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    Tip: amp input EQ instead of guitar tone control

    The Input EQ is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in the box I think. With Mesa sims I seem to always turn up the low cut in the Input EQ to about 200hz to tame the low end flub in the most perfect of ways which I have been unable to replicate anywhere else in the signal chain. It is...
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    Anyone use Input Dynamics?

    Me too. Would love to see this added. I don’t care how many different settings there are in this unit. The more the better. And a bass tightener algorithm would be super super useful.
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    Ideas for super clean chimey tones?

    Try the clean scene from cooper carter’s Petrucci 2020 preset. Plenty chimy to my ears.
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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    Didn’t know that. Cool. Guess he could still mess with pedals in front of the AXE, or even just mess with everything in the AXE at sound check.
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    Cable cooking - people believe this bs?

    https://www.thecablecooker.com/how-does-the-cable-cooker-work/ I mean come on. Breaking in a cable? Or a power cord? A power cord!!!!! And the device costs $1000. People terrify me.
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    John Petrucci Favorite Riffs

    That said, there are numerous credible sources on this forum stating the AXE III models of the JP2C are spot on. This includes Cooper Carter who sets up JP’s AXE rig for him, and Cliff himself who has previously said JP has given the models his stamp of approval. Without his Mesa endorsement I...
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    Change your damn guitar strings...

    I used to change more regularly but have gotten too busy and lazy. But man what a huge difference.
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    Change your damn guitar strings...

    Me: what's going on with my AXE III? It doesn't sound or feel right. <changes guitar strings> Me: Well shit. Now it slays again. slaps forehead
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Now I have had some more time to mess with this preset (and continue to love it more and more!) I have a few questions I was hoping you might consider fielding: 1) I understand you set up Petrucci's AXE rig. How much of what is contained in this preset is copy/pasted from JP's actual preset...
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    The low end is enormous. Is this how Petrucci runs things live or in the studio or do they low cut at the desk or something? If you like the amp but the low end is a little out of control, other than the usual low cut in the cab block (maybe 80-100hz, 24db/o) I have found thanks to @2112 the...
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    Changed Output Block to Out 3 and now all my preset levels have to be fixed

    Why is Ouput 3 preferred to Output 1 in this scenario? What are you trying to achieve?
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Thanks rickster71, I totally agree. Cliff has created a thing of beauty with this model!
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    This is not just another Petrucci preset - this is (finally) to my ears and fingers the benchmark. With my BFR it is the tone. I have had an Axe-Fx product through the generations since the Ultra days and a lot of my tweaking has centered on Petrucci type tones. And I have never had anything...
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    80s Synthwave/Retrowave track

    Again, so much talent stuffed into one person. I love this era and love this piece. Please make more! Brilliant Rocco.
  15. V

    20 Movies Mashed

    This put a big smile on my face! Great work mate. How did you go about pulling this all together and recording it? Any info on the patch you used?
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    Six Feet Apart | Original Song | Steve Stevens preset

    Fantastic work mate, really liked it. Great performances from everyone. Did you tweak the Steve Stevens patches at all. Sounds brilliant.
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    Marco Sfogli - "Seven" Cover

    Fantastic tone and playing. Well done. That guitar is gorgeous.
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    "Voodoo Child" Blues Shred with Patch Included!

    Wonderful playing and great vibrato.
  19. V

    Ip Man

    Glad you enjoyed it Cliff. Now to watch the sequels. For me, it is also probably the best Kung Fu movie I have ever seen.
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    Well here’s one thing you can do with the Axe III

    Incredible as always. Too much talent in one person.
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    DOKKEN - "Dream Warriors" cover video

    This is just amazing Rocco, as always. I am so excited whenever you have a new song up. Brings a huge smile to my face and I end up listening to it on repeat for a while. Brilliant playing, and those vocals...they are some of the best 80's vocals I have heard anywhere. The pipes on that guy!
  22. V

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    @York Audio I have so many third party Mesa cabs so I thought I didn't need another. I was dead wrong. This is a great piece of work. Absolutely loving this cab. Has jumped to the top of my go-to list. Just wanted to stop by and tell you how great it sounds and how much I like it! Mix 3 is...
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    Nick Johnston presets?

    Awesome. Thanks so much for this.
  24. V

    Nick Johnston presets?

