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  1. Patzag

    Fractal FM3: Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    Welcome. What a great entrance. Tones are great and playing is awesome.
  2. Patzag


    I can't recommend going on a Keto diet enough. Getting rid of any form of grains has reduced inflammation in my joints to nothing. I am trimmer and fitter than I've been in the last 30 years and pain has left my body. I have to violate my basic edicts about not lifting anything heavy to get...
  3. Patzag

    Is there a reveal setting, like on MFC?

    You can make it sticky or it disappears with the pressing of any revealed hold function.
  4. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    The FM3 is an amazing unit and works very well by itself. But adding an FC6 is still putting it in a class above.
  5. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Not possible. The switches are configured as Preset in Bank (1, 2 and 3). The banks are in steps of three. (If Bank size is 3). The FC has no way of knowing which preset you're on at the time you select that layout.
  6. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    I don't have the preset in front of me but check the following: 1. Reverb quality - Economy 2. Reverb Echo Density - put it at 6 that brings down the reverb usage. 3. You could get rid of the trem? 4. An easy one is to get rid of the shunts. Move the input and output closer to the signal chain...
  7. Patzag


    Passing of a legend. A sad moment. Hats off and flags at half-mast for you Eddie. I hear Taps playing with pinch harmonics and whammy dives.
  8. Patzag

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    Fair enough. I don't feel offended at all. I'm surely a bit older than you and many on this forum. But to be real, I love Steven Wilson's music, which is a bit of a hybrid between "modern metal" and 70's prog-rock. Some of the guitars are very much chug-chug and deathmetally (is that a word?)...
  9. Patzag

    Metal DEATHMATCH - Fractal vs. Neural

    It's a bit hard to tell what I'm listening to. The isolated track sounds amazing - if you're into the death metal thing. Super produced. I don't know how anyone would play something like this live! But regardless of which unit we're dealing with, I don't hear guitar. It sounds - to me - more...
  10. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    Here is the preset and the revised Layouts. Note that on the home screen, there is a single switch that is unused: Switch 2 - Hold. On all other screens, this switch brings you back home, but on home, there's not need to come back "home". So I used this slot as a per-preset assignment sending...
  11. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    sorry. I did not get a chance to pull this out today. But I’ll get it tomorrow for sure.
  12. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    I updated my personal layouts to include this, but you'll also need to modify the preset to show these controls for this preset only. I'll send these to you later today.
  13. Patzag

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    Actually guys it was my typo! I did write Treating and some autocorrect fluke changed that to Creating!. So @Dave Merrill - well spotted. And @Admin M@, thanks for protecting my intellectual rights goof! Lol!!! In any case, I agree that change starts with oneself!
  14. Patzag

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    You are right, of course. I however submit that creating people with dignity will go a long way in assisting to restore self-esteem. One can't build people back up with force. It is only done with compassion and understanding. None of which means being meek. One can be strong and hold a firm...
  15. Patzag

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    I try to follow the golden rule, or some variant of it: "Try not to treat others as you would not want to be treated". Or "Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you." That usually gets me by most situations ... until I lose it!
  16. Patzag

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    Thoroughly ignore.
  17. Patzag

    Favorite all around Reverb VST?

    https://shop.fractalaudio.com/fas-fx-reverb/ Pretty awesome if I may say so ...
  18. Patzag

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.01

    The dual modifier upgrade is bad-ass. Quirky rhythmic wha and filters at your service without programming a step sequencer, and modifiable live with a pedal or through control switches! Giant.
  19. Patzag

    What is up with Fractal, and supply? New Customer

    The problem is that this is not forum matter. Obviously only FAS people know the answer and so far, they have not been keen to discuss this on a public platform. And in a world where unfriendly competition and criticism are prevalent, I can understand their position. If you feel you need to...
  20. Patzag

    Axe-Fx III mkII spiffy logo LED

  21. Patzag

    Proud Parent Moment!

