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    I don't disagree about Elon. But Technology Review is written by journalists, not MIT professors. Here's the author of that article: https://www.technologyreview.com/author/antonio-regalado/
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    FRFR aren’t they all the same?

    Get a good PA. This guitar-specific FRFR stuff is just marketing.
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    Wish Reference IRs by waveform instead of location

    A 32-bit hash only keeps track of 4 billion waveforms. Why just the other day, I went out in the snow, and I found 10 identical snowflakes !!! Well, at least they looked identical without my glasses on... :oops:
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    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    There were several amps in the studio: https://direstraitsblog.com/blog/mark-knopfler-story-brown-fender-vibrolux-amp/ And see if this sounds like a Brown Vibrolux: https://www.mk-guitar.com/2009/12/15/sensational-sultans-of-swing-guitar-track-solo-without-backing-tracks-from-guitar-hero-5/
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    Fractal Audio is searching for a Fender 1963 Vibroverb

    Here's a replica for only $2800: http://headstrongamps.com/verbrovibe-amp
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    Wish Polyphonic Tuner

    @FractalAudio If they sue you, say it's meant for one note at a time. It just so happens to work for more than one note, but that's an accident.
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    Suhr Modern

    So the paint cost more than the guitar, right ?
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Which would you get, the carved top one (I-35) or the laminated one (I-35 LC) ?
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    Let’s see those guitars

    Collings is awesome. I can't understand why anybody would buy a Gibson when they could buy a Collings instead.
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    Marshall amp question

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    *FREE* Far-Field Session #2 Cab Pack for Axe-Fx Users

    The hard part is defining the problem. Apparently, we're trying to get speaker B (the FRFR speaker) to act like speaker A (the original speaker). If the two speakers have different radiation patterns (and they probably do), then it's not possible to do it exactly. So what do we want to preserve...
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    DI Box to get better tones from the Axe-Fx

    @syndrone Let us know whether the Input Impedance control does what you want. Do people want the DI for reamping, or for the actual sound of the DI ? I bet it's for reamping. So IMO, the question is whether there's a standard AxeFx reamping procedure, and whether it works. "Works" means that...
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    Please...Any Audio Programmers Out There? Question Re Pitch Detection

    @jesussaddle Maybe you should learn DSP. Here's a book to start with. It's a good mix of theory and practice.
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    Please...Any Audio Programmers Out There? Question Re Pitch Detection

    @jesussaddle You can send your idea to Cliff in a conversation (= direct message, or personal message). The bad news: If it's good, he'll steal it for the AxeFx. The good news: He won't give it to anyone else !
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    Gibson...what is going on?

    Ask here, and you'll get a much longer list: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?forums/the-small-company-luthiers.31/ But off the top of my head... https://guitar.com/features/interviews/interview-terry-mcinturff-under-the-radar-guitar-maker/ https://www.gilyaronguitars.com/...
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    Mixers today

    IMO, you'd be crazy to compete with RME. RME writes the drivers for RME. As for mixers, the current trend is digital -- Presonus and Behringer.
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    Malmsteen chord progression

    Damn Cliff, where did you learn your music theory ?
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    Embedded Programming in decline

    The average embedded programmer is a 10-year-old girl: https://makezine.com/ https://www.sparkfun.com/ https://www.adafruit.com/
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    FRFR aren’t they all the same?

    @andyp13 That is indeed a good question. Speaker design has three basic parameters: on-axis frequency response, off-axis frequency response, and distortion. "On-axis" means sound radiated forward. "Off-axis" means sounds radiated in any other direction. (1) On-axis response. You would think...
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    EHX sues Mooer

    They should have sued in the US and Europe. At least they could have blocked sales of those two pedals.
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    Random digital cracks with SPDIF

    Master-only digital devices are essentially incompatible with everything else. But I'm pretty sure we've been through this...
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    New to Fractal - What studio monitors are people using for home use?

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    New to Fractal - What studio monitors are people using for home use?