    Hi All, I have only recently discovered Nick Johnston and...wow. Where has he been all my life. What a player, and what a song writer! Anyone have any AXE III patches they have been working on to get his tone? Have been doing some googling and will try build one myself but thought I would ask...
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    Hurdy gurdy Axe-Fx III video

    This is just amazing. I am floored. Well done and please post more of this!
  26. V

    New Axe-Fx III vs used Axe-Fx II?

    Get the III or the FM3 if you can.
  27. V

    How to combat option paralysis?

    How good is the Atomica, right? If it could make eggs and do my taxes it could probably replace me.
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    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    Would be great to have a good old v30 in there too :)
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    New TriAxis patch I have been messing with

    Hi all, I have been building a new TriAxis LD2 Yellow patch of late, and it is starting to sound really good to me so thought I would share it (how good is Firmware 11.02? No words). Uses similar effects (but more of them) and routing to my previous TriAxis patches, but there is enough...
  30. V

    Question Regarding Using Expression Knobs

    I think Leon did a video on something similar he made a few months ago?
  31. V

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.02 Public Beta #5 (Beta_4)

    Me too. I hadn’t played in a few weeks, installed the latest beta and had at it. Could be psychoacoustic but it really does sound better (didn’t think that was even possible). Trying out some new IRs and can’t believe how this thing responds. It is just frickin unbelievable.
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    Vendor Valhallir V2-Xmas & End-of-year deal

    The MB1992 is such a great IR pack. I find it dark and full - which I love. What amps have you been using with it?
  33. V

    What difference in tone can I expect?

    Coming from the AX8, I personally found the difference to be pretty huge. But more significantly, the difference in feel is really large. The III has nailed all the nuances of feel.
  34. V

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    How does room correction software compare to physically adjusting the room (bass traps and the like)?
  35. V

    Metronome won't work

    Hahaha thanks for the correction. Have no idea how I missed this as it is something I have wished it had. Lol.
  36. V

    Metronome won't work

    Man I hope I’m wrong and there is a metronome in the unit. That would be great. But there isn’t :(
  37. V

    Metronome won't work

    There is no metronome in any of the Fractal products.
  38. V

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    Didn’t Cliff say he thought moving away from IRs was a bad idea or something? Can’t remember when but I feel like I read he said modelling speakers was not the way to go and IRs were the best solution? Maybe I am remembering wrong.
  39. V

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    Would make sense as that seems to be my favourite mic mix. Sounds like it.
  40. V

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    If true, that is a more straightforward answer
  41. V

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    I’ll take two of those please.
  42. V

    Why is there no "Axe-Fx IIl Tone Match" section in this forum?

    I haven’t had the best results with tone matching but I haven’t spent a lot of time with it either. Cooper Carter’s course has a section on how he approaches it. Maybe @2112 might like to put together a multipart series in all things tone match? I know Leon has done a few videos before but I...
  43. V

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    This is a pretty strange answer. I can’t imagine how Fractal’s forum rules would forbid you from releasing which mics you used when shooting an ir. Anyways, not to worry. The mix sounds great.
  44. V

    What is the next big modelling nut to crack?

    Never thought about acoustic feedback modelling, and now it is in the III I don’t know how I would play without it. Never knew about impedance curve matching and now it is a really powerful tone shaping tool and another big step for authenticity and realism. I wonder what the next big...
  45. V

    SPIDIF to ADAT conversion

    Check this out: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/if-you-own-an-ax8-and-a-saffire-pro-40-get-a-coax-to-toslink-converter.152707/ Doing the same thing now with my III. Works perfectly.
  46. V

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    Agreed! Would love some Victory in the box!
  47. V

    Vendor Introducing the OwnHammer (r)Evolution Impulse Response Series!

    I purchased the 4x12 Trad and am very pleased. Sounds killer and plenty of variety to find what you want. The Mixes are really good. My favourite ir in the whole pack is the Modern 1 mix. What mics were used for this?
  48. V

    Can anyone help me with bypass sound on preset with multiple amps?

    Can you post the preset. Should be a quick fix.
  49. V

    Star Wars The Force Theme using violin patch

    Haha awesome Paul :)
  50. V

    Wish Amp block FX send/return

    FAS has stated before that they will separate the preamp from the power amp as it will allow competitors to more easily reverse engineer their algorithms. This will effectively do the same thing so I don’t think it will happen.
  51. V

    Wish Guitar modeling like Sim1 pedal

    +1 sounds pretty cool
  52. V

    Wish Option to make a block scene-independent

    Sorry I’m late to the party here - the III will have 3 amp blocks?
  53. V

    What Mesa Traditional cab IRs are out there?

