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  1. J

    Help with updating MFC101 to new firmware on PC

    I am tring to update the MFC-101 to the newest firmware. I am on PC W7. I have updated the Axe FX to the newest firmware with no problem. I am using MidiOX. I have followed the steps on the forum, using Cobblers info, the Fractal sticky, and Katsu Kuri's video. No luck. I'm sure its something...
  2. J

    How touse amp x/y

    Okay, I have my MFC setup the way I want. The top 2 rows are fx, the bottom is 4 amps sounds and the 5th button on the bottom row is "amp x/y". I want each of the 4 amp buttons to have an x and a y. When I tried on the first button, my clean sound, I placed a Vox and it works fine. When I select...
  3. J

    Adding blocks

    There are not enough blocks to fill up the "pedalboard" I'd like to build on the MFC. How do I add additional blocks?
  4. J

    Setting effect to exact BPM

    There's a patch, I think 164, that's a rhythmic auto-wah. Is there a way I can set the rhythm oscillation to an exact BPM?
  5. J

    Changing expression pedal control on the fly

    Before I add it to the wish list, is there some way to change what an expression pedal controls on the fly, besides changing presets? I was thinking, if there was an option to have the IA that was turned on most recently determine what the expression pedal controls would be nice. Press delay...
  6. J

    Former tube snob

    The head sound engineer at church asked how I was liking the Axe, because I had been bringing my Princeton Reverb lately. Today i brought the Axe for the first time in a while. I explained how I was almost going to sell it out of frustration. I told him that a few guys here on the forum were...
  7. J

    X/Y question

    Can someone explain the x/y feature? Do I set up an IA on the MFC to be an x/y switch that swaps all effects from x to y, or can I individually swap each effect from x to y?
  8. J

    Changing pedal control

    I have 2 Mission pedals run into my MFC. One is full time volume. I want the other to do delay depth,wah,rotary speed, or maybe whammy. Is there a way to change what the pedal is controlling without changing presets?
  9. J

    Two separate layouts?

    I'd like my default MFC state to be buttons 1-5 as presets and the other 10 buttons (not counting tap and tuner) to be effects BUT I would like to be able to press a button to a second state that were all presets. Is this possible? To clarify, 1-5 would be my sounds of clean, crunch, lead etc...
  10. J

    Effects blocks on presets and the MFC

    Can you tell me if I understand this correctly? If I have the MFC set up like a pedalboard with drive, compressor, chorus, tremolo, eq, delay, reverb,etc and I pull up a preset on the Axe that one has drive only, then the other effects on the MFC will just be unavailable, correct? If I have this...
  11. J

    Frustrated to the point of putting it all for sale

    So, I went in to this super excited and the frustration is getting the best of me. I am going to give it one more go at it and really spend time in the manual this week. I am spending all of this time learning to program when I really want to be playing. I don't have lots of spare time. It's...
  12. J

    The need to read ;)

    I've really got to read the manual and make me a cheat sheet to keep with me! This morning I decided not to bring the MFC with me to church because the songs we were playing didn't require me to change patches or need pedals. I had 3 sound guys (large televised church) on the hands and knees...
  13. J

    2 of the same effect?

    I want to set up one IA to be a delay set to 1/4 notes and another set to .1/8's. After I use delay 1, I don't see it in the available effects list. Can I only use one of each effect per preset? I found multi delay but I don't see delay 1 again. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. J

    Setting up MFC and misson

    I have an MFC and 2 Mission pedals. One Mission pedal has the on/off button. I want to set up my MFC like this: I want all 3 rows to be presets. Then I want to be able to press the "reveal" button and have all of the IA's (set up like a pedalboard). On this pedalboard I want all of the looper...
  15. J


    Is there a preset that has the looper set up on the MFC?
  16. J

    Future "sticky" idea

    I was going to ask if anyone knew of an updated list of what each "amp" block is a model of. Then I got a better idea. What if anyone who was willing to contribute, listed the models of amps they know about and what song it was used on, or album, or what artist uses it? For instance, if I...
  17. J

    Running mono

    Our system at church is mono. What is the best way to run the unit in mono? I noticed there are a couple of different mono options. Do i need to set anything up in the software? I also thought I read where just pluggin it in left out does it for you but I may be mistaken?
  18. J

    Can someone tell me what I did wrong please?