    @Fractivator -- You have to listen to enough monitors (using ordinary music, preferably on CD) to know what good and bad monitors sound like. I wouldn't take anyone's advice, short of someone who works professionally in a recording studio and has listened to a lot of monitors. If you just need...
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    Best digital connection to RME Fireface UFX II?

    Yes. A single AES cable carries both left and right channels. Set the Axe III clock to "internal". Set the RME clock to "external". If you have multiple digital devices connected to the RME, you'll need a fancier clock set-up. It's not about "going through another device". It's the quality...
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    Redwirez is dead?

    While not broke buy gear...
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    Honest Thoughts On Axe-Fx III, II and AX8?

    Imagine what the Axe III will sound like next year.
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    Axe III: $2500 No-BS CEO: Priceless !
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    Fender Demo

    I'll believe it when I see Leo's signature at the bottom.
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    Are these Axe-Fx 2 hardware limitations?

    Fractal runs on a subscription model, more or less. You buy the hardware at the beginning, and you get six years worth of software updates. The bad news is, your Axe II subscription just ran out. The good news is, you can get a brand new Axe III subscription right now ! Note: If you wait a...
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    Fender Demo

    Great playing ! What's the amp model ? Knopfler used a brown Vibrolux on the demo, but a Twin for the album version. https://www.guitarworld.com/artists/hear-mark-knopflers-isolated-guitar-sultans-swing
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    If it comes to that, Reverb.com is much better than eBay.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Exactly. You'll probably want to use it as a load, then put a power amp afterward, like a Fryette Power Station does.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    That's 3 dB -- bug in the manual. Also, I was curious about the output impedance of the DI outputs and noticed the manual doesn't have a specifications section. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decibel
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    The LB-2 is just a load -- it has the same functionality as the Suhr RL. There haven't been any detailed comparisons yet, but I would expect the two units to sound similar. The OX would indeed replace both units. But unlike the AMT unit, you can't load your own IR's into it. You only get the...
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Those two units are very different. How you want to use them? If you have more than one use in mind, it's probably easiest to describe each use separately.
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Thanks, that makes sense -- the LB-2 fits perfectly with the products you mentioned. But not the FX8 -- because it doesn't have cabinet simulation ? But it would be great to have a smaller, less expensive unit, without amp simulation, and probably with reduced effects.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Nope, no details yet. I was wrong that nobody wants the LB-2. iaresee pointed out that it's the perfect accessory for the AX8, Axe II, Axe III, or CabLab running in the DAW.
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Thanks, but I was thinking of a hardware cabinet simulator with effects. Basically, an LB-1 without the load part. Or the difference between an LB-1 and an LB-2.
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    (1) Maybe we should close this thread and move to the "LB-2 is here" thread: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/x-load-lb-2-reactive-load-box-now-available.135444 (2) I predict that nobody's going to buy the LB-2, because we're all waiting for the LB-1. BUT if Fractal promises a separate...
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    I predict that nobody's going to buy the LB-2, because we're all waiting for the LB-1. BUT if Fractal promises a separate cab simulator, then we could all buy the LB-2 now, use it with the Axe II and AX8, and get the cab simulator later.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    They're both $400 in the US.
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    AXE -FXII now on Close Out sale status in store! Get one while u can!

    You should buy the new unit right when it comes out. Then you get the most use out of it. If you want maximum value out of your old unit, you have to guess when the new one will be announced and sell just before that. Of course, you're stuck with nothing until the new unit actually comes out...
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    AXE -FXII now on Close Out sale status in store! Get one while u can!