    Love the Mesa 4x12 Traditional Cab. I have Cab Pack 7, the new ML Mesa Traditional pack and the new OH pack of same. Are there any other good IRs of the smaller Mesa 4x12 out there I should look at? Are there any Mesa v30 1x12 cabinet IRs about the place? Thanks!
  54. V

    [Update, no fix yet] Axe-Fx 3 Insane Hum From PC?

    The biggest issue is that the wiring in your house is not right and could kill you. Are you in the US? Can you get an electrician around to test your circuits, confirm they are not grounded and write you some sort of official letter about how this is against legal codes or something and show...
  55. V

    Big upgrade?

    I had an AX8 and loved it. Sold it and bought the III. The Axe III is a whole other thing. There is no comparison - it is that good.
  56. V

    Revised JP2C Rig Preset

    Hey folks, I have been playing around with updating my JP2C Rig preset for Firmware 11 (original preset discussion here: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/jp2c-rig.154198/). I ended up tweaking a lot of things, not just for Firmware 11, and the updated preset has some different effects...
  57. V

    Is Amazon Rigging the Ratings System?

    Is this sort of practice illegal or simply frowned upon?
  58. V

    Anyone Use Celestion-plus Brand IRs?

    I have the ownhammer stuff too. Agree they are also very good.
  59. V

    Ergonomics of an Axe-Fx III at home

    I would not use the front panel unless I absolutely had too. Axe Edit is WAY WAY easier and faster to use, and a lot more pleasant as well. Especially for a home environment, having a laptop or desktop connected via usb within easy reach is by far the best way to go IMO.
  60. V

    Is Amazon Rigging the Ratings System?

    This one never ceases to make me laugh
  61. V

    Anyone Use Celestion-plus Brand IRs?

    From your username I assume you are into heavier styles of music? If so I can highly recommend Mesa V30 cab packs from: York Audio (his latest pack is amazing) Valhallir (I just picked up the MB-1992 pack of his and it too is just amazing with a huge range of mics, including mid and far field...
  62. V

    Axe-Fx III Violin

    This is really incredible! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this. Great stuff! I take it the patch from post #32 is the latest incarnation?
  63. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Happy birthday mate! Playing guitar and eating a nice lunch out sounds like a pretty sweet day to me. Glad you liked the preset. I usually just chug along on my own so the extra low end can be fun but for a mix would definitely need some cleaning up. Have stated it before, but the trick I...
  64. V

    Am I missing something?

    Haha love the preset name.
  65. V

    Vendor [Fremen] Rock & Metal pack

    Just jumped in and grabbed the synth and drones pack on sale. What a bargain. So much fun.
  66. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    The mixes you included are really great. Sorry if you answered this already and I have missed it, but were your mixes produced by mixing captured mic IRs in software or were they captures with all the mics setup (a real world capture of the mix)? I would be really interested in your feedback on...
  67. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Yep, this pack is better than the Bipolar pack. And the Bipolar was ridiculous, so no looking back!
  68. V

    Q's for folks who've come from an AX8 to the III

    I came from the AX8 to a III. The III sounds, and importantly feels, much much better to me. Cooper’s course is fantastic. Recommend it even for experienced tweakers. I wouldn’t bother trying to port over presets - start again. It is a whole other thing. Very quick to get killer tones on the...
  69. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    New favourite mix: 57-OA-2 at 0db 421v-3 at -4db 121-2 at -9db Pure bliss. I am a total fanboy of this pack lol. Can't get enough.
  70. V

    A Moment of Appreciation

    I almost never touch the actual unit. I always interact with it using Axe Edit. It is a thing of beauty and a very important part of the ecosystem. Thanks for a great bit of software!!
  71. V

    Ola Englund Axe-Fx 3

    Yeah I upgraded from the AX8 as well. It was great, but there is no comparison with the III in my opinion. It is that good. You could maybe hold out for the FM3? Should sound the same.
  72. V

    Wish FC Off Option

    Interesting. Guess doesn’t affect the power bill too much, depending on how much gear you have?
  73. V

    Wish FC Off Option

    I’m curious - why do you leave all the rack gear turned on?
  74. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    I’m back for another round of praise. Have played with this Cab Pack for a few days and it is setting a new standard for what IRs should sound like. Just phenomenal. I also really like the layout and having a small number of mixes and shots per mic. Less option anxiety and more useable tones out...
  75. V

    How many users are using the Axe III as an Audio Interface?