    Had to come back and watch it again! Even better the second time!
  22. Patzag

    Proud Parent Moment!

    Wow! Amazing! What a great rendition. Echo's voice is beautiful and I'd be proud to play with Owen any day!
  23. Patzag

    John Mayer's $4000 Reverb

    Bricasti reverbs are actually amazing. Wish I had one in the studio. I have to be content with a few of the sampled IRs. Never would need this in a live rig, but they are absolutely amazing sounding.
  24. Patzag

    Indispensable accessories

    I'll play: The most useful accessory I use when working with audio is the Q Box from Whirlwind. Not as a guitar player, but as an audio engineer. Saved me countless hours of chasing down cabling, grounding, and other issues. http://whirlwindusa.com/catalog/black-boxes-effects-and-dis/testers/qbox
  25. Patzag

    Wish III SE

    I can totally see this as a studio tool. A lot of gear today does not require more than a few LCD characters to check status. Everything done remotely with a few LEDs for signal and output volume knobs. I'd never take it on a gig, but I'd love to have it on my studio rack!
  26. Patzag

    Fractal-Bot 3.00.05

    Nice! Thanks Michael!
  27. Patzag

    Midi Program Change ‘Toggling’ Possible?

    I'm no expert on Midi because I don't use it, but can't you set up your control switch to send a PC value to your unit when ON and another when OFF? I believe you can do this in the FC CONTROLLERS menu on FM3 Edit or Axe Edit. Don't use the Midi Block, use the FC Controllers: CS Midi window. I...
  28. Patzag

    Announcing Axe-Fx III Mark II

    Holy Cow! I was not ready for that! Congratulations FAS!!!! Another giant step of guitar-playing-kind!
  29. Patzag

    Journey/Schon tone/equipment

  30. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 3

    You'd be surprised at how good, sufficient, amazing, "fractal" (that says it all) the FM3 is. I have both the Axe FX 3 and the FM3. The FM3 is a real solution. Apart from being less than half the cost of the Axe FX 3, the form factor is very ergonomic and the switching is super easy to...
  31. Patzag

    Output #2

    Bad ground on the cable.
  32. Patzag

    OMG3 with PerPreset setting problem

    Possibly you could give specifics. Ie: What are you assigning to what switch in which Layout? Easier to debug than "it does not work." Or if you want, post your Layouts and the problematic preset (with overrides) and I'll take a look.
  33. Patzag

    Securing your wireless pack to your strap

    I used to strap my wireless to my strap, but changing guitars mid set was a real PITA. So I took to just clipping the unit to my pants belt and using the age-old method of slipping the cord through the back of the strap to keep it out of the way. Much easier. I can change guitars without...
  34. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    OMG9 is amazing. Super intuitive and ultra-functional. Feedback has been nothing but positive. No reprogramming necessary when firmware updates are loaded.
  35. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Thanks. I'll get back to you later today.
  36. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    NP. Just export all layouts on FM3 edit using the LAYOUTS, Edit drop down menu and attach them. You can also just PM them to me and I'll look at it and see what's up.
  37. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Do me a favor and export, using FM3 Edit, your entire layout system and post it here. Then I can try to see what the bug is.
  38. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Actually, what LAYOUT is showing these presets? Layout 1? (on FC6) I don't have my machine fired up right now, but it looks like you did not trigger the right layout. Be sure to start with Layout 8 on the FM3 and then press PRESETS. See where that takes you and let us know.
  39. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Hi. You have Bank Size selected at 3. When using OMG 9, Bank size needs to be 6. To recap: FM3 alone: Bank size 3, Default Layout: 4 OMG 9 - Bank Size 6, Default Layout: 8
  40. Patzag

    For those that have an Axe-Fx III and an FM3

    Now that I have both you'd have to pry either from my dead hands. Different units. Different purposes. If I only did studio, Axe III would be the ticket. If I only did smallish/medium gigs, FM3 would be plenty (with FC6). But doing both plus some major gigs, I want both.
  41. Patzag

