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    Linux support?

    Everyone seems to be confused now! :-). What I WAS trying to achieve was to setup a USB midi connection between the Raspberry Pi and the AxeFxII. so that I can run my 'pi-setlist' application. I am currently using Bluetooth midi to communicate, but was thinking that a USB connection would be...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I don't have an axe III, I'm using an axe II. I would find it incredulous that an Axe III would not send messages out of it's USB Midi port! Can someone please verify this please?
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    Linux support?

    I'm running the latest Raspbian Buster on a Pi4. I'm getting the following error:
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    MFC-Edit Window Scaling on HiRes Windows 10

    Well I had it working last week on my Win10 machine, and I'm sure I posted how I did it, but I cant find that post :-(, but this week it's gone back to tiny screen :_(((((
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Hi, how you described it is exactly how it works. I'm still messing around with a few start up issues but I hope to have them ironed out shortly. Watch this space for updates. :)
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    MFC-Edit Windows Size on Surface Pro 4

    Find the file 'jp2launcher.exe' (mine was located in 'C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_71\bin\') Right click -> Properties Go to 'Compatibility' tab Check 'Override high DPI scaling behavior''. Choose 'System' (from the drop-down) for 'Scaling performed by':
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    MFC-Edit Windows Size on Surface Pro 4

    Can someone please explain where this switch is found and mow to edit it please?
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    Where to download MFC-Edit

    Hi Folks, has anyone been able to run MFC on a Raspberry Pi please? I,ve tried to run it using all the instructions provided but no success! I get the following error: pi@raspberrypi:~/pi-mfc $ sudo sh runmfc.sh runmfc.sh: 3: runmfc.sh: Bad substitution + cat...
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    Linux support?

    Hi, would you be able to give some kind of description of how to use the afx2usb-linux file please? I can't find any installation instructions! Cheers Simon
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Setlist Control Update:!!! Firstly, lets start by stating that I am a complete idiot! While I was pratting around with Bluetooth and possible other Midi hardware, I failed to realize that all I had to do was plug the bloody pi directly into the AxeFx with a standard USB cable, and that the pi...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    :), Thankfully we have a sound guy running FOH full time, and he has the iPad! I don't envy you having to do all that stuff and play and sing! :) The next iteration of this setup will probably be to put it all in a separate pedal!
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Hi Zion, regarding the foot switch commands, my system is configurable to use any sort of message (as long as I can match the values in each byte of the message, it will work, I am currently using midi channel 2, CC#3, value of 1 = Next Song, Value of 2 = Last song (but you can use any channel...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Update on the set list app: I have everything working now, the Raspberri Pi boots up, automatically connects to the Bluetooth midi interface and runs the app. The set-list can now be loaded directly from your phone via Wifi to the pi and instantly enabled by holding down one of the foot switches...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Hi Folks, as we don't really know when the set list 'feature' is going to happen, I have taken it upon myself to come up with a solution, and I do believe it is an elegant solution with minimal cost involved :). What I have done is written an application that can run on a raspberry pi (tiny...
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    Great to hear that it's going to happen :-). Is there any reason why I can't use an MFC101 with the AxeFxIII? (until the setlist functionality is available), It is after all a midi controller. I wouldn't expect all the bells and whistles, I just need the setlist and scenes functions.
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    FC Setlist and Song modes

    I just logged in for the first time in a year or so just to ask this exact question about how the new foot controllers do set lists! Have to say I'm pretty disappointed with what I'm hearing. I would have thought that not only would we get great set list functionality but also the ability to...
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    Fedit MFC Editor - Updated/Free

