar :)

    Awesome as always and usual ... As a long time user of MF presets,also before trigger the patch, kindly let me know how to swap scenes in the preset. I wish clean be loaded on to scene 1 and the gainy Lead tone to be on scene8...etc. on FM3.... thanks!
  63. honeypat

    FC6 burn watch out!

    Nothing happened shortly after a bit of light on display, and moot, no light just like FC turned off. FM3 however keeps working regardless of connection to my fried FC6, but AXe-Fx3 goes out as if a reset cycle triggered...that's it!
  64. honeypat

    Free preset of the week - MF Wrecker Rocket

    Long time supporter MF patches including Kemper,AX8 as well as Helix. Where is it available backing track?....Awesome as usaual...Thanks!
  65. honeypat

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Awesome and killer app...... If looper not used anyhow,then LV4 and LV7 on FM3 will work? Further, 2-button momentary switch trigger scene 7 and 8,espectively...I'm afraid FM3 hault!
  66. honeypat

    FC6 burn watch out!

    FC6 for my Fx-3 & FM3 is inadvently connected to phantom power jack +48 of mic preamp. A little smell resides around xlr male connector inside FM3 as shown left top of back pannel. At a loss what to do if to see local tech herein Korea since back and forth for repair to the States causes time...
  67. honeypat

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.05

    It's been a while since v1.05 released.. Until when is expected next version v2.0?..too long interval term.
  68. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... Looks like the male jack plugged into...
  69. honeypat

    MC-6. Small, fully programmable midi controller

    Mr. Max Haze...It would be much appreciated if you program MC-6 serve as FC6, let's say perform OMG9 function such that minimal real estate resources taken on a pedal board in conjunction with FM3. Greatly anticipated sir!
  70. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

  71. honeypat

    First gig with the FM3 and FC-6

    "...Can definitely gig with it. I’ll mainly use the FC-6 with it but I added a 2 button switch so I could just use the FM3 without an FC..." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr.Bishop, you mean...
  72. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Would you kindly share tips how to make Morningstar's six-button work as if those of FC-6 for use with OMG9?....awesome and did a good job~!
  73. honeypat

    FM3 Super Gig Rig!

  74. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    Certainly really confused the architecture and structure of price lists in Fremen site,wish to provide a table of price list in a simple and organized form for customers outside the States. Contemplating to buy all bundles and patches I need but to complicate how to attend to purchase those...
  75. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.14

    Cheers!....rapid update versions come faster than COVID19 spread..great!
  76. honeypat

    Worth getting AXE iii in 2020?

    Same thing will happen to you when you bought III, should there be forthcoming release 4,5..etc.? Some people wait long long time the release of color tv in the era of black and white tv... Please remember the man died yesterday missed to live just one day more..it's today.
  77. honeypat

    Holy sh!t this Matchbox amp is RIDICULOUS

    Sure thing...In addition, real amp Avalon30 is another heaven of a sound. Modeling is anticipated!
  78. honeypat

    3D Printed External FC Switch Box / Expression Box

    Any plan to produce 4-button box for use with FM3?
  79. honeypat


  80. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.12

    Thank you Cliff, from Korea....
  81. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Help me...Refreshed my FM3 then imported all-layouts-OMG9.fclayouts as well as OMG9-AB.fclayouts. But in the dislpay of FM3-EDIT, Layout 7 : layout7....all blanked stripes... what happened?? In addition, "SCENES/MORE"... does not work, no changes made on FC6.
  82. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Yes I did, FM3 works, but FC6 not work all all same as before.
  83. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Help me!... Inadvertently I have imported OMG9-AB into Layout 1 via FM3-EDIT. How to recover back to Layout 1 Preset?... Currently FC6 does not work at all.
  84. honeypat

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    What's that for Pure Tone?
  85. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

  86. honeypat

    Vendor NEW! AustinBuddy's 1000+ "LIVE GOLD" TonePack for FM3 now available!

    Oder no.7633... Just got Banks 1 & 2....Bank 3 is expected in summer. Currently using OM9 with FC6..some bulky pedal..I am contemplating using FM3 with two external foot switches connecting to Pedal 1&2,but still have concern about my Live Gold presets will work properly... Anyway,today is my...
  87. honeypat

    Led Zep Cover

    Awesome and well organized...The print on the wall behind vocal denotes 'May' in Chinese character. So she must like May all around year...
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