    Don't buy the III -- the IV is coming !!! In a couple years... :-)
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    I expect it's too late to influence product development, but... I would prefer a separate load box and modeling unit. The Nucleus looks great for the load box. Use for load without modeling: * Apply IRs in the DAW. Uses for modeling without load: * Already own a load and it's inconvenient to...
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Features, sound samples, measurements, YouTube demos, celebrity endorsements, advertisements, etc. Not just price. Loads and attenuators used to be $300 until Suhr priced the RL at $400. It costs more -- it must be better ! But now the benchmark has been set that a quality load costs $400. So...
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    Nobody -- it's a prediction. I should have phrased it differently: "I'll bet you money that it will be the same price as the Suhr." Because Suhr has established that the price for a quality load is $400. But maybe Fractal wants to compete on price. Guitarists are pathetically price-sensitive. I...
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    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    Translation: I'm not using the digital interface, so I don't care about it.
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    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    How embarrassing for them! Apparently the word "interface" is ambiguous. We're talking about the AES and SPDIF digital interfaces, not the USB computer audio interface. Yes, a non-professional keyboard. I hope the Motif and Montage do better. Perhaps it will be. But right now, the...
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    No, but it will be the same as the Suhr -- $400. Maybe less if Cliff wants to compete on price. I think $400 is kind of expensive for a load.
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    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    It's nice that you all have blind faith in Cliff. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand professional digital interfacing. A professional digital device must handle whatever clock it is given. Look at any DAC, ADC, digital equalizer, or digital reverb. They all accept 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, and...
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    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    Some rules: (1) Pro gear has a digital interface. That's why the Axe has one. (2) Pro gear doesn't dictate the sample rate. It's my studio, and I'll pick the sample rate. (3) Pro gear is always a slave. There's only one master clock in the studio. For example...
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    Fixed 48k Sample Rate Impedes Recording Studio Integrations

    @FractalAudio -- please do take the digital interface more seriously. I would like a completely flexible digital interface on the Axe III. Outboard units should be slaves, and they should sync to an arbitrary external clock. They should dictate neither the sample rate nor the synchronization...
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    In the Spirit of NAMM Anouncements (FAS reactive load box)

    :sax::crown::carpstreamer::bouquet::birthdaycake::balloon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :balloon::birthdaycake::bouquet::carpstreamer::crown::sax: This thread is now one year old !
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    State of the Union for FAS - what's next for Axe Fx and more

    Buy a used unit. Or even a new AX8. That way, you won't lose much money when a new one comes out. It's always nice to buy the latest unit right when it comes out. But: * You've got to get on the train at some point. * It's better to get on now (and lose a little cash) than to wait and wait...
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    Clocking Issues ( Master, Slaves, AES or AUTO)

    In general, a digital audio system can have any number of Slaves, but it must have exactly one Master. We always set the Master to Internal clock, and we always set Slaves to External clock. If we have a bidirectional connection between the Metric Halo and the AxeFx, then we can set either one...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 4.01 Public Beta

    Most companies issue zero firmware updates for older products. FAS is beyond awesome !
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    Bug? AX8 manual gives wrong expression pedal wiring

    Page 19 of the AX8 manual v1.00.2 says: "Expression pedals require TRS cables because full control voltage is transmitted to them on one contact (the tip), while less than full voltage is returned to on another (the ring) so the host device is able to sense and utilize the pedal position. The...
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    Axe 3, you say? TigerSHARCs are phased out without replacement, it seems

    Do we know what language it's written in? I would assume it's already in C/C++. I mean, I love assembler, but nobody has written their whole system in assembler since the 80's.
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    Axe 3, you say? TigerSHARCs are phased out without replacement, it seems

    For people in the US, here's a local version: Comparing TI’s TMS320C6671 DSP with ADI’s ADSP-TS201S TigerSHARC® Processor http://www.ti.com/lit/wp/sprabn8a/sprabn8a.pdf @vangrieg You seem convinced that the sky is falling, despite that you admittedly don't know much about DSP, embedded...
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    Mic options in the cab block

    With that thinking, you can never remove features. I'd say, give people a month's warning, then do whatever you want. If people trust you to write the software in the first place, then they should believe you when you say a feature is no longer needed, .
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    Axe II vs Kemper for this tone...which is better

