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    How are you doing drums?

    How are you doing drum rhythms? A lot of the recordings here sound like custom rhythm arrangements. Are they programmed?
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    At your own risk: some hopefully bizzare experience

    I'm not happy with my efforts, and it obviously ain't comin easy, so I'm relinquishing indefinitely.
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    Question for E standard, metal players..

    if there are any today.... Anyways. Did you start off scooping the mids, but have gone to the light side?...without turning down the gain? Why? And can you post some patches?
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    Who's using ACTIVE tone stack in their *high gain* models?

    I messed around with this a couple weeks ago, but went back to passive as it seemed the interactivity of the tone controls made for more 'liveliness' in the tone and feel. Going to try again, though, cos I'm curious. Anyone else using the active stack?....can you post a patch?
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    Volume....it makes a difference

    Even here in virtual land. Or, at least here at my house. I decided to start from scratch again, with the main volume turned up a bit louder than I've been doing. Miles of difference.
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    How do people hammer and tap so easily?

    I've always found tapping hard. I don't mean the coordination part, but the actuation of notes. I have to slam the string down with my (picking hand) finger to get it to ring that loudly and all. Everybody else I see doing this, it looks like they're barely touching it. Then there's the...
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    What do you think of stainless frets?

    I remember the Parker Fly had them, and the sustain on them was interesting, but seemed to require more pressure. What is your experience with stainless (and other non-standard metals, whatever they might be) frets?
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    A Holdsworth lead tone?

    I wasn't really looking to do this, per se, but I think I'm headed in that direction, more or less. Kudos to Simeon for getting a lot of the way there, though at least in the recording in his thread, there seems a low fidelity quality to it. And it's still not as smooth as the original. But, to...
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    There is no such thing as 'djent,' it's not a genre.

    From Wiki: Some members of the metal community, including "djenty" bands, have criticized the term 'djent', either treating it as a short-lived fad, openly condemning it, or questioning its validity as a genre. Post-metal band Rosetta said: Maybe we should start calling doom metal...
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    I/O input 1 mode: left only, L+R sum, stereo?

    I figured out how to run tracks back through the Axe (via USB) to apply effects. Part of this is switching back and forth in the AUDIO page of the Input 1 mode from LEFT ONLY (guitar in) to STEREO (apply effects to tracks). - this manual method is the only way, right? - and, in the...
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    Are you crafting/have you crafted an 'original' high gain tone?

    By high gain I mean at least the PVH6160 near max preamp gain. Could everyone who thinks they're doing/they've done this post a 'naked' clip of yours, and if willing the patch so I can see what you're doing?
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    Question about speaker contrast

    So, the golden rule in getting good recordings seems to be 'get the best reference monitors you can'. Recently, I got what I think are some good ones, and my current patches sound pretty good on them. Then I go back to PC speakers and they don't. Conversely, the patches I created when using my...
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    Back from the drawing board

    I got this lovely thing yesterday (all alder, neck-thru), and realized my tones sucked. But I think I'm on the way up, at least with the FAS6160. And two tracks, same guitar: Thoughts, suggestions?
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    Throw out 'cher clean tones!

    I mean, show them. I'm always amazed with the bridge pickup tones that people are getting vis 80s-style onward. My attempts in that always sound twangy and gamey. Then again, I tend toward a mix of older jazz and modern, an emphasis on neck pickup use, resulting in a very warm tone where the...
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    CAB block (for a high gain tone): cabs, mics, and tone qualities

    Choosing your mic (for a high gain tone) This isn't a 'what are you using?', but more specifically a 'this is what I'm doing and why' thread. I haven't tried all the cab types lately, let alone the new ones added in 7.0 (I still have yet to try the VH4....), not LEAST any non-FAS-supplied...
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    So, I guess this is metal core, now.....

    I got this youtube spam this morning: Do you like metalcore?? Well you may like my band :) I'm Fra, the frontman of an italian band called Blessing Your Curse! And so on.... The guitar tone is interesting, though. Mids-y, but muted. Very musical.
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    Let's talk about fizz

    Here's an example of, what I think is, some nicely textured fizz: Now, I wouldn't want this in my tone. So....without turning the gain down....how would *you* go about not having this, while retaining.....presence....and clarity.
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    I'm looking for a [non-vintage] humbucking neck pick-up....

    I tend to like a bit of mid-range, not a lot of bite, some warmth, fair output. This will be strictly for clean duty. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Creating new AMP tones

    People have created new amp lines, at the least to introduce things they thought would sound good/great/better. The Das Metal and FAS6160 are in this vein, right? How far could you go in making something *really* different?
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    Okay, I take back what I said.....sort of

    That is...and I don't know what's different....but I'm no longer so hot on the 5153 Red. The FAS6160 is my abso favorite [high gain] amp, with the 4x12 30w (ultra) cab. Very balanced in tone, and up and down (somewhat a factor of my guitar, but still), and very 'clean'. I could ask for more...
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    Cello tone

    This is something I've had in my head for many years. A bit of gain, yet rich and smooth, almost attack-less, and [hopefully] nothing vintage about it. (As well as with guitar volume and tone controls at max.) The first attached preset file is very close. After some effort with my other guitar...
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    A new chapter?