    Is the site down? I cant get to the page - https://www.ejozsoftware.com/
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    You may have stumbled on a solution Tom! I also use Bandhelper and it CAN send custom MIDI messages that can be triggered from a Flic button! :-) Thanks
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Thanks Tom, I contacted flic and asked them about midi functionality, This was their reply, "Flic is not using MIDI instead it uses Global Music Control on the phone." I'm sure it can be achieved with IFTTT, but that would require a third party cloud application, and internet connection. I...
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Thanks, BTW, I purchased FracPad III, while testing the volume control issue, I noticed that FracPad doesn't seem to be reading the volume levels for each scene! is this a known issue or am I missing something? Cheers S
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Thanks for your help folks, I have a temporary solution until I buy a BT01, (tomorrow :-)), I used my old Yamaha UX96 Midi interface connected to my iPad with the Apple USB camera connector to connect the iPad to the AxeFx. Then I used MidiFire (iPad app, Used to be Midibridge) to create a...
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Thanks, does FracPad have any options for connecting a Bluetooth pedal?
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    That's correct Chris, that's what I'm trying to do :-)
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    Remote volume control via Bluetooth

    Hi Folks, does any one have any ideas on how to setup a system to let our sound tech adjust my volumes for each patch from a bluetooth midi switch? I have a Positive Grid Bias MIDI pedal. I was thinking of something like a USB MIDI interface from an iPad connected to the Axe, and the bias pedal...
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    Factory Presets....

    I have to say that even though I have been using the Axe for a few years, I am still a little hesitant to mess with the presets in "Preset Manager". I don't find it at all intuitive. I have about a 100 presets for songs saved in the first 128 patches that need to stay exactly where they are as...
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    The Same Old Midi Download Issues Every Time........

    Hi Folks Sorry to bitch but every time I go to change my MFC101 MkII setup I wind up having to spend 2 or 3 hrs fighting with bloody midi devices and settings. I have been doing this for two years now and it seems to get worse, not better, with every firmware revision. I have now got to the...
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    How do I Disable the Midi tempo signal

    Got it thanks Chris :-)
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    How do I Disable the Midi tempo signal

    HI Folks Can anyone tell me how to disable the midi delay tempo signal that is continually transmitted out of the Axe Midi Out port? All I want going out are Program Changes to select songs in Set List Maker when I select patches. Cheers S
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    MFC-101 SysEx Dump File please

    Thanks Mate That's perfect, it opened no problem. Now I can get on with some serious work :-) Cheers S
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    MFC-101 SysEx Dump File please

    Hi Folks Could somone please give me a copy of a dump file for an original MFC-101? I am at work and dont have the file from my MFC handy. I have a big gig soon and want to enter all the song and setlist data today. I am using MFC-Edit. I presume that I can copy and past or export the data when...
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    Backing up the MFC-101

    Hi Folks I have a similar problem in that I can not restore a backup to the MFC. I am using V2.18 and Fractal Bot. I can do a dump from the MFC no problem, all the data looks correct (when viewed in Fedit). When I try to do a restore it hangs on the Presets 1 screen. I am using a Yamaha UX96...
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    Is it possible to switch scenes momenterilly?

    I am trying to switch scenes quickly with a single button. I did see a comment about scenes and the double click function of a button on Yek's blog but could not find any details. What I would really like is to be able to change the function of an expression pedal between scenes. for example in...
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    OT - Who plays a Les Paul, and what do you use it for?

    I use a Strat and a LesPaul all the time, Strat for clean stuff and Les Paul for dirty, simple.
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    Im the only one that keep the screen protector on the unit?

    Is the plastic still on the seats of your car too? :-)
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    The Ferrari of Axe-Fx editors: iPad w/ Lemur

    With regard to my previous request to refresh the X/Y and ampA/B settings when switching between them, would it be easier to maybe have both displayed at once ie. a dedicated page for Amp A with the two groups of settings, X and Y, next too each other. And the same for Amp B? Another option...
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    The Ferrari of Axe-Fx editors: iPad w/ Lemur

    Thanks, that would be great. By the way, what does the zoom button do?
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    The Ferrari of Axe-Fx editors: iPad w/ Lemur

    Hi Folks, absolutely love Lemur for the Axe, thanks to all who made it possible. I am struggling with the screen refresh on the amp page a bit. Would it be possible to refresh the amp page every time you change from Amp 1 to Amp 2 and from X to Y? Now that we have the wonderful scenes, I have...
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    Split/Stereo FX Loop Trick for Dweezil

    I am only guessing but I presume the intent is to be able to record a loop with one effect then while that loop is repeating, play over the top of it with a different effect chain? ie. Split mode, and switch back to normal stereo looper mode when required. Cheers S
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    Gigs from hell...

