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    FS Ibanez RGIR28FE 8 string iron label (Vancouver, Canada)

    Ibanez 8 string Iron Label in perfect working condition. Asking for $700 canadian OBO, local pickup only no shipping, no trades. Has the typical tiny scratch marks you only see when you hold it up against the light, shown in picture. There are no dents or other marks. Frets are polished and...
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    Looking for local repair for Ibanez M80M, Surrey BC, Canada

    Just got an ibanez m80m used and noticed the rear anchor is starting to come out the wood. looking for someone in the area that can fix this and perhaps mod it so it doesn't happen again in the future cause i guess its a common issue with these bridges.
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    Steel wool alteratives

    i've used steel wool 0000 to clean that dirt buildup of my fret board and it does the job but it does leave very tiny marks on the wood. is there something that will work as efficient but without scuffing up the wood? what i usually do it go up and down the fret board with the steel wool to...
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    axe edit not converting to ultra res (axefx2)

    Using Axe FX 2 and latest Axe Edit for it. Is there a way to import raw wav ultra-res IR's using Axe Edit's cab manage without converting it into a syx file with cab lab?
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    FS Atomic CLR mark 1 wedge (local pickup, vancouver canada)

    Atomic CLR wedge Mark 1 non neo version Perfect working condition with 1 minor gash on the back. Never gigged, home use only $800 canadian OBO. Local pickup only, no shipping.
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    Need a price check for CLR

    thinking of selling an atomic clr wedge first edition (non neo) and just need some help with the pricing since it's discontinued. its in excellent condition, never been gigged, home use only, and has 1 minor scuff along the edge shown in pic. thank you for your help
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    Is there a Cab-Lab plugin version 3.4?

    went to re download my cablab bundle with both stand alone and plugin version. the stand alone is 3.4.2 but the plugin version is still 3.3.2. is there no 3.4.2 for the plugin version of cab lab?
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    EDIT: nevermind
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    HUM when using Axe -> FX Return of 6505

    i wanna play thru my real cab but i get this constant hum. guitar to front of axe fx II mk1. output 1 standard guitar cable to fx return of 6505. switching the ground on the 6505 and axe fx doesnt do anything. having them plugged into the same (or different) power outlet didnt change anything...
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    cab lab plugin 3.2 update?

    the standalone version updated itself to 3.2. tried updating the plugin version but there's no "new update" prompt. looked around the website and forum to see if there even is a new version out for the plugin version but i see no news. so if there is a 3.2 for the plug in how do i get it? thanks
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    killswitch engage - a bid farewell

    used recto 2 red modern on all gtrs with my own mix of ownhammer mesa HGE credit goes to Chimera Audio - Heavy Metal and Rock Production and Session Musician services - https://www.youtube.com/user/hawkevil2006 for prodiving the tracks https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12373101/kse%20bid%204.mp3
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    Bug? inactive VU meters with 2 cab blocks [FIXED]

    If you have 2 cab blocks and only 1 of them has the preamp activated, the vu meter for that block won't work. Both blocks has to have the preamps on in order for the meters to kick in. Presets with 1 cab block aren't affected.
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    can cab lab do this?

    I have a patch that's drive, amp, cab, tonematch. I want to save cpu so I had an idea of exporting the tonematch into an ir. Now I want to turn the 2 irs into 1. With Redwirez's ir program MixIR, you can feed 1 ir into another in series and export it into a single ir. There a way Cab Lab can...
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    Bug? FW16 5150 I/II sat weirdness. amp1 with sat on causing amp 2 to distort [FIXED]

    I found a weird bug with the 5150 I and II sat switch which is too much to explain on text so i made a video Sat switch weirdness on FW 16 - YouTube Other notes: I haven't tried every single amp block so all i know its just the 5150/5150II thats causing this. I've been reamping like...
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    how to capture desktop for video?

    i have a FW16 bug thats just too much to explain in text so i want to make a video. whats a good free software for win 7 that can capture your desktop activity in real time that records audio as well. Id also like to record a voice over somehow thanks
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    question about factory presets backup utility

    when you upgrade to firmware 1203, are the new factory presets already stored in the internal backup via "restore factory presets" or do you actually need to install the new factory presets manually for them to get automatically stored in internal memory. i was just about to load the new...
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    amp switching speed

    is one method faster than the other or are my ears tricking me method 1: using 1 amp block and switching between x/y amp via scenes method 2: using 2 amps and bypassing one block or the other via scenes. both have a slight gap in between changes its hard to tell if they are the same.
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    kataklysm - recto 1 red quadtrack