    On the "top boost" preset, there is a delay and a multiplayer. I was messing around with them and changing the time signature of the delay. Somehow I made one of the 2 delays disappear from the MFC. In other words, both delays show in the layout, but the L.E.D. Is not lit for one of them on the...
  19. J

    Dont let me throw it out the window please

    I need help please. I purchased the SP and EP Mission pedals and plugged them in the MFC. I want one to control a volume block that I placed after amp and cab but before reverb and delay. Both pedals are working in their default "global volume" and wah settings. I want to disengage the global...
  20. J

    Where to mount mfc

    What are you guys mounting the MFC and expression pedals on? I have a pedal train, but with the MFC on it, it won't it in the case anymore. Ones someone make a product that will hold the MFC and 2mission pedals?
  21. J

    Preset and building question

    Being that I'm more of a hands on guy than an instruction manual reader, can someone point me to a link or tell me in basic terms how to 1. Try the presets from the preset exchange here on the forum. I don't know how to get the from computer to my Axe FX. 2. Also, which controls in Axe edit...
  22. J

    Volume adjust

    If I want to quickly adjust the volume of preset and have it Store it, how is this done?
  23. J

    Front or rear input

    I am going from my Line 6 G90 into rear of Axe Fx. I noticed a photo on this forum, where a wire was run to the front input. Which is correct?
  24. J

    Fractal vs valuable tube amps. 1 to 0

    An engineer friend, who has achieved "legendary" status due to his work at Muscle Shoals Sound in its heyday, asked me to come jam with some of his friends. (They apparantly get together once a year for a jam). One flew in from Florida. These guys were all much older than me. Awesome musicians...
  25. J

    Preset select question

    Is there a way to set the MFC to stay on its current preset while I scroll to another bank of presets and not change until I press another preset?
  26. J

    Please help!

    Nevermind-Thanks you so much for the step by step dummy proof tutorial GVOLP. It worked like a charm!
  27. J

    Presets bassy

    6.0 sounds great, but why do the presets have so much more bass? Is there a setting I should check that could be making it this way?
  28. J

    Please help me get 6 installed

    The fractal just says "awaiting file". I got 6 downloaded but I get get the presets to work.
  29. J

    Installing presets

    I have installed 6.0. How do I install the presets?
  30. J

    Labels in USA?

    Is there a place I can buy the pedalboard labels for the MFC in the U.S.?
  31. J

    Floorboard for MFC

    I tried mounting my MFC to a Pedaltrain last night, but it raises the unit so much that the case won't close. Does anyone know what case and floorboard will accommodate the MFC and at least 2 expression pedals nd still close in the case? Preferably a bag for the lighter weight.
  32. J

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have my Axe FX2 connected to my MFC by ethernet cable. All I get is X0000 on the display of the MFC.
  33. J

    Line 6 wireless

    Line 6 Relay G90 rack wireless output into front input of Axe FX 2 or the input on the back?
  34. J

    Rack bag

    I noticed that the unit has no breathing port. How does it cool? Anyway, I plan to buy a Gator rack bag and a Line 6 G90 wireless rack. I would normally be inclined to get a 4 space rack bag and leave 1 space for unit to breathe. Since there is no open port to allow the unit to cool, is there...
  35. J

    Expression pedals

    My new unit should be here in a few days. I have the MFC-101 also. I plan to have 1 expression solely for volume, 1 for wah/wammy, and 1 or 2 for other control (effects depth,etc). Which expression pedsl are recommended? I assume there may be different recommendations for wah than there would be...
  36. J

    New unit came today and within 10 minutes there are problems

    I've waited for a long time and sold much of my gear, to get an Axe FX2 and the MFC101. It came in today from Tour Supply. I skimmed the directions and decided to listen to each of the presets. It was fine for 10 minutes or so and I was up to #20 or so. Suddenly, instead of the preset name, the...
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