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  1. guitvai1

    No Sound after system parameters reset

    I'm on FW 18.07 and it was working after upgrade. Decided to do a systems parameter reset and now I'm not getting any output. I normally go output 1 into Matrix GT1000Fx into 2 matrix passive monitors (Q12s). - using the front input. - outputting to Output 1. - have checked Global Parameters...
  2. guitvai1

    Reamping in Logic 9 (in the mix)

    I'd like to know if anyone has figured out how to reamp "in the mix" using Logic Pro 9. I can record the dry and wet signal while listening to my mix but when I go to output the dry signal back to the Axe FX II the only options I seem to have are to either play all the tracks back through the...
  3. guitvai1

    Rebel Yell - My Band video (yes another Rebel Yell video)

    Since folks are publishing Rebel Yell video's I thought I'd post our bands' video from October of this year. I believe I had FW 15.02 installed at the time and I'm going straight to FOH so the recording is off the board. Although it's difficult to see the guitar, I was using my EBMM Luke III...
  4. guitvai1

    Metronome in 15.02 not working

    Metronome no longer seems to be functioning in 15.02. Anyone else get this?
  5. guitvai1

    FW 13.02 Crash at gig (NOT A BUG)

    I gigged FW 13.02 last night and it sounded incredible. I had one glitch though. After the first set intermission when I went to tune using the MFC101 tune switch, the tuner was no longer muting the Axe Fx and the sound in my patches seemed like the amps/cabs had been removed. Even after...
  6. guitvai1

    Last nights gig

    Last night my band had a gig at a club that had an awesome PA (ear drum shattering) and great sound man. It was my sixth gig with my Axe Fx II and I was a little nervous to see how it and my patches would come across on such a system. I plugged in stereo into their snake and the sound guy says...
  7. guitvai1

    First Gig with Axe FxII

    Got my Axe FXII and Matrix GT1000FX amp about a month ago and the MFC-101 followed a couple of weeks later. Earlier this week a pair of Matrix Q12's arrived. I am absolutely loving the Axe though the Matrix amp and Q12's. The tone in my house is unreal. Tonight I got to try out the system at...
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