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  1. Stratman68

    So this guys style-is, uh different, but, my lord!

    Seriously talented guy! Wonder if Marco knows this guy? Sicily, Italy!
  2. Stratman68

    LEDS on-power off? Screen white!

    Maybe been discussed already, not sure. So found my FM3 seemingly getting power from USB able? Just my guess of course. But ALL LEDS were on bright and the screen was on WHITE. Now it has not been used for a few days but of course I leave the USB cable plugged in. Is this familiar? Known? Thanks
  3. Stratman68

    My Fav Duo doing a Post Malone cover-Really?

    Never heard of Post Malone before I saw this. What can I say. But these 2 sisters made it their own imho. No autotune, no massive FX, I liked it!
  4. Stratman68

    Very OT: 4G vs 5G vs who cares?

    So, not being a youngster or a smartphone mega user I have to wonder about 5G? I am switching to infinity mobile and will need a new phone only because my LG6 is not acceptable to xfinity. But my monthly bill will go from $55.00 a month to $16.70-verified by xfinity-that's the 1GB plan and...
  5. Stratman68

    Another Strat bridge\saddle\tremolo question

    So I read thru and followed links in the long thread about Strat tremolos https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/recommend-a-replacement-tremolo-for-my-strat.164140/ Helped me but left some questions unanswered. I am talking my 2006 USA Fender Deluxe Strat. Was special run for MF I think-the...
  6. Stratman68

    Happy Halloween from Larkin Poe :-)

  7. Stratman68

    My Favorite Sisters-Rebecca and Megan Lovell-a Lockdown Session!

    Just love these ladies...........
  8. Stratman68

    The Sky is Crying (NOT SRV) Live Jam

    Derek smiles at Susan when she lays down some licks............Real nice version and jam imho!
  9. Stratman68

    Are these Fender Strat neck shape images accurate?

    Always had Strats with the common "C" neck- Wondering how different the newer "D" shape would be? Don't have anywhere I can try one. Images seem like it would just fill your hand a bit more. Seems very close to my PRS S2 McCarty 594! I did search and this is the best image I could find thru...
  10. Stratman68

    Lari Basilio playing Far out Ibanez...She is so good!

    Just a great player. Never saw her playing an Ibanez before. This album (Far More) is great-
  11. Stratman68

    Another family Band.

    I am guessing many have already heard of these 3 brothers and 2 sisters- Liliac. In Romanian means "Bat" as in vampire maybe! Good cover imho, especially singer\bass player and the guitar player. Their father is from Transylvania. Their mother is also from Romania.....
  12. Stratman68

    Stormy Monday with a smooth Feel-Robbie Calvo-great player

    Just his touch and feeling is so cool.............Solo is last half of video. I liked it all though! definitely a personal approach to this iconic blues song.
  13. Stratman68

    Crazy Train on Piano? Really? Uh, Yes Sir!

    I thought this was outstanding, but hey, I'm just a guitar player.....................Superb!
  14. Stratman68

    FRETS ... Mainly Strat type guitars

    So I have always played Fender Strats and Teles-just what I like and do. So not looking for advice on "other" guitars, just have questions about frets. I have had different frets way back when, mainly because I have been playing so long and that's what Fender offered. Last 20 years mainly medium...
  15. Stratman68

    OK, Now I know I'm old, but.......It's OK

    First, most here know I am not a metal fan, not for or against, so don't take it as a dig-just an old blues\rock guy. Came across a video of 3 really young sisters playing rock\metal. I mean the fist one I saw the bass player was 8 yrs old. They ALL started , wait for it, with classical piano...
  16. Stratman68

    Incredible musician with a fabulous attitude

    Some may not like her music, but her approach to music is what intrigues me. She also is an amazing Piano and Violin player. I remember the discussion about open tunings and this fits right in there imho. I may not have her albums but I most certainly appreciate her talent and approach to the...
  17. Stratman68

    Stay logged in?