    I arrived at a gig where the venue wanted a duo so the agent just sent two solo acts without telling either of us, who had never met, we were now a duo :)
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    a place to sit your rack on stage...

    Hi Ninja9 This one from swamp is great and local: Swamp Metal Frame Rack Case w/ 12RU Mixer Space | Swamp Cheers S
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    Cat-5 cables.. ethrcon to cat5?

    I think you will find the Axe will also have an Ethercon on it one day soon. PS Cliff, while you're re-tooling the rear panel, you may as well put a USB port for loading from a memory stick :) Cheers S
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    I just saw Rush for the first time last night in Detroit....

    I have never seen them live but love the band. When guys like Alex go all the way with an Axe, it pretty much ends the debate doesn't it? I mean it's like someone like myself, a weekend warrior in a cover band, saying "Well Alex might accept compromise, but not me buddy!" Rock on the Axe :)
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    Went Direct for the first time and regretted it...

    I think what he means is "Why a power-amp and 4 X 12 instead of a FRFR Powered box", he has a point about only going half way :) I have had a similar experience where the sound guy insisted that I plug into the amp on stage that he had all miked up. I finally agreed, but when he wasn't...
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    rack mountable midi interface with knobs & buttons

    Hi James I was looking at building one myself but I really don"t need another project :) My concept was this: a 1 or 2 U rack module with the basic layout of an amp face-plate, Vol, gain, treb,bass etc.. A few buttons, LCD, sliders and a large rotary encoder for selecting functions. You could...
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    7.0 made me do this..

    Hey Folks, let this be the lesson to guide you in playing in bloody time, Love it, Great work.
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    Black Hole Sun (patches included)

    Absolutely Stunning !!!
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    Push button dettachable screw for shock rack?

    You can get thumb screws: Rack Mount Screws. Phillips Head, Quick Release, Thumb Style. 10-32, 12-24 and M6 Thread Sizes.  For all racks and rack mount equipment. Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    How do I delete photos from the uploader?

    hi Folks, as the heading says? there does not seem to be a way to remove photos from the uploader when I have reached my limit? Is it because they are still used in a post? Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    Tails from the Road---- Ray Guns, Mono PA, Smoke filled Bars.... Patches.....

    Hi Larry, Probably best if you just come straight to Australia then, they are talking about banning smoking in all public places in the city of Perth, streets, parks, everywhere :) Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    Has anyone here tried the JBL PRX612M powered wedges with the Axe Fx II?

    When discussing the QSC remember there is a significant difference between the K12 and the KW122. You really should be comparing the KW122. I have tried the JBL PRX615 and it was very nice. The 15 was a bit of an overkill for a guitar box but stunning with a keyboard. The JBL is a great box and...
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    Advice needed

    I use a QSC KW122 1000W box for backline when playing in the band, and it is plenty load enough. For a really big gig I use a second one on the floor in from of me with a line from the Axe into one channel and a foldback feed from the desk into the second channel. They have individual volume...
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    Wah producing distortion in v6

    Good to know nothing has changed in the wah, thanks. It must be the overall gain structure. Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    gt800fx + cab Blew. what did i do wrong?