    After a bunch of listening, realizing I'd gone the other way and my patches were a bit ear-shattering (not to mention some tone had gotten scrapped in the process), then going back to what Funeral said about simpler configurations, and using the low and high cuts in the cab block...I went back...
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    new Periphery album tasty bits....

    I tend to prefer more 'harmonic' parts, and at about 1:00:45 is a bit in the new P album that I think is way cool. Killer rhythm, exactly the kind of lead sound I dig (and very well played), great vocal lines. Then again at 1:03:00. Great transition at 1:04:53. It's 4/4, but syncopated, and...
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    Mille (Kreator) says...

    I know "progressive" can sometimes be a dirty word, but I can't help but notice that the new album pushes into some new territory for Kreator. Would you agree there are some progressive elements present? ((( I don't agree with this, but I like the following answer. ))) Not in the sense of...
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    Updating to 6.03 - Um, read the directions, yo

    It took me two times before I made the connection that the Firmware page and the update feature in Axe Edit were connected. Went back and looked at the txt file, and sure enough: press one, then start the other. Oh. AND DAMN IT IS A GOOD THING. I think everything sounds better. And I just...
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    What studio monitors are you using?

    I need something for general purpose studio stuff. What are you using? Alternately, do you think the RCFs would work here?
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    In recording, how to get that 'cranked amp sound' ?

    When you record a cabinet sound, you can crank the cab source. Why is it not the same when in simulation, direct-recording? Or is it, and perhaps my input level is too low? And, on that note, how do what (besides my recording software) is determining my input level, via USB recording?
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    Anyone using/tried FBT powered speakers?

    I got to try a pair of tens a couple years ago that impressed me. I didn't have the AXE then, though.
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    A little something for purview ?

    Hope you enjoyed the day. Tonight I've been in, arguably, a nifty mood. I'm encouraging a relationship between rhythm and tone, and am very happy with this early set-up. I style myself a kind of riff-rambler. What are your feelings?
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    Axe coming in under the radar.....

    Seems my main 'local' music store guitar guys haven't heard much about the AXE. At least up to a couple months ago.
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    FAS 6160 and PVH 6160 are....different.

    I've been using the FAS 6160 for the last week. It's kind of hot, but not hot enough without a pedal in front (I have by default been using the T808, as I like it's tone the best for high gain). I hadn't even noticed the PVH 6160. It's (I think) just hot enough by itself. Throw a box in front...
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    Your favored 80s hard rock albums and tones?

    Two of mine are Leppard's High n Dry, and Pyromania. The rhythm tone in High n Dry just growls; the production is about tops that I've heard for '81. Pyromania has that epic sound, and the guitar tones help make it.
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    'Drop tunings'.........hmmmmmmm

    Especially when it comes to the really low stuff, I'm not really hearing anything that catches my attention. What's the draw? What's the push?
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    Who's using two amps in a patch?

    I messed around with this a little, but made mush. Anyone else doing it, especially with high gain?
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    No wonder Metallica's sound has blown chunks for so long......

    In the early days, each album had a distinctive and 'musical' sound. Then Cliff died..... Now Hetfield and Hammet use like four or five amps each in a show. They just need to get AXEs. (I years ago heard they used the Mark IIc+ on Ride the Lightning, but apparently no they were still using...
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    Which do you prefer, neck-thru or bolt-on ?

    I found this page on guitar woods (some I hadn't heard of), and came across this bit: "...some of the compressed sound you get with neck through construction. What is your experience with this?
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    Why do you think people are selling their AXE IIs ??

    I could ask each person......I'm just curious why they wouldn't spend at least a couple/few months with it?
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    What do you think of these high gain patches?

    These are not mid-scooped, mind. 17 is a slight variation of 16. The third one is a modification of one of Mark Day's posted patches, set more for rhythm play. A little less highs, reduced effects, and a bit less gating (I wanted to see how quiet I could go - originally at -41, I set it at...
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    Are you having trouble with forum pages loading?

    Half the time, pages are getting stuck, and every time I try to load an attachment it just freezes till hell.......freezes. I'm using IE8.
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    Anyone tried the Lace Alumitone Deathbucker?

    I have one in a strat style guitar. I like it. Here's a recent vid of someone using one.
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    What brand of cable are you using for guitar to Axe?

    And does it matter?
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    Password requested, given, and....not working.....

    I type it in correctly. Five times. I tried another request. Same thing with that password. So, the only way I could figure it was I created a new username. Unless an admin wants to help fix the old one.
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