    OK, so maybe I forgot something after all these years, but why can't I stay logged in anymore? I accepted cookies, etc, etc. Checked and unchecked and checked the remember box to be sure.I looked thru my account but didn't see any options for this. Weird after 11+ years. I mean of course I have...
  18. Stratman68

    OT somewhat for this forum-Acoustic-Electric-Thinline

    So. as the title says, looking to buy an acoustic electric "thinline" guitar. Cannot handle, Godins-because of 16" radius-would have been my first option otherwise. Taylor-bad reviews on play-ability and tuning stability-plus the $$$$$. Ruled out many and I am left with these: Fender...
  19. Stratman68

    Random Notes and Chords................Beautiful!

    I especially love the fact that it is so easy to see how much she loves to play.................
  20. Stratman68

    Nice Cover of SRV Superstitious-Real nice!

    Vinai T use to post on the forum many years back. Around Axefx II era I think, maybe earlier. Great player...............
  21. Stratman68

    Father of Young Italian guitar player I posted-Jazz-Singer kills it!

    So, Federica Golisano, young lady guitar player I posted last week. This is her dad, playing bass. He plays all instruments and had the young guitar player playing piano and sight reading at 7 yrs old. Explains a lot I think.Another who started with classical music. Btw, This is not the original...
  22. Stratman68

    Yes, yet another human being guitar player- from Italy, ahh, Italy

    So, It takes a while to be really versatile on guitar, Right? Wrong........................Young Italian girl shows us depends how hard you try! 3 Videos! She plays everything from Steve VAi, Satch, Dream Theater, Becker, Randy R, etc, etc, etc. Lot's of talent. I think she is another young...
  23. Stratman68

    So, while surfing youtube-A Family Band.

    Possibly you all know this young group already- I am a bit behind in todays music and bands tbh. But how cool can it be to play in a band with your 3 daughters.
  24. Stratman68

    Anyone using the Ceba lcd protectors?

    So, just wondering how they fit, look, etc. Wondering if any changes in heat also. Yes I know, just asking......
  25. Stratman68

    Yes another guitarist-Canadian player 19 yrs old

    Yes, another earthling entity playing guitar. Very good technique in my humble opinion-Clean........We know Steely Dan plays in a very syncopated fashion so to speak! Well spent 3 minutes and 7 seconds imho!
  26. Stratman68

    PRS 58/15 S question please.

    So, being the Stratman, so to speak I do not have much experience with these pickups except of course what I hear in videos. I really do not care for them. Thy break up way to easy and rolling off the volume they do NOT clean up real well (or quickly enough) I was looking at the 57/08's at...
  27. Stratman68

    So is this temperature normal?

    Just turned on the FM3-a\c 76F degrees room. Temp says 123F and now it is going up to 132F. That seems really hot for just starting up. It is wavering between 129F and 131F. Have not DONE anything, now 132F steady? I don't like that. Anyone? I'm beginning to regret selling my AX8 :(
  28. Stratman68

    Wish Once again-Bundles would be great!

    I know it's been asked and perhaps it's hard to do because of the versatility of the FM3 (Also AXE FX III) But amp\cab bundles were such a time saver. A
  29. Stratman68

    So, rec'd my PRS S2 SC McCarty 594 today

    I am happy with the guitar. I ordered the Phase III tuners the same time I ordered the guitar. Haven't rec'd the tuners yet./ Love the guitar. As Phil McKnight said in the video I posted in the other thread if he only had the S2 McCarty in his room the pickups would have been OK. But we all...
  30. Stratman68

    Very interesting Video-imho

    Obviously the guy is a master woodworker. Make furniture. Besides the huge talent and equipment needed you sure need patience!
  31. Stratman68

    So this video has confused my decision on which PRS

    Well, I mean it actually is a great comparison...guy does a good job imho. What I want and what I can afford are are not helping me. But, the biggest thing I did not like about the S2 was the way he described the neck. That's a lot of glued together pieces. Of course, what I know about glue and...
  32. Stratman68

    Saving presets?