    No it is not. The cab out on a ENGL cab is to daisy-chain a second cab in parallel, NOT SERIAL. When the cab is set for mono then the speakers are arranged in two pairs of two 8ohm speakers, connected in series, connected in parallel. Either of the connectors can be used as an input or an...
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    Wah producing distortion in v6

    Hi Folks I am having trouble keeping my clean sounds clean with the wah on since V6. It seems to drive the level into breakup without any increase in volume. I have set the drive to 0 and the resonance (which only seems to add distortion) to 0. I have set the level to 0. My input levels are not...
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    Does anyone know if the Axe-II USB jack can supply 5V power?

    Hi Cyberferret I hope the device you are talking about is the little network item I put you on to? :) Don't forget you can use the phantom power supply jack to feed power OUT of the Axe by putting a little power supply inside as I do for my wireless system. The fly leads on the back of the...
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    X/Y Switching

    Yes, using an expression pedal to switch between amps is a very good and extremely intuitive method. I use it when I have to make fast changes to a different sound then back again. For instance a song like "Pretty Vegas" by INXS where you have a muted rhythm sound going in the background and...
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    V6: Presets don't sound great == FRFR Monitors aren't great?

    Yes mate, it's your complete lack of effort that offended me. This whole bloody site is dedicated to getting a good sound out of an Axe and nothing that has been offered to you as advice has not been said a thousand times before. For the rest of you who think I am being harsh or negative...
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    Can someone give me the name of a new factory preset so I can varify I did the new fa

    Hi Craig, I have the same issue and have tried three different laptops and both USB and Midi with no luck. What you can do is use MidiOx. You can send the new version 6 bank .sys files directly to the Axe without doing anything on the Axe and it works. There is a section in the Wiki on it. Hope...
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    V6: Presets don't sound great == FRFR Monitors aren't great?

    What I was referring to is yourself posting a completely unqualified comment that was neither a question or a statement. For a question to have any logical sense it requires at least some sort of outlining parameters or points of reference. For instance if you had said "Hey guys, I have just...
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    V6: Presets don't sound great == FRFR Monitors aren't great?

    Sorry but why are you experienced guys even bothering with posts like this, we really need you for people who have actual issues with V6.
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    6 Loaded but can not load patch banks, help

    Thanks Dieter, I"ll try the new version
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    6 Loaded but can not load patch banks, help

    Hi folks, I have got version 6 loaded and running no problem but I can not seem to load the latest patch banks. I have tried both USB and Midi connections and tried single patches and complete banks. I have tried two different laptops, unfortunately both Toshiba Tecras. I have updated to the...
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    Great Axe Rack/Stand for studio use

    I just got the stand yesterday, it is fantastic , I am going to get another one for the rest of my gear ASAP. Swamp Metal Frame Rack Case w/ 12RU Mixer Space | Swamp It does not fold up unfortunately but is just right for the studio. If I had a van instead of a station wagon I would build...
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    Rack bag

    There are issues, the AxeII is too deep, it does fit in the bag but the connectors are up against the back of the bag so if you give it a bump you are bumping the connectors and they are direct soldered to the main PC board. NOT GOOD. The whole point of the plywood in the bags is to take the...
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    Big Country - Bagpipes

    I believe V6 has a chanter block upgrade from single to double reed, so no worries there... :) S ( 0 )===:::
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    No sound from the Axe II, need help

    Have you got a volume control? My system freaks me out at every gig by initially not working until I remember to rock the volume pedal once :) Cheers S ( 0 )===:::
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    Matrix GT800FX

    Yea they ship directly (unlike some other people who shall remain nameless, but lets not get back into all that unpleasantness again) :(
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    OwnHammer Room and Far Field IR's

    Hi Kevin All this talk of FF and NF mixing sounds great and I will definitely give it a go but may I make a suggestion (or two )? 1) Add a getting started section to your web page, some very basic explanations of what exactly an IR is and explain some of the terminology. What are the different...
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    Tried FRFR for first time with QSC K10....shreeeeek!

