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  1. Funeral

    Black EV-1's out of stock

    Any way to find out when they will be back in stock? I'm ready to order 2 but just can't bring myself to order the silver EV1's. @Admin M@
  2. Funeral

    [BUG] Hold function issue

    I'm trying to set Chorus 1 and Flanger 1 to the same button. Chorus being tap, and Flanger being hold. When I hold the button, both the Chorus and the Flanger turn on. What am I doing wrong? I am using the new feature, "Switch up", switch on hold release, fwiw. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  3. Funeral

    Funny bass

    Whoa! Also, nb4 bully, hater, or any other p.c. garbage, etc etc... :)
  4. Funeral

    Haha, get your lolz here!!!

    I stumbled on to these videos today when I was looking for a review of the Fender Dimension bass. Everything seems legit from the start of all the videos, but then something happens. He starts playing. I laughed myself to tears twice now. It is SO good! My sides hurt. My face hurts!
  5. Funeral

    Heavy Devy on EMG tv, Axe-fx II content

    This guy is AMAZING. Forgive me if this has already been posted, but it deserves two post here on the FAS forums.
  6. Funeral

    Monte Pittman and Madonna's Rig Rundown

    Very cool Rig Rundown from Premier Guitar on Monte and Madonna's Axe-fx II rigs. Texas boy done good. :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6dB-Khtr_Y
  7. Funeral

    Random neighbor band

    Here is a vid of a random band in my area. I thought it was cool. Not much to see, and the volume is low due to them being far away. :D
  8. Funeral

    Bug? Lazy MFC-101?

    After updating the II and the MFC-101 to the newest firmware, resetting both to factory and starting from scratch, Im getting a half responsive MFC after I turn my rig on. Usually the first thing I do whether live or at home is press my tuner switch on the MFC. Lately, the tuner, tap temp, and...
  9. Funeral

    Amp/Mix DramaLlama

    So, my alto sax player had a gig tonight at the House of Blues in Dallas with another group he plays for. My girlfriend/vocalist really wanted to see his other band. So off to the HOB we go. Love that place. The setting is very similar to a battle of the bands and the place is packed. First...
  10. Funeral

    Dweezil on AMS

    Talks about how he uses the Axe-fx in the studio and on tour. They spelled it Axe Effects :lol Dweezil Zappa Interview Just thought it was cool.
  11. Funeral

    Boss HM-2 Attempt

    I was on youtube a yesterday and watched a few pedal vids and came to a HM2 Swedish death metal vid that made me want to attempt the Swedish buzzsaw tone. I dont play or listen to Swedish death metal so Im sure its sloppy and slow at best. This was just something I did for fun. I tend to do this...
  12. Funeral

    Chris Traynor Rig Rundown

    Cool rig and cool guy. Someone get this guy a MFC-101!
  13. Funeral

    MFC-101 + midimate?

    Okay, here is what I want to do. I want to be able to use my MFC-101 in Axe-fx mode, and be able to send the Loop block CC#'s from my Rocktron midi mate. I've figured out how to get PC changes to occur from the midi mate into the MFC-101, but I can not pass CC messages through. Does anyone...
  14. Funeral

    EMG 808 acoustic attempt

    Patch is HERE.
  15. Funeral

    EMG 808 acoustic attempt

    Thread is HERE.
  16. Funeral

    WTF did I do? Killed a hollow body...

    This is an acoustic ATTEMPT that didn't turn out the way I wanted but has something cool about it I cant quite place. I used my 8 string with EMG 808 pickups. I know, I know, it made me laugh too. :lol Like I said, its not great by any stretch of the imagination but I still like it...
  17. Funeral

    LF+ Pro+

    Dang...This dude is making nice controllers.
  18. Funeral

    Broadway guitarist

    Stumbled on these two videos today. Axe-fx's being used on the Rock of Ages show. And another, no Fractal content, but still pretty cool to see how its done in an orchestra pit. Spider Man! Dig it!
  19. Funeral

    Just a good tune.

    Enjoy if you haven't already.
  20. Funeral

    She likes it :D

  21. Funeral

    Axe-fx II wiki down...FYI

    looks as though someone sabotaged the Axe-fx II wiki. :cry I was looking to see the list of amps and there is nothing there. Like it all got deleted. I need to copy/download/back it up next time its up just so I always have it.
  22. Funeral

    IR conversion help

    Im trying to convert these Free Amp IR Pack.zip pedal IR's into syx files with the ownhammer axe-o-matic, but it doesnt recognize the .wav files as valid. I have the Axe-FX II and just want to mess with these IRs and some drive blocks. Any tips, help, or fixes will be appreciated.
  23. Funeral

    F.Y.I. Superior Dummer $200 @ guitar center

    I just bought ez drummer and the cross grade to superior drummer for $200 @ guitar center here in Dallas. Just thought I'd let you kats know in case someone was looking to snag it. I got the two licenses and they ordered the disc for me. Should have those in about a week. :mrgreen
  24. Funeral

    wiki issues

    WTF? R the undeniable facts of life relevant to 100 per - Axe-Fx II Wiki
  25. Funeral

    TRS 2 Button switch? Bank up/down?

    Is it possible to set up a TRS 2 button switch to scroll up and down through patches? Currently I have it only going up. This would save me a lot of work until I order a MFC-101. Im using the pedal jack on the back of the AxeFxII. Thanks in advance for any help.
  26. Funeral

    Cool little effect/DonPetersen challenge :P

    Just found this looking at expression pedals on yt. I wonder if this could be achieved with a synth block. Either way, pretty cool sounding. TWA: Triskelion Harmonic Energizer (with expression pedal) - YouTube :D
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