    So, canb you save a preset that is a scene in a preset? IOW, like Leons fender cleans, each scene is a different amp and settings. Suppose I want scene 3 as my preset? I know I can save blocks, etc and rebuild. But is that the only way? I am hoping I am just missing the obvious :) Thanks
  33. Stratman68

    John Nathan Cordy FM3 Clean Tones

    Killer clean tones and playing......
  34. Stratman68

    PRS folks, Opinions: PRS McCarty 594 Limited Edition Semi-Hollow

    Curious how the semi hollow body influences the sound and also feedback. Anyone familiar with it-this one is a 2018? Thanks folks
  35. Stratman68

    Yes, another Lari Basilio

    Really wanted to say I bought the Far More Album (MP3's) at Amazon and burned it to a disk. It is a killer album...... You can clearly hear that Andy Timmons was one of her hero's, if not the hero.
  36. Stratman68

    Lari Rocks...Just so Good!

  37. Stratman68

    Reset sys Parms? Nope not solved?

    Will that reset the layouts and buttons to the defaults? Long story, but buttons are NOT sewt the way I want them and would rather start from the beginning. I have set some parms but nothing I cannbot duplicate in 5 minutes so no biggie there. Thanks
  38. Stratman68

    Richlite and Baked Maple?

    So, I am still looking for my "first" Gibson. Had a es-335 35 years ago, but only for a short while-All Fenders for me to date. I have found 2 I like the specs and looks but one has a Richlite fingerboard and the other has baked maple. I was kind of hoping for a softer feel, since my Strats and...
  39. Stratman68

    [fixed] Expression pedal not normal

    So I have used the same settings\exp pedal for years. Always had it going from around 70% to 100%. It works for me. Now it is stuck at 2.66 to about 2.88? I don't get it. Minimum to MAx is 0-10, as always. Start etc is default. What am I missing. ? Is there a place where it is limited? This was...
  40. Stratman68

    Opinions Gibson 2011 Mditown Custom?

    So, I asked about the ES-137 and got great reviews. So I am also looking at a Mint condition Gibson 2011 Midtown custom with burstbuckers. Now trying to decide between the 2? Anyone have opinions on this one? Thanks as Always
  41. Stratman68

    The intro guitar solo is why I posted this-Mainly

    Pretty cool info though. Never knew any of this. This guy can really play though.
  42. Stratman68

    Little lady must practice endlessly......6 yrs old? Hmmm!

    Yes some little missteps but...looking back I sure wish I had the determination that this little kid has. This is pretty much how and when (age wise) the Great Tina Setkic (Tina S.). , french guitarist started, classical lessons at age 5. It does seem by her demeanor and singing that this little...
  43. Stratman68

    Lara B. New today

    Just love this ladies playing. what better things to do than play guitar and listen to other guitarists. Makes my day all the time!
  44. Stratman68

    Anyone familiar with Gibson ES-137 Classic or Custom?

    Once again looking for a 24 3/4 scale HB guitar and been looking at the lower Gibson es-models. I love the look. Picts all over reverb. $1,400 to $2,200 or so, but most say make offer. Many are from actual music stores and that's who I would deal with. Thanks for any input!
  45. Stratman68

    White screen ONLY until restart?

    So this happen 3 days ago. Then again yesterday and right now again (Saturday 10:10pm EST) If I don't do anything it stays on the white blank screen indefinitely.. If I turn it off and back on again it is fine? I searched for white screen hang, etc and found nothing. Has this happen to anyone...
  46. Stratman68

    CEBA FM3 Screen shields Coming soooooon

    So I got a reply from Ceba, company with the very outstanding screen covers. It was from Chad Boston and this is what he wrote in reply to my saying pretty please and all that jazz. I quote Chad here: "I’m getting my fm 3 this week and can have them on my site next week 😊 Cannot wait!
  47. Stratman68

    Little FM3 weirdness

    So, I reset system parameters to restart my stand in switch efforts. Lo and behold presets 0 thru 41 are ":empty" Yes empty. No big deal for me because for one, I added a few presets at the other end and they are still there but I did swap 00 thru 7 with factory presets I wanted to use and edit...
  48. Stratman68

    Stand-in Switches confusion?

    :( So, in the hardware\fc controllers-onboard switches screen. FM3 SW 1 tip FM3 SW 1 ring FM3 SW 2 tip FM3 SW 2 ring. So I understand the tip\switch reference but my expression pedal in external 1 has nothing to do with this page? Is that correct? Since Layouts are your only choices. So this is...
  49. Stratman68

    System reset?