    Use the global eq to cut the highs and it should be good across all the presets. I have to cut the bottom end as well with my two KW122s. Basically run a "rainbow" shaped eq.
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    Wish Moveable preset row

  71. S

    Strat Deluxe with AxeFx 2

    Real shame to see a good strat leave real good hands!
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    Ritchie Blackmore

    I don't think the volume was you neighbors issue!!!! :)
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    Rack Cases/studio rack for Axefx II

    I bought one and decided against it. The fact that it sticks out the back means that any knock is going to be taken by the connectors on the rear and those connectors are soldered directly to the PC board, not wired via fly leads. Even though there is a 9mm padded plywood board in the back lid...
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    What's the single thing you like most about the Axe FX?

    +1 I had to retire the most brilliant $2500 road-case in the world, custom built for me out of ultra lightweight aluminum honeycomb panel because of the depth of the rack :( (it didn't cheer me up either when I saw that most of it was empty inside the box). But at the end of the day that was...
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    Just got my Axe II and is does not sound right

    If you are using an XLR cable to your speakers check the wiring or try another cable. I discovered if the wiring is wrong it sounds like crap but still works :) It would not surprise me if quite a few folks are running with a dud cable and just don't realize it. Try a few cables, you may be...
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    Axe Fx II Not Ready Song

    Yes, for stuff that is going to get listened to by a DJ or record company etc. NEVER have a long intro, get straight into the vocal hook as soon as possible. They will only give it 5 sec before deciding. Think "Blondie, Hanging on the telephone" :). Intros are for albums :( Good work man...
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    Axe Fx II Not Ready Song

    Yes, for stuff that is going to get listened to by a DJ or record company etc. NEVER have a long intro, get straight into the vocal hook as soon as possible. They will only give it 5 sec before deciding. Think "Blondie, Hanging on the telephone" :). Intros are for albums :( Good work man. Cheers S
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    Power on Board / Power Splitter from Expansion

    I think your assumption is correct, the expansion port probably does pass the power supply back out so it would be possible to make a little break-out box. You would only need a $1 bridge rectifier to get the AC to DC so no problems there. I actually have an extra power supply mounted inside my...
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    2 expression pedals

    hi Jared, are you reading the right manual?..maybe for a POD? :) But seriously, the expression pedals are not "Reserved" for anything, they are programmed as "default" for volume and wah but can be set to any control change number for any preset as well as a global default. Cheers S
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    Don't buy from "Rhythm Nation" unless you are sure! or "A lesson Learnt"

    Hi Folks I recently purchased a "Missing Link" wireless midi interface to use with the new AxePad and unfortunately after a lot of testing (I even shipped the unit to the programmer who wrote Axepad) it seems it is NOT capable of sending SysEx messages so will NOT work. I contacted the...
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    Beta testers needed: iPad controller for the Axe-FX

    Unfortunately the fuckwits at Alesis have blocked or inhibited the SysEx messages on the dock so you won't be able to use it with AxePad :( Ring them up and abuse them!!! I nearly bought one myself, found out just in time. Simon
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    Axe FX II Frustrations - Cabs to FRFR, now possibly back to power amp (MB50) and cab

    I know this is a long shot but I made a new short XLR cable last week to go from the Axe to a QSC and it sounded pretty much like what you are describing. Problem was that I had swapped two of the leads around in the plug, re-soldered and back to sonic heaven. Worth checking :) Cheers Simon
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    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    Excuse me, but did I criticize any one person or even hint at any particular group or demographic? NO I DID NOT!! I am simply trying to impress on people the importance of timing and suggesting a possible course of action to improve on it. How the hell can that offend anyone?
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    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    When I advocate the use of a metronome that does not mean that I advocate playing in strict time to the thing like a machine. The idea is to work in and around the beat, pushing and pulling all the time, but, YOU MUST KNOW WHERE THE BEAT IS IN YOUR HEAD. Like anything else it takes practice to...
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    Man your guitar sound rocks, but.......