    One Motorola fixed point: $12 Two TigerSHARC floating point: $600 Cliff Chase's mind: Priceless Despite what Apple has been telling you, computers are about software, not hardware. It's like guitars: Do you want to hear Robben Ford playing a $100 Squier, or me playing a $3000 Suhr? Good...
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    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 2.01 Firmware Release

    In general, everyone has to go forward, whether they like it or not. Eventually, Cliff will come up with a feature that "makes you an offer you can't refuse", so you may as well just upgrade now. Resistance to progress is futile.
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    Best programming lang for writing digital fx

    Here's a nice book on audio plug-ins in C++: Here's a tip for C programmers who are learning C++. In addition to pointers, C++ has references. Pointers and references are basically the same thing, with two differences. First, a reference can't be null -- it always refers to some object...
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    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    You can read monitor reviews ad infinitum here: https://www.gearslutz.com/board/ Also a good value: http://vintageking.com/barefoot-sound-micro-main-45-pair
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    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    BTW, you can get AKG K240 Studio headphones from Sweetwater for $70. They get the overall frequency balance right, which is more than you can say for most. Not bright or harsh in the least.
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    Plugging directly into nearfield recording monitors for home listening?

    For cheap active monitors, try the JBL LSR305. For cheap passive monitors, try the ELAC B5. Also, if you get the chance, compare the 5 inch and 8 inch versions of the same monitor, and don't assume that the 8 is better.
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    are they scared who knows

    People would buy models created by well-known amp designers. It would be similar to the preset market now. I'm actually surprised that the preset market isn't hotter. Or is it hot and I'm just ignorant?
  68. D

    Cats are Useless

    I had a city cat, but his mouse-killing instinct worked perfectly. When he was five, he saw a mouse for the first time, and it was like he discovered his purpose in life!
  69. D

    So when is the waitlist open!

    forthwith => fortnight That's two weeks. [ Note: Just kidding. ]
  70. D

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Nah, you gotta read the whole forum first... Ok, ok. It's not up yet. You'll know when it's up.
  71. D

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Harry Perry on Venice Beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSDtIOnrnpQ
  72. D

    So when is the waitlist open!

    Except you know when the eBay auction closes !
  73. D

    Spec.Sheet or Manual?

    Yeah, I can't understand why newbies don't want to spend days sifting through the entire forum. What else would they do with their time??? :-)
  74. D

    Spec.Sheet or Manual?

    Yep, whenever anyone asks for info, just post a link to Chris' site. We're lucky to have it. Or you can tell them: "You moron -- that's been asked 500 times -- do a search!!!" You know, whichever works for you...
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    AX8 “ Sound “ ‘vs’ XL+ “ Sound “ ……. (3) quick questions from a Kemper user

    Here's what we know so far: AX8 - Everything We Know (October 2015) | AxeFxTutorials.com
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    AX-8 Price

    Cliff -- does USB Audio require additional hardware relative to USB MIDI ? Or is it "just a matter of software" ? I think many people are assuming that USB Audio is almost free once you have USB MIDI.
  77. D

    I was Told To Sue FAS

    That's an interesting point of view: Same GAS, less amps => more guitars. The guitar makers should thank Cliff. Until he releases a guitar modeler...
  78. D

    Ready for the Amp Show

    I'd agree, except that the AX-8 is running the same code as the AxeFx. Until I hear otherwise, I'll assume that the Helix sounds at least as good as the HD500.
  79. D

    Ready for the Amp Show

    I'll take Helix seriously when someone posts a clip that compares favorably to the AxeFx II. No need for discussion -- just post a clip.
  80. D

    AXE 8 VS. Helix GAME Over!!!

    The Ax-8 will sound like the AxeFx II (but with only one amp at a time). Helix fans: Please post a clip that approaches the AxeFx II. Then I'll pay attention.
  81. D

    Ready for the Amp Show

    No price yet ? pima1234 posted on TGP: "Looks like none will be sold at the show, and Cliff still has not decided on a final price. We might have to wait until after the amp show." OK, it's October - any AX8 news?? | The Gear Page That sounds right to me -- otherwise we would have...
  82. D

    AX8 Price Point - At what price do you get upset?