    Shouldn't this clear external stand in switch settings back to Unassigned?
  50. Stratman68

    OK So we cannot swap scenes?

    Reason I ask is I have a preset with 8 scenes I want to rearrange the order. Tough without swap. Copy and you lose a scene. So, no swap?
  51. Stratman68

    Well, of course, She plays keyboards too!

    I am just more amazed by this lady everyday.....................This song is so soothing. I listened with headphones---Calm....... Would love to have her in the Fractal family...
  52. Stratman68

    So External switches (besides Expression pedal) Midi Control#'s?

    So , like my FS7, it's all about midi control #'s, etc? Been so long . Last time I used exts was with my AXeFX 1, I think, long, long time ago. I mean besides exp pedals.
  53. Stratman68

    Anyone familiar with this Canon Camera?

    Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless Camera w/EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Zoom Lens I can get a nice deal on a NEW black one. Main use would be home videos of ME ;) playing and singing-mainly for family and friends distribution. I know nothing about camera's except the Zoom Q-8, which I used to own. Thanks
  54. Stratman68

    Curious dumb question #347 - Solved, so stupid on my part

    So, yes I have USB connected-that may be my issue. BUT, I have and always have , even with my Ultra and all the others I have owned over the years used the XLR outs to my Echo Layla 3G or Roland octa capture. So with the FM3, if I restart my PC the sound disappears until the PC reboots? Strange.
  55. Stratman68

    AX8 to help control FM3

    Is this possible? Since I have one and it is not selling I am thinking of just keeping it for now. I did search before anyone asks.
  56. Stratman68

    OK another dumb question about footswitches

    I am talking about just the FM3-Can I set , say Footswitch 1 to Scene-toggle-1-2 and wrap...wait for it----GLOBALLY? You may ask why. No.1 I only use a few presets and scenes. I am 99% in my home studio. I see I can copy and paste so is that my option? Thanks
  57. Stratman68

    Toggle is my new best friend

    I have an external FS-6 but using the toggle function on the FM3 has opened up so many avenues for me. I don't use many presets. Love the toggle. Thanks
  58. Stratman68

    Are preset bundles coming in the future?

    I did a search but didn't find anything. I am sure this has been asked already. Any news? I saved all my presets from my AX8 in bundles. Not realizing my error. Guess I'll have to unpack the AX8-had it ready to ship some day.
  59. Stratman68

    Made me smile-Cute..Uh oh, he said Cute!

    She is 6 years old.
  60. Stratman68

    FM3 tuner assignment

    Want to set the tuner to HOLD on the 3rd footswitch only. Can't seem to get there. Duh!
  61. Stratman68

    FM3 Screen and LCD Question

    So, with the Ax8 we had options like Big Preset name or something like that. Do we have any control over the fonts? I don't mean the type, I mean Caps, bold, like that. Size of course would be great. Just skin, don't shoot me!
  62. Stratman68

    Is this normal? FM3 H-E_L_P

    So just powered it up-arrived today.Updated FW to 1p03. Installed both drivers-flawless-so cool! Did NOTHING else at all. Shouldn't the LCD's have something in them? Mine are blank and blue . On preset 1 59Bassguy-the default start.
  63. Stratman68

    AX8 factory Preset question

    So, I just do not remember how the factory presets looked because it has been AGES. I am selling mine so I cleared all, reset to factory specs and the presets for the most part use foot switches 1-4 + 8 and thats it. It looks funny? Is that the way they always were? Sorry my senior brain just...
  64. Stratman68

    Selling Cab packs and preset packs with equipment? Yes or no?

    So, not trying to start a riot here but most of us just upgrade from one fractal to another, for the most part. So, since we have Fractool, whatever you buy you will most likely,(not all I know) be able to use your cabs & presets with your new item. So my question is, is it cool to sell the...
  65. Stratman68

    A Human Being playing an Instrument

  66. Stratman68

    FS SOLD>>>>AX8 EXCELLENT+ Extra item $900

    $900. includes shipping Continental USA and paypal fee, etc. Reset to factory specs. Been here since the beginning and have sold each Fractal AXEFX as I kept upgrading-l sold ALL on this forum. I do not play out and the pict of the AX8 under my desk is where it has lived since I got it. Didn't...
  67. Stratman68

