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  1. muaddib

    Not a Bug Looper Play delay (1.06)

    HoHi I am running in some issues with the fm3 looper: the play action always has a delay between the press and the actual play action when recording😅 This mean you have to press it outside of the beat to get clean loop or the loop will not repeat cleanly I don't have similar issues with my...
  2. muaddib

    VOX AC-30 Amplug

    HoHi For some reasons, I do really enjoy the VOX AC-30 AmPlug (v1) sound... my usual settings are "gain/tone" at 7 and volume at taste... Now, I never succeeded to get a similar feel with the AC-30 in my AX-8... but I wonder if anyone got the same "odd love for cheap AC sound" and succeeded to...
  3. muaddib

    Deep Learning for Guitar Effect Emulation

    Interesting approach to emulate a TS using deep learning: https://teddykoker.com/2020/05/deep-learning-for-guitar-effect-emulation/
  4. muaddib

    I Built The Sky - Studio Tour 2020

    Posted on the FB of the band: crazy talented guys with killer tone... And another good reason to like them: AX8 powered 👍👊
  5. muaddib

    Raven: help needed

    Hi guys, I hope I don't post incorrectly but I need help. In addition to being a average guitar player with a definite love for fractal, I am also very involved with birds. I was happily living with many birds: 3 hawks, 2 falcons and 4 wonderful ravens. These 4 ( human breeded ) ravens were...
  6. muaddib

    [announce/shameless plug] chordr: a new guitar web app

    Good news, everyone ! As I am a better software engineer than musician (that's not very hard...), I wrote during my free time a new webapp to help (me) with basic guitar theory stuffs. As it may be of interest to some of the (nice) folks, here it is: http://chordr.muaddib.net/ Notes: It's...
  7. muaddib

    Fractal Audio Next Firmware Flavored Ramen

  8. muaddib

    Feedback simulator preset

    Hi, Could one AXE-FX2 owner convert/extract blocks for this (great) feedback preset ? http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/feedback-simulator.50820/page-3#post-1144072 TiA ! EDIT: Using http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/canadian-bacon.109632/#post-1312101 EDIT2: Added converted preset...
  9. muaddib

    [SOLVED] Looper loop gets lost after preset switch

    Hi, With 2.02 (not tested before) - Requires Chris AFT Space Verb AX8 preset - only edit: looper set on FS8. if I record a loop and switch to another presets with a Looper block, the loop will stop playing and recorded loop will be lost. Additional info: The same issue occurs when switching...
  10. muaddib

    Congratulation for the new 'baby' !

    Since it's started to get in hands of "end-users": Congratulation on delivering yet a new 'killer' product to the (music) world ! Thanks ! And good luck with upcoming 'new customers' tsunami - it will come soon :-P
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