    If I was designing the AX-8, I would have left out the loop. Then we wouldn't be discussing whether the AX-8 loop is as good as the FX-8 loop ! So DavidE -- how about answering your own question? You're upset if the AX-8 costs $1349. You're still upset at $1499. How about $1749? $1999? $2249...
  83. D

    Any good book about harmony?

    Roberta Radley, The Real Easy Ear Training Book http://www.amazon.com/Real-Easy-Ear-Training-Book/dp/188321761X/
  84. D

    Fender Super Reverb '74...wow

    Great idea, "burning tube amp smell" device! Not sure what does it -- maybe tube heaters and tolex?
  85. D

    And Finally Scored A Nice One of These

    Of course, every preamp in the Axe is motorized!
  86. D

    What happened to the Fetch Backup/Factory Preset features in the Utility menu?

    Screw the complainers -- no one is forcing them to install the firmware. They can go buy a Line 6 or a TC G-System -- no updates ever. Perfect for them!
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    Why I won't be using the cab block for recording any more

    Sorry if this has been covered already, but in 170ms, sound travels about 170 feet. So the sound can bounce across a 17 foot room 10 times. So, yeah, plenty of room there. Also, in 170ms, your low E string (80 hz) vibrates back and forth about 13 times. I don't know how many cycles it needs...
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    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    Power amps Affordable but good SS power amps: * Carvin Power Amplifiers – Carvin Audio * Emotiva A100 http://emotiva.com/products/amplifiers/mini-x-100 * Behringer A500 Behringer: REFERENCE AMPLIFIER A500 [ Note: Why does the forum software mess with my nice URLs??? ]
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    Axe Fx Effects Loop with Eventide H9 and Strymon Timeline

    breath -- Definitely try it out. Also, you can put the H9 and Timeline in one loop and control them via MIDI from the Axe. Cliff -- I do love you, but please listen to Strymon's sound samples before dismissing them. They work really hard too.
  90. D

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Probably a while before we'll know, but: * Does it have digital I/O ? * Does it work as a USB audio interface ?
  91. D

    How many points for the tonematching process

    Because 512 is too few and 2048 is too many.
  92. D

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    Has anyone actually added up the price of all the gear that's in an AxeFx ? Maybe $500k of stuff ? I guess it's dominated by Dumbles and Trainwrecks.
  93. D

    I'm Just Going to Leave This Here

    IMO, there is no "comparable product" to the AX8. The closest thing would be the AxeFx II and the MFC together. If you find Line6's products "comparable", then you should go buy one, since they're cheaper. Since there is no comparable product, it doesn't make any sense to compare prices...
  94. D

    New 18.00 Public Beta

    I had an actual EVM 12L, and I thought it sounded terrible. So there!
  95. D

    How about more wild ass speculation?

    Desktop unit would be great !
  96. D

    Played the Mesa Mark V25 (the mini mark V) today

    I know what it means to have 10 more cookies. And I know what it means to have twice as many cookies. But "apparent loudness" is less obvious. Here's a suggestion: Play around with a volume control calibrated in dB. Then you can decide for yourself what "a fixed increment of loudness" is or...
  97. D

    Mark knopfler sound ?

    Love Over Gold ? How about on Love Over Gold ?
  98. D

    New speaker tech

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're better off getting your audiophile news from Stereophile or The Absolute Sound. Bass is all about volume displacement. If your speaker is small, it needs to move in and out a large distance (= Xmax in speaker terms). Here are a couple good intro...
  99. D

    Audio bleed with USB

    Buy a second AxeFx. Don't let it talk to the first one. They'd be like twins separated at birth...
  100. D

    16.05 Test

    What's nonlinear frequency response? Do you mean non-flat frequency response? Like if the preamp boosts the highs? Other than that, following you just fine, thanks.
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