    Love When Guitar matches your nails and lipstick

    This lady can Play-what a touch......Gets a little rock-e-er here. Very short but sweet
  68. Stratman68

    Camcorder\video camera with audio inputs for mixer or ext mics

    Trying to find something under$500 that has audio inputs or ext mic inputs. I had a zoom Q8 but just didn't like the "fish bowl" effect on the videos. I loved everything else, especially the audio capabilities-which I mentioned in the title.I am just talking home music videos in small studio for...
  69. Stratman68

    This was hilarious to me, but YMMV

    So, found this lady on youtube of course. imho, she has a fabulous approach. She treats the dummy like a puppet and so does the puppet. Just a quick smile me thinks! Shared this somewhere else and some did not get it, so maybe I am just weird. Trying to share a smile and actually posted the LINK...
  70. Stratman68

    Pretty Cool to See, but also.....

    This is a really amazing HOME rig but at the same time I believe it is a "Perfect example" of why the AxeFX III\FM3 are a much better choice. But that does look like a lot of fun-confusing, but fun!
  71. Stratman68

    Three KIller guitar players----Nice Jam.......

    For those that do not know of Tommy Emanuel (sp?) He is a jack of all trades. His finger picking and elaborate chord runs and phrasing are legend.The other 2 guys I assume we all know.
  72. Stratman68

    OT: Shot for Tendinitis-Wondering how long to wait?

    So I have written here before about arthritis but this is relatively new for me; tendinitis, overuse tendinopathy. Left hand, I am right handed. It's my middle finger-closing (trying anyway) it caused severe sharp pain right in the middle of my palm. Could NOT close my hand at all. Felt like I...
  73. Stratman68

    PreSonus Studio 1810c USB-C Audio Interface-Anyone familiar?

    So, I was looking at these. Features and price are the main reasonbs. I am only in a home studio. Wondering about the drives. Presently, I still use my Echo Layla 3G (with a PCI express adapter card. Echo is PCI only and my new PC does not have any. It does work OK, but just thinking about...
  74. Stratman68

    So, here is the 8 yr old singer\piano player\arranger I posted way back

    In my defense, again, I do NOT watch shows like AGT or AI or stuff like that. But I do surf Youtube alot-looking for new musicians. I enjoy doing that. So, anyway, I posted a video of an 8 yr old girl singing(and arranging) I put a Spell on you. Well, that young lady, now 13, has finally made it...
  75. Stratman68

    Amazing Guitarist most of us know of -IMHO- Just so Good

    So this is suppose to be a demo for the pedal shown. But I believe the guitarist stole the spotlight. Well worth the 2+ minutes of your time.
  76. Stratman68

    Yes, another killer guitar player-Great place to learn some challenging solos for free

    Her early influences, per her were Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, Django Reinhardt and Eddie van halen to name a few.She does not teach for beginners. She'll play the solo, like to crazy train, Mrs Crowley, Texas Flood, etc and then play small sections of it slowed down. She is one of the cleanest...
  77. Stratman68

    One of my Favs...Playing live is what he lived for.....found this this morning.

    I have seen many vids of him playing Shadowplay live, but I never saw this one.Gone too soon but a great player. No compromise on heart and soul. This live, 1979 in Switzerland. Energy? Uh hell Yeah! Don't hear him talked about much here.
  78. Stratman68

    Seriously? 10 yrs old - Young Girl

    Her control and vibrato are spot on and she handles the whammy bar like a pro. I have to believe these young Chinese, Korean, etc kids are super disciplined and dedicated. She played a mean rendition of Cliffs of Dover at 8 years old. Just astonishes me. I know she is not the only one. But she...
  79. Stratman68

    yes I know, not canon rock again-But listen!

    This young lady is quite the player-At about 2:30 or 3 minutes in she kind of goes in to her own little world. Where do these young people come from? This is 2016.
  80. Stratman68

    Acoustic mic & pickup?