    I mixed a cover of kataklysm - as i slither. I used the recto 1 red on the guitars which is quad tracked. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/12373101/--kataklysm-as%20i%20slither%204%20rec1.mp3
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    KSE - arms of sorrow 5150 quad track

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    axe edit 3.1 bug with initialize y/x not saving (solved)

    my info: win 7 firmware 11.03, axe edit 3.01 see if you can recreate this bug in axe edit. ok so initialize x amp and y amp. goto y amp and change any value but for this example lets set the treble to 10. now initialize y amp again. play and listen as you switch to x amp, it sounds the...
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    need some help with banks getting erased.

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    not sure if bug, after update on 10.04

    after my update, instead of "user cab 1", its now "user cab 0", same with "factory 0". is that normal?
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    In Flames - Jotun.

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    recto red users lets talk

    topic edit: recto red modern so im aware the real recto has a presence knob but its actually a hi cut. in the manual or wiki it advises that anything above 0 on the axe might sound too dark. on a real recto no one maxes out the pres knob to 10, i like mine bewteen 4-6. im trying to find...
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    3 guitar tones help me pick (metal)

    messing around with impulses tell me which one you like the best. all is from axe fx ii same settings different impulses using the "rose of sharyn" DI's this one is my goto ir the cali cab this one is a IR that JakeAC5253 from the andy sneap fourm provided which im really liking alot...
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    Products :: Matrix new products check it out
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    former verve 12ma users

    i love my verve so much but i wanna get a feel in what you guys are using now that you felt was good enough to move away from the verve 12ma.
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    setting the dynamics metal patches

    for those that play metal and use the hi gain amp sim 5150, recto, engl etc.. how do you guys go about setting the dynamics? for me its hard to judge the difference cause it gets louder as you turn it up. just trying to see how you guys like it set to.
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    patch changes not smooth always.

    just got my axe II and sometimes patch changing is smooth on some presets but other patch changes arent. with my axe standard the change time was fast and unnoticeable. check this clip: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12373101/changetime.mp3 it goes 5150 to recto new red and you can hear a...
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    canadians who ordered the axe ii

    just concered that I might be at work during delivery. I wanted to know if ups requires a sig or do they just leave it at your door? also you don't to pay anything else during delivery right? thanks
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    Mission SP1 for Axe II

    since the Mission SP1 requires 2 pedal inputs which the Axe II doesn't have, are there any exp pedals that works with a switch like a real wah, with the Axe II and without a MFC? I dont want to use auto eng.
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    using a head for power amp how?

    edit nevermind problem fixed..
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    confusued about pickups

    newb question i just got a set of dimarzio d-activator pups. theres no markings on it so i dunno which way to mount em. first i saw the markings/writing on the back and figured keep the writing facing right side up. but i looked at the stock pickups and the neck has the writing right side up...
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    able to name user cabs?

    apologize if i missed it the answer but can u set names to user cabs now?
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    fractal members bands

    curious about everyones bands here. maybe post a song or two. I need sum new music to discover.
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    need help from verve 12ma users

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    difference with LF res and depth

    they both boost the lows but how does each one work differently? from what i remember reading depth(passive mode) is a shelving boost and LF res is peaking, is this right? before id leave the LF at 5 and boost the depth but i find boosting the LF and using lower depth sounds better to me for...
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    Marshall AFD

    Has anyone here tried the marshall AFD amp? do you really get the same tone on the appetite album? How does compare to the jmc 800?. None of the stores here have it. I'm dying to try it.
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    presence knob

    can u guys clear something for me so say presence knob "0" on a real amp, does that equal to -10 on the axe? or is it "0" (noon) on the axe = 0 on real amp?
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    more mesa OS IR's

    i found these IR's at the andy sneap forum awhile back and i dont think anyone here has em or mentioned them. they are mesa recto oversize cab with 6505 poweramp. sounds pretty good. http://www.ultimatemetal.com/forum/andy ... r-amp.html
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    redwirez help with bitrates

    my daw project setting was 44khz. my recorded guitars were at 44khz as well so normally youd use the 44khz redwirez files. heres the outcome: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12373101/redwir ... %20ce1.mp3 now i loaded the 48khz IR to the same 44khz tracks and heres how it sounds like...
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    redwirez Impedance Curves

    i just noticed these on the updates are these needed for axefx users? redwire: can i use keFIR to load the curves?
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    5150 into recto IR test. which IR is better?