    Bug? Multiplexer FC Controller Upper Limit

    Note: this is only on Axe-Edit. You can set correct value on the hardware.
  42. Patzag

    Bug? Multiplexer FC Controller Upper Limit

    Confirmed. @Michael Pickens
  43. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    OK. Yes I see what you're saying in your earlier post. Indeed the mix amount is not properly affected by the mix position, when it is controlled by a modifier.
  44. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    If you're not on the right channel, the level (amp) and Mix (Delay) will not be controlled by CS4. Ensure your scenes have these blocks on the right channel, or assign the modifier to ALL CHANNELS instead of Channel B only.
  45. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    Actually, on that preset, the Level controller is only assigned to Channel B. This renders the modifier useless when another channel is selected. Scenes 1 and 3 are on Channel A, so the modifier is not active.
  46. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    Loaded and tested your preset with this latest Beta. Working as expected: Delay mix goes to 11.5 Amp Input Boost activates Amp Level goes up 2.9 dB
  47. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 2

    Confirmed Fixed: Modifiers on Amp and Delay blocks now working.
  48. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware 1.06 Public Beta 1

    Super Cool! Thanks guys!
  49. Patzag

    Best practice with locking tuners

    Hmmm. Almost. In a properly aligned headstock, the edge of the tuner post, the nut and the saddle form a perfectly straight line so there's no bend at the nut. I tighten lightly by hand and then lock so that I get more than 1/4 wrap on the post and the string is perfectly aligned to the nut.
  50. Patzag

    My (new) YT utility preset. How much can you fit into one preset? Download it and see.

    Hey Burg! Nice! I like the Stomp Mode addition to the OMG12. Nice sounds, nice demo and as always, thanks for your generosity with your knowledge and sharing!
  51. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Regardless of whether you're coming from Factory Presets, OMG9 or your own brand of Layout Cooking, to get the FM3-Only system working, you'l need to make Layout 4 default and set bank to 3. Otherwise when you power up, the FM3 will go to whatever default is set and you'd have to manually...
  52. Patzag

    How many FC controllers?

    Nah! You could connect all of the Edge's switchboard AND 2 FC12s!
  53. Patzag

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 13.00 Public Beta

    I had an old TS808, covered with paint and with 2 broken knobs. A real pain to look at - but sounding so sweet. Then I got the Axe II and someone offered me very stupid money for it. Gone in a flash.
  54. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Wow. Thank you. Lots of high praise there! I'm blushing! As I said before, the credit belongs first to @Admin M@. The OMG9 is really the genesis for this concept of a home-base that dispatches to the various layouts/views which make up what users are now calling OMG3. Next was dedicating a...
  55. Patzag

    Where would you prefer to install modeling pickup?

    My problem with pickup replacements is that I almost exclusively use Parker guitars and there's not much meat on these bodies. So the pickup has to be thin enough to fit into the Parker cavity. With that caveat, brige pickup replacement would be my choice.
  56. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Exactly what he said! https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/omg-9-without-fc-6-how-to-use-the-3-switches-by-themselves-to-do-everything.161070/
  57. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    Totally fair question. I will answer briefly. Matt Picone created an application which allows FM3 users that own an FC6 to operate at a very high level of efficiency - it was dubbed the OMG-9. What was pointed out was that if one wants to operate the FM3 WITHOUT the FC6, the OMG-9 did not...
  58. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    My personal preference is for the system to boot on the Tuner page directly. I tune at the beginning of the set and then that's it. I have a Parker Fly so tuning again mid set is rarely required! If I need to tune, then I re-navigate to that utility page. If you have to access the tuner...
  59. Patzag

    The best recording I've ever posted here

    This is very upsetting! Just as I was ready to enjoy a wonderful solo, the track faded and left me yearning for more! Nice job!
  60. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    In the switch setting, Bank +/- you can select a wrap range.
  61. Patzag