    I remember way back with the Axfx I think, we could record an acoustic with a mic and combine it with the pickup. Is there anyway to do this with the ax8 or maybe the FM3. Just saw the tonedexter. Looks cool but it's $399. Thanks
  81. Stratman68

    Paypal question and your thoughts

    So, I have been using paypal for decades. Mainly t pay for items. I have sold about 10 items over the years and never had an issue. So now I am selling an acoustic guitar-somewhat hi end and expensive. Do you guys feel comfortable about this? I have read about different scams. So? Thanks...
  82. Stratman68

    Larry Carlton-Just an Amazing player

    Never saw this one.......It's a live concert from 88 and they play 4 songs which Larry played killer solos on. I am partial to the 2 in the middle-Steely Dan. But what a player. Easily one of the best. Video quality is OK, but the audio is very good!
  83. Stratman68

    Hagstrom Ultra Swede Electric Guitar: any opinions?

    I posted a while back about my search for a Gibson HB guitar. Most told me beware of Quality control issues also just plain don't buy one unless you can play it or it's an old one. So I started to look around at cheaper HB guitars. Epiphones looked OK for the $$$ but I came across this Hagstrom...
  84. Stratman68

    Killer Jam - impromptu Greg Koch and Eric Gales

    You can just see these guys love to play. Eric looks like he feels every note. Greg is just a monster. I have known about Eric Gales for quite a while but Greg is fairly new to me. Been watching a bunch of his vids. Just 2 amazing guitar players.
  85. Stratman68

    Joe Bonamassa and a wonderful Story....

    Joe B refers to Danny Gatton often enough and talks of his influence. Came across this which maybe most of you have seen, I never did. Not sure who said it but one of the comments in a Danny Gatton video was " Whoever said if you are the best you will make it.. BS..
  86. Stratman68

    Cool interview, playing and discussion....

    I imagine I am not the only one who sees Tim Pierce as a extremely accomplished and diverse Guitar player. This episode of his youtube stuff was very cool imho. Ray Parker jr kicks a**. Quite the player and arranger.
  87. Stratman68

    My Fav Lady Band is finally coming to South Florida-Twice!

    I was thrilled when I heard they would be at Sunfest on May 5th. Later that day I found out they were playing in Tavares, Fl March 2nd or 3rd? Sunfest up close is already sold out, probably because of Kieth Urban. He plays the same day, same stage right after Larkin Poe. That's OK. At last I...
  88. Stratman68

    Electric and acoustic thru AX8 for a gig?

    I know there are many acoustic threads, but many deal with electrics with a piezo. I do have a passive and also an active A\B box. Not sure if that's the best answer. What is the best way to achieve this? I do see where some folks just switch guitars and patches. I would like to avoid the...
  89. Stratman68

    Picking technique is incredible IMHO-not the song, the Guitar playing

    So, came across this on youtube because I often search for incredible or skilled guitar players. ""So forget the song"" and pay attention to Molly's right hand. Not to mention she is singing also. She is super accurate. Check the lick at about 46 seconds as an example. Effortless for her!
  90. Stratman68

    Fire Romo - Please NFL

    Good defensive battle.... I am rooting for Pats simply because of Fractal :-) I do like Brady also. Being a life long Dallas fan I despise Tony Romo. He is to sportscasting what he was to football-Garbage, He calls the plays, says what each player or team should have done, just mr know it...
  91. Stratman68

    OK, yes, The Fractal hardware is great!

    I was fooling around today rearranging presets and banks, backing up various banks and some fine touches here and there. So like my title says, yup, the Fractal hardware stuff gets tons of love-As it should. But I just want to say "Thanks so much" for the killer software that makes using these...
  92. Stratman68

    How to sound like Mark Knofler?

    This is from 1987. Mark plays so well with one of the greatest finger picking guitarist in the world. He plays acoustic and old country song and then Imagine and you still know it's MK. So, the answer to the title question is simple. You just have to "be" Mark Knofler. BTW, in the you tube...
  93. Stratman68

    Gibson LP Studio Deluxe question from a Strat guy

    So, I have decided I want one. Yes that specific model. My question is, what years are better to look for used? 2,000's or 2010's? Or is it just a really huge hit and miss as far as QC with these no matter what year you buy? Strats and Teles I have my own opinions, but Gibson I have NO...
  94. Stratman68

    Killer bass guitarist IMHO

    Came across this by accident. Really talented and innovative...............
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