    this is a 5150 with both recto cabs. i just want to know which one sounds better to you. ill let you guys know what the IR's are after a few responses. http://cid-8670c9dc8b0bbe58.office.live ... spx/Public put your cursor on the filename: JJ450 & RCE, then a download button will come up i...
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    http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/ ... /rammfire/ as a fan of rammstein's sound this really got my attention. i really wonder how close u can get to his tone. the demo sounds alright.
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    how to make a video (youtube)

    ive never made a youtube vid but itching to try one. now i want to record audio directly to the computer so the audio quality will be great for showing off the axe. i know how to do this, but what i don't know how to do is merge the audiofile with the video file. whats a good (possibly free)...
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    whats a studio monitor headphone?

    went to the music store and saw a special on 'studio monitor' headphones. i thought to myself, those must be frfr since its 'studio monitor'. but when i listened it sounded like someone took the 1khz freq and turned it up 10dbs! very ugly sound. so what exactly is a 'studio monitor' headphone...
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    5150 resonance knob

    the depth knob on the axe does the same thing the resonance knob does on a 5150? i remember someone saying that but i just want to confirm. thanks
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    authentic recto settings

    i noticed that all recto models have the bright switch on as a default. i just learned that the rectos have no bright switch. so will having the bright off give me an authentic tone? i just thought cliff sets the defaults settings so they match the real thing, so im just confused. thanks
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    syx to wav conversion

    i have some IRs in syx format id like to convert to wavs, just cause its easier to work with wavs on a daw for me is this reverse conversion possible? thanks
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    Help, ir converted to 48khz sounds warped

    im converting 44khz IRs to 48khz for axe use, the final sound is different from the original file. is there a method of converting these IRs without warping the IR? heres some samples: original Ir at 44khz http://cid-8670c9dc8b0bbe58.skydrive.li ... z%20ir.mp3 converted to 48khz...
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    info on recto 2 IR

    im trying to make a better version with the redwires. so does anyone know what mic, angle, distance etc, was used with the recto2 stock IR?
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    rammstein clip

    the first bit of mein teil. http://cid-8670c9dc8b0bbe58.skydrive.li ... nteil5.mp3 let me know what u think thanks
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    drive block clip type

    no info on the manual or the wiki.. what do all these different clip types mean on the drive block? while im on the drive block topic whats slew and bias?
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    mics used for the stock IRs

    just wondering what kind of mics were used to capture the built in IRs? are they all flat response mics or no?
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    understanding wah noise

    heres a clip.. http://auxsaq.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p ... 3?download after researching i learned that damping fixes this. but id like to know what causes it. im using the pedal on my boss gt8 via midi to control the wah. i asked gt8 users what if the pot gets dirty how do i replace it to avoid...
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    newb questions on foot controller

    ive read some foot controllers lets you access all the patches by scrolling thru all of them in order. my question is can u program a switch to access say 084 on the axe then the next switch beside it to access 224 and so on... i dont keep my patches organized in anyway on the axe so i want each...
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    will coverting a 44khz wav to 48khz affect the quality?

    since theres no apps (that i know of) that converts 44khz wavs into axe IRs, will converting them into 48khz before converting affect the final outcome, qualitywise? ive tried it and it sounds good to me, but just wanna know if theres anything bad affected doing this. if theres an app that...
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    metal players do u use comps on your hi gain patches?

    ive never used compressors on my rhythm tone. i dial in a tone until a chord sounds good. but then when i riff on 1 string the gain weakens abit. so i tried using a comp to get a balanced gain no matter how i play. it works but still it just doesnt feel natural using a compressor. so what do you...
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    4x12 T75 and 4x12 75w

    on the wiki it says the '4x12 75w' is Marshall w/Celestion G12T75's and the '4x12 T75' is Marshall 4x12 T75 are these both based on the same amp?
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    anyone got a marshall 1960bv ir?

    anyone got a marshall 1960bv ir? trying to get machine head's tone
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    how do you initialize a patch

    is there a quick way to clear a patch to totally empty?
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    boss gt8 to control axefx

    how do i do it? i have never done any midi things before, so i dont know where to start. i guess i need 2 midi cables. and whatelse do i do?
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