    Little help for the new guy

    Hi Freddy. Welcome to the Fractal Forum. I'm not an FX8 user so I can't really help you directly with your question, but have you downloaded and read the manual? FAS manuals are very well written and will get you where you want to go. There's also a wiki that's very complete. Good luck!
  62. Patzag

    Display faded/ has lines going through it

    Contact support.
  63. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Cool. This is not designed to be used with any stand-in switches. You'll have to customize it to do that.
  64. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves ...forum.fractalaudio.com › FM3 › FM3 Discussion
  65. Patzag

    [Solved] OMG9 Effects mode?

    The best way to do this is to use Per Preset overrides. Read up a little on this and you will see that this is VERY easy to program and allows you to have your vanilla set up as well as outlandish setups when you need them. Personally I have always the effects I want on the first page and use...
  66. Patzag

    [EDITED] AWESOME Van Halen on your FM3!!

    And the content of the original post!
  67. Patzag

    OMG9 ish FM3/FM6 setup for AX3/FM12

    I have made a layout for the FC12 that emulates the OMG9 (plus three extra buttons!). Here is the link to the post. I made ... https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fm3-fc-6-omg9.160180/post-1949252
  68. Patzag

    FS Anyone Interested in Swapping My FM3 for Your Axe-Fx III?

    Now you can edit your post and remove the number!
  69. Patzag

    Per Preset Effects select

    Conceive of having two FC 12s and using only PP switches. You might want to assign totally different switches depending on which preset you use. With these 24 PP definition, you could populate 2 entire foot controllers, (or 2 layouts on FC12) (or 4 layouts on an FC6) with custom switches per...
  70. Patzag

    Per Preset Effects select

    1. Configure a PP switch as in the manual. Pick anyone - 1 through 24 - does not matter. 2. On your FM3, using FM3 Edit if that's easier, select Per Preset FC. Assign a switch (1, 2, or 3) to Per Preset / Placeholder, then make it point to the PP definition you made in 1. 3. Voila!
  71. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    As a note Camilo, you can just drag and drop the preset into the Axe Edit III window and load it without going through Fractool. The Axe FX will load FM3 presets.
  72. Patzag

    FM3 Session Preset

    Great Tones! .. as usual. But I bet you'd make a rickety peavey amp sound amazing!
  73. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    If you insert these layouts into OMG 9 (which does not use them), then all you have to do is set the default to Layout 4 and make the preset bank 3 and you'll be in FM3 alone mode. Revert to Layout 8 as Default and bank size 6 and you're up and running with the FC 6 in OMG 9 mode. No need to...
  74. Patzag

    OMG-9 Dimmed lights for bypassed effects?

    That's why he is a real ... Legend!
  75. Patzag

    Switching from the II to the III - Motivations/Satisfaction

    This! Dialing in the II was relatively easy but still sometimes required some work. Meaning tweaks and auditioning lots of IRs. Not so with the III. Getting great tones is effortless. In fact, I can't make anything sound bad (except my playing! Lol!) All joking aside, there's NOTHING not to...
  76. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-12

    Just use an empty layout or 2. FM3 gives you 4 views of 3 switches per layout. Use Layout Links to trigger what Layout/View shows up on your controller based on what switch you press. For example, pressing Scene 1 on the FC 12 could bring up 3 Amp Channels on the FM3. Or Pressing PRESETS on...
  77. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-12

