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    Cool app for those with little kids..

    New app helps avoid every parent's worst nightmare | Fox News Video
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    JBL PRX615M 2-Way Powered PA Speaker

    Most stores are having a great deal on these speakers ( $200.00 off regular price) just thought I'd post this for anyone looking for a small PA, or a monitor for the AXE II, I just picked one up from American Musical, for $599.00. It has a pretty big sound and and it's like 43 pounds. I run...
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    Man plays GTR during brain surgery!

    BBC News - Man plays guitar during brain surgery to treat Parkinson's
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    The Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer

    Some of you acoustic players might be interested on this: How Inventor Paul Vo Created a Little Black Box That Could Change Guitars Forever
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    For some of us who have everything we want and still bitch we want more..

    I suggest this video: Landfill Harmonic teaser - YouTube
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    I guess I'll use cheap plywood for my next custom Guitar! :)

    Apparently wood doesn't affect sound.. http://www.guitarsite.com/news/music_news_from_around_the_world/electric-guitar-wood-myth-busted/
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    Small Powered monitor, for sustain only..

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions for a very small powered monitor for the purpose of only exciting the pickups of the guitar, to get extra sustain etc..i use custom molded IE monitors and plug direct to FOH, won't even be listening to the monitor, just need it to be on the floor close by, or...
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    Amazing one man performance!

    Sorry if this has been posted here already, just saw this video, and thought it was pretty amazing(no AXE FX, just acoustic GTR) Jon Gomm - Passionflower - YouTube!
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    Finally a Wireless Midi Guitar Controller!!

    Someone posted this link at TGP, no sure if he/she posts here, so I thought I should post this here, since it is very interesting for those into Midi guitar: Bence Bécsy playing Wireless MIDI Guitar Synthesizer - YouTube
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    For you Beatles fans..

    The Beatles - The REAL First Chord of "A Hard Day's Night" - YouTube
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    One of the most interesting sites i've seen on the internet!!

    No sure if anyone has posted this link, tons of great FREE videos!! really good stuff, especially for those in school.. Khan Academy
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    SysEx Librarian with Mac OX 10.6.7

    Using SysEX Librarian, it has always worked well for me for everything before on an older Mac with Axe Standard and Ultra, patches/firmware etc, never a problem, with a new Imac OS 10.6.7 it acts a bit strange, with the Axe 2 I had to go I/O >MIDI and turn "Send Real time SysEx" to "NONE"...
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    Eric Johnson live!

    Went to see Eric Johnson last night at the ShowcaseLive, awesome show!! the usual 2 Fender amps, Marshall and (2) 4x12 cabs, (+ a few other smaller stuff..) very nice sound as he seems to always get, place was packed, it's nice to see someone his age still perform incredibly well, and also be...
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    Shure PSM 900, or Sennheiser ew 300/EMG3 ?

    i need to get one of these in a hurry, any suggestion from anyone using these is appreciated, i've looked at the specs, prices, etc etc, from their websites, just would like to know from real live experiences with these units which one to choose ? any problems with them with drop outs, or any...
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    New Gibson (modeling?) GTR (FIREBIRD X)

    Gibson has the right idea, but should have talked Fractal Audio into doing the amp sounds.. they sound weak in my opinion..but glad to see they'r trying something new: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electri ... Specs.aspx
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    USB/MIDI cable

    This seems like a good idea: http://namm.harmony-central.com/SNAMM09 ... -Computers
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