    I I remember Leon doing a video which mentioned something about this. I think it is general latency with any kind of reamping, not just with the AXE III. In reaper you can right click the dub track and select nudge or something and then shift the track in ms increments to make it line up.
  76. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Yep I am finding the mix cab blend very well with the factory cabs too. Am playing around with a blend between Mix 8 and the Petrucci IR and it sounds amazing.
  77. V

    Help! Formatted!

    Fractalbot will let you download backups of all your presets to your computer too. I know it doesn't help now (I feel for you!) but for next time disaster strikes a backup (or 3) is a lifesaver.
  78. V

    IR Length

    How did you get on with this Cliff?
  79. V

    AXE FX=metal, Kemper=blues/rock?

    I think on a Fractal forum the answer will likely be that the AXE III is the best for everything ;) That said, compared to a lot of other forums, people here seem to be more open minded and less captured by whatever gear they are using at the moment, which is one of the things that makes this...
  80. V

    Is this a possible setup?

    Very interested in your results here. Please post back on what you find out when comparing the model with the real thing! :)
  81. V

    JPIIC+ Burgs V3

    Sounds killer Burgs! Glad I am not the only one who can’t leave well enough alone. As soon as I am completely satisfied with a JP2C or Triaxis tone I find myself building another one from scratch or updating a previous one. Becomes hard to keep track of them all! I find that with all the great...
  82. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Exactly, there is something about these IRs that just feel and sound so raw and direct. So much punch and clarity. Just brilliant. Agree. Anyone who likes Mesa should buy this pack immediately.
  83. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Also I know that @2112 loves the bipolar pack. So can’t wait for him to do a video on these new IRs ;)
  84. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Justin, I purchased the 4x12 pack...and it is glorious! I have tons of 4x12 Mesa IRs already and always tell myself there is no point getting any more but quite seriously, these are next level. I loved the bipolar pack, but I love these even more. The mixes are fantastic and provide a great tone...
  85. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    Hahaha yeah I was thinking that too. So glad you did :)
  86. V

    Vendor York Audio presents the MES 412 in .Wav format based on Mesa!

    LOVE your bipolar pack so will definitely purchase this today. You are a master at capturing great IRs York. I what impedance curve do you recommend to use with these?
  87. V

    EVH 5150 III 50 watt - anybody else tried this thing?

    I think I remember Cliff praising highly the design of this amp. Might be in the wiki.
  88. V

    Synth Style Preset

    Sounds wild. Thanks for sharing.
  89. V

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 11.00 Public Beta 1

    I don’t 100% completely understand the new curves setting, but can flick through the different cabinet options and listen to the effect. In the end, I am using it as yet another control to shape my tone and it has some wonderful and powerful results. I do have a question re: the Recto curves...
  90. V

    New Martin Miller Session Band Police Medley

    These guys are just amazing. All of their work has been such a pleasure to watch. And how about Martin Miller? Seriously...he is not human with those skills and ear!
  91. V

    [ML Sound Lab] MEGA Traditional Cab Pack | Based on a Mesa Traditional 4x12 cab (Petrucci, Timmons)

    Mikko, when Cliff implements the ability to capture response curves with the Axe III (he mentioned this recently) would you consider going back and capturing this data for this cab? At the moment the Recto Straight seems to sound the best to me with this cab, but I think technically the Recto...
  92. V

    [ML Sound Lab] MEGA Traditional Cab Pack | Based on a Mesa Traditional 4x12 cab (Petrucci, Timmons)

    Quick review and a couple of questions for you here: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/i-admit-it-i-am-addicted-to-one-ir.154282/post-1853710
  93. V

    Master Luthier has an amazing theory on set up.

    Or perhaps the plek machine is a robot luthier ;)
  94. V

    I admit it. I am addicted to one IR

    Just purchased and have spent an hour playing around with it. Nice pack Mikko. Sounds great. My favourite cab is the Mesa Traditional and can be hard to find a lot of packs based on it so good you have come back for a second go at this one. The DREAM mix is great, and very similar to your ML...
  95. V

    Axe-Edit III 1.03.10

    Me too!
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