    Use the 3 to load layouts like Presets, Scenes, Effects. Use the 12 for the Presets, Scenes, etc. Presets Layout: 10 presets, Tap Tempo, Tuner. Scenes Layout: 8 Scenes, Tap Tempo, tuner, Amp Volume +/- Effects Layout: 10 Effects, Tap tempo, Tuner. Looper Layout: 6 Looper controls, 4 Scenes, Tap...
  78. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Hi Mott. You're absolutely right. OMG 12 is for use with the Axe FX 3. Not with the FM3. It is basically an emulation of the OMG9 for the Axe FX III whereby the board (FC12) is split into 2 sections - the left 6 switches - providing the stable switches that never change, and the 6 right...
  79. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    I'll be damned! I lost some switches while editing. Here is the new Preset Layout. Import it into Layout 1 If you want, here is the complete system corrected too. Now to swap Tuner and Amp Volume location, you'll have to edit this into EVERY layout.
  80. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    So here you go - OMG 12. make sure you set the Bank size to 6 and set the Axe to load Layout 8 on power up. It's fairly similar to OMG 9 with a few pluses because ... there are 12 switches. Let me know if you have any questions. It's pretty self explanatory. (Edited to correct the attachment)
  81. Patzag

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    I have. I'll send it to you when I get back to my gear.
  82. Patzag

    OMG 9 without FC-6. How to use the 3 switches by themselves to do everything!

    You would have to edit the FM3 Alone layouts extensively to keep using Layout 7 as your stand-in switch layout. Far easier to export your Layout 7 and copy it on another free layout. Or just create 2 or 4 new stand-in switches. Couldn't be more than that!
  83. Patzag

    Iv'e dedicated the center button to Tuner, how do I get back to scenes or Presets?

    Click here to see my take on FM3 Layouts
  84. Patzag


    Did you set Studio One to 24 bits? Did you make the Axe FX the Master?
  85. Patzag

    Banjo tone needed

    Apart form all the funny "answers" in this thread, here is how you do it: Google Banjo Impulse Response. You'll get, by a little sleuthing, a number of IRs you can download and load into an IR player or a Cab. Use a piezo guitar if at all possible to get a more acoustic vibe. You'll need to...
  86. Patzag


  87. Patzag


    I'm not familiar with your DAW but make sure you set the session depth to 24 bits and let the Axe be the Master clock. Using 32bits is guaranteed to mess up things as the Axe is 24 bits.
  88. Patzag


    Setup > I/O > Audio - USB Buffer size. try 256
  89. Patzag

    "Love's In Need of Love Today" Stevie Wonder cover

    Man - love this tune! Got lost in space listening to you! And love the hint of snaps!
  90. Patzag


    DAW? OS? Any details?
  91. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware Release Version 1.04

    Thank you!
  92. Patzag

    What Makes An Amp “Easy To Play” Or “Unforgiving?”

    IMO Gain - primarily. Gain / compression, has a tendency to even things out. A mistake can easily sound like a slur rather than a screwed up note. Try playing a difficult piece with a clean amp: much harder to keep everything clean and articulate. The mid-gain amps like Dumble are very...
  93. Patzag

    OMG9 layout and scenes 7-8

    Hi Guys. 1. Check that the FC Config has FC6/FC12 Compatibility mode OFF. 2. On FM3 Edit, Enable FC Controllers Mode and go to Layout 8. 3. Select Switch 5 and click on LAYOUT LINKS. The HOLD function should show on FC#1 - Layout 2, View 2. If that's not the case then you probably messed with...
  94. Patzag

    The Multitap and Plex Delay are your friends

    Superb! Thanks Leon - great tips and guidelines for awesome sounds on a CPU-saving budget!
  95. Patzag

    Happy Birthday Leon (2112)!

    Hey Leon! Happy Birthday!!! You rock every day - but this one's even more special!
  96. Patzag

    FM3 Firmware Release 1.04 Public Beta 7

    I found your bug I think. Remove the scene controller on the Amp Output Level and Use the Scene Levels on the Output Block instead. I reported this to @BryantP. The issue is that on first loading the preset the Amp Output is 0dB or maybe even +20dB which then gets squashed by the scene...
  97. Patzag

    Would you sell your AX8 to buy a new FM3?

    That's awesome. Nothing obsolete about that machine.
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