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    Flange from Within Your Reach by The Replacements

    I've been toying around with trying to approximate the flange from this song - link to a recording for those who are interested: I've seen a thread or two on flange effects and realize that what I don't know about how to work with flange could fill at least a wiki post or two. Is there...
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    SRV little wing

    Starting patch for strats looking for something like SRV's tone on little wing. Playing with Larry Mitchell's patches and found that in combination they approached an SRV tone. Was not actively looking for this sounds but thought I'd throw together a recording of the patch with as much of...
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    User cabs not working after upgrading to 2.04

    Sure there's some user error going on here however after upgrading to 2.04 my user cabs are no longer working/producing any sound. As a specific example - I had installed the preset 'ML Brit 1959' from cab pack 15 and saved the cab to user block #29. This preset had worked previously and now...
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    Help/Challenge for the strat players in the group

    All - Many significant improvements to amp modeling and amp collection as we've moved from Qv1 to Qv2 that have moved us ever closer to the tonal mecca. Of course this statement also holds true for many prior FW advancements. A couple of the strattiest of the strat players that I've worked to...
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    After having updated the MFC firmware to the latest version I'm now trying to put the old button layout back in place (not sure why it was changed in the first place.) In the process of getting a current SysEx dump from the unit and got a pop-up prompt which needs to be corrected (mac osx)...
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    18+ firmware & EV-1/MFC -101 Mk III issues that I could use a hand with

    Sweet, sweet fractal forum: Since the 18FW upgrade (I've advanced recently to FW19 beta 'cus I had'ta) I've lost controllable connection from my EV-1 pedal thru my MFC 101 Mark III to my presets. Simply put - she no longer controls anything when moved on presets that worked like a charm...
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    Wish Another wish for the mfc

    Ability to show small tuner arrows on the screen at all times. I had a tc elec. g-force that had this feature and on a much smaller screen than the mfc. Very handy feature that saved having to enter a dedicated tuner mode to quickly check tune.
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    The elusive 'money for nothing' tone...

    My take on a classic. Do enjoy the brief sample
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