    Hi Folks, I know I have touched on this before but, screw it, I'm going to bring it up again. I have been listening to some of the demos of all the amazing sounds that this machine can produce and keep being stunned by one problem, Timing !!!. If you can't play in time to a beat, you can't...
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    Matt at Steve Vai's

    Malmsteen - I think Dylan said it best! "A monkey in silk, is a monkey no less". What a pathetic man to be custodian of such a collection.
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    New rack case with some axe power supply mods

    I am well aware that this might jeopardize my warranty but this mod does not interfere with any existing wiring and can be returned to original condition in a few minutes. I used piggy-back spade connectors to break into the mains power supply and the phantom power supply connector is simply...
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    New rack case with some axe power supply mods

    Hi Folks I have almost finished building a new rack case for the Axe-ll so thought I might share a couple of ideas I have come up with. Firstly I wanted a case exactly suited to my requirements and could not find a commercial solution. I have bought a Gator bag but it is really not quite deep...
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    Is there still no sensible way to use a bunch of controller knobs?

    Just a quick update guys, there is no hardware or software to do this at the moment. The problems are as follows:- 1) Most of the parameters we want to change have to be done with SysEx messages and the AxeII is different from the old ones in that it has a check-sum that has to be calculated for...
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    Lemur: now one of the best reasons to own an iPad

    Hi Folks Has anyone got an example of a successful sysex message sent to an Axe-II? CC & PC no problems but no luck with sysex, and yes I have set the id to 03. Cheers S
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    Lemur: now one of the best reasons to own an iPad

    Hi Folks Sorry folks, got ahead of myself, I realize there is still an issue with parsing hence my comment "something like Lemur". I have a few ideas I'm working on and I'll keep you posted. I don't have my MFC manual here but I am sure there is a comment about not being able to update the...
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    Lemur: now one of the best reasons to own an iPad

    Everything you can do with a MFC using the standard midi cable can be done with something like Lemur. Same goes for Axe-Edit. I don't think MidiOSC has quite the power, I think there are some things like the status of the blocks that are only accessible via the RJ45 link to the MFC. Go and have...
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    eBay order mixup

    Hi Folks, Sorry it's a bit off topic but I thought I'd share it. I Just ordered a midi interface for the iPad to talk to the Axe and received a bottle of Ernie Ball polish by mistake, so sent the following email: Sorry but you sent me the wrong item, I ordered a midi interface and you sent me...
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    Is there still no sensible way to use a bunch of controller knobs?

    iPad is nothing like using Axe-Edit for the following reasons:- 1) To change a value with Axe-Edit you have to put your hand on the mouse, move the cursor to the required value, highlight the value, type in a new value with the keyboard and hit enter or try to manipulate the control by moving...
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    Lemur: now one of the best reasons to own an iPad

    Hi Folks Has anyone tried Lemur with the Jabrudian Industries, Wireless OSC/Midi converter yet? This little box is a stand-alone wifi to midi converter. As far as I can see you can just plug it into the standard midi ports on the Axe and communicate to and from your iPad via wifi, NO PC NEEDED...
  96. S

    Cheaper alternatives to MFC ?

    This one works perfectly and uses phantom power but just one expression pedal. [FCB8N] Programmable MIDI Foot Controller Cheers S
  97. S

    Can't decide whether to buy an Axe Fx II or an Orange Rockerverb and cab

    I'm not sure how the subject of Axe vs Amp always seems to end up as a discussion about moving air with a 4X12 or not moving air with a 1X12, what the hell has the speaker size got to do with it? I run an AxeII with two QSC K122's at 1000w each. That friends, I assure you moves one hell of a lot...
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    Axe-fx 2 for the aussies!!!

    Hi Dieter Park Music in Victoria Park and Kosmic Sound in Osbourne Park are pretty much the main stores. If you are free in Saturday night we could catch up and check out a band. I am having dinner with my wife till about 7.30 then she is off to a girls only party so I am free from then. drop...
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